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How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon

filmrise kodi addon

The tutorial below will show you How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon using a step-by-step guide.

FilmRise is one of the most popular live channels available today. With the FilmRise Kodi add-on, your movie streaming options will be endless.

For these reasons and more, we have included the FilmRise add-on within our list of Best Free Online Movie Streaming Sites and Best Putlocker Alternatives.

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If you want to learn how to install FilmRise directly to your device, check out our post: How To Install FilmRise on Firestick, Roku, Android, and More

Step 10 - How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon Guide

If you are a FilmRise viewer AND a Kodi user, this is a great way to use this platform within Kodi for all-inclusive streaming.

Follow the steps below to install the FilmRise add-on on your Kodi device.

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How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon Guide

Step 1
Launch Kodi and click the Settings Estouchy kodi for iphone icon.

Launch Kodi and click the Settings icon

Step 2
Click Add-ons Install Kodi Addon.

Click Add-ons which is the open box icon

Step 3
Click Install from repository.

Click Install From Repository

Step 4
By default, you are now in the Kodi Add-on repository. Select Video add-ons.

By default you are now in the Kodi Add-On Repository. Then select Video add-ons

Step 5
Select FilmRise.

Step 5 - How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon Guide

Step 6
Click Install.

Step 6 - How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon Guide

Step 7
A pop-up window will appear, which lists the additional add-ons that will be installed. Click OK.

Step 7 - How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon Guide


Step 8
Wait for the FilmRise Add-on installed message to appear.

Step 8 - How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon Guide

Step 9
Return to the home screen of Kodi and select Add-ons from the left menu, then click the FilmRise icon.

Step 9 - How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon Guide

Step 10
Choose any of the categories.

Save on VPN

Step 10 - How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon Guide

Step 11
That’s it! You can now enjoy FilmRise content within Kodi.

FilmRise Kodi Addon Description

Upon completion of the installation, FilmRise will now show up on your Kodi home screen.

The FilmRiseadd-on contains a long list of Categories. It is a very simple, basic add-on that is perfect for all Kodi users.

The Categories include TV, True Crime, Forensic Files, Documentary, Movies, Crime, Television, Features, Paranormal, History, Horror, Releasing, Kids, Cinema, Fear, Queer Cinema, Real, World Wide Wrestling, Flicks, Drive-In, Nature, Comedy, Wrestling Superstars, Pictures, British Drama, LGBT, Gay and Lesbian, Classic Wrestling Network, Cinematheque, Unsolved Mysteries, Presents Troma, Outdoor Life and Medical Detectives.

Step 10 - How to Install FilmRise Kodi Addon Guide

We found that streaming videos on the FilmRise add-on is extremely fast and free of buffering.

For more information on Kodi and how to get the most out of this powerful media server, refer to our in-depth guide.

What is Kodi? Everything You Need to Know

If you are a Kodi user, give the FilmRise Kodi Addon a try today!

FilmRise Kodi Addon FAQ

Is the FilmRise Kodi Add-on legal?

Yes. It is not illegal to install and use this Kodi add-on.

Should I use a VPN with the FilmRise Kodi addon?

A VPN such as IPVanish is always encouraged when installing any Kodi addons and repositories. This will ensure your privacy and anonymity when streaming.

Can FilmRise Kodi addon be installed on Firestick?

Yes. Follow the step-by-step instructions above. This tutorial was done using an Amazon Firestick 4K.

What's the difference between a Kodi add-on and a Kodi repository?

A repository is a file that stores numerous Kodi addons and more for installation. Usually you are required to install a repository to install a Kodi addon or build.

What's the difference between a Kodi add-on and a Kodi build?

You can think of a Kodi build as a bundle of the best add-ons, repositories, and a customized skin that you can install with one click.

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