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TROYPOINT 4th of July Mega Giveaway Winners

TROYPOINT 4the of July Mega Giveaway

Drawing Winners

Congratulations to the following 10 winners.

Each of the winners has received an email from me requesting shipping information.

A huge thanks goes out to all who participated in this fun drawing!

Email addresses have been partially blocked out for privacy reasons.

Todd – todd***** – NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro

Ray – Cy**** – NVIDIA SHIELD TV Pro

Jim – jim**** – Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Sheldon – sh**** – Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Jesse – wij**** – Fire TV Stick 4K Max

John –     J**** – Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Ray – ra**** – Fire TV Stick 4K Max

Eric – s**** – Fire TV Cube

Linda – lr**** – Fire TV Cube

Mike – cali**** – Fire TV Cube

This is the official page of the contest…as you can see it is on the official TROYPOINT Website.

Due to the popularity of our contests, there are always scammers that impersonate us. 

Do not accept any friend requests from anyone claiming to be TROYPOINT or use any website besides this one.

Enter the drawing below for our TROYPOINT 4th of July Giveaway!

Once you’ve entered with your email address, you can gain additional entries by completing multiple tasks outlined in the contest box below.

The additional tasks are optional.

Return on a daily basis and gain additional entries by completing the new tasks that we add to the contest!

Once you complete a task, you may need to click a confirmation button that appears below the task to receive credit.

Bookmark this page and return to see how many entries you have accumulated.

Drawing will be held Monday, July 11th at 9:00 A.M.

Have fun!

Note: If you’re having difficulties with the contest tool below, try using a different browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

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This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Notable Replies

  1. Avatar for eXC0n eXC0n says:

    I had a few issues with some of the entry methods, but I’ll keep trying over the next few days!

  2. Hello @eXC0n our server is getting hammered pretty hard. Check back in a few minutes and it will work better for you.

  3. this is a little confusing but i am trying to enter the halloween giveaway…

  4. Hello @tommylola you are already entered. Registering for the TROYPOINT Insider is a task on the list that provides additional entries. You can go down that list and get extra entries for the tasks that you complete. Thanks for following TROYPOINT!

  5. I watched all the videos, but I got zero credit.

  6. @Skoutariotis

    You must have done something wrong, refresh the page. No need to be rude, im sure this can get fixed.

    You must every min of the show. Thank you for being apart of our community.

  7. I apologize if my comment came across as rude, it was not the intention.
    I just noticed one of the videos I may have gotten points for, it has a check mark.
    I’ll watch the rest again and see what happens.

  8. @Skoutariotis

    No i miss read so my apologies. Im glad you got some points! Good luck!!

  9. By the way, what does it take or requirements to become a patron?

  10. Wanted to congratulate all the winners of this contest!!

    It has ended and I hope you are all enjoying the prizes.

    Especially to the shield and buzz winners. Awesome!


  11. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I’d like to second that. I’d also like to thank Troy for his generosity. Congrats everyone.

  12. Congrats to the winners! That’s like a winning lottery ticket in the streaming world.

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190 thoughts on “TROYPOINT 4th of July Mega Giveaway Winners”

  1. Hi to all troyodians out there ! Big congrats to all the winners in the competition! Well done, you guys have received some super gifts for free. A nice new thing that gives hours of fun , I wonder if the best apks are left on so we don’t need to sideload them ourselves, now that would be excellent plug n play . Well security reasons might stop them being on there but hey im happy for you guys nice work n happy movie night to all. Weemouse

  2. Thank you Troy I have been a cord cutter going on 7 years I have learned a lot from you I am a patron you are awesome Troy God bless you man for all you do for us thanks I mean really THANKS!

  3. I note the wealth of praiseworthy comments. All I can say is despite all the other providers and advisors you can always be relied on to give clear, understable instruction. Thank you.

  4. Thanks for all you do – helping all of us figure out this access to the wealth of entertainment over the internet.

  5. Hey Troy, Thanks for all your help and hard work. I would be so lost without all the info you provide. Thanks for the give aways as well. Good luck to everyone!.

  6. Thank You Troy for giving everyone a chance to win prizes. A great opportunity to learn how to be a cord cutter.

  7. Thanks for all the helpful tools with cutting the cord. I was hesitant to cut the cord, but your weekly information and easy-to-follow videos made cutting the cord simple. Thank you!!

  8. awesome giveaway as usual from you Troy!! i follow this page religiously to keep my firestick updated. much appreciated for what you do and keep up the outstanding work!

  9. Hi Troy I have been a subscriber for many years now and your videos have really helped with updating my Firestick and cube it’s like an idiots guide to maintain your Firestick hope to spend many more years with you cheers Kev from Liverpool UK

  10. Valerie Kennedy

    I’m fairly new to The Cutting cord family I’m so grateful to have someone out there looking out for our best interest. way to go hip hip hooray for Troy again thanks a lot for the giveaway God’s blessing and good luck to all.

  11. Been following your tutorials for a few years now. You’ve made it easy to cut the cord & still have decent entertainment…thanks for that. Now you’re giving devices away on top of that…nice! So my thoughts on that, I think that’s great!

