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How to Fix Widget Binding Failure

Fix Widget Binding Failure

The following tutorial will show you how to fix widget binding failure error in ATV Launcher or Wolf Launcher.

Both of these launchers offer an awesome feature that allows for displaying widgets at the top of the screen.  Unfortunately, some devices don’t support it and results in a widget binding failure error.

One of the most popular reasons to use a widget within these launchers is to show the status of your VPN connection.  When you install Surfshark VPN onto your streaming device, it comes with a handy widget as well.  Most Android TV/Google TV & Fire TV applications don’t offer widgets as those are typically designed for mobile phones and tablets.  Thankfully Surfshark VPN does!      

Thousands of people use Surfshark VPN to protect their identity with various streaming devices such as Android TV/Google TV & the Amazon Firestick.  Although Surfshark does have a working kill switch within their application it ‘s always nice having peace of mind that the VPN is still connected.  The widget does exactly that!

Luckily, there is a simple fix for widget binding failure error and this guide will help you take care of it once and for all.

In this tutorial, we are using the ATV Launcher which is one of few that support widgets.

We have included both a video and screenshot guide to help walk you through the process step by step.

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Viewing the video guide is strongly suggested so you don’t miss any steps or important information!

How to Fix Widget Binding Failure Error

In the following video I’m using the Walmart Onn Google TV 4K Streaming Box.

Video Tutorial


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ATV Launcher Setup Video

Screenshot Guide

Important Note: There’s important details covered in the above video that aren’t referenced in instructions below.  Use the following guide as a general outline after watching the video.

1. Click in open space at top where widgets are usually displayed.

click widget placeholder at top

2. Choose widget that you want to display.

choose widget

3. Take picture of ADB code needed later in tutorial or write down.


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widget binding failure screen with adb commands

4. Go into Android Settings.

5. Click System.

enter system

6. Choose Developer Options.

click developer options

7. Turn on USB debugging.

turn on usb debugging

8. Open Downloader app.

launch downloader

9. Enter 250931 and press Go button to open TROYPOINT Toolbox.

open troypoint toolbox

10. Click Download for Remote ADB App.

download remote adb app

11. Choose Install.


12. Launch Remote ADB Shell app.

open adb application

13. Enter for host and leave 5555 for port and then click Connect button.

Free StartMail Trial

enter localhost


14. Check the box that reads Always allow from this computer and then click Allow button.

choose allow

15. Enter ADB code from step #3 above and click enter button on keyboard.

enter adb command

16. If no errors indicated then ADB command was successful.  Return to home screen of streaming device.

command entered

17. Click widget placeholder at top of screen.

click widget placeholder again

18. Choose widget.

choose surfshark vpn widget

19. Widget Binding Failure is now fixed and widget displays properly.

widget binding failure fixed

Now you can install additional widgets through your preferred launcher on Android TV/Google TV and Fire TV devices.

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  1. Avatar for jorom jorom says:

    I have not been successful in getting a Surfshark widget on my Nvidia Shield Pro… even after trying to use Troy’s video multiple times. Any ideas for me?

  2. Hello @jorom on the Shield make sure that you enable both USB debugging and network debugging. I think the Shield is unique in that regard that there are two of those setting that need to be enabled. Give that a shot. Also, triple check you are inputting the codes properly.

  3. Avatar for jorom jorom says:

    Both debugging settings enabled! However, I just installed Monitor Dot from Troy’s toolbox and it is giving me exactly what I want.

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15 thoughts on “How to Fix Widget Binding Failure”

  1. Hi Troy.
    Sorry to bother you. I installed both Launch on Boot and Wolf Launcher in order to create a Surfshark widget, but the Select Widget section from Wolf Launcher is empty. I can go to the widget menu, but as you can imagine, the Pick Widget is also empty. Is there any way to fix this? I appreciate the attention.

  2. When I go to select a widget in Wolf Launcher, I’m not seeing Surfshark as an option in my widget menu , how do I get the widget?, thanks

  3. Good price for something that has more protection than others. 2 months free is a plus.
    Are they that unsure about their product that they must lock you up for two years?
    That is a deal breaker for me. 6 months I would try it, maybe even a year. 2 years, see ya!

  4. Great video as always, but I’m not seeing Surfshark in my widget menu , how do I get that, thanks

  5. my IP VANISH will not expire until next year August…..I would love to have Surfshark know but do not have extra funds to to have both it safe to wait

  6. Latest Amazon fire stick software update removed “unknown sources” from settings!
    Unable to install streaming apps such as kodi and others!

      1. When I typed and continue I get connection failed I have an older Nivida Shield is there a different ip code needed? Thanks for the great videos Troy.

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