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IPVanish VPN Adds Free VIPRE Antivirus to Annual Plan

New IPVanish Pricing

IPVanish VPN has rolled out a new pricing structure that includes free VIPRE Advanced Security Antivirus to their Annual Plan.

They’ve also added a new quarterly payment option as well.

The addition of the free VIPRE Advanced Security Antivirus on their annual plan is a big deal as this is a value of $74.99.

Both IPVanish VPN and VIPRE are owned by the same parent company, Ziff Davis which makes this huge deal possible.

We’ve reviewed VIPRE Antivirus in the past and rank it as one of the best due to the fact that it doesn’t slow down your PC or Mac like others usually do.  You can also use VIPRE in addition to the basic Windows Antivirus (Defender) for maximum security and we show how to do that in the tutorial linked below.

Use Both VIPRE & Defender for Maximum Protection

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New IPVanish VPN Pricing Structure

As you will see below, their new pricing structure is as follows.

  • Yearly Plan = $47.89 first year, & $89.99 each year thereafter and includes free VIPRE Antivirus
  • Quarterly Plan = $15.96 first quarter, & $29.99 each quarter thereafter does not include VIPRE Antivirus
  • Monthly Plan = $10.99 per month does not include VIPRE Antivirus

New IPVanish VPN Pricing Structure

Is VIPRE Included for Current Annual Plan Subscribers?

We know that this question is coming.

Will existing annual plan customers get VIPRE for free?

I reached out to IPVanish to clarify whether or not existing customers on the annual plan would receive this benefit.

According to IPVanish, existing customers won’t get VIPRE Antivirus as they can’t add them retrospectively.

If you have additional questions or concerns, we suggest that you reach out to IPVanish VPN support by clicking the Help link in their menu.

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Notable Replies

  1. I’m on auto renewal and it’s due in 2 days…should I cancel and re up to get deal? I’ve put in a request with customer service to see if it will be included…
    Thanks in advance I’m one of those nervous Nellies

  2. i used ipvanish to download some torrent files and my ip provider still flagged me and i got a warning…switched to surfshark and no more warnings

  3. I would and never do the auto renew.

  4. Thanks
    I canceled it yesterday…up for renewal tomorrow.
    I got an email from them this morning offering me a pretty good deal…I’m skeptical so I’ll wait and see what tomorrow brings.
    My cc has really good protection if I suspect criminal activity or false charges. It refunds me immediately then they launch an investigation, one of which I’ve never lost.

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12 thoughts on “IPVanish VPN Adds Free VIPRE Antivirus to Annual Plan”

  1. Elizabeth Floyd

    I have not used VPN for 2 years. I tried to discontinue service a year ago. I am still being charged for this service. How do I discontinue? On website I see all this information about enrolling in a service, but nothing on discontinuing. Thanks

    1. True, and I only recently signed up , left “express” because of the warnings.
      …C’mon Troypoint, maybe a discount?

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