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8 Arrested for Involvement in Major Pirate IPTV Network

TV Mucho Operators Arrested

In a significant move against illegal streaming services, Spain’s Ministry of the Interior announced the arrest of eight individuals involved in a €5.3 million pirate IPTV network targeting local expatriates.

This operation underscores the ongoing battle against unauthorized content distribution and highlights the complex network of such services operating globally.

Investigation and Arrests

The investigation began in November 2022 following a complaint from the Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE). The goal was to identify and dismantle the operators behind two websites alleged to be infringing on the rights of ACE members.

“The complex computer and banking investigation carried out, together with several police investigation techniques, allowed the specialists of the Central Cybercrime Unit to prove that the websites investigated were registered, controlled, and operated from several companies directed by the main suspect, a citizen of Dutch origin,” the Ministry’s statement reads.

The primary suspect, a Dutch national, is accused of leading a criminal network that masked itself as a legitimate business. This operation reportedly generated over €5.3 million through illegal streaming services.

Arrests and Seizures

Raids were conducted in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Madrid, Oviedo, and Málaga, leading to the arrest of eight key members of the network. Authorities seized a vehicle, two computers, and froze bank accounts containing €80,000.

“Likewise, the servers of the online platforms investigated were seized and blocked. Sixteen web pages controlled by this criminal organization were also blocked,” the Ministry reported.

Authorities even released a video of this raid.

The Network’s Operations

The Ministry’s press release describes the operation as an “international criminal organization” using advanced technology to capture and redistribute satellite signals from various countries. These signals were then amplified, decrypted, and distributed to the public illegally.

The network offered more than 130 international television channels and thousands of movies and TV series to over 14,000 subscribers, who paid between €10 and €19 per month.

The Role of TVMucho

Though the Ministry did not name the service explicitly, it has been linked to TVMucho, a service recently rebranded as TeeVeeing. TVMucho, launched around 2015, aimed to provide expatriates with access to free-to-air channels from their home countries via the internet.

TVMucho Website

The premise was simple; expats away from home with zero access to the free-to-air channels they had come to rely on, could subscribe to TVMucho and the service would pipe those channels to them over the internet for viewing in Spain.

Despite its public image as a legal service, major rights holders have consistently challenged the legality of TVMucho’s operations.

TVMucho Live TV Service Interface

Recent Developments

In October 2023, TVMucho announced its shutdown due to “insurmountable challenges” posed by a U.S. company.

TVMucho Shutdown Message

However, the service quickly resurfaced as TeeVeeing, with previous subscribers seamlessly transitioning to the new platform.

For reasons that still aren’t clear, the TeeVeeing app is still available on Apple’s App Store and still free to download from Google Play.

TeeVeeing App Google Play


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Despite claims of dismantling, the TeeVeeing service remains operational, offering the same content as TVMucho.


The dismantling of this pirate IPTV network by Spanish authorities marks a significant step in combating illegal streaming. However, the persistence of services like TeeVeeing highlights the challenges in permanently shutting down such operations.

As technology evolves, so do the methods used by these networks, making it crucial for authorities to continuously adapt their strategies.

For more details on this story, refer to the press release from ACE and the report from TorrentFreak.

We want to know your thoughts on this story. What do you think about these eight individuals being arrested for their involvement in pirate IPTV? Let us know in the comment section below!

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