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DISH Wins Lawsuit Against Popular IPTV Provider Jadoo TV

jadoo tv lawsuit

DISH and The IBCAP have won a lawsuit against IPTV Provider Jadoo TV.

The IBCAP (International Broadcaster Coalition Against Piracy) is a group of international broadcasters and distributors dedicated to preventing illegal streaming across the world.


Members of the group include BBC Studios, Sony Entertainment, Scripps, MTV India, bein Sports, and more.

Recently, the IBCAP teamed up with DISH Network to file a copyright complaint against IPTV Provider Jadoo TV.

The complaint was originally filed in November of 2018, stating that Jadoo CEO Sajid Sohail could be held personally responsible and liable for direct, contributory, and vicarious infringement.

Ultimately, Sohail filed a motion to dismiss the claim which was denied by a California Court in September of 2020.

In March 2023, DISH in conjunction with the IBCAP filed a motion for summary judgment that was matched by Sohail.

District Court Judge Charles R. Breyer granted the motion by DISH and denied Sohail’s noting that Sohail was personally liable as Jadoo’s director.

Here, Sohail is personally liable as the director of Jadoo because he was the “guiding spirit” behind the infringement. See Bangkok, 742 F. Supp. 2d at 1114–15. He is liable because he was Jadoo’s founder, CEO, director, and majority shareholder, and because he had the ability to unilaterally change company policy.

You can read the complete judgment for DISH Network vs Jadoo TV Inc. by CLICKING HERE.

DISH must now provide a joint filing on the aid that Jadoo and Sohail should provide including statutory damages, profits, attorneys’ fees, and permanent injunction.

The IBCAP, which played a major role in assisting DISH in the lawsuit, released a statement with the following quote from Executive Director Chris Kuelling:

This ruling goes further than many other copyright cases coordinated by IBCAP. Here, the owner and CEO of one of the most popular South Asian services offering infringing content will not be permitted to hide behind a corporate shield and has been found personally liable for the damages caused by his and his company’s copyright infringement…

IBCAP and its members will not tolerate piracy, and the U.S. courts have once again not only sided with us by handing down a judgment against an infringing service, but also holding an owner personally accountable.

Jadoo TV was extremely popular in South Asia and even sold set-top boxes that were pre-programmed with software for live streaming.

jadoo tv box

We want to know what you think of the court ruling in favor of DISH over IPTV Provider Jadoo TV.

Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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2 thoughts on “DISH Wins Lawsuit Against Popular IPTV Provider Jadoo TV”

  1. I think the cable companies should sell their products at a reasonable price then there would be no need to look elsewhere for a product that is cheaper. They are raping the general population and some people cannot afford their prices

  2. I believe that their initial problem was that they were selling pre programmed boxes already loaded with their IPTV service?! It’s only a matter of time before they’ll be hounding us here in the US. Appreciate you bringing knowledge to our attention.

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