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Firestick Apps Being Removed? How to Disable Auto Offload

Disable Auto Offload on Firestick

There is a new bug in Firestick and Fire TV devices that are causing some users to notice that their installed applications are being removed.

This is due to Amazon’s new auto-offload feature that automatically “offloads” applications that have not been used for 60 days.

Unfortunately, there seems to be an issue with this feature as many are running into issues with apps being removed even when they are used frequently.

This problem appears to be occurring when the Firestick is reset which happens quite often for those who use the device on a daily basis.

Luckily, the auto offload feature can be disabled within the Settings which we provide instructions for below.

Special thanks to TechDoctorUK for recognizing this flaw that has caused headaches for numerous Firestick users.

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Apps Being Removed Due to Lack of Use

Even though you may use an application frequently on your device, it seems that a flaw in the auto-offload feature is not recognizing this.

If you visit your applications, you can sort them by Recency which will provide you with the last time you accessed a certain application.

1. From the home screen, open Settings and select Applications.

select applications

2. Click Manage Installed Applications.

click manage installed applications

3. Choose Sort.

choose sort

4. Select Recency.

select recency

5. You can now see when you last used your installed applications. However, much of this information is incorrect as most apps show “Never Used” even though they are used daily.


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Apps Never Used on Firestick

We launched Surfshark and noticed that the app is functioning properly.

Surfshark is enabled

We then returned to the Settings to show App Recency and it displayed that we have used the app today.

surfshark used today

However, after doing a Firestick Reset, we returned to Manage Installed Applications and again it listed Surfshark as Never Used.

Surfshark never used

This is a major problem as many are complaining that apps are being removed due to this flaw.

Luckily, we can easily disable the auto-offload feature within settings to ensure that this doesn’t happen.

How to Disable Auto Offload on Firestick & Fire TV

1. From the home screen, hover over Settings and select My Fire TV.

select my Fire tv to disable auto offload

2. Choose About.

click about

3. Select Storage.

click storage

4. Click Auto Offload.

select auto offload

5. Make sure this feature is set to OFF.

turn auto offload to OFF

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This should solve the problem of apps being removed on your Firestick or Fire TV device. Enjoy!


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Notable Replies

  1. thought this could be turned off.

  2. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    It’s all in the video, and it can be, but up until now most thought it only applied to the apps obtained from the app store and not the 3rd party sideloaded apps, and everyone also assumed if you used an app it would not be deleted, and that isn’t the case.

  3. oh ok I turned it off when it first popped up.

  4. Avatar for Tumble Tumble says:

    My inlaws have a Firestick 4K with 6 gigs of memory. They are in their late 80s and I maintain their iptv and entertainment apps. Tonight they were having issues … Tivimate app and CinemaHD app are gone. They don’t have any idea what happened. I tried to reinstall CinemaHD, but Firestick said there is not enough memory. I went into app management and saw there is only 700 Mb of memory left. Yet there are fewer apps on their device than mine and I have 2 gig of memory left. I have cleared all their app caches and deleted unwanted apps. Can someone tell me how to clear another gig of memory without returning to factory settings?

  5. Hi use a cleaner like EZ maintenance for kodi or SD maid for stand alone apps

  6. Sounds like something got updated or recorded and added a ton of data to storage. Did they record anything? Some iptv services can overload the storage with storing VOD stuff (audio/visual) previews on the device.

    Bottom line is, you need to identify what caused the data issue or it just might repeat itself.

  7. Avatar for Tumble Tumble says:

    Thanks for you response! The playlist I installed for them did not include VOD. I’m absolutely baffled as to what’s blowing up their memory. Tivimate and CinemaHD were among their apps 2 days ago, now they’re gone. I’m studying how to get rid of all the bloatware on Firestick, however I doubt that simply disabling apps will correct the memory issue. I’m considering returning the Firestick to factory settings, but I hate to do it because their Tivimate playlist and settings are backed up in an internal file folder. I don’t think they recorded anything, but hey, they’re both approaching 90 and neither of them remember what I tell them from one day to the next. Anything could have happened.

