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How To Install Kodi on Fire TV/Stick

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Install Kodi On Fire TV Or Fire TV Stick

This post will show you how to install Kodi on a Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.  This page is continually updated and will provide the best tutorials for installing Kodi on the Fire TV or Fire TV Stick in 2017.

I have now developed 5 different tutorials on how to install Kodi on Fire TV which I have outlined below.  The first and second methods below do not require that you use a computer for installing Kodi.

In my opinion, the easiest method is the first tutorial within the list below since you don’t need a computer.  You simply install a free program from your Amazon Fire TV App Store called Downloader and install Kodi onto your Fire TV or FireStick through that.  Pick the tutorial below that works best for your situation!

In the following video tutorials, I am going to show you how to install Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick. You may ask what is a Fire TV?  The Fire TV is a streaming media box manufactured by Amazon that you hook up to your television and it allows you to watch online tv shows, movies, etc.  The Fire TV Stick does the same thing as the box but it is less expensive and easier to conceal than the actual rectangular box.

If you are trying to decide whether you want to install Kodi on a Fire TV or FireStick, here are a few things to consider.  The Fire TV Stick has less processing power so it won’t be as snappy as the Fire TV.  Also, The Fire TV Stick does not have expandable storage like the actual Fire TV.  The Fire TV allows you to add additional storage through a micro sd card or USB thumb drive.

If you do not currently own an Amazon Fire TV Stick, you may purchase through the Amazon Web site via links here – Fire TVFire TV Stick

You may ask yourself why you would want to install Kodi on Fire TV?  Kodi is an open source media center that allows you to stream movies, television shows, home videos, pictures, and more over your local area network or stream from the Internet through various Kodi Addons.

What do you do after you learn how to install Kodi on Fire TV or Stick?  Be sure to use the form at the top of the page to register for my free guide on how to supercharge your Fire TV.  Within that guide, you will learn how to install the best Kodi Addons which will provide endless movies, tv shows, sports, live tv, children shows, and much more.

As of now, Kodi 17.4 Krypton is the most recent stable version and the tutorials below will show you how to install this most recent release.

How to Install Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick Guides – Kodi 17.4 Krypton

Easiest! Method #1 for 2017 – Install Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick with Downloader, which is a free application available in Amazon Fire TV/Stick App Store.



IMPORTANT – After you install Kodi, you must install the addons that will provide you with free movies, tv shows, live sports, news, and more.  My free bonus videos within my Supercharge Guide will show you how to install the very best Kodi addons with the click of a button.  Use the link below to get your free guide.


How To Install Kodi 17.4 On Fire TV or Fire TV Stick General Instructions 

  1.  Go into Fire TV Settings / Device / Developer Options and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.  You may also turn on ADB Debugging as well since this may help with future side-loading that you may perform.
  2. Exit to home screen and navigate to the search button for the Amazon App Store.  Type in the box – Downloader – and click download or get to install it.
  3.   Launch Downloader.
  4.   Type the following address in the box that reads “Enter the URL of the file you want to download – and then click the Next button.  This is a shortcut that I have setup on my server so you aren’t required to input the following download link –
  5.   Click the Download button and go through the installation process.
  6.   Launch Kodi to ensure it has installed correctly.
  7.   Kodi doesn’t do much without the 3rd party addons that will provide unlimited movies, tv shows, sports, etc.   You can get my free Supercharge Fire TV/Stick Guide that will show you how to install the best Kodi addons with the click of a button by clicking HERE.

Method #2 – Install Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick with Download Manager within ES Explorer.

Refer to the video tutorial below for detailed instructions that take you through every step.  Below the video is a short summary of what I teach in the tutorial.


Supercharge Fire TV By Installing Kodi

  1.  Go into Fire TV Settings / Device / Developer Options and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.
  2. Exit to home screen and go into search and type in search box – ES Explorer – select Explorer and install it by clicking the “Get” or “Download” button.
  3. Launch ES Explorer app and input the following address into Download Manager – and name it KODI.
  4. Click the Download button and Kodi will download.
  5. After Kodi downloads, you will be presented with installation screen.  Click the install button on this screen and Kodi will install.
  6. Exit to home screen and ensure that Kodi is now listed under your apps section.  Launch Kodi to ensure it is working properly.
  7. Kodi doesn’t do much without the 3rd party addons that will provide unlimited movies, tv shows, sports, etc.   You can get my free Supercharge Fire TV/Stick Guide that will show you how to install the best Kodi addons with the click of a button by clicking HERE.


Method #3 Install Kodi On Fire TV or Fire TV Stick with FireDL.

Be sure to watch video below for detailed instructions.  Information below the video provide a general synopsis of steps taken throughout tutorial.




  1.  Plug your Fire TV or Stick into your television and go through the setup process including registering your Amazon account with the device.
  2. Go into Fire TV Settings / Device / Developer Options / and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.
  3. Click search icon in Fire TV menu and type in FireDL, download and install it.  This is a free application.
  4. Launch FireDL.
  5. Type the following code into the box and install Kodi on Fire TV 600003.

Download Links


adbLink Download –

Kodi Download –

ES File Explorer Download –

Supercharge Fire TV By Installing Kodi

Method #4 Install Kodi 17.4 on Fire TV or FireStick with tablet/smartphone and apps2fire –  Requires Android tablet/phone.  Both tablet/phone and Fire TV/Stick must be connected to same wireless network/router.

The video below will provide detailed steps on install Kodi 17.4 Krypton onto Fire TV/Stick with apps2fire.  Steps below video will provide general outline of what video covers.

  1.  Turn on Apps from Unknown Sources and USB Debugging by going into Fire TV Settings / Device / Developer Options.
  2. Go into About tab and hover over Network button.  Write down your IP Address.
  3. On your Android phone or tablet, search for the app apps2fire within the Google Play Store and install it.
  4. On your phone or tablet, in Google Play Store, search for Kodi and install it as well.
  5. Open apps2fire and click the setup tab.  Input the ip address of your Fire TV that you want to install Kodi onto.
  6. Click Fire TV Apps menu item at top and make sure Fire TV or Stick is connected to tablet or phone.
  7. Once you confirm connection has been made, click the button at top that reads Local Apps.  Choose Kodi from the list and then install.
  8. Once apps2fire shows as installed, go back to Fire TV and launch Kodi to ensure program is working properly.
  9. Kodi doesn’t do much without the 3rd party addons that will provide unlimited movies, tv shows, sports, etc.   You can get my free Supercharge Fire TV/Stick Guide that will show you how to install the best Kodi addons with the click of a button by clicking HERE.


Supercharge Fire TV By Installing Kodi

Method #5 Install Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick with AppStarter and Downloader.  

Please refer to video below for detailed instructions on this process.  The steps outlined below the video only provide a general summary of tasks completed within video.

  1.  Go into Amazon Fire TV Settings / System / Developer Options / and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.
  2. Install Downloader application from Amazon app store.  This is a free download.
  3. Launch Downloader and type in and click Go button.
  4. After program is installed launch AppStarter.
  5. Click the Updates button on the left side of AppStarter.
  6. Click the Install Button on the right-hand side of where it displays Kodi.



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  • Gene Kearney

    Can I buy one already set up where I don’t need to do anything but just turn it on and do you have a phone number

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Gene. I do not sell these but do provide a comprehensive e-course that covers EVERYTHING –

    • Diana

      I have one for sell 200$

    • Andrew

      Best set up out there

  • Joon Yi

    I’m at the part where I’m installing the apk arm file through adbFire app. It says ADB running with the green bar filling up but every time it fills up, it starts over again and has been doing it for hours. I had it running for hours and it still has not given me the sign saying installation is finished. Is this supposed to take this long to install? Thanks.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Joon. Restart your computer and try again. Make sure you don’t have any apps running in the background, especially Google or Android apps. This happens quite a bit. Let me know if that fixes it. Thanks.

  • ken

    P.s. You should create an E-course showing how to load on Android boxes, tablets, and phones. I’d be willing to order that course too. Thanks in advance

  • Guillermo

    Do you have a link with a tutorial on how to install kodi app on a firestick with a mac?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello, no but it is same process. You just need to download the mac version of ADBFire, drop the .dmg into your apps folder and away you go. You will first need to unzip the file and that will extract the contents.

  • Dave B.

    I would like to add one more option here. Firestarter has made life much easier for me. Not only does it give me a KODI shortcut, it handles KODI installation and updates.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hi Dave, thanks for your comment. You are right, FireStarter is really good and serves more than one purpose now with Kodi updates. Thanks for your comment.

  • Andy

    If I sideboard Google play store on to a fire stick can I then download kodi from there as ot is now in play store

    • Troy Christensen

      Andy, great question! Unfortunately, you can’t sideload Google Play onto the Fire TV, it won’t work.

  • So – now that I have it installed, what can I do with it? I have an external drive on my Mac with May films on it. Can I get Kodi to play any of them? If so, please direct me to where I can set this up. Else, do I need to buy a proper NAS in order to do this?

  • Darren

    I have a firestick that came already installed with kodi and mobdro on it I have since side loaded fire starter onto the stick but when I try to side load any other apps eg showbox it won’t load to my firestick ?? Can you please advise if I am doing anything wrong ! I am using a android phone and fire installer and also fire2apps to try and side load other apps ! Any advice would be very much appreciated.

  • tmac

    I have gotten up to the part we here I’m am trying to put in my IP address ando it won’t work. It keeps saying no device connected and I have my first icky connected to my computer

  • Bill Law

    Very good

    • Troy Christensen

      Thanks for visiting, Bill!

  • carl

    awsome, thanks for your help. 1st option didnt work but second one did.

    • Troy Christensen

      Carl, have fun with your new Fire TV device!

  • bryan

    I’m trying to load koi and fire starter through the ESS File App, however when I try to download the programs it shows that it accessing it but then nothing happens. I turned on both functions for the developers under the fire stick.

    I’v also downloaded the zip files for both but do not know how to install from that method.

    I’ve already factory reset my fire stick.

    Please help

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  • keyur

    If anyone needs it email me

  • adrianna

    I did this step by step and now my kodi isnt showing at all i can go into the app but now its just the background no menu at all… if you have any advice id appreciate it

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Adrianna, I am wondering if you cancelled the process or somehow it was interrupted and only installed some of the program. I would go into Manage Applications under Fire TV Settings and uninstall Kodi. Then, reinstall. Try using Method #1 listed above. Let me know how it goes for you.

  • caroline

    Its not letting me download es explorer is ther anther way to do it

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Caroline. Take a look in the video on how you can install to your device from your Amazon account. Simply log into your Amazon account, search for ES Files Explorer and then you will see option on right side of screen to push the install to your registered Amazon Fire TV device.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Caroline. Log into your Amazon account on your computer, search for ES File Explorer. On the right, you will see an option where you can select your Fire TV device and push the install to that device that way.

  • jesse

    I got a second firestick everything ive done before i did the same but for some reason i cant get anything on my second firestick no matter how many attempts i made

  • Davy

    Hi for some reason the android arm link won’t download to my fire stick is there an issue at the moment do you know thanks David

  • Mark

    Help ,now onto our third night of trying to install Kodi

    Got to the apps page clicked on ARM on the android app and it just won’t download !

    Can you help us

    • Ray

      Hi I too have a brand new fire stick and I followed all the instructions on the various video’s but it just won’t download the Kodi arm. This is my 2nd night now trying to install.
      Have the new sticks got issues.
      Thanks Ray

    • Troy Christensen

      Please watch first video above and you need to open page within ES File Explorer in new window.

  • Paul

    Same here click on arm wont download it was ok on my other one please help

    • Troy Christensen

      Please watch first video above as you will see a workaround for this. You need to click Open in New Window and download will start.

  • Ryder Barnes

    Hi, Im having the same issue me and my friends Amazon Fire Sticks won’t download the Kodi ARM, when ever you click ARM a loading symbol appears in the top right corner then nothing, would be great if you know how to resolve this issue.

    Many thanks,

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Ryder,

      Make sure that you are following my first video in list above and click more option and then open in new window. That will start the download.

  • Ryder Barnes

    Just tried this and it worked! Good Luck!

    Here’s another way to start the download. After clicking on the ARM link, scroll down and click the More button (bottom right of ES explorer). Select Open in browser from the popup menu. File should start to download now.

    If that doesn’t work, go back a step in the guide and make a new favorite with the link in the featured comment above – it’s easier to see where you are clicking on that page as it’s a list. After clicking the appropriate kodi .apk file scroll to the More button, click it and select Open in browser. Download should start.

    Post back here to let us know if you were successful or not.

    • Troy Christensen

      Guys, this is all laid out in the video above. Watch the entire video and it will show you how to click the more button and then open new window. Thank you.

      • Gaz

        Hi Troy,

        I’ve tried clicking on the ARM link. Also tried clicking OPEN IN BROWSER WINDOW but all that does is take me to the Apps list, where all I ca click is ES Explorer…but i’m already in ES Explorer.

        It seems like Jarvis 16.1 just doesn’t like the firestick. Any workarounds you know of, or how can we download the older version?

        • Troy Christensen

          Hello Gaz. Send me an email to and I will walk you through this. Please put the word HELP within the subject of the email.

  • K Pat

    Ryder Barnes – Thank you for your comments was struggling with download worked with using More button. Thank you

    • Paul

      I clicked more button were does it say open in browser please help

  • Paul

    Not sure were it says open in browser i can find more then it brings a new page up 🙁

  • Brent parker

    Hi,been struggling with this but opening it in a new browser through the more button worked a treat. Many thanks

  • Iqbal

    Hi I followed all steps and when I clicked on ARM it started download and once it is done I got a message “no app installed’

  • Iqbal

    please help I have firetv stick

  • P robson

    Brilliant followed instructions worked first time

    • Troy Christensen

      Glad it worked for you!

