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Kodi 20.2 Release with Fixes, Features, & Improvements

Kodi 20.2

Kodi 20.2 has officially been released by the Kodi development team and is now considered the stable version.

The following article shows bug fixes, features, and changes to this software which we have pulled directly from the official Kodi website.

We also provide instructions to upgrade Kodi on any device including Firestick & Android TV Box.

IMPORTANT NOTE – TROYPOINT has not thoroughly tested Kodi 20.2 with various addons and builds just yet.

If you’re happy with your current version of Kodi, we suggest you continue using that as the changes in Kodi 20.2 are minimal and you probably won’t notice a difference.

Below are the bug fixes and new features pulled directly from the official Kodi Website.

Kodi 20.2 – New Features, Fixes, & Improvements

Release Notes


An assortment of E-AC3 related fixes were backported.


A fix to the Music Viz screen has been made by @enen92 in an endeavour to chase that elusive target of perfection
Fixes to the seekbar timer when seeking.


A fix to a crash by memory exhaustion when some emulators are used.


A whole assortment of fixes were made to fix building Kodi with GCC13.

Platform Specific

A fix for a crash that occurred when >100 jobs where scheduled for the Android TV recommendation channels.
For some old Android devices that had both MediaTek and Google decoders for some media, a preference to using the Google decoder was put in as the MediaTek decoders fail to play back audio in encrypted streams.

A PR was reverted that fixes some Linux setups to use the more generic library (GL) rather than the specific GLX library.

Fix speech recognition not working.


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Fixes to HDR playback when windows was already in HDR mode.
A backported fix for a potential deadlock for Xbox users when using pixel shaders and SW decoding.


Fix crash on saved search.
Fix last opened group not always restored on Kodi startup.


@garbear has backported a fix for setting Picture and Game info via infotags.
GameInfo has been added to the Player class to allow get/set GameInfoTag data.
A fix was backported that mainly affected Linux platforms: the path used when searching for modules was appending Kodi script paths at the end of the list, and therefore could potentially find system Python scripts/modules instead of Kodi-specific scripts/modules


Fix watched/unwatched status not taken into account for items not added to video library when creating playlists.
Fix missing watched/unwatched status in Playlist window.

Install Kodi 20.2 with the TROYPOINT Toolbox

If you wish to  install or upgrade to Kodi 20.2 Nexus, you can easily do so through the free TROYPOINT Toolbox.

The free TROYPOINT Toolbox may be used on any Android-based device including Fire TV Stick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA SHIELD, Android phones, and tablets.


Get the Free TROYPOINT Toolbox

Kodi 20.2 Download Links

For Firestick and Fire TV Users, the following links will provide you with installation guides and updating guides for your preferred device:

When using the install method linked below, you must choose Kodi 20.2 Nexus from the Toolbox.

How to Install Kodi on a Firestick






iOS (Must have jailbroken device)

ARM32 is no longer supported in Kodi 19 and beyond.



Use the following commands in your Linux/Ubuntu terminal to install Kodi 20.  Follow the prompts as you would with any other software installation.

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sudo apt install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:team-xbmc/xbmc-nightly
sudo apt install kodi


Kodi 20.2 – Google Play Store

Upgrade to Kodi 20.2 on Android TV


Fire TV/Cube/Stick

Upgrade to Kodi 20.2 on Firestick Guide

Remember, by installing a repository, you will have the freedom to choose different streaming add-ons for your enjoyment. TROYPOINT’s list of the Best Kodi Add-ons can be found by clicking the link below.

Best Kodi Add-Ons

If you are looking for a simple way to install the best add-ons and repositories quickly and efficiently, we suggest using a Kodi Build. Click the link below for a list of the Best Kodi Builds at this time.

Best Kodi Builds

This page includes affiliate links where TROYPOINT may receive a commission at no extra cost to you. Many times, visitors will receive a discount due to the special arrangements made for our fans. Learn more on my Affiliate Disclaimer page.

