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Flash IPTV Operator Sentenced to 5+ Years in Prison

Flash IPTV owner sentenced

A historic verdict linked to Brazil’s anti-piracy campaign ‘Operation 404’ has resulted in the conviction and sentencing of the operator of Flash IPTV.

As a large IPTV service with over 13,000 active users, Flash IPTV generated nearly $1 million in revenue before being shut down in 2020 as part of Operation 404. This criminal copyright infringement conviction marks the first prosecution of an IPTV operator in Brazil under Operation 404.

‘Operation 404’ was a series of anti-piracy campaigns initiated in Brazil in 2019, with the cooperation of international law enforcement agencies including the United States & the UK. The goal was to take down pirate sites and services involved in illegal streaming activities.

While arrests have been made under Operation 404, convictions and prosecutions have been rare. We have seen prison sentences in the past for those operating illicit IPTV Services including the popular YouTube Star Omi in a Hellcat but instances like this do not occur often. The well-known YouTuber was found guilty of tax fraud among other charges after evading the IRS for over $5 million.

The owner of Flash IPTV, however, was found guilty only of criminal copyright infringement for broadcasting content without proper authorization.

This resulted in Judge Marina Figueiredo Coelho of the Fifth Criminal Court of Campinas, Sao Paolo, sentencing the Flash IPTV operator (referred to as A.W.A.P) to 5 years and 4 months in prison.

Assisting in the conviction was the anti-piracy group ALIANZA who noted that this is a historic verdict as it is the first time Operation 404 has resulted in a conviction.

In a comment to TorrentFreak, ALIANZA Executive Director Victor Roldan stated:

We appreciate the commitment of the police and judicial authorities in resolving this important case. The conviction of A.W.A.P. is a milestone that reinforces our commitment to defending the rights of creators and fighting against illegal practices that harm the creative economy..

It appears that Brazilian authorities are not finished with these types of prosecutions. In the fall of 2023, authorities continued their push of Operation 404 with the “sixth wave” of this plan and will likely proceed with more of these in the future.

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