  • Ggg

    Hello I’m trying to install kodi for first time in es explorer uploaded the kodi to favourite n added it but when to install the arm kodi software it keeps saying amazon will not support kodi I have turmoil off unknown sources n everything don’t no why it won’t install

  • Doc

    The open in new browser worked. Thank you so much

    • Troy Christensen

      Glad it worked for you, Doc!

  • Nick

    Hi Troy,

    I’ve setup a firestick for my friend but now hes loged in instead of me it wont show kodi or the apps and add ons i’ve installed, is there any way around this as my boss wants me to do hers and so do a few family members now they’ve seen mine in action but getting all of there user names and logons seems a bit of a pain?

    • Troy Christensen

      Are you sure that you didn’t do a factory reset? The apps that you installed should still be available to new user as long as you didn’t do a factory reset instead of simply deactivating account.

  • Mike R

    Hi Troy,
    I click on Arm and nothing happens. So then I click on Arm and More/Open in Browser and then it kicks me out of ES Explorer. I’ve been trying this off and on since last night. Am i not doing something properly?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Mike. Please see my reply under Pete’s comment. Please reply back here after you have completed those steps. This should work. Thanks.

  • pete e

    Having exactly the same problem as Mike R,MInor sure what I’m doing wrong as following troypoint s instructions exactly !any help appreciatedc

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Pete and Mike. First things first. Have you tried restarting your Fire TV yet? Give that a shot. If that doesn’t help, go into settings/system/about/storage. Make sure that your Fire TV’s storage isn’t full yet. When things shut down like this, that is the problem many times. I just tested this on my Fire TV Stick and I am running latest version of ES File Explorer and Fire TV and it worked fine. If your stick is full, I would suggest doing a factory reset which you will also find under the system settings and going through process again. Should work. Please post back once you have completed these steps. I will do everything I can to help you out.

  • Stephanie Gray

    ive tried several times to install it and all it does is send me back to the es page. tried restarting fire stick, storage isnt full turned on the things in settings and still nothing

  • Dave

    Hi having trouble loading kodi just keeps going back to Es folder I did notice in you said you was running when I checked my fire stick I got today it say I have has there been a new update that stops you getting kodi thank you for any help

  • Dave

    Sorry that should be updated 14th may

  • Dave

    Hi there don’t worry about other posts all good now loaded though my Mac using google drive just followed YouTube vid so clear and easy to follow thank you so much for all the help you give to people like me have a great life

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Dave. Thanks for the comment. Glad you got Kodi installed on your Fire TV. Have fun!

      • Gareth

        I am having the same problem. The ARM doesn’t download, it is a brand new stick with the latest software. I just tried method 4. Waited a while and the window on my tablet disappeared but kodi didn’t seem to transfer and isn’t showing on my managed apps.
        Have amazon added something that is blocking kodi being installed??

  • Edward

    I’m having issues loading kodi to my fire stick. I click on Arm and nothing happens. I tried your suggestions about Open in Browser and then it kicks me out of ES Explorer. I also checked my storage and it is not full. I had kodi previously downloaded on my fire stick but it stopped working, so I reset my fire stick back to its factory settings and have been having problems every since. Please help

  • Chris

    Hello, I just downloaded Kodi on my fire stick and when I add a source then go to install from zip, there are no files to install ??? And this is happening on any source I’m adding. Please help !!

  • chris smallman

    Hi Troy

    I used Method 3 and used my Google drive which worked perfectly!! Thank you very much!

    The first method still didn’t work for me, ARM would not download and clicking on the MORE button and OPENING IN BROWSER also didn’t work and just booted me out of ES… I think a number of people would like to know what to do next.

    Thanks again!

  • Gareth

    Thanks I will check it out and let you know

  • Ade

    Mr Christensen, please allow me to remove my cap for your incredible ingenuity!
    After having failed for two days consecutively trying different youtube instructions, as a last resort and out of frustration, I decided to do exactly as instructed in your video – option 1.
    Well, am I shocked at the ease of installation? You bet!
    If there is ever any time I have felt like making serious contribution online, this would be the time.
    Thank you so much – may the force be with you!

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Ade! Glad this worked for you. Be sure to get my free guide on how to supercharge your Fire TV by using form or button above as you will find even better videos there. Have a great day and thanks for the comment.

  • SAL

    amazing guide and your steps in your first video enabled me to get kodi on after 7 hours of trying to install and nothing happening after pressing ARM. CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH 😉

    • Troy Christensen

      Hi Sal. Glad you got Kodi installed on your Fire TV! Have fun!! Don’t forget to get my free guide on how to supercharge Kodi by using the form above on this page.

  • Bill

    Everything was going well for me using ES Explorer until I got it downloaded. When I tried to run it, it showed it to me in the folder. I can’t seem to highlight it to run it. Tried it twice, and can’t seem to get to either copy to run, delete, etc. Settings have been changed in Developer Option. Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

    • Troy Christensen

      Bill, are you getting to the point where you see the green Android graphic that you can install? Many people are having this problem, and they just need to arrow up and then over to get to the window on the right side of ES Explorer.

  • mark

    Hi troy great info helped immensely. I have a question. I have kodi installed and works great. Certain things I search for like movies and series come up but it is saying I need to purchase. If I purchace does that info get sent to Amazon and will I be charged? or is reporting to Amazon turned off?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hi Mark, if you sign up for my free guide above, it goes through getting addons installed, etc.

  • Dave

    Can I use ADBFIRE on a MXQ-4K TV Box to back up & restore my Kodi configuration and build?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hi Dave, unfortunately, ADBFire only works for Fire TV.

  • Nikki

    THANKYOU!!!!!! I have trawled through endless you tube videos trying every method under the sun to install kodi and none have worked. I notice you have put up a new link which overcomes the problem of ES File Explorer not working and all the other glitches. Yours is the only tutorial that worked for me!!!!! Very happy lady!!!!!!!

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Nikki! Glad that worked for you. Great job following the directions and getting it installed.

  • trikimiki

    Can you please advise me
    ive got kodi installed via es file manager and its working but will not sit in recent on the firestick ,i have to open es then mess about till kodi is highlited then open
    thanks in advance

    • Troy

      Sounds like you aren’t running a newer version of Fire TV software. Go into settings/system and check for updates and install.

  • Darryl Nickles

    Can you provide specifics so Kodi can be loaded onto my (2016 ed) Roku stick? Same process as the Fire TV device? Any differences in the PC programs you used?

    • Troy

      Hello Darryl, unfortunately, you can’t load Kodi on Roku. This is one of the reasons why Fire TV is so popular.

  • Erin

    I have gone through various tutorials on loading Kodi to my Firestick, downloaded all sorts of random programs to get the addon, and spent a few hours troubleshooting before finding your site. Your method took minutes to do! Thank you so much!!!!! The video was very clear and easy to follow.

    • Troy

      Hello Erin. Glad you got Kodi installed onto your Fire TV! Thanks for posting and sharing your progress.


    Hello. Great tutorials. My issue is once I try to use the essential Explorer it kicks me out. I can’t download the kodi or use method 3. Method 4 has been downloading for an hour and nothing has changed. Help please.

    • Hi Nicole, send me an email at with subject line “HELP” and we will work to get this fixed.

  • Amanda Clugston

    Hi does anyone know how to get around the 1-click amazon setting to download ES File. When I go to download es file explorer it tells me I have to set up 1-click setting with credit card on I would prefer not to do that.

  • Greg

    Hello i can’t get kodi to work without signing in to amazon .just got fire tv stick yesterday in the mail .

    • Hello Greg, yes you need to sign in so you can get to Fire TV dashboard. If you are setting this device up for another person, just install everything the way that you want it and then just go into Settings / Account / and deregister. The next person who registers it will have access to everything that you have installed.

      • Greg

        Yes i cant get firestarter installed .

  • Umbwamkali

    Hi Troy: Great tutorials! I used method 2 as my ISP is blocking the downloads. I managed to install Kodi 16.1 via my PC. It works however, I don’t see it on my home screen. I have to launch via systems setting. Any other way to get it on the home screen? Thanks/Al

    • Hey Al! Thanks for stopping by. More than likely, your Fire TV firmware isn’t up to date. Go into Settings / System / About / Check for System Update / you will see the current version of the Fire OS firmware. Click Check for System Update to update your system. Amazon started adding sideloaded apps to the homescreen after one of the latest revisions. I am currently on version

      • Umbwamkali

        Hi Troy thanks for getting back so quickly. I do have the latest version Do you think I should un install Kodi and then reinstall or is there another way? Thanks, Al

        • Al, that would be a good idea to try that. Very strange that it is not showing up in your apps section. Have you scrolled through them all to make sure?

          • Umbwamkali

            Troy, no success. Not sure if I’m doing anything wrong. I un installed and reinstalled. I also tried and use method 1. I was able to install Kodi but again it does not show on the home screen. I guess I will have to go the long way unless you have some other trick. Thanks, AL

          • Al, send me an email to with HELP in subject line and we will work on this and get it installed for you.

  • Julio Manzur


    i downloaded Kodi and when im going to install my fire stick display the msg:

    ” Installation blocked

    For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from uknown sources”

    How can i solve this?

    • Hello Julio. You can fix this by going into Fire TV Settings / Developer Options / and turn on apps from unknown sources within that screen.

  • Gina L White

    Hi! I have Kodi downloaded but now how do I find all the latest movies?? I’m so confused!

    • Use my free guide offered above on how to Supercharge your Fire TV and that will walk you through everything.

  • jojoanne armstrong

    I have my mums fire stick but don’t have the amazon details she uses, she is away for a few months is there a way I can put kodi on and when she comes back home she can just use her d account and the kodi to

    • Go into settings and login with your Amazon account instead of hers. You can deactivate account in settings.

  • Ronda Stepp

    Hi Troy, I have a new FS and followed your 1st option. I have the Kodi file downloaded but when I open there is no indication to install. I went back and did again but now I have 4 Kodi files downloaded. I tried the “more” tab to see if I could get a link to install but no luck. Any suggestions?
    Thank you for all your help and great instructions! Yours was the only one I was brave enough to try, as everyone else’s looked too complicated!?

    • Kevin D

      If you have an Android device you can use kooltvs in the google playstore. Just enable ADB on the Amazon Device and get the IP Address and use the app to install. Only works on Android Lollipop and below.

      • Ronda Stepp

        Thank you Kevin I do not. We all have I phones
        iPad and Mac computers. I do have a Dell computer with windows 10 would that work?
        Thank you !

        • Ronda, please send me an email at and I will help you from there.

          • Ronda Stepp

            Hi Troy, I exited the program and restarted. I was then able to go in and successfully click the green droid and install. I am up and running. I also have downloaded fusion and have it working Thank you for getting back to me !

  • Bobbie Microutsicos

    I downloaded kodi when i press on it the screen say loading but never opens its been loading for a long time

  • Chris Lovett

    Can’t find Es explorer file with the search function and when I try and deliver from my Amazon account the fire stick shows as a incompatible device?

    • Wayne Plummer

      I’m in the same boat. Will be following to see what happens. I can’t find anything about it on the Internet. Just called Amazon. They told me their programmers made the app incompatible with the Firestick.

  • Generic Hack

    Hey! I am trying method 5. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S7. When I get to step 3 it does not seem to do anything. I keep checking applications, but I don’t see Kodi.

  • Wayne Plummer

    Just used method 5. Got Kodi on the Firestick, but when I click “launch” it gives me an error “Cannot download obb”

    • Hi Wayne, please see my updated post above. ES Explorer is back in business!

      • Wayne lawrie

        Troy, I too have the same problem with obb. However when I search for Es Exploree is does not come up on the search bar? Can you help?

      • Sorrow Smith

        When it’s done downloading, I get the box that says, “Open As” and I have to select. It should open….please help!

  • Pingback: Install Kodi on Fire TV/Stick with Fire Installer and Android Phone or Tablet – No Computer Required | Backup Restore hacks()

  • Hello Everyone, this page has been updated now that ES File Explorer is not showing up anymore in Amazon App Store. I suggest using the first video within the guide above.

    • Cristy Pernas

      HI, I am trying to install Kodi through the adb link but it shows up grayed out (I can’t click on it). I have a mac. help 🙁

  • Imma Forgames

    I’ve downloaded everything but my computer won’t let me run kodi without going through windows store and there’s nothing there to run it. Help

  • MIA XX

    Hi. Once I sideload these onto my firestick, can I keep in my cloud for my other firesticks. thanks

    • Great question. Yes, you can.

      • MIA XX

        Thanks Troy.

        • You are welcome. Thanks for watching! Have fun with your Fire TV and Kodi!

  • Wayne lawrie

    Hey guys. Tried to search for Es Explorer however it’s not there despite being told it was back up and running…. I downloaded Es Explorer on my tablet and transferred it over to my firestick however when I click on Kodi or Es explorer it comes up with an error message ‘cannot download obb’ PLEASE help this is soooo frustrating.

  • Linda Netherwood

    Hi, I’ve downloaded Komi to fire stick but the app isn’t in my recent. Is there any way of getting a short cut? Thanks

    • joe green

      If you have a Android device not using marshmallow. You can go to the google playstore and download kooltvs. Just enable adb on the device and input the ip into the app and you can install kodi with one click.

  • Janay

    Is there a way to install kodi without needing an amazon account? Or to remove the account but still have kodi loaded on the firestick?

