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How to Install Superman Kodi Build on Firestick/Android TV

superman kodi build

This in-depth report of Superman Kodi Build will provide you with everything you need to know about this build on Firestick, Fire TV, Android TV Box, or any other device.

Superman is one of the most popular Kodi builds available today that can be installed on any compatible streaming device.

Since this build can’t be installed through the official Kodi repository, it must be installed from an external provider which we display in the screenshot guide below.

Superman Kodi Build Install Process

Video Tutorial


Links Mentioned in Video

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Legal Disclaimer: TROYPOINT does not develop, operate, host, distribute, or administer any streaming application, add-on, website, or service. Furthermore, we cannot determine the legality of any streaming platform reviewed on this website. TROYPOINT specializes in educational tech reviews, tutorials, and news which is protected by the First Amendment of the United States Constitution. The end-user is solely responsible for media accessed and TROYPOINT assumes that all visitors are abiding by copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should only stream works not protected by copyright when using unverified streaming solutions.

Real-Debrid is an optional service that provides high quality buffer free streaming links that can be integrated into many Kodi addons and streaming apps.  You must have their premium account for this to work properly.

Real-Debrid Setup Guide by TROYPOINT 

Screenshot Guide

  • Launch Kodi
  • Click the settings icon  Kodi Settings Icon

click settings

  • Click System

Click System

  • Hover over Add-ons menu item and turn on Unknown sources if not already on

Turn on Unknown Sources

  • Click Yes

Click Yes

  • Click back on remote to go back to the System page
  • Select File Manager

Click File Manager

  • Click Add source

click add source

  • Click <None>

Click None

  • Type the following URL exactly how it is listed here – and click OK

type and click ok

  • Highlight the box under the source that you just typed in and enter a name for this media source, type “cman” or any other name you would like to identify this source as and click OK

type cman and click ok

  • Click the back button on your remote or keyboard until you are back on the System screen
  • Choose Add-ons

Click the back button on your remote or keyboard until you are back on the System screen


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  • Click Install from zip file

click install from zip file

  • Choose “cman” or another name you assigned the media source in the previous step

choose cman

  • Click the zip file URL –


  • Wait for the CMaN’s Wizard Repository Add-on installed message to appear

wait for cmans wizard addon installed message

  • Click Install from repository

Click Install from Repository

  • Click CmaN’s Wizard Repository

select cmans wizard repository

  • Choose Program add-ons

choose program addons

  • Click CMan & SG Builds Gui Wizard

click cmans wizard

  • Click Install

click install for cman wizard

  • You will then encounter CMan & SG Builds Gui Wizard Add-on installed message

cmans wizard installed message

  • When prompted, click Continue

click continue

  • Click Build Menu

select build menu

  • Select Builds

select builds

  • Scroll down to find Superman Kodi Build

find superman kodi build

  • Click Install

click install

  • Click Yes, Install

click yes, install

  • Wait for the Superman Kodi Build to download

wait for superman kodi build to install

  • Click OK

click ok

  • Click OK again

click ok again

  • Kodi will now close. Relaunch the application to see the Superman Kodi Build installed

The build loads on the screen

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Superman Kodi Build is a high-powered all-in-one build with tons of streaming options at your fingertips.

This Kodi 20 Build works perfectly on any device you prefer including the Amazon Firestick, Fire TV, and Android TV.

It also works especially well when integrated with Real-Debrid.

This new build is located within the CMan’s Wizard Repository and features some of the best addons available including Shadow, Patriot, Ghost, Asgard, and more.

Is Superman Kodi Build Safe to Use?

Before I install this, I first want to scan their repository URL with VirusTotal.

Here is the screenshot of the scan results.

superman kodi build scan

VirusTotal did not find any suspicious files or malware within the Superman repository URL.

However, this does not mean we shouldn’t protect ourselves when streaming content from this unverified 3rd party build.

Kodi even alerts us during setup that these 3rd party Add-ons and builds will be given access to personal data stored on our device.

click yes

The best way to protect yourself when using Superman is with our #1 Ranked VPN Provider.

A VPN will provide you with an anonymous connection while streaming or downloading while using questionable builds such as this.

Install Best VPN on Firestick/Android

Now, here are the steps we went through to install Superman Kodi Build through their repository.

Details & Features

Superman offers a fabulous user interface that is easy to navigate and use on any device.

Users can easily scroll through various categories including Movies, TV Shows, Music, Live, Sports, 4K, Adult, Favourites, Add-ons, and more.


It uses tons of popular addons such as The Crew, Fen, Shadow, Asgard, Chan Reaction, Mad Titan Sports, and many more.

All of these addons and more are highlighted in our popular list of Best Kodi Addons.

This makes for an all-inclusive streaming experience including both VOD content as well as live streaming options.

As noted above, Superman works best when integrated with real-debrid which will provide the highest-quality streaming links.

