How To Move Media Files To External Storage On Fire TVThis short tutorial will show you how to move media files to external storage on Fire TV.  There are some applications such as Terrarium TV which allow you to download movies and tv shows to the internal storage of your Fire TV.  However, it isn’t possible to save those media files directly to a USB drive or Micro SD Card.  By using a free application called ES File Explorer, this is a simple task which I outline in the video below.

By moving the media files from the internal storage of the Fire TV over to external storage, this will free up some valuable space that can be dedicated to installed applications.

The Fire TV only comes equipped with 8GB of internal storage with some of that already used by installed applications.  Due to the Amazon Fire TV’s external storage options, we have the ability to increase storage space by up to 128GB in size.

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The 1st Generation Amazon Fire TV provides a USB port which can be used for USB external storage devices.  The 2nd Generation Amazon Fire TV includes both a USB port and Micro SD Card slot.  Both devices will allow up to 128GB external storage to be attached to them.  Use the link below to find supported external storage devices for the Amazon Fire TV.

Click Here For Supported External Storage For Amazon Fire TV – Note, if you have a 1st Generation Fire TV, you can only use a 2.0 USB Flash Drive up to 128GB in size since it is not equipped with Micro SD Card slot.

How To Move Media Files To External Storage On Fire TV

Below, you will find a detailed video on this process.  The written steps below the video are only a general guideline.


How To Install Terrarium TV On Fire TV or Fire TV Stick



  1.  Download and install ES File Explorer from Amazon App Store
  2. Insert external storage into Fire TV (Micro SD Card or USB Drive)
  3. Launch ES File Explorer
  4. Cut media files from folders in which they reside and paste into external storage


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