Operators of Set TV Launched New IPTV Services Despite DISH Lawsuit

operators of set tv launch new iptv services

The operators of the once-popular Set TV live TV service have reportedly launched new IPTV services.

Set TV was arguably one of the most popular IPTV services for several years that contained hundreds of live channels, PPV, and VOD offerings.

Set TV was arguably one of the most popular IPTV services for several years

We want to know your thoughts after reading this story in the comments below. What do you think of the former Set TV operators starting new services despite a $90 million lawsuit from DISH?

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The former Set TV operators launched new pirate live TV services despite being sued by DISH Network in 2018 for $90 million in copyright damages.

set tv lawsuit dish network

As reported by TorrentFreak, Set TV was accused of illegally obtaining DISH Network’s broadcasts and redistributing them for a lower cost.

The operators were reported to be Jason LaBossiere, Sean Beaman, Stefan Gollner, and likely other individuals at play.


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Set TV then agreed to shut down services completely and hand over all equipment including set-top boxes with the software pre-installed, so it seemed everything was settled.

However, DISH Network pushed the court to reinstate the case against the Set TV operators after engaging in settlement discussions.

These discussions included a confidential settlement, a permanent injunction against Beaman, and an agreed final judgment.

But as the title of this article hints, these settlement discussions did not go as planned for DISH Network.

Come to find out, DISH said that Set TV operators LaBossiere, Beaman, Gollner are actually behind several other pirate IPTV services that include the following:

  • ExpediteTV
  • Ping TV
  • UptickTV
  • Mundo TV


If we had to guess there are probably dozens of other pirate IPTV brands/services at play here.

DISH would eventually learn about these new pirate IPTV services after being alerted via an “unsolicited email” that contained login credentials for test purchases.

This then begs the question – are government and copyright authorities using undercover accounts for pirate IPTV services to gather more insight about the operators?

In the end, DISH argued that the court’s permanent injunction is “clear, definite, unambiguous, and not susceptible to any interpretation,” which explains why the former Set TV operators started up new pirate IPTV brands.

DISH then demanded the imposition of a $1,000 coercive daily sanction in addition to the cost of attorneys’ fees.

You can view official court documentation below:

DISH Network & Set TV Operators Court Documentation (PDF)

What do you think of this new Set TV story?

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7 thoughts on “Operators of Set TV Launched New IPTV Services Despite DISH Lawsuit”

  1. That’s a good point. I was also with Set TV for a long time and was super happy with the service. Did not get burned because I never pay more than 1 month at a time. I am afraid this may be a trap to come after us!
    Let’s stay tuned and see.

  2. I was one of the ‘burnees’ when SET shut down … but it was a good service while it lasted. I now use NET3NET IPTV. It’s associated with Mundo, so it’s probably also run by these guys. I luv your gossip … keep it up!

  3. SETtv burned many people who paid up for services and for their illicit SETtv Boxes! The idiot Jason is a two or three time felon and a thug wanna-be who lives with the other scum in Florida. I call them scum because I researched all I could for 8 years concerning the illicit operations of many businesses operating in Florida. To heck with SETtv! They are the same entity that will also fold soon! 8 Million has never been paid to DISH! My advice is stay the hell away from these con artist. Sad that so many lost their money and subscriptions.

  4. WOW! Thanks for posting this Troy. Hopefully the use of the same name as they previously used will scare people away. That’s nothing but pure greed.

  5. Troy do you think that, this could be a trap for people to jump in on set by Dish Network and other authorities. I myself was ready to Jump on board, SetTv was one of the best iptv services that I never had. I hope that it’s true about SetTv I really miss there service.

    1. Bobbie McCluskey

      I would love to order their system from what I’m hearing. Dish was the reason why I cut the cord,after being triple charge, and then shut my phone off. I’m only one single person. And of course, they were wrong and I was right but I had to be without a phone for a week to get my point through.

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