You can easily integrate real-debrid within the Add-Ons Category of Superman.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you encounter errors for add-ons not providing any sources, you may need to set up real-debrid for specific addons within the Superman Build. We found this to be the case with the popular FEN Kodi addon.

Refer to the video guide above for more information.

  • Hover over Add-Ons and select Premium Login

select Premium Login

  • Hover over Universal Resolver 2 and under real-debrid, select (re)authorise my account

select real debrid

real debrid authorization code

  • You will then encounter real-debrid authorization success message

real debrid success message


Overall, Superman is a high powered build that works on all popular streaming devices including the Amazon Firestick.

Learn how to sideload free streaming apps that are just as good if not better than Superman Kodi Build on your Firestick or Android TV Box.

How to Jailbreak a Firestick or Android TV Box

Is The Superman Kodi Build Legal?

It’s impossible for TROYPOINT to determine whether these unverified streaming options hold the proper licensing.

If and when a build is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our website to reflect that information.

At first glance, it would appear that the Superman Kodi Build is distributing copyrighted works without consent.

Users may legally access movies/TV shows that fall under the Public Domain.

Works in the Public Domain are not protected by copyright laws and may be downloaded, streamed, and shared without any legal ramifications.

In conclusion, the end-user is responsible for all content accessed through builds such as this.

TROYPOINT recommends using 100% legal and verified free streaming options instead of Superman Kodi Build.  You will find a link to the best free legal movie/TV show apps below.

Best Free Movie Apps


What is Superman Kodi Build?

Superman Kodi Build is an all-encompassing Build for Kodi 20 Nexus that features Movies, Shows, Live TV, and more in an easy to use format.

How Do I Use a Kodi Build?

Using a Kodi Build is as simple as installing and selecting from different categories that can include: Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, Fitness, Kids, and much more.

Is the Superman Build Legal?

Yes. Builds are legal to install and use on the Kodi software. However, content that you access inside a build may not be legal.

What’s the Difference Between a Kodi Addon and a Kodi Build?

You can think of a Kodi build as a bundle of the best add-ons, repositories, and a customized skin that you can install with one click.

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

55 thoughts on “How to Install Superman Kodi Build on Firestick/Android TV”

  1. shutter count

    Just followed the steps for installing the Superman Kodi build on my Firestick and it was a breeze! Love the user-friendly instructions and the addition of the optional steps for setting up Kodi’s features. Superman is now my go-to build for watching my favorite shows and movies. Thanks for the great tutorial!

  2. I’ve used Xenon plus for quite some time and was enjoying the tv guide and playing tv shows from there. Recently, I’m getting a cannot open see log message for all of my tv stations. I do not have a real debris account, so I uninstalled that all and download ed Superman. Your download instructions worked perfectly but once again no tv stations will open with either the Crew, Asgard , or Mad Titan. Is real debris required for Superman? Might that help?
    I don’t know how to troubleshoot why. Search your brain as I’m missing something basic I think.
    Thanx, david
    PS : I hate the superman interface and find Xenon or older builds much more friendly to use. Going back to xenon.

  3. I searched for this topic but it kept directing me back here, so forgive me if this is answered already. Every time I open the Superman build, it asks me to update. Exactly how can I accomplish this? Also, after the update, will I have to re-authorize Real-Debrid on all my add-on modules like I did the first time?

    Thanks for your help!


    1. I had Superman build and upgraded to Kodi Omega 21 reloaded the Superman build and now not getting the Superman skin and saying it has reset to Eustacey? Can’t find the adult add-on? Any help greatly appreciated

  4. I have a Windows10Pro pc with a new Kodi installation of,
    Build: 20.2 (20.2.0)
    Git: 20230629-5f418d0b13
    Compiled: 2023-06-29
    I cannot get past the “install from zip file” step.

    My zip file is named, “”
    compared to your, “”.

    When I click to install my zip file, there’s a delay
    of a few seconds, then Kodi quits and I’m back
    to my desktop.

    When I restart Kodi, I can get to the zip file but when
    I try the the install from zip file step, I’m booted out
    of Kodi again, back to my desktop.

    I’ve uninstalled Kodi, rebooted my pc, reinstalled Kodi
    and tried to follow your instuct, only to have the same
    problem surface.



  5. I just loaded the Superman build on kodi. I’m using the Walmart Onn box. I’ve tried to play movies and have no sound. Please help me

  6. I am trying to run live tv like news, HB, Cinemax, etc but am faced with the dreadful yellow warning box ha I need to check the “LOG”? Why? Is there a fix for this? Someone please guide me through this. I am not tech savvy at all and I would love to watch live news etc.

  7. None of the sports add-ons work on the Superman build I have on my fire stick. I click on Titans, nothing happens same goes with sport on the crew add-on & daddy live. I get tv shows, movies, adult etc but sports & IPTV I get nothing. Is there anything I can do to resolve this.

  8. Hi ,

    I was able to download the Superman build but I am unable to add my real-debrid account. I have follow all your instructions but the only option there is all debrid. Where do k find real debrid? I also tried doing individual add-ons like The Crew and no luck finding real debrid. Thank you for all your help!