    • Hello Janay, you need an Amazon account to log into the device. It is free to get one.

  • Ez

    Hi your tutorials got me going. I finally got several installs dialed in and customized w/ Titan Skin and PKC connect. HOWEVER, my main FireTV install seems to get blocked every few days by Amazon. I click the icon and it quits immediately. Says “this app is not associated with your Amazon account” I’ve re-installed twice which works temporarily.. but this is becoming a nuisance. Any idea how to deal with this?

    • Ez

      EDIT: I think i’ve traced the quitting issue to Kodi being installed on an external SD card. If i eject and re-seat the card, Kodi launches. (so far so good)

    • Did you buy this as a loaded device from someone on Ebay? I would suggest doing a factory reset and start from scratch.

  • Rodney Davis

    Hey I used your tutorial and installed Kodi on my firestik, pulled it up and clicked on my video add on button to enable/download Genesis/Exodus/ or phoenix, however out of my 332 options. NOT ANY OF those r part of there, where as my lil brother & neighbor have 355 options in their “get More” section, what do I need to do to access these, thank u.

    • You must install the proper addons. I go through that within video #3 within my Supercharge guide that you can sign up for at top of this page.

  • pee bee

    Hi, followed the guide this evening. When going to the most stable release and trying to download, it saves as .html file? Any ideas please

    • Are you sure that you are clicking the correct link on the page? This is a zip file and shouldn’t be downloading as an HTML file.

      • Jack Stewart

        Sames happening to me

  • Rory Winters

    Every time i try to install the link (troy point) or the appstarter i get two choices:
    Open as ES Note or Open as HTML. why does this happen every time?????

    • Have you tried open as html? I don’t get that one mine. Open as HTML should open as a web site and then you can go from there.

  • Lou Dog

    I have ES Explorer on my fire stick but, when I select it I get the ES File Explorer but, I don’t have the download button. It have Get, You have Coins, Key Details and Works with… What I need to do I can not go any farther.

  • BlackImpact

    I just installed KODI as per your instructions and it won’t show up so I can add it to my favorites.

    • Hello, are you sure you went through your entire app list on your home screen? Try restarting your Fire TV as well.

  • Daniris Rivera

    Hi please help i installed but no show kodi on app i need to find in setting installed app

    • Make sure that you are running most recent version of Firmware. As of today, it is You can find that under your settings / system / about. If you purchased this off of ebay, there is a chance that the updates have been blocked which would cause this problem. Sideloaded apps on Fire TV or Stick weren’t showing on home screen until one of the recent updates. Click the check for updates button as well and apply any updates. If you are running the most recent version of Fire TV firmware, I would suggest restarting your device to see if that helps.

  • Mrbluesays

    After install of kodi … is there a fix for stream line pause that I can download?

  • jenn

    I followed everything from the first video. I can open kodi and it will show me the screen but then kick out of it back to the fire tv screen. Any ideas?

    • Jenn, I suggest resetting your Fire TV to factory default through Settings / System and then start over with fresh install of Kodi.

  • Nedra Pittman

    I already have a smart TV isn’t their some way to just get kodi on it without buying a firestick that would work the same as the jailbreak version

    • Tony K. Ong

      If you can open Google play on your TV, then download the ES file explorer. Follow the guide after installing the ES file.

    • Hello Nedra, some say that you can load onto Samsung. Have tried Vizio but haven’t gotten it to work properly.

  • Dawn

    How do you alleviate the freezing and buffering while watching a movie?

    • Steve Cruickshank

      Buy faster internet?

  • Steve Carrigan

    Hey Troy, just picked up a Fire TV, i dont have an android device (everything is apple) or computer available so am trying to load Kodi direct to my FireTV. methos one is drawing a blank for me however. Any ideas or can you point me in the direction of the method that i am looking for? Thanks for all the help on this page btw, you have put a crazy amount of work into this and its awesome for us technaphones 🙂

    • Hi Steve, method #1 is easiest. Just follow each step and hit pause button on video after you complete each step. It will work.

  • Mohit Seth

    I am following method#1 and getting error on installation. It throws error saying “App not installed” after downloading it from ES File Explorer.

  • Smoidal

    hello Troy!
    i installed it on my fire tv. how do i get it to watch movies etc thanks again

  • yme

    Looks like they have puller ES Explorer out of the Amazon store. Any suggestions?

    • Hello, it is still there. Make sure that after you perform the search that you are in the apps category and not tv shows and movies. Take care.

      • yme

        Got it installed but now it will not save as a favorite so I am unable to launch without doing a setup each time.

        • Make sure your firmware is up to date. Go into Settings / System / About / Check for updates. Apply any and all updates and see if that fixes it.

    • Jim Quinn

      I just put it on on the 8th, it’s still there.

  • Joseph Roberts

    I have Amazon Fire box not the stick…ES Explore shows up but not ES Explorer. Is my box too ancient?

  • Lip Gloss-vixen

    Is there a way to watch live tv/local channels? I’m in Michigan by the way.

  • Sitrean

    Does anyone know if this will still work on the new Fire stick they are coming out with October 20th? I can’t seem to buy any until the new release.

    • Yes, they say we may have a new user interface but Kodi will still work and this install procedure will as well.

  • cdog

    I’m using Method #2. All was going well until I tried to install the ES File Explorer apk in the adbLink. It says Install failed. What now?

  • Desiree Goerke

    Hi I used method 1 but I can’t find any shows am I doing something wrong? I see the Kodi menu and nothing else

    • Hello Desiree, you need to install Addons. Get my Supercharge Guide above and refer to 3rd video within that and you will be on your way.

  • Mr.wa

    hi will any of thes work with firestick v2?

    • Jorge A Sanchez

      Yes I just did my new firestick v2 with alexa using the ES explorer and download the apk.
      Just make sure you enable on your settings allow apps from unknown source, and when you click on the kodi ARM download if doesnt start right away just click onces and go to the lower left corner of es explorer and hit download open with es explorer (there should be like a options icon you know the 3 horizontal line) – good luck!!

      • Mel

        When I search for ES it doesn’t pop up am I missing something?

        • Jorge A Sanchez

          try typing the whole name “es explorer”

      • Mr.wa

        thank you I will give this a shot

    • Yes, all four options will work fine with Fire TV Stick 2.

  • Antoinette “TONI” Harper

    Hello Troy, I’m in need of some help because I have downloaded both methods #1 & #4… Method #1 after following the steps state “webpage not found” and method #4 gave “related link” . Can you tell what I am doing wrong?

  • Eliana Miracle

    There is a new windows based tool for automatically loading your Amazon Fire TV with Apps, Addons, Kodi. I really like it. It is called FireTuner.

    • MIA XX

      can you use this to install a build also? thanks

  • shirl in DC in DC

    Hi. After I complete the instructions and exit put of Kodi, I dont see the Kodi app in the app list. What should I do? I only see the ESPN file app?

  • Nathan Rooney

    Hi All, I am using method #2 and when I get to the very last instruction of ‘hitting select button on the apk bar ( with green circle followed by ‘kodi-16.1-Jarvis etc etc nothing is happening…literally nothing, screen doesn’t change. Any help much appreciated ?

  • Peter Scott

    Great, clear, consider and easy to understand. Many thanks troy

    • Thanks for the comment, @disqus_LyrucdPLTr:disqus have fun with your Fire TV/Stick

  • PJTLV guide

    After fighting for literally hours of trying to install Kodi on my Fire tv from YouTube videos and having ZERO success, I finally found TROYPOINT on google. Until I found it I was starting to think there was something wrong with my brand new Fire tv gaming edition. I used tutorial number one and it worked PERFECTLY. Troy’s video was clear, concise, easy to understand and EXTREMELY EASY. Thank you so much Troy for helping me to regain my sanity. I’m looking forward to using more of your guide tutorials!!!

    • Thanks for the nice comment! @pjtlvguide:disqus Many more tutorials on the way.

  • Eddy Chidiac

    I have Fire stick Version OS and none of the methods listed above has worked help and i followed step by step

  • Brock Pace

    Hey I am using method 3 and when I go to launch the Kodi app on my TV I’m getting an error message that says something about “cannot open or download obb”….please help!

  • Keith

    Hi Troy using method 1 and I get to step 10 it begins download/install but stops and asks for username and password ! Any suggestions ? If you ignore or it doesn’t recognise you it stops. Most frustrating as to this point it was so simple.

    • Glad you got it running Keith. Have fun with your Fire TV and Kodi!

  • Michele C.

    Hi troy, thanks this tutorial was great and easy to follow. I have one concern, Kodi installed without a problem, but none of the apps are working. I tried every movie app and I just get the loading icon, then nothing loads. any suggestions?

    • Hello Michele, which apps aren’t working? If you get my free supercharge guide above, I provide instructions on how to install the best addons.

  • Ben gteen

    Hi, on method one as soon as I get to the part where I click ‘open file’ I doesn’t take me straight to where I should be, it says either open in Es note editor or html viewer, and neither of these look right. Any ideas? Thanks!

    • Ben, use HTML viewer. I will be putting up a new video early next week to address this change. Thank you.

  • Charity Collins

    Hi Troy, I am not finding ES explorer – just Es explore? Any advice?

    • MrHavingfun68

      Use method 2

  • Alvin Nuguid

    I just bought fire tv box and I used method 1 and I downloaded Kodi succesfully. But when I was trying to make a shortcut, Kodi is not showing in my apps. i followed the instruction for the software update but it’s not showing still. So i deregister and log in to my account again but i can’t find the Kodi. so what can i do now? Thanks

    • Wake B

      You can start apps from settings. This happened to me.

  • MrHavingfun68

    Well explained, my first stick(appx 3 months ago) I was able to use method 1, now I had to use method 2 on this particular stick. ES explorer now says ES explore and takes you to a different page. Any way thanks for the tutorial, worked for me.

  • Hi Brad, no it does not include a virus. This is a false positive. Either shut off your scanner or if you have a chance to allow the download, do that.

  • Hello, it doesn’t matter what ip address your computer has. If you are using ADBLink you need to enter the ip address of your Fire TV Stick which I go through in the video.

  • Caitels

    my fire stick doesn’t give me the option to “Es Explorer” any reason for this?

    • Wake B

      You have to type the entire thing now. It only showed up then.

  • Raphael Moore

    My firestick let’s me get to the arp link but won’t install it says kodi not installed. Why?

  • Mike Southworth

    Hi. I have a brand new out of the box firestick. Registered it under may daughters name and now trying method 1. Unfortunately I keep getting the message “App not found” for both Downloader and ES File Explorer.
    This leaves me a little bit stuck to say the least.
    Any suggestions?

    • James Janelle

      Make sure debug and develop is on. When you type in downloader make sure there are zero spaces. The word downloader will be the only option there. Hit down until it is highlighted….click…once you have clicked on it you might see a movie title. On the top highlight movies and then click to the right for apps.

    • Mike, make sure that you are in the correct category of apps and games after you do the search.

  • Kevin Payne

    Will this work on a Samsung TV running Tizen?

  • Lonnie

    Just got my Fire TV and loaded KODI with absolutely no problems!! Thanks for the great video!!

    • Thanks for posting, Lonnie. Have fun with your new “Fire TV device”.

  • Kristi Buchanan

    Help, I get all the way to clicking on arm under Android robot and when I click on arm nothing happens?

    • Glad it worked for you, Kristi.

  • Fernando Vallecillo

    Great tutural for method 1 which really is the easiest. Your vid is spot on. Key here is be very careful and type it exactly!

    • Thanks for your comment Fernando! Have fun with your Fire TV/Stick.

  • Dean Taylor

    hi install kodi but don’t know how to do add-ons any help cheers

    • Dean, get my free guide above. I go through all of that in the bonus videos.

  • Theresa J Palermo

    Hey there, I have downloaded successfully, using the first option on the first generation stick, but for some reason I can’t get the app to come up on my home screen. I have ensured that I am running the most up to date version, I have restarted the stick and then the last resort was factory resetting. I am at a loss, can anyone help?

    • Rdkoi96

      if you are referring to the Kodi app showing on your amazon home screen…. mine was being a little buggy too. but what seemed to get it to finally stick was watching an episode of something or watch a movie. if you cant locate it at all… if you used the es explorer method you should be able to go back there and launch it from the apps or downloaded. after it loads, watch something and see if that works. it did for me.

  • Shaniquica Austin

    I uninstalled kodi trying to update it 🙁 I tired to do what you said in the video but once I got to es explorer it says get instead of download . I clicked that it’s saying something about 1- click settings and my billing info . I didn know where that was . So now I have nothing on my fire stick (kodi) & I don’t know what to do somebody help me please

    • Try the first video. Easier to use Downloader than ES Explorer.

      • Maxim Petrov

        Have the same problem. Troy… your first video is going to be irrelevant as of right now for people who dont want to give Amazon their credit card because the only way to download ES Explorer right now is to add credit card on your account.

  • Al

    I signed up for the free supercharge guide. How long does it normally take to get the email?

  • Brittany Bozarth

    I tried to install and everytime I get to the link to install Kodi, it acts like it is going to and then is says “App not installed”. I tried method 1&2

    • Brittany, when you get this message, it means that the same version that you are trying to install is actually already installed on your Fire TV device. To check this go into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications and you will see Kodi there. Go into that link and try to launch Kodi from that spot. More than likely, the problem is that the icon isn’t showing on your app menu. Make sure you are up to date with firmware by going to Settings / System / About / Check for Updates. If you are up to date and still not showing Kodi icon, go into Settings / Account / and deregister your account and then re-register.

      • Su Turner

        Hi, I tried to launch the app from the applications menu and it comes up with an error Cannot download on.

