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Downloader App Goes Home

Elisa Saba


TROYPOINT purchased the Downloader app from Elias @ approximately one year ago.

Elias was the original developer of the application.

Last year he took a new job with Amazon as Product Manager for Fire TV at Amazon Lab126 which required him to step away from AFTVNews and the Downloader App.

At that time TROYPOINT acquired the application.

Ever since Elias created Downloader, we’ve enjoyed watching it climb to the top 10 free apps available in the Amazon App Store.

Credit for this application has always gone to Elias as it is the most popular way to side-load apps to any Fire TV/Stick and Android TV device.

Elias has decided to  voluntarily resign from Amazon so he can return to running AFTVNews.

This is awesome news for us cord cutting enthusiasts!

TROYPOINT has transferred the ownership rights of the Downloader app back to Elias and he is now in full control of the application once again.

We love everything that Elias does and recommend that all of our readers bookmark his Website for great things to come in the future.

Elias, thanks for allowing TROYPOINT to “watch over” your application while you were away.

The Downloader App is now back home where it belongs.

Congratulations to Elias and thanks for your numerous contributions to the Fire TV/Stick community!


Read Letter from Elias

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Notable Replies

  1. :grinning:Great app use it all the time. Congratulations on coming back home

  2. Avatar for Eej1 Eej1 says:

    “you can never go home again”. So Thomas Wolfe was wrong! Welcome home!

  3. That’s great to hear. Now I have 3 sources that may be able to help me get my FireTVStick 4k to work correctly. Elias, Troy or Amazon or somebody else who has previously solved a similar issue… My somewhat newer Firestick 4k will let me load the Downloader App and then when I try to load the with unknowns enabled, the Downloader tries to connect and then says, “Unknown Error Occurred: Check your URL and connection and try again.” My network is connected via Ethernet to my Firestick. Can anybody help?

  4. I had the same problem last week with downloader?

  5. Not too sure what the deal was but I disconnected the Ethernet cable and connected via WiFi and the problem went away. Perhaps there is a problem using the uGreen Ethernet adapter with Xfinity internet on my Netgear C500 módem and tp-link AC1750 router. Thanks Troy for sending me down the right road.

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