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MPA Targets BestBuyIPTV & More in Submission to US Trade Representative

bestbuy iptv targeted by mpa

The MPA (Motion Picture Association) annually submits a list of notorious markets to the US Trade Representative for review.

This list is comprised of problematic foreign websites and more that promote or provide access to pirated content.

The document states:

These markets are an immediate threat to legitimate commerce, impairing legitimate markets’ viability and curbing U.S. competitiveness

As first reported by TorrentFreak, this year’s list details a few familiar names including the IPTV Provider BestBuyIPTV.

BestBuyIPTV has recently been on our radar after they created a TROYPOINT IPTV website where they used our logo and branding to sell their illegal service.

TROYPOINT has never operated an IPTV service and never will. We are a technology website that focuses on tutorials, news, and reviews, specifically in the cord-cutting niche.

Many BestBuyIPTV users have reported the service to be unreliable and even scamming them out of money.

If you are using BestBuyIPTV, we suggest you stop immediately.

Not only are they scam artists but they are now in the cross-hairs of the Motion Picture Association which will probably eventually lead to legal problems in the future.

You can read more at our resource guide below:

BestBuyIPTV – Stay Away from this Service

Along with various IPTV Providers, the MPA listed torrent sites, streaming websites, piracy apps, and more.

To go along with these “notorious markets”, the MPA also created a new category in this year’s list.

Piracy-as-a Service or PaaS refers to various platforms that help make it easier for piracy services to function.

PaaS offerings constitute a suite of off-the-shelf services that make it easy for would-be pirates to create, operate, and monetize a fully functioning pirate operation. PaaS providers lower the barriers to entry into commercial piracy.

You can view the entire document from the Motion Picture Association below.

MPA Notorious Markets List 2021

The MPA represents numerous streaming platforms and film studios such as Netflix, Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, and more.

You can find our list of legal and unverified IPTV services here.

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  1. I see IPTV Smarters made the list

  2. Karma coming back to get them.

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3 thoughts on “MPA Targets BestBuyIPTV & More in Submission to US Trade Representative”

  1. Interesting read (21 page .pdf)
    Same old story…
    Please feel sorry for us, we’re losing Billions of dollars because of Pirates.
    Again, if the prices they charged were more reasonable, I’m sure there would be fewer dollars going to the Pirates and more for the
    MPAA, Disney, Netflix, etc.

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