        Any help would be appreciated

  • Alan

    Downloaded kodi that was fine, went into exodus and other movie apps which I got through fusion but these apps will not show any movies. I have a firestick

  • 4kaz

    Help! Have searched for ‘Downloader’ app…can’t find it on AFTV or on Amazon under apps. Have ES Explorer, but cannot figure out how to navigate the screen with AFTV remote.

    • Downloader app has been removed by Amazon unfortunately. I have added a new video tutorial under method #1 above.

  • disqus_xFg0Immebk

    Here’s where I am with my new fire tv w/4k:
    Enable all access
    Download ES Explore
    Add to favorite
    click on troypoint
    Download most recent stable release
    Click on open file
    GET “OPEN AS”: text, audio,video image, other – ES image, HTML Viewer, etc.
    Tried to open AS ES ZIP VIEWER and get message “file type auT is not supported now!
    Tried to open AS HTML VIEWER and get a white screen

    • Hello, I just uploaded a new video tutorial that is easier as we use the download manager within ES Explorer. Take a look at new method posted under Method #1 above.

  • Rdkoi96

    Troy, i just wanted to say i am so glad i found your page. i have loaded kodi for a few people on their AFST using the es explorer method and had hiccups each time, even after creating my own instructions to simplify things… one of my silliest issues was the pic resolution on es explorer, finally figured that out thru AFST settings under display, i can now see the whole pic in the screen…. but anyways, your methods have been the easiest to follow and i have passed them on to another friend out of state since i cant do it for them.
    keep up the good work, its appreciated! thank you!

    • Thanks for the comment. Be sure to watch my new video under Method #1 as this is a new way to use ES Explorer instead of adding a favorite.

  • Lisa Prikryl

    so excited YOUR VIDEO #1 HELPED ME DOWNLOAD KODI. I have not done the add on’s should i do that now?

    • Lisa Prikryl

      i also have downloaded kodi 2 other times with no success, should i worry about deleting the unlaunched versions or is it ok to leave it?

      • Lisa, it probably installed over your old version so you should be just fine.

  • Mike Peskir


  • Mike Peskir

    Great installed kodi no problem works great but when I tried to add the add ons I keep getting a message Unable to connect…Couldn’t retrieve directory information. This could be due to the network not being connected. Would you like to add it anyway? So I did but nothing will connect. My cable connection is grea tas netflex plays fine. What is wrong?

    • Make sure that you are typing in proper url for addons repo.

  • Brandon Bowman

    Which method do you suggest to use for the Amazon Fire Tv Box not the stick. Want the most successful method.

    • Hello Brandon. First method listed above with Downloader is easiest.

  • daz

    hey thanks for the help ive downloaded ES and KODI so how do i know get to see movies and sports

    • Get my free Supercharge guide above and I will go through all of that in bonus videos.

  • rai68

    Fantastic, many thanks for great video!

  • Jeason Steeler Gagnon

    I when i get to the link on ES it shows up blank.

  • Kelly

    All the sudden my Kodi app crashed and I can’t watch anything. I can get to the app but when I select a movie. Nothing. Left it alone for a while. Came back 20 mins later. Same screen. I installed and enabled PBS kids for my hildren this morning and it’s been downhill since then. Ive gone back and uninstalled but it seems ive pissed it off now and still wont work. Please help!

    • Kelly

      Should I delete and start over??

  • Warren

    Just purchased a new fire TV Stick. It has a completely different layout than what is in the video. Took hours to find KODI. KODI is now hidden in Settings / Applications / Manage Installed Applications

  • Michael Garcia

    If I download Kodi and decide to stream a live football game or a popular movie in theaters do I run the risk of getting a virus either through Kodi itself or those broadcasts feeds ?

  • You are welcome, Andrew. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Try using the first option above. Easier method.

  • You need to make sure that you have a credit card on file in your Amazon account even though this is a free download. This is just he way that Amazon does it.

  • Make sure your system is up to date by going to Settings / About / Check for Updates. Also, if you are up to date, go into Settings / Account and deregister and then register again.

  • Get my free Supercharge guide above. I go through all of this.

  • Start over and do it again.

  • kenoshagal

    Thank you a million times over for creating this!!! I spent the last three hours trying to do 10 different ‘back-door’ methods to install an unsupported Android App (Amazon Fire Utility App) on my Mac, then downloading zip files to ‘sidetrack’ it, download another FTV file to unzip after saving on hard drive then ‘back-dooming’ complicated commands in Terminal – all of my hours and effort resulted in nothing more then wasted time and frustration not to mention the unnecessary downloads!
    Bottom Line Readers – Don’t use your computer (even if you use Windows and don’t have as many hoops to jump through with a Mac) because the less then 8 minute video in tutorial 1 – set up without a PC is amazingly simple, fast and easy!! So which I would have started here and saved my self the frustration! I’m far from computer illiterate but i’m also no techy and this was a fabulously simple solution!
    Next: I need to find the links that shows how to add programming to my Kodi!

  • alexa fulwiler

    Mine says app not installed, what do I do?

    • This means it is already installed. Look under settings/applications/manage installed applications.

      • J Cole

        I had this same issue, but Kodi is not listed under my applications and I had never tried to download it before.

  • DavidDomzalski

    #1 is awesome. It was the quickest way I’ve found. Thank you!

    • You are welcome, David. Have fun with Kodi and Fire TV/Stick!

  • Andy

    Used the method last week for me and all worked fine-tried today with method one and get ‘parse error – there was a problem parsing the package’ when I put the URL in. Tried resetting-same error, tried method 2-wouldn’t work either.. any ideas?

  • Ryan

    I had same problem especially Explorer didn’t work either. When I went to open file it asked how do you want to open file. It never really downloaded all the way either.

    • Andy

      Exactly same as mine-anyone have any ideas?

    • Use the first video above and use the Downloader app. Much easier than using ES Explorer.

  • Karen harris

    Hi everyone. I successfully installed kodi and ES on my new stick. But it has a small file symbol with a circle around it that stays on the screen no matter what. Does anyone know how to get that off? It’s on there at HOME and while you are watching a movie or television show

    • Hi Karen, yes, this is annoying. Go into Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Open ES Explorer and click force stop.

      • Karen harris

        Thank you so much!

  • Nicola Donnelly

    Please help. When I get to downloader it says purchase failure, please check that your billing address and payment method are from a supported country. I’m in Australia ??

    • Hello Nicola, you need to have a credit card on file within your Amazon account even though you are downloading free apps.

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  • Simon Taylor

    New stick turned up yesterday can only get half way. It loads kodi but won’t put any adding on it or areswizard very frustrating even more so when fire stick closes it’s all gone and you have to start all over.

  • Jade Page

    Hiya. Bought the fire stick for my in laws. Downloaded the es explorer and typed in the kodi website to download, keeps opening a text file and nothing about installing?

    • Hi Jade, try the 1st method above. Much easier than using ES Explorer.

  • atlcharm

    I’m having a problem with option #1. I get all the way to the download. I click on download and it says file download in progress, but nothing happens

    • Try it again. Kodi site was having problems so I uploaded it to my own server.

      • atlcharm

        it worked eventually! Thanks!

  • Susan Sterling

    These step by step videos are the best! I installed it directly with the FireStick without my computer and it couldn’t have been easier. I took my time and made sure I was following the tutorial exactly. Your grandmother could do this! Wait, I AM a grandmother!

    • Ha ha! Glad it worked for you, Susan! Thanks for posting. Have fun with your Fire TV / Stick!

  • Ryan

    I just downloaded using option one. It was very simple, but the app is a tad bigger than my screen. Can this be fixed?

    • Ryan, you can take care of that under Kodi in System / Settings / System / Video Output / then you can use the video calibration tool.

  • Casey McKenna

    I keep getting the parse error. I have tried adding the “/” to the end of the URL with no success. I have tried both option 1 and 2. Any ideas

  • Brandon

    I have tried options 1 and 2, option 1 I get the Parse error, and option 2 it asks “open with” and gives the options, text, audio, video, image, other with no success with each option. any other ideas?

    • Dianna

      Same issue

    • charles

      Same issue here with a 2nd generation Fire Stick TV that was recently updated. My older Fire Stick TV was able to work with method 2, no issues.

    • Try again, guys. I had to upload to a new server. Should be working fine now.

  • Christopher O’Malley

    a buddy of mine is having the same Parse error message on his new 2nd gen. stick. I did one the other night and had no issues. Any idea what’s changed recently? Fix?

    • Hi Christopher, tell him to try again. I had to upload to a new server.

      • Christopher O’Malley

        Thanks Troy

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  • Natasha

    Method 1 worked perfectly! I have to ask though, when I pressed home and went back to the main page, I couldn’t find Kodi anywhere. I had to go to Downloader again and download Kodi again. Please help?

    • Natasha, if you are on the new user interface, watch my first video as it shows how to bring Kodi icon to front. If you are on old interface, it may be due to the fact that you don’t have most recent firmware upgrade for Fire TV. Go into Settings/System/About/Check for System Update and update your system.

  • I can’t seem to find any of the add-ons that are listed as popular for movies, etc. How do I get them to show up in the place where I can download them?

    • By the way, they downloader video worked perfectly. I’m talking about add-ons like Exodus, etc.

      • Kasey Johnson

        Same problem… exodus is not showing

        • Cortney Denis

          Have any of you found out how to get the apps like exodus and Phoenix to appear when you open featured addons?!?!

    • This addon was down for a few hours on that day you had problems. They were performing maintenance. It is back up now.

  • Jeff Bryan

    Worked great. Thank you.

    • You are welcome, Jeff. Have fun.

  • Mark Davies

    Hi all,

    I installed Kodi using method 1 to my brand new Firestick – brilliantly simple to follow – thanks for the advice.

    The install seemed to work fine except none of the add-ons (Exodus etc) have any content. The menus are there (films/genres/year etc) but no actual content. I have Kodi running on a tablet on the same home wifi and it works perfectly so I don’t think it’s my ISP blocking anything. To keep it minimal I initially only installed Exodus but tried a few other add-ons but they all have the same issue – no content.

    Anyone with any ideas how to resolve this would be greatly appreciated.

    • Mark, I think we chatted by email regarding this but I always suggest trying to restart your system when things like this happen. If that doesn’t work, try uninstalling and then reinstalling the addon causing problems. Don’t forget to do the update trick that I outline in the free Supercharge Guide.

      • Mark Davies

        Hi Troy – thanks for getting back to me.

        The Firestick came with a pre-installed version of Kodi which didn’t work at all so I thought I would do a factory re-set on the Firestick and start again. I used your incredible easy method to put Kodi back on and it worked perfectly straight away this time.

        Thanks once again

  • Linda Lou

    I’ve tried to load a few add-ons & updates for Isengard v15.2 and no luck. I’m wondering if loading v.16.1 will help. Any suggestions or advise would be appreciated…thank you!

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  • Wake B

    Do you have a link to 17?

    • Not yet. Coming out soon.

  • Karianne

    Are there any known list of English only providers within the Kodi Addons? It seems like every time we attempt to watch a movie in Exodus we always get another language 🙁

  • JoAnne Smith

    Ipvanish, I have seen there is a free download for ipvanish in playstore.Would this be as good as the one you were talking about in your video? Thanks for any help.

    • That is free download for Application but you still need an account as you need to input your account username and password into the app. Take care, JoAnne.

  • Mark Stephenson

    Installed perfect, thanks a lot 🙂

    • Glad it worked for you, Mark. Have fun!

  • David Doty

    My malware software blocks me for going ti IPVANISH, it must be full of malware

    • This must be a false positive. IPVanish is one of the most popular VPN applications available.

  • Amanda Page

    I installed successfully and all add-ons are available, but home screen does not give options for movies or tv, just photos, videos, and a few others. Any suggestions?

  • Cortney Denis

    I am in programs-add on installer-featured addons, but nothing loads ex:exodus, Phoenix etc.. what do I need to do to see these?! I’ve done everything step by step :-(!!!!!!

    • Try again, they were down for maintenance that evening.

  • Nittani

    What method am I suppose to use with Vista and chrome?

    • Hello Nittani, just go here and click Windows Install to download and install

      • Nittani

        I was able to install. Thank you. Can I please have a direct link for user guide.

        • The guide will be emailed to you with the link or form above.

  • Tobias Jason Anderson

    I have tried to install downloader but it says queued, and nothing else is happening….

    Not to sure what to do

    • Make sure that your Internet is working properly and you are connected to your wireless router without any problems. Also, try restarting your device.

  • harh

    Hi Troy:
    So you know who is benefiting from your generosity; I am 78 years young refusing to vegetate, got a smartphone and now I am getting rid of cable and got a fire stick. Thanks to your instructions I installed Kodi with no problem.
    My next problem is the zoom I believe because the screen on kodi appears to big and I cannot read the bottom lines.
    Thanks and blessings to you.

    • If you go into Kodi and then System / Settings / System / click the video calibration button and you can calibrate your screen there. Have fun with your new hobby!

      • harh

        Hi Troy:
        I fixed that problem with Zoom, now I have another problem with Kodi, I left it alone for two days and now Kodi has no start screen, I click the Kodi icon and the screen turns blue with nothing on it, click everywhere in the remote with no response except home that takes me to the fire screen. I may have to uninstall and reinstall Kodi.

        • Try unplugging device, let it sit for a minute and then plug back in.

  • NiteHawk

    Downloaded and installed flawlessly. Thank you. Now what do I do? Is there a manual or users guide?

    • Glad it worked for you! Yes, the supercharge guide will walk you through addon installation, etc. Have fun!

