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Movie Theaters Starting to Reopen with Discounted Ticket Prices – Will You Go?

Movies Theaters Starting to Reopen with Discounted Ticket Prices

It’s no surprise that the COVID-19 Pandemic has caused movie theaters and film companies to transition methods to save their businesses.

According to Forbes, “AMC Theaters is expected to post a $2.4 billion first-quarter loss in the wake of this pandemic.”

In order to combat these huge losses, a popular strategy some theaters are pursuing is an immediate release of films directly to streaming platforms, instead of the typical “theater-first” model.

We touched on this subject in a previous news article involving AMC Theaters No Longer Showing Universal Movies.

However, it appears the traditional theater model is coming back. Well at least for Cinemark Theatres and a few others.

Throughout its website, Cinemark states the following:

“As we begin thoughtfully reopening theatres, the health and well-being of our guests, employees and communities is a top priority. You will notice greatly enhanced cleanliness, sanitizing and safety measures at every step of your movie-going experience.”

Cinemark Theaters will be offering incentives such as reduced ticket prices, discounted concessions, and other specials.

They have noted some of these changes within their social media posts:

Overall, it will be very interesting to see what happens as movie theaters like Cinemark start to reopen their doors to the public.

What Do You Think?

What do you think about Cinemark and other movie theaters starting to reopen? Will you be going back to the theaters anytime soon?

Also, what are your thoughts on movie theaters adopting a direct VOD method? Are theaters a thing of the past?

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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16 thoughts on “Movie Theaters Starting to Reopen with Discounted Ticket Prices – Will You Go?”

  1. It would be fun introducing my grandchildren to the drive-in experience but I see no reason to go to the movie theater. For kids – at home let them have a couple friends over, supply popcorn & candy (you can buy same things as movie theaters for $1 in all tthe stores) and put the newest movie on from On Demand or if you’re lucky enough to have a TROYPOINT connection… so much more relaxing then the theater. So what if you have to vacuum a bit of popcorn after everyone falls asleep ? or heads home! LOL

  2. I can’t imagine packed into a theatre to watch a movie. I think the only place more prone to spreading airborne diseases is an aircraft full of travellers,
    Risking your health to watch a movie is not very smart decision. There are tons of things to stream while isolated.

  3. I personally will not be going to the movies. In fact I only went I really wanted to see something special. The movie theaters are phasing out and they may want to consider VOD. Besides the prices are outrageous to enter and purchase foods. We are still in a Pandemic and social distancing is very important to me and until I have heard there is a cure or vaccine I will limit myself and continue watching movies at home.

  4. I rarely went to the movies before covid 19 and only went for those I really wanted to see on the big screen in surround sound. With available hd streams and big screen home theater technology, you can get a great movie experience at home without the high concession prices, audience distractions, etc. Add to this the additional restriction of wearing a mask and the answer for me is no thanks until the theaters return to normal operations.

  5. I can’t imagine we will have a vaccine, we never cracked one for colds and flus. Before lockdown the theatres were virtually deserted anyway, so social distancing in that case is extremely simple without masks. If they can attain that I will gladly go back. I love being able to stream or keep, but I love the whole experience, huge screen and sound (and munching through the popcorn and jelly babies).

  6. I didnt go before covid why would I go now?
    And the deal is overpriced soda,stale popcorn and even older movies for 5.00 plus great chance to get covid.

  7. In all honesty, I would be hard pressed to venture into a movie theatre. At least for this whole year. I hear drive ins are becoming popular again and for good reasons. Theatres would really have to place strict social distancing seating rules as well as mandatory mask when not eating popcorn. I’ll probably wait til there is a working vaccine on the market and MAYBE go if I get inoculated.

  8. I can wait til next year when covid vaccine is around. No rush. If movie companies know best, they’ll sell them on vod in the meantime. We’ll pay for it if it’s worth it and want it bad enough.

  9. I absolutely will not be going tho movie theatres.I live in Arizona and we’re getting over 3,000 new cases a day. it’ll be a long while before I’ll feel save enough to go to movies.I’m still scared just to go grocery shopping.and I do wear a mask.

  10. I believe it is a little early and people aren’t going to be familiar with the movie protocol as it will come to be. For this reason many people, including myself, will be a little weary of returning. the flip side of the coin is that many people miss the entertainment factor of sitting in a theater especially those ones that provide a wide range of comfort – not sure it can be the same but people are people, impatient in a microwave society.

  11. Walden Anderson

    I’m gonna go back to the movie theater, but I’m in no rush. I miss the experience of being a part of a group that’s there for opening day, especially a blockbuster film form Marvel Studios!

  12. No thanks and not because of Covid 19. Troypoint has hooked me up with everything I need to watch what I want from the comfort of my home. Thanks Troypoint!!!

  13. I like VOD, but in small increments. The theater is still a great venue for that first date, second date, or any date for that matter. Back in the day, it’s where teens were hoping to at least get to 1st base!

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