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TVZion 4.3 Update

tvzion update

IMPORTANT NOTE: TVZion has officially shut down.

Here is what we know so far and you will find a link below for the best TVZion alternatives.

Click Here for TVZion Shutdown Info & Best Alternatives

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TVZion 4.3 Update

TVZion has been updated! The official release for TVZion Version 4.3 is now finished and available for installation.

Some of the major improvements from the update are listed below:

  • Added Anime streaming
  • Fixed and improved Zebrid links
  • New subtitle auto encoding support
  • Added option for internal player subtitles
  • Improved Android TV support
  • Improved cached torrent support
  • Optimized quality detection
  • Optimized Link validation
  • Optimized dead link filtering
  • Added/Fixed resolvers
  • Misc bug fixes

For the complete developer changelog and how to install the latest version of TVZion on your device, follow the guide below.

How to Install TVZion APK

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Previous Updates

TVZion 4.2.1 Update

  • Added Exoplayer option for the following:
    • transparent subtitle background
    • minimum cache size,
    • fitting screen to reduce black area
    • customize seek lengths,
    • customize “ff” and “rw” button durations
  • Optimized buffering metrics to reduce playback startup time
  • Optimized quality/badge detection from filenames
  • The following bug fixes occurred:
    • Player theme maintains app theme
    • Disabled non-functional buttons in player
    • Kodi can’t seek zebrid links

TVZion 4.2 Update

  • New Multi-user support. You can now create multiple user accounts in-app with separate Trakt accounts
  • All new internal player with better audio/subtitle support
  • New navigation menu for TV Shows
  • Bug Fixes for language settings
  • New Kids Profile feature

TVZion 4.1 Update

  • IMDb, MetaCritic, and Trakt ratings for titles
  • Fan art support on details page
  • Details page variant for tablets
  • Up next delay
  • Auto-select subtitles
  • Details page for phone
  • Subtitle language selection
  • BugFix – Trakt list sorting on featured lists
  • BugFix – Exapndable overview on Phone UI
  • BugFix -Blank/cropped images when backdrop unavailable
  • BugFix – PT-BR Subtitles
  • Fix – All-Debrid Version 4
  • Fix – All-Debrid deferred resolving

TVZion 4.0 Update

  • Full code refactoring that implements specific UI for the device in use
  • 5+ preset custom themes to choose from
  • New User Interface
  • Subtitle Search in UI
  • New Debrid Browser
  • Voice Search compatibility
  • Scrape torrents before resolving hoster cached links
  • Resolvers added
  • Links added
  • and more

TVZion 3.8.1 Update

TVZion APK has released a new update 3.8.1 which includes the following changes and enhancements.

  • Added 5 new Resolvers
  • Added Resolver detection system
  • Added bluray as a fall back quality in case 480, 720, 1080, or 4K wasn’t detected
  • Resolved a bug fix that was killing the app due to a device’s ram
  • Your playback progress can now be saved

Important Note: If you are experiencing issues with TVZion, I suggest viewing these alternatives below.

Also if you are experiencing Real-Debrid integration issues within TVZion, we suggest viewing our list of the best Real-Debrid options below.

Best Apps and Addons for Real-Debrid Users

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