Notable Replies

  1. Thank you Troy. I seen it in the toolbox today. My friend mailed me a few of his Nvidias to set up for him I’ll put w regular Kodi and a fork on each one since he has storqge space to spare. Thank you :pray:

  2. I DL the new kodi to update, it goes through just fine for the kodi apk, but how do I send the update to the Kodi fork apk? From the Downloader? Thanks!

  3. Hello, the Kodi forks don’t update and we do that on purpose so you can install multiple instances of each fork. When you install the new Kodi 20.2 Fork it will be a clean install. Some people like this and some wish it would just update from the previous. Maybe I need to do a poll to see what everyone wants.

  4. Avatar for PapaS PapaS says:

    Did you say poll? :joy: Okay, I for one who always loves the forks would love to have the updateable (if that’s a word) option.

  5. So if I delete kodi fork, then redownload, it will be with dl the kodi 20.1? Just as a new install? Thanks

  6. Avatar for Don77 Don77 says:

    I set up the new 20.2 Fork and like it. However, Def Squid detected 2 malicious patterns in it. I’m using Fen and Open Subtitles only. Should I be concerned?

  7. Avatar for TXRon TXRon says:

    nope, defsquid is a false positive generator.

  8. I also would like the “updatable” version.
    Really like being able to use multiple add-ons and would like to mitigate the hassle of reinstallation of same.

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27 thoughts on “Kodi 20.2 Release with Fixes, Features, & Improvements”

  1. Looks like my Python app got deleted and getting error messages stating xbmc Python not satisfied how do I fix

  2. Can’t get any build for Diggz.when I try to add it only baldeze comes up but nothing for xenon builds. I don’t understand what is going on.

  3. Hi have kodi with the crew downloaded i cannot get back to kodis main screen it goes straight into the crew no matter how i try with the options under the crew ie file manager on the crew page i cant go back help please

  4. New to this tech stuff, recently got rid of Direct TV after being w/ them since they bought out Primestar (bout 27yrs) bill just kept going up no loyalty to loyal customers so the GONE?
    I got a firecube and a friend said I need to get a VPN so I did. Q: I have no clue what a real debrid is but I have read that they don’t work with a VPN so what do I need a real debrid for since I have a VPN and is there any truth to them not working together…? Thanks

  5. Are we locked out of kodi, trying to install add on and can’t get past “can’t open repository “

  6. Why? Kodi is was and always will be crap.awkward and outdated. Disappointed you actually like this garbage.

    1. You have no idea what you are talking about. Kodi with a real-debrid add on is phenomenal. I’ve never had an issue and real-debrid is dirt cheap and worth the minimal cost. Of course if you are trying to use anything on Kodi without real-debrid you will be dissapointed as the free sites suck

      1. I have 2 FireTV cubes & 3 FireTV Max4K sticks. I run Kodi on all of them, have never used Real Debrid because I don’t have any issues with the free sites. If I had to use Real Debrid I would because it’s peanuts compared with the $2,000 per year I was paying for cable.

        1. Same! I absolutely love Kodi. I have a couple of add ons that use to be my favorite and are working for others but stopped providing sources when trying to watch something. I wonder if anyone could help with that? If not I have add-ons that do work right so all good. I’m a single mom, cannot afford to pay for satellite and/cable. Also wanting to start educating myself since playing with Kodi. Any tips for beginner IT would be fantastic as well. ?

    2. I disagree… if you have the necessary resources to run kodi it streams flawless provided everything is set up proper and as far as the outdated part once again with clarity. How is it outdated as there has been several kodi upgrade/updates just since January 1 ???

      1. I have to agree, with kodi and no RD, you will get next to nothing. RD is great and is priced for any budget.

    3. Mike Bornholdt

      When you say stuff like that to people who have used Kodi and Real Debrid your credibility is in the toilet. Learn how to use it and then don’t post something about stuff you don’t know about. Shame on you!

    4. I love Kodi w/RD! ? ? I’ve never had a problem! Beats any apk out there hands down ten times over!

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