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How To Install VPN On LibreELEC With This Free Addon

Install VPN On LibreELEC

This step-by-step guide will show you how to install VPN on LibreELEC with the Zomboided VPN Manager plugin.

LibreELEC is a fork of Kodi based on the Linux operating system and carries the tagline, “Just enough OS for Kodi.”

Most people use LibreELEC on their Raspberry Pi devices.

Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that hobbyists use to build various projects that require a small computer.  As of this writing, the most recent model is the Raspberry Pi 4 and LibreELEC runs beautifully on this small box.

Since LibreELEC is based off the Linux Operating System, we can easily install an Open VPN Kodi addon that works very well.

In this guide, I will be using IPVanish as my VPN service provider for a few reasons.

IPVanish is the fastest VPN available which is extremely important when streaming large video files through LibreELEC.

They don’t store any logs which means everything that I stream is completely anonymous.

And best of all, IPVanish VPN works great with LibreELEC which you will see in my tutorial below.

You can use your IPVanish VPN account on unlimited devices so everything connected to the Internet can be protected.

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I will be using the Zomboided VPN Manager in LibreELEC to manage my IPVanish connection.

A huge thanks goes out to the developer behind the Zomboided plugin as it provides some nice advanced options which I get into in my video below.

You will find both a video tutorial and screenshot guide located below.  I suggest using the video tutorial as I provide tips that I don’t cover in the screenshot guide.

VPN On LibreELEC With IPVanish & Zomboided VPN Manager

Video Tutorial

Links Mentioned in Video

IPVanish VPN Discount

LibreELEC on Raspberry Pi Tutorial


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Screenshot Guide

1  Click Gear icon.

Click Gear Icon

2  Click System.

Click System

3  Click Unknown Sources.

Click Unknown Sources

4  Click Yes.

Warning Message - Click Yes

5  Click File manager.

Click File manager

6  Click Add source.

Click Add source

7  Click <None>.

Click None

8  Type in Zomboided VPN Manager repo address – we are hosting this to make it easier to install –

Type in zomboided vpn manager repo address

9  Name the repo troypoint or anything you choose…zomboided, etc.

Name repo

10  Click OK button.

Click OK button

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11  You will now see troypoint in the File manager list.

Click the back button on your remote.

Click back button on remote

12  Click Add-ons.

Click Add-ons

13  Click Install from zip file.

Click install from zip file

14  Click troypoint or whatever you named the repo in the previous step.

Click troypoint

15  Click zomboided plugins repo zip file.

Important: If you’re using LibreELEC running Kodi 19 Matrix you will want to click the zip file for Kodi instead.  When you do this, it will install the addon immediately and you can proceed to step #21.

Zip Screen

16  Wait until you see Zomboided Add-on installed success message in top right corner of screen.

Wait for success message

17  Click Install from repository.

Click install from repository

18  Click Zomboided Add-on Repository.

Click Zomboided Add-on Repository

19  Click Services.

Click Services

20  Click VPN Manager for OpenVPN.

Click VPN Manager for OpenVPN

21  Click Install.

Click Install

22  Wait until you see VPN Manager for OpenVPN confirmation message in top right corner.

Wait for VPN Manger message in top right corner

23  Click Wizard.

Click Wizard

24  Click OK.

Click OK

25  Choose IPVanish.

Choose IPVanish

26  Enter your IPVanish VPN username.

Click Here to Get IPVanish VPN Account

Enter IPVanish VPN username

27  Enter your IPVanish VPN password.

28  Click Yes.

Click Yes

29  Click OK.

Click OK

30  VPN will begin connecting.  Be patient as this may take a few minutes.

31  Choose which server you want to connect to.

Choosing the closest to your physical location will provide fastest speeds.

Choose VPN location

33  Wait for VPN on LibreELEC to connect.

Wait for VPN on LibreELEC to connect

34  This shows that the VPN connection has been successful.

Click OK.

Click OK

35  This explains that the connection that has been setup is now the primary connection.

Click OK.

Click OK

36  Click No.

View my video above for important information on settings.

Congratulations!  You have now installed VPN on LibreELEC!

Be sure to watch the video at the top of the page for tips on getting the best possible speed out of your VPN on LibreELEC.

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