  12. Troy,

    I feel that you are an angel sent to help us navigate the often daunting world of cord cutting and I cannot thank you enough! This AND you give us stuff! Please pat yourself on the back and know you are racking up the good karma!

  13. Thank You Troypoint, I know nothing about or I didn’t know anything about setting up my firesticks. You taught me; so again thank you.

  14. Troypoint is very help full in leaning about safe a secure internet and wayes to use it id like to say thanks to al that helps people to learn about the internet

    1. Hi Troypoint,
      I’m having trouble trying to get reelz tv. Do you know of anyway I can get it?
      Thank you so much. Your the greatest!
      Cathy Dana

  15. G’Day Mate From Australia Just like to Thank you Troy for all the great insight and passion you have to help provided when it come to tech I’ve been following you for sometime and love reading your blogs and watching your video Great Job and I love being part of the Troypoint family Fantastic !!!???

  16. Troypoint has helped me maintain my cord cutter status many times. Great site!!
    I recommend to all cord cutters.

  17. Patrick Mathiassen

    Thanks for all your help, as I am a 70 year old and still not that web savvy, it’s absolutely great to have you on my side when I am doing things like adding new stuff to my android box or firestick.
    Please keep up the good work.
    Kind Regards Paddy
    Liverpool. U.K.

  18. I also want to say I would love to win something please pick me, I’m a loyal fan and I will be forever please I would love to win something I just love all this computer stuff I feel like a techno geek …

  19. I want to thank you for showing this old dog how to jailbreak my 4k firestick the directions were simple and easy to follow and now I feel like a pro and I’m 57 you’re a young pup but thank you again

  20. Why on the Green Monster on my fire stick must I continuously have to updated trakt?
    It will work for a few days and then ask me me scam the barcode and place in a series of numbers and letters? What happen to Oath? Help

  21. I’m glad to be part of Troypoint, still haven’t been able to load Kodi successfully for more than two days- really- afyer two I cant bring it up again. I had cinema my go to but that’s out and I can’t seem to get anything
    Else going, but I have loved the process, I still have IP Vanish and just have learned a lot. Now I’m jumping in the giveaway. It’s all good, thanks Troy! -and you guys at Troypoint!

  22. Troypoint is always on too if the latest technology news. You can’t go wrong listening to him especially if you are a cord cutter!

  23. Jeffrey Hardin

    I don’t have any accounts to these platforms but You-Tube and I’m already subscribed.
    Will that hurt my chances?

  24. Hi Troy,
    I am a 72 year old retired with virtually no computer expertise.. You have been a godsend. Thank you!!!
    Recently I switched to T-Mobile home internet and have suddenly been experiencing buffering issues when running Kodi. Any ideas how I can improve my internet speed when using IP Vanish? II a m fine with my VPN off at 100-170 mbps. With it on, however, I only get 15-30.
    Your help would be most welcomed.

    1. I believe there are instructions on the YouTube channel on how to increase VPN speeds. Good luck!

  25. I would still e using cable if not for Troypoint I use his rapid app installer, videos on how to set up vpn, lots of apps, real debrid, amount others, I get his newsletter and I am a patron on his insider site. He has to many good things that I could fill up a page listing all of them. Only one problem I have got so good at this that I constantly have people calling me when they have issues. But that’s okay when ever I can save somebody a couple hundred a month by dropping cable.

  26. I thank you for the opportunity to win, I have been eyeing it to improve my stressing experience.

  27. Arnold Benitez

    Troy, you have the best news always for all of us, you help us in so many ways, I thank you for giving of your time for all of us, have a safe 4th of July my the good lord bless you and your family, sir.

  28. George vlaszac

    Again thank you so much for making it easy in learning how to use the fire stick… my friends have told me about other people which I view and then I refer you to them and they all love the way you take your time and sincerity to have someone learn how to use the fire stick. I have left you a message before talking about thanking you for making it very easy and understandable for everybody!!!

  29. Eddie vlaszac

    You were the first professional that I watched and learning how to use the fire stick. Your ease of language and obvious concern to teach people is very obvious and your demeanor is very pleasant in learning how to use the stick. I have referred you to many of my friends that have both a stick and they find it very easy to maneuver and learn… thank you

  30. Troy,
    I just wanted to say that you are a reasonably good dudeman. I mean to say that in this day of crazy liberal wacked out politics, and an ever damaging Presidential administration trying to ruin the America we all grew up in, for nefarious reasons all of which are evil, it is good to see a person actually doing noble good to help others.
    Alright happy 4th,

  31. I would never have been able to cut the cable without Thank you Troy for making it easy to do the things to be able to watch all the programming that like.

  32. using amazon prime had to replace my router, replace it with a TP gaming router the TV
    picture is much sharper-clearer use guest mode 2.4 for TV only, 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz

  33. Love your channel, vids and newsletter. I am the expert on firestick thanks to you. 77 yr old great-grandmother keeping my mind sharp. Thank you

  34. Stephen goings

    thank you for all you do, I could not navigate thru all the stuff without your troypoint app and info.

