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$29 EIGIIS Smart Watch For Men Quick Review

EIGIIS Smart Watch review

This is my quick review for the $29 EIGIIS Smart Watch For Men available for purchase on the Temu Website.

I’ve been using my Samsung Galaxy Watch since 2019 but it’s getting a bit old and some features don’t work as well as they used to.  Plus, the battery is almost shot and I don’t feel like replacing it.  I’m due for a new smart watch.  There’s no doubt that new technology has come a long way with these smart watches so an upgrade will probably offer some nice features not found on my 5-year old watch.

There’s no arguing that some great deals can be found on the Temu Website.  We had great luck with the T95Z Plus Android 12 TV Box and many TROYPOINT fans are now using that as their primary streaming device.  It does take some easy modifications to work the way that we want it to which I show in my setup video available for TROYPOINT Patrons.

$28 T95Z Android 12 TV Box Setup Video

$29 EIGIIS Smart Watch For Men Quick Review

There’s a lot of overkill with these smart watches and most come with features that I will never use.  So, I figured that I would try one of these cheap smart watches to see if it met my needs prior to spending more money.  There’s tons of these watches available on Temu and I’m sure most of the cheaper ones are comparable to the one I’m reviewing here.

The EIGIIS Smart Watch touts a ton of features with some working OK and others not very well at all.


I’ve been wearing this watch for 5 days and at first I was fairly happy but as time has gone on, not so much.

What I Like

  • Nice user interface
  • Great battery life
  • Lightweight but that’s due to being made of plastic
  • Calling from the watch works via Bluetooth
  • Can see texts on watch that come through
  • Good Da Fit application

What I Dislike

  • Weather on watch doesn’t stay updated
  • Bluetooth distance not great as I miss text notifications when not too far from phone
  • Heart rate monitor is off
  • Blood pressure measurement is off
  • Sleep tracking not accurate

See the EIGIIS Smart Watch for Men on Temu

EIGIIS Smart Watch Photo Gallery

The user interface is quick and I like that you can swipe in different directions to get to various items.  There’s a “Find Your Phone” button that rings your phone so you can determine where it is.

It’s been five days since I started wearing this watch and I still have 63% battery remaining which is very good.  Many watches require charging each day.

It’s extremely lightweight but this is due to the housing being made out of plastic.  When you look at the pictures you may be fooled into believing that it’s metal.

Calling from the watch works via Bluetooth connected to your phone but the call volume is low and I can’t figure out how to increase it.  Probably can’t.

Text messages that I receive on my phone appear as they should on the watch. On my Galaxy Smart Watch I had the ability to reply by speaking into the microphone or sending an emoji from the watch but this doesn’t provide the ability to reply.

The EIGIIS Smart Watch uses the Da Fit app to manage it and it works pretty darn well.  This application is available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store so yes you can use this watch with both types of devices.

One feature that I like on my Galaxy is the ability to check the weather but this doesn’t work well on the EIGIIS.  I find that many times when I go to check the weather, nothing is showing.  When I go into the app and press the button for “Find My Watch” it reconnects and I can see weather again.

I’ve also noticed that the Bluetooth on the watch doesn’t reach very far as I miss text messages that arrive on my phone which isn’t very far away.  I hate carrying my phone with me when in the house and really like seeing my messages on my watch.  This is definitely a deal breaker for me.

I tested the heart rate monitor by wearing both the EIGIIS Smart Watch and my old Galaxy at the same time.  I then got on the treadmill which also has hand sensors to determine heart rate.  Both the treadmill and my Galaxy showed my heart rate at 165 whereas the EIGIIS indicated only 109.  Another deal breaker for me as I like tracking my heart rate with my watch throughout the day.


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I also tested the blood pressure tool and that was way off as well.  I don’t know how any watch could ever get an accurate blood pressure reading.

There are some great features of the EIGIIS Smart Watch but there are some serious problems that would keep me from using it as my primary watch.  If they fixed the heart rate detection, Bluetooth range, and weather screen I would be more interested.

For now, I would suggest that people stay away from inexpensive smart watches on Temu and pay a little more for something that works better.  My next Temu review will be a $198 Windows 11 notebook PC so keep your eyes peeled for that one.

See the EIGIIS Smart Watch for Men on Temu

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