      • Emil Gospodinov

        Hello Troy, i just got Amazon Fire TV, not stick, it has , do i install before installation of KODI or keep the old one?
        Thanks in advance!

  • Angie Venegas

    I can’t register with IPVanish. I keep getting error codes. “Error provisioning account” . I tried three different accounts.

    • Hi Angie, I suggest that you contact their customer support department. Sorry, I can’t help with things like this as I don’t work for IPVanish. Take care.

  • Nadya C

    Hi, do you have a tutorial for 17.1 Kodi for the second generation firestick? The above tutorial for the first method was for Kodi 16.1.

    • I will point that link to 17 as soon as it is stable release. It is still in release candidate stage and not all addons and builds work properly with it right now.

  • Andrea Scott Troy! Help me! I get to the same point each time and can’t go any further! Andrea (with broken ankle so needs Kodi)

    • Hi Andrea, the problem appears to be with your display. Go into Fire TV Settings / Display and Sounds / Display and use the calibrate display so you can fit the screen onto your tv. Then, you can see the buttons.

  • Kyle Radtke

    Does this work on 2nd gen FireStick?

    • Yes. Use first video as it is easiest.

  • Amanda

    It says that it successfully downloaded, but when I go to my apps, KODI is not there. What happened?

    • Amanda, are you using new or old user interface?

  • AJ Tommy Guns

    Troy, I downloaded Kodi but the app isn’t in my “apps library”. Where do you find at?

  • Daniel

    What’s the deal with the icon that looks like a page that has been ear marked to the right of my screen. It was not there until after I downloaded kodi and exodus. Now it’s on all the time.

    • This is from ES Explorer. You can go int there and turn off the widget somewhere within settings.

      • Daniel

        Thanks. That was getting kind of annoying while trying to watch tv

  • Ryan Moore

    I was wondering if you could help please? I am able to go into the search and enter “downloader”. The menu at the top has “Movies and TV”, “Apps and Games”, and “Search in Apps”. The menu for “Apps and Games” is grayed out and it won’t let me select it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Ryan, sounds like something is wrong with your device. I suggest doing a factory reset within Fire TV Settings.

  • BreaAnne Garahan

    Thank you! All of the other tutorials out there are still showing the ES Explorer! Hats off to your sir, hats off! m/

    • Thanks BreaAnne. Have fun!

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  • kelsey

    Great tutorials to get me started. 🙂 however, after a week of not using kodi, when i click on the app to open, all i get is the video and system options in kodi. My exodus has gone from my video files and some i cant get open to use? I barely got this installed and am so please help

    • Try restarting your system.

  • Allison Scott

    CaN I have the add on please

    • Allison, I provide those bonus videos in my free guide. You can get that by using links or form above.

  • Daniel, with my guide, there shouldn’t be any installed. There is a good chance that you already had Kodi on your system and you simply updated when you went through this process.

  • Brenda Jones

    I would like to say thank you. Every video I viewed was useless because I had 2nd generation. Yours worked. Dont know what Im doing….but glad to get pass my first download.

    • Thanks Brenda! Make sure that you get my free guide above as that will show you much more including how to install the best Kodi addons. Have fun!

  • Gail Mitchell

    I am getting a message…’ there was a problem parsing the package’

    • Gail, make sure that you are typing in the proper address Also, some people are adding the http:// again even though it is already in there so make sure you aren’t doing that.

      • Amber Morgan Jobson

        Hi Troy I am also having the same problem , I have made sure I am typing in the correct address? Is there anything else I can try?Gail did you manage to set it up?

  • bigdog mack

    Troy i followed your instructions to the letter…it works fine however i can’t get the kodi Icon on my homepage of firestick. I have to access kodi the old way through settings manage all apps…what am i doing wrong. by the way your video was awesome.

    • Thanks Mack. You are probably on the older interface? Some people have found success with this problem by going into Settings / Account / and deregistering and then registering again.

  • Gina

    Hi Troy, I was able to install kodi with no issues! Thank you for you great video! Now how to I install the apps to watch live tv, etc. I’m new to the firestick world so please forgive me if I’m writing something incorrectly. Thanks again!

    • Hi Gina, sign up for my free guide above and I go through all of that within the bonus videos. Have fun!

  • J Cole

    Hi there, thanks for the tutorial. I’m having an issue – after clicking Install, I end up with an error message saying “App not installed” and I haven’t been able to find a solution. Any help would be appreciated!

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  • SilverBack Burg

    I have 3 brand new firestick with Alexa devices and have used apps2fire to install Kodi on each device. When I go to load the Kodi app it never makes it past the loading screen. Do you have any help with this? I have done the clear cache and force stop as well as clear data options also. Thank you

  • Goodwitch777

    Is an IP vanishing software require or recommended?

  • Arifa

    Hello Troy every time I try to access a show it tells me to “Check the log for more information” Error message. I check the log but can’t make sense of it. Could you please help.

  • Marissa Maio

    Hi, when I try to add Exodus to my Kodi; I get to the step where I install from repository > exodus repository > video add-ons but there is nothing there in “video add-ons.” Any explanation? Thank you

    • Hi Marissa, I go through all of this within my free guide that you can get above with the form at top of page.

      • Marco

        hi troy greatwork but it keeps saying download fail, i did everything correct, any idea please troy

  • Susan Owens

    Hi Troy,, I just watched a couple of your tutorials..Thanks, very informative. My question is this.. do you recommend using a Fire Stick or the Fire TV Box? i have heard that the box might be a bit more powerful, but I’m not sure which way I should go. Any advice is greatly appreciated… I will be using a wireless network but I also have an ethernet powerline adaptor to use if I need it. Thanks!!

    • Hi Susan, the box is more powerful and seems to stream videos better. But, the new 2nd Gen Fire TV Stick is also pretty darn good as well.

      • Susan Owens

        Thank you for your input. I guess I will try the stick, I just need to be sure to get the latest version.

  • Bryan

    Es file ex not able to download anymore

    • I would suggest doing a factory reset through Fire TV Settings / Device / About and reinstall.

  • Chillami

    Hi! My Firestick arrived today and I am trying to install Kodi. I am having the same problem as Bryan who post yesterday. Any advice? Thanks!

  • Chillami

    I restarted my firestick and it worked 🙂

  • Glenn Hudecek

    Amazon has blocked all third party apps according to salesman at Best Buy, therefor no more Kodi. Went to purchase the Firestick yesterday and the salesman at Best Buy said the Firestick is as good as a paperweight.

    • Hi Glenn, that is not true. All methods above work great.

      • Glenn Hudecek

        Just bought the Fire stick and all went well. Had no issues downloading Kodi. I do notice a small circle icon on the right of my screen

        Also, what precautions can we take to prevent any bricks sent in an update that can prevent third party addons?

        • That is a widget that can be removed if you launch ES Explorer, go into settings and you can turn it off somewhere in there.

          • Glenn Hudecek

            I removed ES Explorer and am just going with Downloader. Problem solved

  • Michelle Garcia

    Im sorry but I can’t seem to find where to add the add-ons. Can you help me?

    • Michelle, use the form above as I go through this in supercharge guide. Have fun.

  • roy willis

    Hi Troy, thanks for your really easy to follow instructions. (I’m not the brightest spark in the fire!). I’ve now got Kodi installed and I’m about to tackle your “Supercharge your Firestick guide”. If it’s as clear and easy to follow as your original instructions, I’m onto a winner.

    • Thanks for comment. Have fun Roy!

  • Suzie Greig Smith

    Hi I haven’t received my supercharge your firestick guide

  • James Seller

    Has anyone had their showbox stop working since the fire stick update a few days ago?

  • Kerrie McCardle

    Hi I’ve used this video to get stall kodi on my fire stick all is great. Only problem is can’t add on showbox. Is any able to help?? Thanks

  • Deborah

    I downloaded Kodi on my new Alexa Firestixk and actually watching a movie now, Hacksaw Ridge however it would not load the sports package NFL/NBA, etc. I’m sure I’ll be able to get it on Phoenix or Exods and I just have to play around and learn how to use it but why would it not install? Is there another sports app I can use instead?

    • Michael Antonelli

      ProSport is a great live sports add-on… it is in the podgod repo..

  • Katherine Clark Heintz

    How come the apps like netfix is asking for money or just a trial?

    • Neflix is a paid service.

  • Maima Ghoumari

    Hi thank you for the amazing tutorial, just wondering why I haven’t received the email to add the add-ons, does it usually take time to send out?

    • Glenda Bacon

      did you get a response?

    • Hello, send me an email at and I will make sure you get the guide. Not sure what happened.

  • Katherine Clark Heintz

    I got Kodi & now wish to install an iptv. Thinking of Stalker, but can’t find one that will work. Any suggestions

  • Barbara Elliott Pharr

    I am trying to download ES File Explorer, can anyone tell me how long it takes? It has been hours

    • Barbara, try using Downloader instead via the video at top of page. It works better.

  • Barbara Elliott Pharr

    I need help

  • Jacob Mckinney

    After installing the addon installer there are no addons to install if I go in featured or search for exodus nothing comes up.

    • Check back later. It looks like there is maintenance underway right now.

  • Vanessa Berdoza

    I set everything up as instructed in your video (2nd gen FireTV Stick), but once I select featured apps in Addon Installer, nothing comes up. I would really appreciate your help with this.

    • It appears that maintenance is being done on Video Addons. If you get a blank screen when trying to open the Featured Addons category or any other category, please check back later.

  • Reynard Baillou

    Will you be updating method #1 with kodi 17?

    • Yes, in a few days after I have tested.

      • Michael Antonelli

        beware Troy, im sure you already know this but…v17 is ALOT different from 16… you’re gonna get a crapload of questions from people after you change the download to 17… i sell modded sticks and boxes and im holding off on upgrading to v17 as long as i can..

  • Bob Borsit

    Super New at this – your video tutorial was awesomeness. I am stuck. I cannot install the fusion add on -begin here- addoninstaller zip. Says failed to install from zip file

    Have uninstalled and reinstalled and still nothing

    • Chris Benwitz

      Im having the same issue

      • Michael Antonelli

        you should really add your add-ons from repositories by adding media portals in the kodi file manager… takes a little bit longer but much more reliable..

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  • Nina Dobris

    Now that I’ve downloaded Kodi, how do I get to watch the channels without a subscription?

    • Nina, get my free guide above with the form at top.

      • Nina Dobris

        ok. I installed Kodi, addon installer indigo and Exodus. What else should I install?

  • Meet Patel

    Someone willing to help me setup kodi from scratch email me at


  • john darlington

    i am very happy to share this,i really enjoyed kodi, its very amazing, incase you need a good hacker to hack,email,gmail,facebook,university grade or catch cheating spouse, contact DAMIONHACK at GMAIL dot COM.

  • Pete Chaos

    Nice job Troy. Is the link corrected for the 17.0 Krypton, or should I just use Kodi’s link?

    • No, still pointing at 16.1 as there are lots of addons and builds not working with 17 yet.

  • Samantha

    Troy can u please text me i need ur helpppp 3309539024

    • Michael Antonelli

      what did you need help with? im here if u need me..

  • Wake B

    Using new fire stick with last update. It will not allow download of downloader or es file explorer.

    • What error are you getting? This should work fine.

      • Wake B

        It would not allow me to download either es file explorer or downloader. I was able to hold the home key and my apps showed up and downloader was in there so I went to it and it worked because I already had it. But It would not work when I searched it then tried to load.

  • laollis

    LOL, Not sure how Kodi works,but it downloaded.

    • Be sure to get Supercharge Guide above as it will show you how to install the best addons that actually make it do what you want it to do.

      • laollis

        I’ve played with it for hours. I tried to get Opera free VPN to download, but I just get error messages. I need a free VPN. Recommend?

  • Christie Mathis
    How do I do the Add ons

    • Get the Supercharge Guide above, I go through all of that in free guide.

  • Zandra

    Having trouble downloading Downloader. I keep getting “parse error”.

    • Try again. It is fixed now. Thank you for your patience.

      • Bin Ghrimm

        Keep Getting the Parse Error

  • Robin

    I’ve installed it using the downloader
    but now every time I open it, it closes

    • Robin, try restarting your device.

  • Lindsey McClellan

    I can do all besides once Kodi is downloaded I can’t get add ons to watch anything…

    • Lindsey, get my free Supercharge Guide above and I go through all of that.

  • James Stallworth Jr.

    I can only download 17.0 how can I get back to the screen that has 16.1. It doesn’t allow me to do so.

  • Dylan Brown

    After installing Kodi I can’t see any letters or read any of the text it seems to be missing? Any advice Troy?

  • Kevin Mannix

    How do you get 16.1. Keeps downloading the new version unlike your instructions.

  • Kevin Mannix

    Anyone having an issue with indigo

    • Carmen

      Yes I’m receiving an error message when I select featured addons

    • Kristen O’Neill


  • mary berry

    Managed it no problem waiting on next instructions now ?

  • Carmen

    Troy when I go in to indigo and click featured addons I get indigo error and it says to check the log

  • Carmen

    when I go in to indigo and click featured addons I get indigo error and it says to check the log. Can anyone get me through this error message?

    • Kristen O’Neill

      I’m having the same issue

  • Laurie Jenkie- Anderson

    Kodi/Exodus is not working. I had to do factory reset and have the same problem. When I click on “Movies” or try to make ANY selection in Exodus, it will say “working” and spins but never loads. Any suggestions?