  8. there are a lot of things that clearing cache wont touch like thumbnails etc i used Ez and it cleard the lot on kodi

  9. Avatar for Tumble Tumble says:

    I’m watching a video now about how to delete and block bloatware updates. My theory now is that bloatware updates caused a memory shortage that sort of pushed Tivimate and CinemaHD off the device. Am I thinking straight? Is that a thing? I think that’s what Powerfader was trying to tell me

  10. also there is an update on firestick that removes apps that are not used alot you can switch it off in settings so check that to

  11. Can you add a USB for storage? I believe you can. Then that might resolve your data issues.

    Here is a TP tutorial about expanding FS storage.

    How to Expand Internal Storage on Firestick & Fire TV Cube (2022) (

    Below is a thread created here in the Insider.

  12. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    I have a 16GB Sandisk USB Drive attached to my 4K Max via a Smays powered OTG hub. I put as many of my secondary Apps on there that will go on it. I always have about 1.5GB of free space on my Max. I don’t have dozens of apps and the USB Drive never has over 5 GBs of apps. Don’t forget, even though the apps are on external the Fire TV OS still places some app Data on the stick.

  13. Avatar for OlReg OlReg says:

    I had set my neighbor up with that same Firestick and he complained that, despite only having two or three apps installed (Tivimate and Syncler) he was getting “Low Storage” notices. I did my best but could not solve the problem. I assumed I should start fresh and I did. With NO additional apps installed, I got the low storage notices.
    Seems there is or was a glitch in the 4kMax. I reworked an older firestick at my house, added a Sandisk 128 thumb drive and got him all set up with no problems.
    I brought his firestick home and kept playing with it. Somehow, along the way, it seems to be working correctly again. I do not install system updates anymore.

  14. Avatar for Tumble Tumble says:

    Thanks everyone who responded to my post. As it turns out, I was able to download and install Tivimate, and even restore the backup. HOWEVER, my intent was to install file-manager software and TDUK update blocker. But there was not enough memory for that so I went ahead and returned Firestick to the factory settings, thus destroying my Tivimate backup file. I’ve got everything re-insttalled now.

    OlReg, I find your comment interesting and I will be watching for low-memory notifications in the future.

  15. I wouldn’t be recommending that as Amazon appear to have found a way to block APKs stored on them.

    My 4K Fire Stick version OS. has been running with a San Disk 32 GB flash drive attached - on which I had stored 9 APKs - for the last couple of years. Everything worked fine until today, when none of the APKs would work, annoyingly including my main ones Kodi, my IPTV service and Smart Tube. The other APKs actually on the fire stick are ok.

    I don’t think there’s a way of simply transferring them all to the fire stick, so it looks like all I can do is disconnect the flash drive and download them again straight to the fire stick - which will also mean having to get rid of some from the fire stick.

    Bloody nuisance really.

  16. Dunno? But what you just replied is another reason I will never be a Bezos Boy. lol

    Bezos Devil Bat gif

  17. Nividia Shield Pro is the only way to go.

  18. Have you deleted the installation files from Downloader, if you use Downloader ? Recommend you download Cache Cleaner by Tech Doctor, it’s invaluable. Download from Amazon Store.

  19. Apps disappearing on fire sticks I had to turn off Amazons new off load they put on reload apps at least once a week I have to clear cache on all apps and did a clear data force stop on all the Amazon apps I don’t use .like kids games live shopping photos also stopped screen saver this helped on mine Amazon is trying to make it so there is no room for other apps

  20. Avatar for Zeme Zeme says:

    You have to do a total reboot and reinstall

  21. Try a different file manager. Try File Manager + … you might find aome apps that are installed, but Firestick is hiding from your apps list, either because it wasnt compatible or they just blocked that app…

  22. Avatar for Arth Arth says:

    Try sdmaid se,from the f-droid repository,they have a free version, since you only find paid version of sdmaid se in playstore.
    Sdmaid se helps to deep cleaning and save lots of memory.

