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The Pirates vs the Premier League Podcast

The Pirates vs the Premier League

The Pirates vs the Premier League Podcast is now available and you can play each episode on this page below or you can find it within your favorite podcast app.

Watching live sport illegally has become second nature for millions of fans across the country, fueled by the cost-of-living crisis and greater accessibility to content.

Matt Cutler and Richard Gillis take a journey deep into the world of illicit Premier League broadcasting, uncovering the true scale of the problem, speaking to the criminals making large sums of money from the demand for cheap content, and exploring the potential cost to sport should piracy not be curbed soon.

This is an interesting podcast where the hosts examine free sports streaming sites and the IPTV service underworld.  The interviews within the episodes provide various points of view on this criminal enterprise.

I personally enjoyed the comparison of the music industry to the entertainment industry and how Spotify successfully made pirating music a thing of the past.  They enabled customers to quickly access their favorite music in an inexpensive way.  The entertainment industry must embrace the Spotify model or they will die.  It’s as simple as that.

The Premier League successfully brought down Flawless IPTV which is outlined in Episode 3.  But what about the thousands of other IPTV services currently available on the Internet?  IPTV is becoming mainstream as cash-strapped people are tired of paying these monopolies absurd amounts of had-earned money.

In the podcast the argument is made that these various sport franchises won’t survive if the TV rights aren’t kept in place.  How about you first stop paying these athletes so much money?  Paying athletes like Neymar Jr £240 million/year might be a good place to start.  Wouldn’t ad dollars go up if you double or triple the amount of viewers and cut out the legacy broadcast partner whose no longer needed due to the Internet?

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In my opinion there is no win for these various broadcast companies and sport enterprises in today’s Internet age.  The IPTV services and free streaming sites will continue to pop up until a Spotify-like service is created for the sport, TV, and movie industry.  The tables have turned and the consumers now have inexpensive or free options.

What are your thoughts after listening to these episodes?  Let us know in the comments section below.

Podcast Episodes Available Below

  • Intro: Introducing The Pirates vs the Premier League
  • Episode 1:  A Cold Thursday Night
  • Episode 2: Into the Criminal Underworld
  • Episode 3: Flawless, Absolutely Flawless
  • Episode 4: The Premier League’s Dilemma
  • Episode 5: Sport’s Napster Moment

The Pirates vs the Premier League Podcast Episodes

Intro: Introducing The Pirates vs the Premier League

Watching live sport illegally has become second nature for millions of fans across the country, fueled by the cost-of-living crisis and grater accessibility to content.  Since January Matt Cutler and Richard Gillis have been on a journey…

Episode 1:  A Cold Thursday Night

Matt is sitting at home on a Thursday evening, 100 miles away from his beloved Villa Park, desperately trying to watch a game that isn’t being shown live on TV in the UK.  And his tried and tested methods to watch it aren’t working…

Episode 2: Into the Criminal Underworld

Watching Premier League games through illegal broadcast streams has gone mainstream.  But, the average football fan doesn’t know the criminal underbelly that is working in the shadows to provide their fix.  Meet Neo, the Balkans-based…

Episode 3: Flawless, Absolutely Flawless

Ten days after the 2022/23 Premier League season finished, five men were sentenced to 30 years in prison for illegally broadcasting sport.  The case, known as Operation Flawless, is believed to be the world’s largest-ever illegal streaming…

Episode 4: The Premier League’s Dilemma

The Premier League is the world’s most popular sports league, and is highly active in closing down, blocking and prosecuting people who pirate its broadcast content.  Despite this, the Premier League is largely silent on the issue of…


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Episode 5: Sport’s Napster Moment

Twenty-five years ago illegal file-sharing platform Napster transformed the music industry.  Though it was short-lived in its initial iteration, it showed there was a new model for music, and was the precursor for legal platforms that offered…

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3 thoughts on “The Pirates vs the Premier League Podcast”

  1. Interesting podcast. Thanks for sharing! A lot of valid points here. I live in a market, (Denver Metro), where there’s been an ongoing dispute for several years between Comcast/Xfinity and Altitude Sports that has prevented most people from being able to watch televised Avalanche and Nuggets games. (And all of this occurring when the two teams are finally good enough to win championships, which is very frustrating!) In addition, the NFL seems like its business model is built upon the idea that growth is exponential and never-ending, which is unsustainable. Even the major legacy TV networks, (ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox), have become exceedingly greedy about their cable deals for something that is freely available over-the-air with an antenna, such that they sue companies like Locast that provided a cheap rebroadcast service for those people who were unable to get a clear signal. I was willing to pay $5 a month for Locast, but totally not willing to pay for expensive cable or streaming services just to be able to watch the local news and the Denver Broncos, which are the only things I watch on live broadcasts. (Everything else gets streamed, commercial-free and on-demand.) If these dinosaurs cannot adapt to the new business model, they deserve to go extinct.

  2. Hi Troy; firstly thank you for all your advice, tips and guidance.

    In regards to Premier League football and also other premium sports, I use Sports Fire with Surfshark as VPN and RD and get good coverage.

  3. Thanx for this heads. I’m gonna love listening into this podcast, probably binge listen to all these episodes. I’m an “unamashamed pirate participator”, broke, busted and kinda disgusted w/ the freakin prices these sports subs are rippin us off with. I’m retired living off a very challenged SS income, workin a side gig to try to get by, but let me give ya an understatement : Life in U.S. is a Bitch ,I’m so excited for NFL to start, cuz I got IPTV “RED ZONE” and lovin it. Just like they caught up w/ napster, they may catch up w/IPTV pirates, but until they give us a REASONABLE legal option, OH WELL !!!!!!

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