  • Michael Bolson

    Hey Troy, thank you for the walkthrough. Everything is working great, I already have a FIRETV a friend setup but your tutorial makes it easy and allows me to add more content on my own. I just bought a stick for my bedroom and my question is wether a VPN service will cover both my devices. I don’t mind paying a yearly fee if it’ll cover both my FireTv and my Firestick.

  • Mark Morr

    How long does it take to get the email for the super charged guide?

  • Kristen O’Neill

    Help! Having an issue with indigo! So frustrated

    • Carmen

      From what I can tell the indigo installer is down. I did see somewhere that Troy mentions that it’s having issues

  • Angela Wyant

    having massive issue. I cannot get any addons I tried the nolimits magic, which I had before and it will not attach. so frustrated right now

  • Angela Wyant

    nothing was working on my amazon fire box so i reset it back to factory settings, I cannot get my addons that I had before. I had nolimits magic and my husband and I loved it. Can you help me?

    • Angela Wyant

      I think i got it going. What a mess that was

  • Joshua Ramsey

    the look of my kodi does not match what I see in every video out there to set it up. I am trying to addon BEAST and have no luck. Can you point me in another direction?

  • Steve

    What is the benefit of downloading through troypoint website compared to just downloading the app? Sorry if this is an uninformed question!

    • Hi Steve, I setup a shortcut on my server so you don’t have to type in the long url to get to Kodi download. There is nothing special about what you are downloading, it is same exact file as what Kodi has on their servers.

  • Ronald Adrian McGhee

    Hi Troy just downloaded 16.1 as previous was dated, could you kindly send the link/video to get the addons? many thanks! Ronnie

  • Sean

    Hi Troy, When do you expect 17.0 Krypton to be a stable update?

  • Trumpette

    Was going to install until I saw the warning that it will give outside access to my network. No thanks.

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  • Jessica DeModna

    Hi Troy,

    I have downloaded KODI & ES Explorer successfully on my Fire Stick using method #2. However, there are no movies, shows etc in KODI. Can you email me what i do from here to get them?

    Thank you!,


  • Annette D

    Hi Troy! Thank you so much for sharing this easy to follow tutorial! You are a very good instructor, and clearly explain the process step-by-step! Two thumbs up & kudos to you!

  • Domenica Donna Manzone

    Hi Troy!!

    thanks for the tutorial can you send the addons

  • Janice Ware

    Hi Troy please can you send me the add ons tutorial.
    Cheers. Thanks for a brilliant tutorial.

  • Laura Peterson

    please send add on tutorial

    • Laura Peterson

      how long for add on tutorial email

  • Laura Peterson

    Can you please email for add ons thank you

  • Samantha Kunz

    Please send info for add ons to

  • Alicia Acosta

    Please send the add ons to

  • Marty Smith

    Please send the addons to

  • megan

    I would love the add ons

  • Bee Vines

    Pls send add on video to

  • Tom Reutter

    please send add on guide to thx.

  • Mitch Seidman

    Thank you for the step by step tutorial. please email me the add-ons video to:

  • Gary webb

    troy i followed video #1 #2 and #3 and created a vnp account and cant get anything. help please

  • Bill Conner

    Please send add-ons video to

  • Thomas Summey

    Thank you please send the link for add one! Loved the video

    • Please use the form at top of post to register for the free Supercharge Guide.

  • Wake Up

    Please send me the file

    • Hello, you can use the form at the top of the page to register.

  • Robert Hughes

    Please send add on vid.

    • Please use the form at the top to register for the free guide.

  • nagrajar

    Please send the ‘Add on’ Video to Thank you for the very detailed and easy to follow video.

    • Hello, you can register for the free guide by using the form at the top of this page. It will be delivered immediately to you.

  • Adam White

    Hi please can you send me the supercharge guide to
    I have registered at the top! Thanks 🙂

    • Please use form at top of page to get addon videos.

  • Brian D Wallace

    Please send to Thanks

    • Use signup form at top of page.


    • Billy Caffrey

      Damn nubes lol

  • Jason Aull

    I followed instruction and it was easy thanks but I just noticed every time I go back to them home screen kodi is not there. in have to go back in the downloader and reinstall it to watch. do you have clue in what I did or doing wrong

    • Jason, after you install it, hold down on home button on your remote, then click apps, then highlight Kodi icon, click options button on remote and move to where you want it.

      • Jason Aull

        Thanks for replying back but that is the problem it’s not showing up at all. once I go back to the home screen it disappears. To get back on kodi I have to reinstall to watch but once I am back in the home screen it’s not there. I tried what you recommended on the top of the page and stillndidnt work. thanks

        • Tom Link

          Hold the home button on your remote. It works. I just had the same issue.

          • Jason Aull

            ok so I I opened up kodi then I hit the home key but there was still nothing there for kodi. what am I missing. thanks

          • Jason Aull

            ok never mind it finally appeared the 3rd time thanks

  • Karren Haley

    please send add on vid to Thank you for the very detailed instructions.

    • Karren, please use form at top of page.

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  • Lauren

    Ive put in my email a bunch of times. Havent received link, not it spam folder either

    • Lauren, please email me at If you have signed up for this in past, you won’t receive a second time.

  • Abigail Goudie

    I’ve completed the form a few times over the past half hour and it still hasn’t been sent. Not in my junk mail either

  • Ana Ampudia

    I’ve followed the directions but I don’t get the screen you get when install Kodi. I get the Krypton version.

    • Ana, that is because Krypton is now the new stable version. Get my guide above via the form at top of page to install the addons. The guide goes through the new version of Kodi.

  • Samantha

    ok i downloaded everything but i do not get a blue kodi. i get a red one and the screen is totally different. I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO DO ANYTHING WITH THE KODI RED. PLEASE HELP

    • Samantha, the video at top of page now has new version. Be sure to get my guide above via the form at top of page and I go through the new version in the bonus addon video.

  • Herb Scott

    Have you had a chance to work on the latest Fire TV/Stick equipment? I can’t seem to watch a thing from Alluc yet…

  • Jacqui Jackson

    I’ve just tried doing this and something is going wrong as it all goes through as per the video intil after the insatall and the big K come up on the screen but I dont get anything after that. When I know click on the Kodi icon I just get a blank screen. Kodo had been previously working I was just trying to update it and now its dissappeared 🙁

    • Did you already have Kodi intalled? I suggest going into Fire TV / Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Kodi and uninstall then reinstall.

      • Billy Caffrey

        Yes, correct

    • James Dude

      Hi. I have a Fire TV 2nd Gen. What I did was – three things. 1.) Go to settings – Applications – Manage Installed Apps – App Store and Clear Cache. 2.) Same path and – Clear Data.
      3.) Go to Settings – My Account and Deregister and Reregister your device. This was my ticket to ride. Good Luck!

    • Billy Caffrey

      Uninstall kodi and re install it again.

  • MB77

    Which one is better Jarvis or kypton

    • Krypton is still a little buggy. You may want to stay with Jarvis until 17.1 is released as they are currently working on it.

  • Nicole P-nut Arcaute

    I have gone thru the whole tutorial but I can’t find the Kodi icon

  • Please use form at top of this post to get your guide that goes through all of this.

  • Margaret Allen Howell

    I have firetv and I have done the first two videos you have and both time it states didn’t install. I am going to try the computer way next. I am about to pull my hair out trying to get this done.

  • Anthony A Berardine

    Hey there Troypoint, I just picked up a Amazon Firestick and tried to follow two of your videos on how to install Kodi and for whatever reason when I tried to download the ES Explore & Downloader apps I received a pop-up informing me that they are no longer available. Am I doing something wrong or are they really no longer available, and if so how can we go about getting Kodi now?

  • Dawn Rodriguez

    Hi there! I’m trying to put the add on to my fire tv and hubwizard is not showing. Is there something I am missing?

  • Deborah Perry Monday

    Thank you so very much, I have been trying to install kodi on my fire stick for 4 1/2 hours now, I am not a electronic person, you video really helped me out. I had it installed in 5 minutes with your instructions. You re a wonderful person to help out like that and I wish you the best.

    • Thank for comment, Deboarah! Have fun with Kodi and Fire TV/Stick.

  • Cayleece Williams

    You did a great job explaining all the steps. Unfortunately I’m too stupid 🙁 for it. I had Kodi on my Firestick but last night something happened and it was gone. I’ve followed several YouTube videos (before I discovered you) and I can’t get it to work. I’ve factory reset the stick and started all over again with your video and I get to the download Kodi part und it acts like it’s installing but then it says “app not installed” 🙁
    What a I doing wrong?

  • Marcus Girdley

    Loved your video. Got mine up and working great using jarvis. Thank you so much.

  • Sindy Isabel Lamber

    Mine keeps saying ” Error:connection lost” ……internet is working fine

  • AOB

    I installed Jarvis for the first time a few weeks ago and it worked fine. I installed Krypton today and now Kodi won’t start. First I got a blank screen a few times, but now the app just closes after the initial screen appears. I tried force-stopping the app and clearing the cache a few times, but no luck. My Fire TV box even locked up at one point and I had to reboot it. Any ideas? I’d hate to have to start over installing all of the add-ons and it doesn’t let me reinstall Jarvis. I purposely waited until it was said that Krypton was stable before installing it.

    • Anam27

      I am having the same problem, any solution?

      • AOB

        I ended up uninstalling Krypton and starting over with reinstalling Jarvis. I guess it’s not quite stable.

  • Tracy Sinift MacFarland

    It was so easy Per your instructions. I am having a problem. It works great until I turn on the VPN and the the firestick gives me a connection error. And it says I am connected via the wifi settings.

    • Are you sure that you are using a 2nd Gen FireStick? Keep in mind that it doesn’t work with 1st Gen models.

  • shelby yeatman

    I eagerly followed your presentation on the need for a VPN Service using the IPVanish. I can’t wait to get the added security but the first thing that came to mind was my need for the same protection all the way back to my router and the other devices (computers and such), i.e. my complete wi-fi. Then I found the same thought in your “Install VPN on Router. I was elated when I found this. But then you said devices like Amazon Prime and Netflix are “hit or miss” with VPN. I think in another place you indicated that it just would not work with the likes of Amazon (I assume you’re are talking about Fire TV).
    I think I will go with the router connection, what are the odds that it will work most of the time? It seems to work well when only attached to the Fire TV box. Can you tell me a little more about the supposed conflict?

    • Hello Shelby, paid services such as Netflix and Prime are not blocking ip addresses of VPN services unfortunately. If you want to watch these services, you just need to deactivate VPN or if setup with router, just switch over to your router that you don’t have protected if running a dual setup like my tutorial shows.

  • Dandj0923

    I keep getting “there was a problem parsing the package” can anyone help me get past this step??

    • Andrew Morey

      Having the same issue… any fix yet?

      • Dandj0923

        Nope. I’ve looked everywhere and it didnt seem anyone else was having the same issue. We’ve tried EVERYTHING

        • Hey Guys, if running a VPN service, try deactivating that and then try download again. Please report back if that was the problem.

          • Andrew Morey

            Troy, I am not using a VPN service, I just uninstalled Kodi on my Amazon FireStick and reinstalled it with out any issue. So tried all your different methods for my Amazon FireTV and still no luck. Do you think there is an issue with my fire TV?

          • Alex S Robb

            Try doing Jarvis guys I had that problem too

          • Andrew Morey

            That worked! Thanks

          • Dandj0923

            How would I know if I’m running a VPN service? I’m just connected to my att wifi box thing lol. I’m not very tech savvy I’m afraid

          • Kalyn Flournoy

            Hello, I have been trying to re-download. A friend of mine told me to delete the old Kodi to download the new but I continuously get an error message from the downloader app stating that the URL is not found. I am not sure if I am running a VPN or how to stop this and have been trying for a few hours now to figure this out on my own. If you could please point me in the right direction that would be extremely helpful

  • Holly

    I just ordered new fire sticks from Amazon on the 5th, got them yesterday. I’ve added kodi 20+ never had an issues until this newest batch. When I try to add ES file manager, I get an error message: “app not found – the app you are looking for could not be found”. I tried the downloaded app as well and got the same message. They are they amazon has them blocked now? Any work arounds that you’re aware of?

    • Holly, this should work fine. Try Downloader instead via video #1 above. It works better.

      • Lovegolf

        Hi Troy. I thought I found downloader with search and when it popped up and I selected it, it said “App not found.” Does this tool have to be resident on the stick already?

  • Thanks for comment, Joanne. Have fun with Fire TV/Stick and Kodi.

  • Scott A

    I WASTED 8 hrs of my life trying to load from other sites using the ES application, had nothing but problems trying to launch the Indigo wizard. I found this site, deleted / uninstalled everything and started from scratch here, everything was up and running within an hour. THANK YOU!

    • Thanks for comment, Scott. Always try to make it as easy possible. Have fun with Kodi on Fire TV.

  • sataylo

    Hello downloaded the New Kodi 17 but Exodus will not play. What to do?

    • sataylo

      Sorry none of my add-ons are working

  • Leon, get my free guide with form at top of page. I show you how to install the best addons within my Supercharge Guide.

  • Liz Maw

    I going thru ur step by step to install kodi when I click the back button it takes me to a screen that says download and underneath connecting and bar is just moving nothing happening.. where as you have screen to uninstall before going to rowers to download .. I don’t get that iption

    • Jenna Mendoza

      Thank you! That helped, a buddy of mine suggested the same thing but I was afraid that if I deleted it I couldn’t get it back at all. It worked! Thanks! 🙂

  • st

    I would like to know if this will also get HBO Showtime etc? if so would you need to have basic cable programing.

    will it also get local TV Stations, or do you recomend a digital antenna?