  23. If you have any space left download a good file manager (available in the FS ‘playstore’)… you can then go into any downloaded files and clean them out. Sometimes things get downloaded (either mistakenly or someone clicking a d/l button)… either way I have seen unwanted items in the download(ed) section in my file manager. The ES file Explorer is one I used to use but it’s a storage hog. There are smaller app that you will see in the store. good luck!!!

  24. Avatar for Mdip Mdip says:

    option to turn off doesn’t appear to be on my Firestick 4kmax. Nothing happens when I click storage option

  25. You haven’t gotten the update or you’re using an old Firestick.

  26. I too have the new version firestick with all available updates. Like others have reported, the off load setting is not present in Storage.
    Fire tv stick 4K max (2nd gen)
    Version OS (RS8101/ 1856)
    Fire tv home version 6470220.1

  27. The option to turn auto offload off is missing from my firestick 4k max also

  28. When i click storage it beeps and beeps, i cannot access auto offload so now what do we do?

  29. That option is not on my 4k max fire stick?

  30. i,ve tried to turn it off on my new 4k max and it does,nt work. help?

  31. Hi make sure your stick is up to date can’t see any reason it won’t turn off worst case would be factory reset and start from scratch

  32. Avatar for Anth Anth says:

    As title, sideloaded ibplayer pro to firestick, added to homescreen, the next day it was gone. Had to go to settings>apps and launch it from there, then app reappears and then i added back to home screen.

    Anyone else had this issue?

  33. check in settings and applications that automatic offload is off

  34. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Please use the search at the top this topic has been covered extensively and there’s multiple threads with regards to this issue how to handle it and how to take care of it and resolve it.:point_up::mag:

  35. Avatar for Anth Anth says:

    I have looked for that option but it is not there. On my firecube the option is there.

  36. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    As I mentioned Anth use the search at the top there are all sorts of articles with regards to this issue and one of them should be able to help you out.

    That’s just an example of one and that’s on Troy’s main site but there are also other articles here as well, various methods, explanations as to why you can’t find it where it can be found how to do it it’s just a matter of reading looking at them and finding the one that works for you

  37. Avatar for Anth Anth says:

    Hey Miki, found a thread on it i will post in there. Any idea how to delete this thread?

  38. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    @TROYPOINT will see this thread and most likely merge it into the other thread for you.
    Thank you for your cooperation as well and please don’t take this as any sort of an attack on you it’s just that Troy has had so many of the exact same topics posted Time after Time after Time and this just takes up a lot of space and it’s actually unnecessary space so he’s trying to get people to learn to use the search and do a lot of reading first and then if after you’ve read everything that’s available you can’t find an answer then post a brand new topic. :+1:

  39. Avatar for tross tross says:

    I did not have the option to turn off the Auto-Off loader. I did an update on my Fire Stick 4K Max and still do not have the option to turn it off.

  40. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    Is this an older 4K Maxx or the brand new 2023 4K Maxx

  41. Avatar for tross tross says:

    This is one of the older 4k max sticks.

  42. On my new 4kmax it won’t let me turn it off either.

  43. Go to 2 min mark of video this should show you how to stop it. On the new OS 8 firesticks custom launcher is available so you also can use launchers to avoid this as well.

  44. Anyone else have this happen while not using Firestick? I have disabled auto delete for storage issues so this wouldn’t happen. Anyone else’s have this happen and have a fix? TYIA

  45. have you clicked on allow apps in your settings

  46. Yes…interesting thing is it wont let me even download IPTVSmartersPro APP anymore. Thanks for answering

  47. in the end i had to do a factory reset fixed all probs

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