  35. I have not been on Facebook for a couple of years. I am sure I am not alone. Would be nice to have other sites like Reddit or MeWe.

  36. Heath Hamilton

    Troy, I’ve used your website for several years and it’s proven absolutely invaluable for the information needed to set up my devices and also giving me reviews on the best apps to use! Keep up the great work!!!

  37. Ken Zielinski

    belonging to Troy’s website has helped me get started on streaming movies and shows on various web sites ever since I cut the cord from cable—teaching me shortcuts and ease of access moves that I would have never known if he wasn’t around

    thanks Troy

  38. Jacqueline Renee Williams

    Hi happy fourth of July ? I’m Jacqueline and I’m new to Troypoint,and absolutely love the contents.. I instantly became a big fan, from when you helped me jailbreak my fire tv 4k…. The experience was fast and easy. Thanks so much Troy! I tried to complete all tasks but unfortunately I do not have Twitter… I’m so sorry but I mostly definitely did other tasks. This is my first expyeit s fire stick Tv 4k. It’s pretty good I would love a chance to win a different kind of fire stick… I’m wishing myself luck ??

  39. Cynthia Lopresti

    At 64 I became a cord cutter watching all of your hundreds of videos learning in and out up and downs oh my God it’s been a blast and a blessing I have now been a cord cutter for over a year and have turned on some of my senior citizens who are financially in the same problem I am LOL I would be so excited to do this I’m still working on a kodi haven’t quite figured that one out yet but we have a new television we haven’t set up yet so I’m going to wait and use it on my TV because the hubby is a little bit older and he can’t figure it out anyways I want to thank you for everything that you’ve done for the community you’ve been a blessing in disguise I do need the link I finally figured out how to DVR with my t i v i m a t e I’m so excited it took me a good week to figure that one out but now I’m trying to figure out how to shoot my files for all my sideloaded apps to my terabyte hard drive if you could link that I would so love to win it would be such a blessing and it would be so much fun to learn and have something new I heard so many great things about the product blessings to you and happy 4th of July

  40. I have IP vanish my download speeds are in the one hundreds I use cinema HD but for some reason my best bet to watch a movie is if I watch it in 420 if I put it on 720 or 1080 most of the time it will pause and buffer but not in 420 can you tell me why this happens is it because I have a fire stick and not an Nvidia shield?

  41. Happy 4th of July to Everyone!!! I keep up to date on the latest news from your emails and have been using iPVanish to stay hidden from prying eyes for several years now. Keep up the great work you do for all of us. Always look forward to your articles and learn something new each time.

    Thank you,

  42. Great content, really gives you a lot of valuable information to make your streaming experience a lot more pleasurable please continue to provide this valuable content moving forward, thank you for all you have done.

  43. I started following 2015 and continuing to do so I never miss out, love the continued emails, and videos on how to load, still using ipvanish as well. Troypoint has been my best source of information on cord cutting.

  44. I love using TroyPoint as a guide to using my fire stick. You advise and your step by step procedure to download apps is great.

  45. Judy K Harden

    Troy, you have great giveaways! I have owned all the units mentioned, all are great, and my kids think so too! That’s why I’m entering, they now have mine! I need one now! I also have the IPVanish. Don’t leave home without it!

  46. Troy, you’re the best! I’ve been following you for quite some time now and because of you you have all my equipment running smooth as hell. Thanks again Troy.

    John B

  47. I have enjoyed Troypoint Since I first got my first Amazon fire stick and I always look forward to having them sent to me and thank you very much for all I have received thanks

  48. has given us a huge help to get through the two years of Covid where we were stuck in the house. I am really enjoying getting into the technology that is so clearly explained on the site. Thank you.

  49. Chris Coulson

    I’ve followed you for years but never won anything, still your knowledge, advice and tutorials are like Winning anyway if I’m not lucky again


  50. Genetta Davis

    Troy point is my favorite fan. That is all I use in my house from the front to back. I started in 2015 when I lose my trailer. I use live TV, movies, Kodi and more and plus the VPN. Thanks and my God continue to Bless You

  51. Wesley A Phoenix

    I love all the information and help that Troypoint gives. If it wasn’t for them I would have been lost trying to figure it all out by myself.
    Thanks Troypoint.

  52. Thanks very much everything you do is very helpful and plenty of description to help people like me who are a bit thick again thanks very much

  53. Norma (Loopy)

    Can’t find the link for the giveaway but that’s ok. Just want to say I love your teaching styles as everything is so simple to follow. When you go to other places they go too fast or will skip something. You are 100%. Keep up the good work.

  54. Michael Marks

    Trying to enter the contest.
    Says enter below, But don’t see anything to fill out. Really want to thank you for all your hard work, And providing us with great information and relief from the service providers.
    Enjoy your INDEPENDENCE DAY ????
    Thanks, Michael


  56. Thank you Troy for another opportunity to win some great gear! More importantly, thank you as always for all the helpful reads!

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