Don’t Get Blocked by Real-Debrid – Disable Auto Resolve

Real-Debrid Banned

Real-Debrid has recently been subjected to DDoS attacks which has rendered their service unusable at various times.

It appears that the attacks stemmed from a recently updated application which resolved every link that it found.  This huge amount of traffic obviously overloaded their servers and disabled the Real-Debrid service.

Here is Real-Debrid’s Twitter post regarding this.

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One hour after the tweet above came another one.

Real-Debrid has requested its users to disable any type of Auto Resolve feature in all applications.

Your Real-Debrid service may be blocked or not work properly if you don’t adjust these settings.

All Real-Debrid users should do this to ensure that the service isn’t interrupted again.



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Also, there is a chance that Real-Debrid will block access to whichever application has caused this problem.  If a specific application doesn’t work properly with Real-Debrid try a different one in this list.

Here are instructions on how to turn off Auto Resolve for two of the more popular streaming applications that many of you are using.

How to Turn Off Auto Resolve in Cinema HD

1. Go into Settings.

Cinema HD Auto Resolve Step 1

2. Click the box for “Turn off premium links (Recommended).

Cinema HD Auto Resolve Step 2

Important:  You may notice that you aren’t able to click the check box.  If this is the case, play a movie for a few seconds, return to this settings page and you will be able to enable this option.

There are hundreds of free streaming applications available and many of them work great with Real-Debrid.

No matter which app you’re using, be sure to poke around in the settings and disable Auto Resolve if there is an option for that.

What is Real-Debrid

Some of you may be asking what is Real-Debrid?

Real-Debrid is an unrestricted downloader that allows for better high quality links with no buffering.

This is a premium service but once you’ve used it, you will never go back to the free links again.

How to Install & Configure Real-Debrid

Some streaming apps and addons work better than others with Real-Debrid.

Best Apps & Kodi Add-ons for Real-Debrid


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