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How To Auto-Play in Kodi for Continuous Streaming

autoplay in kodi

The following tutorial will instruct you how to auto-play in Kodi. With auto-play setup on your Kodi device, you will no longer have to find links to continue watching your favorite shows. As most streamers know, one of the best features Netflix provides is the option to play episodes continuously. By using the steps below, you will now be able to do the same thing within Kodi.

To setup auto-play in Kodi, we will simply have to edit a few settings within the add-on. Most add-ons will have the ability to change these settings from the main menu.

In the following example, I will be using Placenta as the add-on of choice. However, you should be able to access these settings in almost all Kodi addons. CLICK HERE for a list of the Best Kodi Add-Ons for Movies, TV Shows, Sports and more.

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How To Auto-Play in Kodi

1. Launch Kodi and open your preferred add-on. Select Tools

Click Tools

2. Click SETTINGS: Playback


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click Settings: Playback

3. Change Default action from Directory to Auto Play

change default action to auto play

4. Under General, move Providers Timeout slide to the lowest setting possible. (This will lower the amount of time Kodi scrapes for a stream making for a quicker auto-play)

change providers timeout

5. Click OK

click ok

6. Search for your preferred content and right click on the title you would like to view and click Play from here. (Depending on your device, a different button may be required to prompt the following options. For a Fire TV device, you will need to hold down on the select button)

click play from here

7. After the show has ended, you will see Kodi scraping for the next episode

kodi scraping message

8. Once a source has been found, the episode will begin to play

auto-play enabled

Kodi Auto-Play Features

After enabling the auto-play feature on Kodi you will now be able to binge watch all your favorite TV Shows with ease. While using auto-play is a great way to continuously stream content, there are some disadvantages that come with it.

In Step Number 4 shown above, we are changing the amount of time Kodi searches for the stream we are looking for. This means that the most reliable stream will not always be found in the allotted time. There may be some instances where using auto-play in Kodi will result in a lower quality viewing experience.


Depending on the show you are watching, you may also have to wait for the credits to finish before the next episode begins. I have found that simply fast forwarding to the end will eliminate this issue and automatically begin playing the next stream.

Overall, enabling auto-play in Kodi is a great feature to have. By doing so, users will no longer have to scour lists of sources to continue watching their favorite shows. For a list of other helpful Kodi tips, click on the provided link shown below:

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