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What is Raspberry Pi?

what is raspberry pi

What is Raspberry Pi?  A Raspberry Pi is a small, compact computer device that allows users do almost anything a PC or laptop can. From gaming, to streaming, to typing papers, and more. The Raspberry Pi is becoming one of the most prominent computers available today. This article will help explain exactly what a Raspberry Pi is, and show some of it’s many uses.

What is Raspberry Pi?

Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that can be hooked up to a monitor or screen and used for hundreds of activities. It uses an SD Card to download operating systems and is charged with a small USB cord. All you need to get started is a mouse, an HDMI cord, and a keyboard. Once plugged into your selected monitor, it’s possibilities are endless.

This extraordinary device was originally developed to teach young children basic computer skills. After popularity rose, it became clear they could be used for much more than that. Raspberry Pi’s or (RPI’s) are generally inexpensive, ranging anywhere from $5-$50 for all models. Hundreds of different accessories are also offered which help make this such a powerful and exciting device. There are several models of the Raspberry Pi available today and can be found here.

Some newer models of RPI offer advanced features such Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so you can take them with you on the go! Using your Raspberry Pi you will be able to surf the web, check e-mails, and anything you might do with your average laptop. Although not as powerful, it is still a very neat gadget to have.

Uses of Raspberry Pi

To use Raspberry Pi an Operating System must first be installed onto an SD Card. There are plenty of options to choose from including some that are preloaded with RPI purchase. This allows the device to run your preferred software and programs. Once installed, just place the SD Card into the Adapter and plug it in. You can find a list of RPI downloads at the link below:

Raspberry Pi Downloads

Gaming Emulator

One of the most popular uses of Raspberry Pi is for retro gaming. Using the TROYPOINT Tutorial, How To Setup RetroPie On Raspberry Pi, you can play thousands of retro games. Raspberry Pi is a terrific gaming emulator for most systems up to PlayStation 1. Almost any gaming controller will work on the RPI and can be plugged into the console with a USB cord. You will need a separate computer to download your images to SD cards. Once installed, games can be played either with a keyboard/mouse or your favorite controller!

Stream Content

One of the best ways to use Raspberry Pi is to view and stream videos. With cheap options like Fire Sticks and Chromecasts now available, the RPI might not be the best choice for this but it will certainly get the job done. Not only does it offer more power than those stated above, it is very similar in price as well.  A Raspberry Pi is a great device to install the Kodi application and watch your favorite movies and TV shows.

Music Player

With the addition of a speaker and a software download, the Raspberry Pi can become a great music playing tool. There are numerous audio image downloads available that can be installed onto an SD card. Then use that software to create a library of music and you will be set. This is a great alternative to expensive portable speakers and will never run out of battery life!

And More

Listed above are just a few examples of how a Raspberry Pi can be put to use. Although built to teach and develop computer skills, it’s capabilities are endless. These little devices have been shown to do anything from extending your home network’s range to building robots. With a little know how and some tech savvy, the Raspberry Pi can be your next favorite toy.

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