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How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer – 3 Ways Explained

transfer photos from iphone to computer

In today’s day and age the iPhone has become one of the most popular pieces of technology in the world.

This device bolsters a fabulous camera that is easy for anyone to use. With the ability to take high quality images, videos, and more, your storage will surely begin to fill.

One way to make sure you can still keep your pics while taking more is to transfer photos from iPhone to computer.

In this tutorial I will explain 3 different ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer.

While there are many options to help you get your photos from phone to PC, I have found these to be the best. Use the guides below to learn how to transfer pictures from your iPhone to Computer.

How To Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer

1. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer via USB Cord

One of the easiest ways to get saved photos from your phone to PC is by using the provided charger/USB cord needed for all iPhones. Simply plugging in the USB cord to both your phone and computer will prompt the transfer. The steps below show this process:

1. Be sure to have your iPhone unlocked prior to plugging it in.

2. Plug the USB cord into an open dock on your computer and the other end into your iPhone’s charging port.

3. This will prompt the following message on your computer: Apple iPhone – Select to choose what happens with this device.
Click on this message

Apple iPhone message

4. After you choose this, the following message will then appear asking what you would like to do with this device.
Click Import photos and videos

choose what to do with this device

5. Your phone will also display a message asking whether you would like to allow this device to access photos and videos.
Click Allow

click allow

6. You will now have the option to choose the photos you want to import.
Select any pictures you would like to transfer and click Import selected

select items to import

Remember: You can always change the destination of your imported photos prior to transferring. If you would like to send them to a specific folder, click Change how they’re organized as shown in the picture above and choose a file to upload your pics to.

After you have selected a folder for the pictures you can now access them via the File Explorer!


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Shown below is the second way to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer using iCloud

2. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer via iCloud

iCloud is a great way to transfer photos to and from all of your devices with ease. With iCloud, you will also be able to share e-mail, phone numbers and more.  To use iCloud for photo uploading one must first download the app on your computer. To download this on a Windows PC, click the link below and install:

Windows PC iCloud Download

1. After installing iCloud (which may take awhile) open it on your computer and sign in using your Apple ID.

2. Click Options next to Photos

click options

3. Turn on iCloud Photo Library and click Done

turn on iCloud photo library

4. On your iPhone, open Settings and click your Apple ID as shown highlighted below (Your name with Apple ID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store underneath)

open settings

5. Click iCloud

click icloud

6. Click Photos

click photos

7. Turn on iCloud Photo Library

icloud photo library

8. To upload pictures, open Photos on your phone and Select any you would like to transfer

9. Click the upload button and choose iCloud Photo Sharing

10. You can now view photographs via File Explorer on your Computer underneath the iCloud Photos Folder

The steps shown above were done on an iPhone 6S. These directions may vary from device to device. With iCloud installed, transferring content from your computer to your iPhone is also a possibility. Simply open iCloud Photos on your PC and click Upload photos and videos to send to your various devices.

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3. Transfer Photos from iPhone to Computer via E-Mail

If you have e-mail activated on your phone and are accustomed to using it, transferring photos from your iPhone to Computer will be a breeze. This is possibly the best way to get pics from your mobile to device to your computer from anywhere at anytime. Use the steps below to learn how to transfer photos from iPhone to computer using e-mail.

1. On your iPhone, open the Photos tab and select the photo(s) you would like to transfer

open photos

2. Click the upload button located in the bottom left hand corner of the screen

click upload

3. This will open an options tab with numerous ways to upload your photo. Click Mail

click mail

4. Your E-Mail will now open with the image attached. Enter in an e-mail address, Subject, and any text you would like and Send!

enter e-mail address

Upon sending your picture(s), you can now access them on your computer by simply logging into your E-Mail Account. To save the transferred photos, just download them and assign to a specified folder on your computer. And that’s it!

While there are plenty of other ways to transfer photos from iPhone to Computer, I have found the 3 shown above to be the easiest and quickest. For other Tech Tutorials and How-To Guides, be sure to sign up for the TROYPOINT Advisor.

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