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Pirate IPTV Service GoFastIPTV Settles for $70,000 in Damages


Pirate IPTV service GoFastIPTV has settled with anti-piracy group BREIN for an estimated $70,000 in damages.

GoFastIPTV was an IPTV provider that offered thousands of live channels and VOD titles for a discounted price.

gofastiptv settles with brein

We want to know your thoughts after reading this story in the comments below. What do you think of GoFastIPTV only settling for $70,000 in damages?

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As reported by TorrentFreak, the anti-piracy group BREIN has been targeting hundreds of pirate IPTV services and tools over the past few years.


BREIN is an anti-piracy group based in the Netherlands with a slogan that states “the art of protecting the creative.”

Recently, BREIN’s latest target appears to be a pirate IPTV provider called “GoFastIPTV.”

This chase for the operators of GoFastIPTV reportedly went all over the world through companies in Brazil and the UK. However, the chase eventually ended at a hotel in Lisbon, Portugal.

Another key piece of evidence that led BREIN to the GoFastIPTV operators was the use of the Dutch Rabobank to process payments.

BREIN took matters to court and Rabobank was then forced to cooperate and handed over payment data.

All of this information eventually led BREIN to track down the operators of GoFastIPTV in South America of all places.

gofastiptv service

Communication and legal procedures from BREIN followed and this eventually led to a €70,000 settlement with the former operator of GoFastIPTV.

The other caveats to this settlement also include a fine of €25,000 per day if the GoFastIPTV service is ever restored and a €10,000 fine for each future infringement.

You will now encounter the following screen when attempting to access the original GoFastIPTV website:

You will now encounter the following screen when attempting to access the original website

This total settlement number seems modest when compared to previous shutdowns of IPTV services.


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According to the official press release from BREIN, one of their representatives stated the following on this situation:

“The investigation took longer than necessary because the bank did not provide the data voluntarily. BREIN therefore had to go to court, which found the bank’s refusal to cooperate unlawful. With this judgment in hand, the issuance of name and address details will run more smoothly after a reasoned request to do so by BREIN.”

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Provider of Illegal IPTV Settles for 70,000 Euros – BREIN

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What do you think of GoFastIPTV settling with BREIN for only $70,000? Does this penalty seem harsh enough?

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2 thoughts on “Pirate IPTV Service GoFastIPTV Settles for $70,000 in Damages”

  1. I cannot imagine the cost involved in chasing down these rogue IPTV services. When will these Copyright owners and providers wake up and see they would could make an endless stream of revenue if they just provided a reasonably priced product available to all

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