    1. You have to keep scrolling down to find the reauthorize under real-debrid. I had the same issue until I realized if you keep scrolling down past real-debrid it gives you the option to reuthrorize.

  9. Thanks Troy; I thought I had lost Kodi after learning Amazon had removed it from its apps. Bye the Bye I don’t suppose Google can be sideloaded with kodi? And Thanks again

  10. I don’t get real-debrid on premium login, only

    do I now have to pay for 2 services as I just re-upped real-debrid.

  11. Billie Stevens

    I have successfully downloaded the Superman build but can you tell me how to add another addon to the Sport tab. I want to add something like The Loop. I have managed to add it to the front page but I want it to appear under the Sport Tab

  12. I was able to download and install everything and it seems to be working, except for the Search feature :/ any ideas?

  13. installed superman build. first I noticed screen cutoff. display settings expert mode calibration does not work. Any fix?

  14. Troy, I keep getting an Error Message “Could not connect to repository” after clicking on cMaNs Wizard Repository in the Superman Build instructions. What should I do to overcome this error?

  15. I successfully installed Superman on the latest fire stick. I have uninstalled all the apps I could. The problem is when I go to open Kodi the screen is blank and it doesn’t appear. I then have to re-download it again. What’s the issue?

  16. I am trying to install the Superman build on Kodi 20 but when I install the CMan and SG builds wizard I do not get the Continue window. If I then open the wizard after it has no builds! Can you help me please. Thank You

  17. I just installed the superman build. It says real-debrid is optional, but nothing will work, it keeps asking for my debrid authorization. I am in Canada

  18. Superman will not connect to repository on my new 2023 Onn tv box. I have reinstalled, restarted, disconnected, unplugged, and cursed everything I own and it still will not connect. I haven’t had any difficulty with any other add-ons, just Superman. I did notice it has apparently updated to 1.0.9zip. I would truly appreciate any suggestions.

      1. I am having this issue on the Onn tv box. Nevertheless, I have tried clearing the cache, but I still could not connect.

  19. I am having a problem installing this build. I get as far as installing the repo from the zip file. When I try to install the build from the repository I get a message “cannot connect to repository.” I am using the new Walmart ONN box and your Troypoint Kodi 20 fork. I even moved Kody back to internal storage, but that did not help. Any suggestions?

    1. I too am trying to install today but getting error message “couldn’t retrieve directory information, could be bc network is not being connected” when trying to add the file source, any thoughts?

    2. What I did was I went into add-ons, add-on browser, and there’s a button for search. And just typed in subtitle. And then it gives you a list of ones you can download and enable

      1. James Kilfeather

        I have had Superman build on my fire stick before. I tried to re-load , now I cannot? Any recommendations?

  20. I am trying to install today but getting error message “couldn’t retrieve directory information, could be bc network is not being connected” when trying to add the file source, anyone else got this message before ?

  21. Hello, I just loaded the Superman build and was wondering how to remove the log, memory, CPU on the top left of the screen. It stays even while playing a movie or show

    1. Mike Bornholdt

      Hmmm…if you’re asking me, The Windows defender Security never comes up on a firestick. I’ve had dealings with Firestick since 2016 and love it but I’ve never seen Windows defender Security except on my Windows Desktop Computer. Sorry

  22. I’ve never had any trouble installing anything offered by but for some reason when I got Superman installed through my VPN it is obviously slower than several other builds that I have used. I like what is offered with Superman but don’t like the speed that it finds what I’ve selected almost to the point to where I’m going to go back to another build. Anyone having this same problem? If not, wonder what I’ve done wrong, everything went first time with no problems!!!

    1. I removed Superman from Kodi and before I checked the download times with Real Debrid on the exact same download. Before removing Superman was 2 min 10 sec After removing was 32 second for the same exact download. Difference being close to a quarter of the time and always going through my VPN. I might check out some other builds but 4 times as long to download isn’t going to get it done!

    The problem I referenced in regard to the “dependency on xbmc.python version 3.0.0 could not be found.” issue has been solved. I was not running the latest version of Kodi. Did a quick update and all is good.

  24. First time I have had a problem with doing a TROYPOINT install. When I click on CMan & SG Builds Gui Wizard, I get a window coming up advising me that the following additonal addons will be installed: SIX script.module.six 0.0.0 and Kodi Six script.module.kodi-six 0.0.0 I click on OK and I get a message stating that some dependency on xbmc.python version 3.0.0 could not be found.

    Can go no further. Can anyone tell me what this means or offer a suggestion?

  25. Hi, great build with excellent addons, however, is it possible to remove the Adult section.
    Any help will be appreciated.

  26. Vikingislandman5

    Real-debrid and Alldebrid are being blocked in Canada through the banks. These services need to find a better solution to they’re payment system to thwart these blocks. Any suggestions?

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