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How To Watch Local TV Channels On Kodi

Watch Local TV Channels On Kodi

This tutorial will show you how to watch local TV channels on Kodi.

Many times, when people cancel their cable television or dish subscription and opt for Internet streams instead, they miss being able to watch their local television channels.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any dependable addons that allow us to watch live local TV within Kodi.

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Instead, we will use a device called the HDHomeRun Extend which will allow us to watch local channels on any device within our home network.

The HDHomeRun is a TV tuner that connects to your router and an over the air antenna, which in-turn allows all network-connected devices to play live local TV channels.

There are many operating systems and applications that support the HDHomeRun but in this guide, we are using Kodi.  Keep in mind that there is an application for the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick that can be downloaded through the Amazon app store.

There are three different HDHomeRun models and in the video tutorial below, I am using the Extend.  The main difference between the Connect and Extend models are the WiFi protocols that it supports.

The HDHomeRun Connect supports the AC standard while the Extend supports N.  Keep in mind that AC is backward compatible which means it will work with any of the older standards such as A, B, G, and N.

Also, the Extend model features a hardware h264 transcoder which can compress video in real-time for lower bandwidth usage and that is why I chose it for my home network.


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Watch Local TV Channels On Kodi Guide


  • Connect the HDHomeRun to an OTA antenna with coax cable and router with network cable
  • Power on the device
  • Visit Website which is outlined on HDHomeRun quick-start guide to ensure device was setup properly
  • Setup DVR service at this time (optional)
  • Launch Kodi
  • Click Add-ons menu item
  • Click open package icon in top left corner
  • Click Install from repository option
  • Choose Kodi Repository
  • Click Video Add-ons
  • Click HDHomeRun and install addon
  • Launch HDHome Run Kodi addon and enjoy live television from any Kodi device on network

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