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Copyright Lawyers Indicted for Unlawfully Suing Torrent Users

copyright lawyers sue torrent users

Taiwanese officials have indicted numerous individuals in an alleged copyright-trolling scheme that begin in August of last year.

As first reported by TorrentFreak, well-known ultramarathon runner Kevin Lin is at the center of the allegations for his role in the operation.

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Lin created a copyright consultant company after graduating from National Chengchi University and called it Truth Intellectual Property Consulting Co.

The company acquired copyrights to 18 different films and movies from Vie Vision Pictures and Applause Entertainment Ltd.

They then distributed the films by uploading them to various torrent websites which many use for downloading content.

Lin and his accomplices tracked those who downloaded these movies via their IP Addresses and targeted them with copyright infringement claims.

The goal was to get settlements from the defendants who would pay without going to court.

Since August of 2021, over 900 copyright infringement lawsuits were filed by Lin’s company.

These lawsuits earned the company just under $30,000 USD or $900,000 NT in a little over a year.

As noted in the report by FocusTaiwan, prosecutors are requesting a heavy sentence for Lin’s role in this copyright scheme.

Lin has been outspoken against his government and believes the investigation was politically motivated, however, there is currently no proof that is the case.

Along with Lin, four other individuals were indicted in the operation including 2 other lawyers.

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6 thoughts on “Copyright Lawyers Indicted for Unlawfully Suing Torrent Users”

  1. Brilliant job you do with page great to be able to get help when trying to install new apps is there any videos of how to download a fully loaded Kodi as used use it years ago on my android boxes but have firestick now so can’t remember much about doing it now but keep up the brilliant work on the page

  2. Wow, a whole $30k in a year divided between the 4 owners. Subtract the operating cost and that doesn’t leave very much. I wouldn’t waste my time for $30k.

  3. Didn’t he give permission to download those movies when he put them up on a site existing for the purpose for people to download content? Someone didn’t pirate his movies then put them up for the taking. He put them up knowing they’d be taken and then he’d come after them. Isn’t that intentional for entrapment an intentional tort?

  4. Hey Troy hope all is well,I think they need to throw his ass in jail!!!!Been your fan or subscriber for a long time..Just trying to get a little laugh so I don’t cry over this. Crazy world in which we live..We need a whole new congress while we still have a country… Ain’t no way some of these people can be so stupid js…..Keep up the good work I appreciate the things you do and enjoy all the updates…Hoping and praying for the safety of you and your family,take care my friend!!!!

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