  • Kyle J

    I have 2 firesticks and the one loaded Kodi and the app showed up. For some reason I’ve tried the other and the only way to get Kodi to launch would to go to applications settings and launch it from there. Has anyone ever heard of this problem before and do they know of a solution so I can get a short cut to the Kodi app.

  • Josue Rosario

    I am up to entering the kodi URL into the downloader browser. Nothing opens. I’ve tried multiple sites, the browser will not open any pages. Any suggestions?

  • Jenna Mendoza

    Followed I reactions for first video, installed fine. Went back to home.screen, no new logo anywhere. Click on old logo and get redirected to home screen. Now I have no kodi.. 🙁

    • Joe Dawson

      I ran into the same problem, you have to completely uninstall Kodi from your fire stick then redo the steps in ES file

  • John Dalton

    Thanks a ton! I updated to kodi 17 Kyrpton and HATED it! The new look was nice and I’ve read good things, however there are issues with it on the firestick! Everything is so slow it is unbearable! Wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to go back to Jarvis so easily but then found this! Incredibly easy using the first method! Took 3 min total time!

  • st

    What would be the difference between using

    Roku vs. Chromecast vs. Apple TV vs. Fire TV vs. Android TV ?

  • Jack Gil

    I used method #1 and it worked great! Thank you for taking the time to outline these steps…it is much appreciated!

  • Vincent Smith

    I just can’t get Krypton to run on my original Firestick, Fire OS I’ve tried installing 17.0 and 17.1, and after installing, when I open Kodi, it initializes and says “Preparing for first run. Please wait…” then it goes to a black screen and quits the program, taking me back to whatever previous screen I was on before running Kodi. I’ve cleared cache and data and uninstalled and reinstalled, nothing I’ve tried has gotten Krypton to work.

    • Chicken Wing Banned

      Install an older version. 14.1

      • Vincent Smith

        I don’t need to install an older version, Jarvis (16.1) works fine. My issue is getting Krypton to run. I’ve found a few other instances of people experiencing the same issues as I am, and I’m looking to troubleshoot the cause since theoretically Krypton should be working on my Firestick, as far as I’m aware.

        • Chicken Wing Banned

          Oh. I misread what you meant. My bad

  • Helen Piotter

    You rock Troy! Thanks for the GREAT tutorial on Kodi installation!

  • Angela Redder

    thank you!

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  • Katherine Davis

    Troy/Kodi SMEs (whether self-proclaimed or endorsed)/ Anyone familiar w/ Kodi OS functionality,

    So I’m a bit late to the Kodi and Amazon streaming Device game in addition to this article/comment thread, so please forgive me if this is redundant!

    I recently acquired a Firestick, and upon reading up on the various ways in which I could acquire/utilize Kodi I’ve found very little information comparing the file manager applications functionality and/or UI’s? Any chance you can tell me anything to that affect for the Aplications in which I would use on/for my 2nd gen Firestick so I can compare my options and get the best one, functionality wise, for me on say the differences between..
    -ES File Manager
    -File Commander

    Thanks in advance,

  • sumo

    Kodi 17 kind of sucks!! I think I’m going back to 16.1

  • Mike Criblez

    I’ve been trying to download krypton but all the sites won’t work so I went to their website and it says the government seized the site is thier anyway to download it again

    • This was an April Fools joke by the Kodi team. Everything back up and running again.

  • Becky Stitchy-Sheehan

    17 is crud, going back to 16.1

    • Becky, only thing to worry about there is that many addon developers are stopping their updates so 16.1 probably won’t work too well for many of the addons for very long. I agree, I liked 16.1 better.

    • Chana Piletere

      Same here! I’ve been playing around in 17 for over two hours and it’s just a headache I don’t need.

  • Megan Rose Fox-Freehill

    do you know how to add exodus on the new kodi?

    • Get my free guide via form above and I go through all of that in the bonus videos. Have fun!

  • Jacob

    I tried downloading it through es Explorer and also through downloader but after I open kodi and it does its first run it goes to black screen. I can hear it working when I push the buttons but just a black screen. I don’t know what to do.

    • Lovegolf

      You get this resolved? I’m having the exact same problem. I read somewhere that if your Jarvis version was using the Xonfluence skin, it’s not compatible with Krypton so that blank screen might be because of that. If that’s the case, I don’t see how to get around that.

      If you found a solution other than the usual things like clearing the cache and force stop, please post it here. Thx

      • Jacob

        No still haven’t resolved anything

  • Louise Langford

    How do I get rid of the little circle to the right of my screen its really annoying

  • Bridget Muccio

    We had Kodi installed on our Fire Stick by a friend. It has never worked like it should. Is there a way to re-download following your directions? Does the version that is on it now need to be deleted? I am not very good at this stuff LOL

  • John Kean

    I keep getting a download fail when trying to download Kodi to my Fire TV. Can anybody help? I’ve tried using the downloader app and ES and neither will work.

    • Try again, John. Download links down earlier for maintenance.

  • Jacqueline Lauw Groover

    I’m extremely new…i downloaded the updated Kodi…Can you use Titanium on this one as well?

  • Stephen Parlefsky

    i just upgraded from 16.1 to 17.1 but did not get the new interface. did i do something wrong

  • Michael Maston

    I installed the new 17 and its forever to load a movie or show now

  • cardiff debbie
  • Kail Gilmore

    After downloading Kodi 17.1 fire stick flashes black. On both the Amazon and Kodi home screens??? I’ve downloaded several times and used ES and downloader as well as browser method?

  • JenniferJeckles

    Did the installation then tv stick wouldn’t load. Unplugged on main switch a couple of times then it finally loaded and although I can’t see kodi in the app list will try suggestions am enjoying catching up on my tv series from sky ;~)

  • Joe Martinek

    I have upgraded to Kodi 17.1. Slow! Reinstalled Exodus. Slow! I keep getting errors that there are no streams available. I tried uninstall and reinstall. I even tried to factory reset my fire tv. Everything was working with 16.1. I only get one provider showing up on exodus. Frustrated! help!

    • I suggest doing a clean install of 17.1 instead of updating and see if that makes any difference. The addon developers are starting to focus more on 17.1 and will start phasing out support for 16.1 unfortunately.

      • Joe Martinek

        I tired that and still no go. I even tried a factory reset on my firetv. Everything works in 16.1.

  • Jack Vaughn

    Signed up for guide and bonus videos, never got an email. Tried 3 times, what’s up with that?

    • Jack Vaughn

      Installed Kodi and ipVanish, need add-ons

      • More than likely, you have already subscribed to this. Please send me email at Won’t send two times if you have already received it.

  • Cathy Heaton

    I have downloaded Kodi 17.1. When I download Indigo and it goes to initalize it tells me it only supports Kodi 17.1. I know I have the correct version because it states plain as day 17.1 when it opens up. Could someone please advise. Thx

  • Dana

    How do I back up my firestick in case I mess up a new installation?

  • Jim W

    While downloading Kodi to Fire TV2, using Downloader, I get message “Connection lost”…any help?

    • Try again, Jim. Problems with file hosting service.

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  • Na

    i’ve tried downloader with your server link and it doesn’t work, nor does the browser option… it just says connecting for hours and doesn’t actually download kodi at all.. i’ve changed the settings and everything and it still won’t work.. i have kodi installed on my mac but it won’t work on the firestick! help 🙁

  • I love Chickn n Waddymelon

    Can I install dis on my Obama Fone?

  • Tracie Scrumptious Keeling

    I’ve just tried to install Kodi for the first time on my new firestick but it hasn’t worked! Not sure what I’m doing wrong or what to do next?

    • Try again, Tracie. Should be fixed now. Thank you.

      • Tracie Scrumptious Keeling

        All done now – thank you Troy! Sitting playing with my new toy whilst enjoying strawberry daiquiri or three! 🙂 x

  • Davis Nguyen

    My Amazon Fire TV Box is like 3 years old and I went to developer options to enable Unknown Sources but that option is LITERALLY MISSING. Please Help me. X(

    • Go under Fire TV Settings / System or Device / About / Check for System Update and update your device. See if that works.

  • Davis Nguyen

    Parse error someone help.

    • Try restarting your device and if that doesn’t work, try restarting your router. Also, go into Fire TV Settings and make sure that your device firmware is up to date.

  • Yes, everything works the same.

  • Yes, the same process will work fine.

  • Use first method of inputting instead. See if that works for you.

  • Kaysha Hughes

    I used the first option on downloader, the one without the browser and for some reason the file makes me download kodi every single time and kodi doesn’t appear in my firesticks apps. Any advice on this?

    • You need to move your shortcut to the front of the list. Hold down on home button until menu comes up. Click Apps, scroll down and highlight Kodi, click the options button on your remote once it is highlighted (3 horizontal lines on top of one another), move to front or place where you want it.

  • Sarah Halnon

    I’ve downloaded the file and each time I click into the kodi app it loads and then after a few seconds it sends me back the the firestick homepage. Help??

    • Sarah, try restarting your device and see if that helps. If no, I suggest uninstalling Kodi through Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Kodi / Uninstall and then reinstall.

  • Sarah Ott

    I just want to say THANK YOU! My husband and I have tried, without luck, for a week to download Kodi to our original fire stick using every method we have come across. A co-worker shared your site with me today. I used method #1. In about 5 minutes I successfully loaded Kodi. I couldn’t be happier. Glad to be up and running after my android box fried last week.

    • Glad it worked for you, Sarah. Have fun with Kodi and Fire TV Stick!

  • Lee Melchior

    Have done this successfully before but am trying on a new generation fire stick and when I load up Kodi it says “new controller detected, configure it now?” I am unable to use the controller as it will.not accept controller input. I am using the game controller. Do I have to use the original fire TV controller or is it some other issue?

    • Hi Lee, yes, use the default remote. Kodi 17.1 requires that you configure controllers within Kodi Settings unfortunately.

  • John

    Hi Troy. Thank you for your detailed instructions. I followed your instructions on downloading KODI from Downloader to downloading indigo. After opening Indigo, I tried to download Exodus as you showed in one of your videos, but it says Indigo error check the log for more information. I can’t download other Featured Addons with the same problem. Can you help? Thank you.

    • Brandon Pfluger

      I just got my fire stick and I am having the same exact problem

    • Hi John, as you saw within the guide, I have a note above and below the video. This error is currently happening for everyone and I am sure they will have it fixed soon.

  • Bill Engstrom

    Having problems pairing fire stick remote app to fire stick after resetting device.

  • Bev

    Hey Troy, I’ve loaded Kodi, IPVanish, Indigo, Exodus and cCloud TV. Yeah! Can you suggest an addon for watching PGA Golf live in the USA?
    Thanks for the awesome tutorials & support!!!

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  • Craig Corrigan

    Troy. No offense, but this video is TOO long and TOO detailed. You lose viewers because it should not take you explaining every little object. I’m sorry. But in the amount of time it took to watch your entire video, I had downloaded Kodi and a bunch of add ons. Thanks though.

    • Thanks Craig, I get comments on both sides. If not enough detail people complain about that. This one now has almost 200,000 views and one of my best performing videos as far as watch time. I appreciate your comments and will try to find a happy medium in the future. Take care.

    • Default User

      Actually Troy, ignore this guy and keep doing it the way you’re doing it. Those of us more tech savvy can skim through quickly and get the jist of it all. But for everyone else who isn’t, the full details are a necessary thing. It’s better to have more details than less when it comes to something that might not work exactly the same for everyone. Keep up the good work Troy!

      • Bev

        Ditto above response! Go somewhere else for help Craig.

  • Richard

    Hi Troy, nice and easy to install, but i have a different question, how do i update the Movie HD app that sits outside of Kodi? The Amazon Fire Stick2 doesnt allow updates via teh normal method of updating within teh app. Can i set teh downloader app as a default for downloading?

    • Hi Richard, I would suggest using this app for installing apps that don’t reside within the Amazon Fire TV App Store –

      • Richard

        Hi Troy, thanks i will try, but im not sure that google play will have the Movie HD updates in the store. The Movie HD app is easy to install, however it then needs to update and what teh Fire Stick wont allow you to do is update from teh Movie HD app as it has to download, so from what i can see you need to have a/set a default downloader for all downloads. I hope this makes sense…

  • rob damiani

    ho do you get the red mouse pointer to function in the Firestick?

  • Stephan Baptiste

    I’ve uninstalled and reinstalled about 3-4 times. Once I’m in the Kodi app it keeps flickering on and off. This with Kodi 17 krypton.

  • Zachary Bennett

    Hey after you install Jodi does it already have all the free movies and TV shows as soon as you open it or is there more you have to do?

    • Zachary Bennett

      And after I put in the correct address and name it it doesn’t goto download it just says add?

  • Henry

    I loaded it using method 1, but once I click on the Kodi app the screen turns black and then goes back to the Firestick home page. My Firestick does gave a newer operating system than what is shown in the videos What an I doing wrong?

    • Henry, first things first, try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, you may want to think about resetting your Fire TV Stick to factory settings and reloading everything. You can do that through the Fire TV Settings menu.

  • Nellie Chavez Castro

    Mine says “app not installed” I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong? I went thru all of your steps. Any suggestions?

    • Hi Nellie, usually this means Kodi is already installed. Hold down on your home button until another screen pops up. Then, click the Apps button. This will show you all of the apps on your device and Kodi will probably be in that list. You can move the icons around once on that screen by highlighting Kodi, click the options button on remote and then move it.

      • Nellie Chavez Castro

        I have kodi Jarvis. Do I have to uninstall this before installing the update Krypton?

  • Get your free Supercharge Fire TV/Stick Guide With Bonus Videos. Learn how to install the very best Kodi addons with the click of a button and much more.

