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Syncler Vendors for Beta V2

Syncler Vendors

Provided below is an up-to-date list of Syncler Vendors which are now required for use with the new Beta V2 release.

Syncler is one of the most popular streaming APKs available for the Fire TV Stick and Android TV Boxes.

The stable version should be available sometime in the near future once the developer has ironed out all of the bugs.

With the beta release comes the arrival of Syncler Vendors which will replace the Provider Packages used in the past.

Instead, these “Vendors” will typically contain multiple provider packages into one which will help remove duplicates and provide more streaming links. If you are aware of any new Vendor links available please let us know in the comments below!

It is important to note that if you install Syncler you must install the beta version to use these vendors as the stable release still supports provider packages.

We explain this and much more in our Syncler Beta V2 First Impressions Video which is available for Patrons of the TROYPOINT Insider.

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Syncler Vendors

The current selection of Vendors is minimal as developers of these packages are still working on migrating over to this new system.

We will update this list as more vendors are made available.



The JakedUp Vendor provides access to three different options.

All Known Providers

Those who do not use the Orion Service will want to use the following URL:

If you do use Orion, the following URL will include Orion’s custom search provider. Your API Key Here

Providers Not in Orion

Use the following URL if you do not want to use your API Key and will install Orion’s Wako package separately.


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We are anticipating additional Syncler Vendors from the following popular packages that are available in the original release.


OpenScrapers is a well-known option for various Android apps and Kodi Addons.


Another all-in-one package that includes tons of quality links from numerous sources on the Internet.

Squizzle Fast

This is one of the most popular packages currently available for Syncler due to its fast scraping speeds and ability to return lots of streaming links.

WeeklyProblem – Bouncy (Kosmos)

This scraper was intended for those who did not wish to purchase a Syncler+ account.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work very well and returns minimal links.



This article will stay updated with new Vendor URLs as they become available.

If you know any Syncler Vendors that work with the new version of the app, please let us know what they are by commenting below!

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  1. My only problem with these packages. These tend to not pull correct links. I get say like Mr & Mrs Smith when I want to watch Tracker. I have to read the titles to make sure I get the right show and episode.
    At least the Beta of Syncler lets you see the title and episode now.

  2. Any word on the lobstor vendor results. It’s getting kind of annoying at this point. I thought it was working good for a minute.

  3. I appreciate the response. Thanks for what you do. :pray::grin:

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