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How To Add Fire TV Applications To Home Screen

This tutorial will show you how to add Fire TV applications to home screen.  Now that the new Fire TV and Fire TV Stick user interface has arrived on all models of this device, it is important to know how to arrange your apps to your liking. Upon first glance of your Fire TV home [...]

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Fire TV Stick Alternatives

This article will provide you with some nice Fire TV Stick alternatives due to the fact that these devices have been difficult to come by since the beginning of 2017.  The goal of this article is to find quality Android TV Kodi boxes that are equal or better when comparing the specs. Why is the [...]

2017-06-26T20:25:47-05:00 By |Fire TV|21 Comments

How To Sideload Fire TV Guide

This guide will show you how to sideload Fire TV applications and I will demonstrate two easy ways to accomplish this task. You may ask, "What is sideloading?" Sideloading is the process of installing Android applications onto the Fire TV or FireStick that aren't readily available in the Amazon app store.  Since the Fire TV [...]

2017-08-29T18:32:01-05:00 By |Fire TV|4 Comments

Install Google Play On Fire TV Alternative

This tutorial will show you how to install Google Play On Fire TV alternative which will work just as well and best of all, we aren't required to root our device. In this article and video below, I will be installing a Google Play alternative called Aptoide and best of all, this version is optimized [...]

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How To Reset Kodi On Fire TV

This tutorial will show you how to quickly reset Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.  By doing this, you will not be required to reinstall Kodi, which takes additional time on the Fire TV or Firestick. For those of us who participate in the Kodi hobby, we understand that we must reset Kodi [...]

2017-08-29T18:01:22-05:00 By |Fire TV, Kodi|74 Comments

How To Fix Fire TV Stick So It Works Like New

This is a two-part tutorial that will show you how to fix Fire TV Stick so it works like new again.  Due to the small storage space on these devices, they fill up rather quickly, especially for those of us who have installed Kodi. Some of the problems that Fire TV users may experience over [...]

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How To Install Mobdro On Fire TV Or Stick

This tutorial will show you how to install Mobdro on Fire TV or Stick quickly and without a computer. Mobdro is  one of the best Android streaming applications that does a great job steaming live video.  Mobdro's Web site defines the application as a tool that constantly looks for free video streams available on the [...]

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New Fire TV Stick 2 Preview

Today, Amazon announced its New Fire TV Stick 2 which will provide some nice enhancements with the same price tag of only $39.99.  This device will be shipping on October 20th and you can pre-order by using the link below. Pre-Order Your New Fire TV Stick 2 The new Fire TV Stick 2 will come with [...]

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Fire TV or Android Box?

Fire TV or Android Box?  I have received this question over 200 times within the past month from TROYPOINT subscribers who currently use a Fire TV or Stick but are curious about an Android TV Box. The Android TV Box industry has blown up and their are hundreds of options when shopping for one of [...]

2017-08-29T18:23:09-05:00 By |Android TV Box, Fire TV|47 Comments