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ACE Shuts Down Popular File Hosting Service Uptobox

uptobox shut down

Another well-known file hosting platform has officially been shut down following a police raid in France.

Uptobox, one of the most well-known video hosting services in the world, was officially shut down alongside Uptostream by ACE (Alliance for Creativity & Entertainment).

The service was established in 2011 and became extremely popular for users who wished to upload, store, and share various files with others.

In fact, the platform received over 34 million visitors in just one month with nearly one-third of these visitors coming from France.

There were numerous reports of Uptobox not working and at first, it seemed to be a technical error that the company was working on.

uptobox shut down tweet

However, as the day unfolded, it was clear that a larger operation was taking place involving police officers in two separate locations.

The raid was conducted by officials in France as well as Dubai, where the alleged operators of the service were based.

Authorities raided two data centers in Vitry-sur-Seine which likely hosted servers for the file-sharing platform.

These actions were carried out following a mandated court order orchestrated by ACE.

Jan van Voorn, Head of ACE, noted the following on the closure of these popular hosting websites:

The action we announced today demonstrates that even the most sophisticated piracy operations are not above the law…

This case sends a strong message to criminal operators that their illegal actions will be put to an end eventually. They may think their operations are undercover, but ACE has the network, resources and expertise to identify them and shut them down.

Also commenting on the situation was Celine Boyer who is the Head of Content Protection at Canal+ which partners with ACE:

Canal+ supports swift action when acts of piracy compromise intellectual property rights, which in turn has an impact on our business… Our partnership with ACE is essential to ensuring that the creative marketplace continues to thrive by addressing content piracy at its source.

If you are a Kodi user, you may have encountered a Uptobox error message when attempting to view content such as Movies & TV Shows.

uptobox authorization

With the latest news of closure, however, this is not an issue that we will likely see continue in the future.

This story was originally published in an official press release by ACE which you can find below.


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