  • Fostermomma56

    I am running my tv with DirectTVNOW which I am hoping to get rid of. I have a firestick hooked up along with a basic antenna that brings in a few local channels. If I install Kodi will I be able to bring in more local or different channels or will I need a better antenna?

  • Justin Williams

    Hi I’m having issues with the kodi install on my gaming edition fir tv box. I finally got it installed but can’t access anything because I have a gaming pad instead of the regular remote. When I open kodi it says there is a new controller and won’t let me access anything please help

  • Faisal Hussain

    With method 2 it says connecting to troypoint link and is asking for username and password

    It is connected to the internet so what do I do

    • Hello, nothing on my end would require a password. Not sure why you are receiving this message.


  • realist50

    I’m having the same issue it’s supposed to be .apk it’s the right file just getting renamed.

  • Jennifer Kaye Smith

    how do you reprogram firetv gaming remote to work with Kodi 17?

  • Anthony Minion Pilgrim

    Now that I have it downloaded. How do I get all my apps to it? Also now that its jail broke how do I access the movie channels and other pay for channels? Or is that even possible?

  • Lshawl

    Followed the steps to install with downloader. Downloaded but every time I try to run it it asks me to install an update. I update and the programme closes and asks me to update again every time I open. Am I doing something wrong?

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  • Gary

    When I try to download the downloader APP I get a purchase failure message. What do I do? It is asking me for my amazon billing info??!

  • Kathleen Jones

    I use to get Tobra on Exodus but they are all gone since I’ve upgraded to 17.3. Can you help?

  • Eriie Lovee

    Why are the movies that are out in theater and that have been out in theaters for a while say no stream available

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  • Colby Thompson

    Okay I just installed the update and it just stays on the home screen with the Kodi logo how can i fix??

  • Josh

    I email you, but never got respond. Anyways i updated my kodi to 17.3 and some movies disappear. Now i cannot go to theaters located in exodus- movies. As well as exodus- tv shows- network- fox. It says there no streams before i was able to look throught the tv shows that aired in Fox network. How do i fix this?

    • angry nigger

      There are other exodus comments here with solutions. Try reading those.

  • Susanc

    What add-ons do I download?

    • I go through all of that in my free guide that you can get above.

  • Mike Schutzer

    HELP!! I feel so defeated by this. I’ve spent hours trying to get 17.3 configured and ended up clearing my Kodi data and starting fresh. So now I have 17.3 loaded and under the (Settings/System) menu I located Add-ons and was able to turn on Unknown sources. But now I can’t figure out how to get out of this menu so I can attempt to install Exodus. I really could use so expert advice before I smash this thing with a hammer!!!

  • Mike Schutzer

    This is what I am seeing and cannot figure out how to exit this menu so that I can attempt to install Exodus.I hit the back arrow so that I am back in the System screen, but if I click on System settings, I am directed back to the image shown above… Basically, an endless loop of frustration.

  • Mike Schutzer

    Somehow I was able to get this screen to appear, but I still don’t see a way to install from a .zip file or from a
    Repository…. (feeling stupid and defeated)

  • Shalee Sphaler

    So I have been having been problems with Kodi and all the add ons so I factory reset my firestick and went to re download Kodi from downloader using the troypoint address and there’s a blank white screen when I try to open it after it downloaded. 🙁 please help

    • Shalee, try restarting both your FireStick and your router. The following shortcut is working fine on my end –

    • angry nigger

      restarting your router will only be effective when standing only on your left leg while whispering dixie. Magic formulas that are incomplete offend the frogs.

      now ask yourself why “restarting your router” is necessary ever.

  • Bigg Bill

    How can I get Jarvis 16.1?

  • Bigg Bill

    I’m tired of all the glitchy crap with Krypton. Jarvis always worked good!

  • Isaac

    I need help I haven’t used kodi since version 15.0 and I tried to download the latest version of kodi which was dumb bc it didn’t work and so I restarted kodi and i don’t know what to do from here

    • Isaac, You will be jumping up to complete versions so I suggest uninstalling and then reinstall with guide above. To uninstall, go into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Kodi / Uninstall. Then, get my free Supercharge Guide above which goes through installing all of the best Kodi addons with the click of a button.

  • oswaldo padilla

    Hey . I have kodi krypton installed thank you for the guide by the way! But now what? There aren’t any files under movies section . I’m not sure how to watch them ?

    • Get my free Supercharge Guide above as I go through installing Addons with Fire TV and Kodi.

  • Tony

    When I go to the zip file and select fusion nothing happens. I’ve checked numerous times and made sure the http was correct and still nothing

  • Dieseltherapy

    Hey Troy, I find that jarvis is best for me on my firestick. How do I get just jarvis?

  • Mark Zacharias

    Just put Kodi 17.3 on my firestick and nothing happens on home screen shows Kodi is there but will not open any help will be appreciated

    • Try restarting your device.

  • Jared Alvarado

    Good Evening Troy,
    I have kodi 17.3 and we love to watch anime. We were using KissAnime and cartoons8, but for the last days both of them are no working. I will like to know if you can help me to fix these two anime addons. Thank you.

    • Jared, hold tight as many Kodi addon developers are scrambling to move their repos and adjust to recent changes. Keep checking back.

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  • Melissa Michelle MorAn

    Hi Troy,
    After I type in the link and hit download, after the file downloads an install option does not show up. It says open, done, exit. If I hit open a white screen pops up and that’s all.

    • Try restarting your device. It should do exactly what mine does in the tutorial. Also, make sure that your firmware is up to date via Fire TV Settings / Device / About / Check for System Updates.

      • Joshua

        Having the same issue. Restarted the device to no change, it still shows the white blank screen.

  • Chris

    Hi Troy , I was running jarvis on my fire stick but thanks to you I’m now all set up with krypton 17.3 . Just wanted to say a big thank you

    • Thanks for comment, Chris! Have fun with Kodi on your Fire TV Stick.

  • Pat

    Since TVaddons is not working anymore. What are you suggestion as a new build to use and trust?????
    I saw your video on SPINZ but read somethings in your discussions that there are problems with it also.
    So far my KODI 17.3 and EXODUS are working just fine. I use the firestick new generation on 2 TVS. I am a housebound disable senior who loves TV and Movies and am thrilled with cutting cable and finding all this…..also with your help I have the Ivpanish and Terrarium TV…..what a huge quality difference in the picture with this app…thank you a thousand times.
    So I will be waiting as others are too, for you to tell us which addon build to use in place off TVaddons/Indigo now!!!!!!!!!
    waiting for your reply soon I hope

    • Pat, many addons are up in the air right now. Spinz has a great set of builds which will install many addons that still work. Stay patient and see what pans out over next couple of weeks. Thanks for visiting my site!

  • Joshua

    Hey Troy, in my Exodus video add on for Kodi, I can no longer use the search function. It stopped working like a week ago for me. I don’t know why it happened, but I hope it gets fixed soon. I even uninstalled it and reinstalled it.

  • Bre

    Hey Troy, I have Krypton 17.3 and now when I got to watch my shows I’m not getting any working options. Do I need update all my add-ones now?

  • Gerald Lee

    Troy, I am having an issue. All your links fail whether I am using es explorer or downloader. It starts to download then says there is a connection error. What can I do to correct this?

    • Gerald, try restarting both your device and router. Everything working fine with link on my end with no other problems reported from other users on installing Kodi.

  • Amanb73

    Hey Troy, first of all thanks for all your videos and help. I am looking for help. I have kodi 17.3 but unable to get exodus or zem tv. I get all the way to install fusion from zip file. Next I click on fusion and then the list is empty. Please help, I have a child hooked on a couple of Disney series.

  • kate

    After so many months of searching for a real hacker and getting ripped off i finally found this genius named Dark Web.This guru helped me erase and remove blemishes on my report,If you need to increase your score with excellent result i will advice you to get hold him because it’s services are affordable.I am recommend him so you guys can also share yours testimony just like i did too.( is the best programmer .. try him and get all your credit score increased.

  • Jasmine Davis

    My fire stick keeps saying Not connected to server

    • Hi Jasmine, try restarting your router. This sounds like a network problem. After you do that, try to install Kodi again on your Fire TV device.

  • Angela Hughes

    Hi my kodi isn’t working it just wnot launch on my firestick I have forced stop. Cleared data. Cleared cache. Uninstalled. Reinstalled and nothing is working ca u help please

  • Roderick Hannon

    I keep getting parse error after I download. With Es explorer and the download app. I tried many way and keep getting the same errors. What do in need to do?

    • Cory Richards

      Why don’t you just install from the stick itself? I just got mine job and running, no problem

      • Roderick Hannon

        That’s the only way I know how to install it. do you have any other suggestions

        • Cory Richards

          Maybe just follow the first video and don’t back out like he did to do it the browser way. I’ve done it twice now

  • Lionel J Gautreaux

    I restarted everything and I’m getting a no connection message. All of my other WiFi tools are working. I even deleted Kodi and reinstalled initially because no movies were playing in the first place.

    • Try restarting your router.

      • angry nigger

        WTF does this have to do with anything?

    • angry nigger

      Deleting an reinstalling needs the intermediary step of erasing your profile files

  • Roderick Hannon

    Cory. I am, could it be that my stick is a old version

    • Try updating the firmware. Go into Fire TV Settings / Device or System / click Check for Updates. Kodi will work on any version of the Fire TV Stick.

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  • Valerie Baumgartner

    trying to add Kodi to my Firestick on my tv but i dont see a keyboard that lets me type anything and i dont see a search icon. Can you please help?

    • Valerie, please watch the first video posted above and use your pause button between each step. I go through all of the details.

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  • Crystal Dean

    it didnt work for me kodi is empty for me an ive done this 3 times

    • Crystal, you must now install the addons. You can get my free Supercharge Guide above for that.

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  • Joshua

    Is there anyway to fix the search function in Exodus? Because it’s not working for me anymore…

  • Andrew Bentham

    Trying to install kodi from your instructions but when i click on downloader app and then get it comes up with purchase failure and I can’t get any further. Please help

    • Hi Andrew, even though this is a free app, you still must have a valid form of payment tied to your Amazon account. You can set that up within your account at

    • angry nigger

      If it requires a payment instrument then it’s not really freeware, is it? You are right to be concerned. Someone is likely receiving a kickback.

  • Rico

    Can downloader be used to put install previous version (16.1) of kodi on firestick?

  • Craig Chappell

    Hi I have downloaded Kodi via downloaded and all good but it will not install fusion any ideas. Thank you

  • jim13

    hi guys. is there a way to download mobdro for kodi, directly to my firestick having it plugged into my pc.i have been trying for ages to install with the usual method for ages but still getting an error message as soon as i select a genre. please help

  • Guest

    Hi Trow, I was wondering you mentioned five different methods, is there any reason someone would want to go the harder route with extra steps with method 3-5 then do method 1? Thanks

  • Eric Cannon

    I continue to loose connection trying to download Kodi. I have comcast X1and a netgear router

    • Eric, try restarting your router and device.

  • Kelsey Mahaffy

    Kodi is downloaded but when I try to install I need to go to the settings page and the settings page on kodi is just black and it won’t go any further is there any way to fix this?

    • Kelsey, please go through video #1 above and pause the video between steps so you don’t miss anything. Something not right about what you are doing.

  • Jim Toole

    Love the info- I am using fire tv 2nd gen kodi build spinz am smooth. I noticed a newer version the options are normal or fresh install, which should I use. if fresh will i loose the addons that i have done?

    • Hi Jim, whenever you do a fresh install, it will delete everything within Kodi and put it back to factory settings.

  • Jeremy

    ES File Explorer is no longer in Amazon fire tv search. I’ve done this for friends and never had a problem. Now ES File Explorer isn’t showing up under search to download. Any help or news?

    • Hi Jeremy, I have seen this before when ES comes out with a new release. Their app will disappear from Amazon Fire TV App store for a few days and then will appear again. I suggest using Video #1 above with Downloader instead of ES Explorer. In my opinion, it is easier.

  • angry nigger

    ?? Amazon affiliates program REQUIRES you to label your affiliate links. To motivate you to change I will report you in 2 days for TOS violations. If you have corrected all your links by then their investigation will find nothing, otherwise you risk having your account suspended and your current payments frozen.

    ?? Everybody wins this way. I’m sure you want to do the right thing as do I.

  • angry nigger

    kodi is not a subscription service

    why are you not blocking firmware updates?

  • angry nigger

    use a disposable email address service… unless you like spam overrun inboxes

  • angry nigger

    be sure to use a Disposable Email Address service… never share your personal email address with internet sites especially like these

  • Yoon

    I’ve done all the steps to Method #1 above. However, on downloader, after I carefully type in the URL and click download, nothing happens. It just goes back to the app home screen.

    Then I tried it Method #2. After I download the apk, when I install the FILE, it gives me a unable to PARSE ERROR.

    Any thoughts?

    • Sounds like your firmware might not be up to date. Go into Fire TV Settings / Device or System / About / Check for System Update and if one available, update. Mine is currently on Fire OS

    • Try updating your firmware on your device. Fire TV Settings / Device or System / About / Check for System Updates. Mine is currently on Fire OS

  • loon1871

    Appstarter failed kodi install unknown reason? Anyone else getting this message

  • Tom Goodrich

    I tried both versions to download kodi onto firestick. Was able to do that but, tried krypton as advise and it did not work. The kodi app is on my firestick but all libraries are empty. Thoughts?

    • Lauren

      Having the same exact problem

      • If you guys are referring to my Supercharge Guide, please revisit for new tutorial within guide on Pulse.

      • Becca Jane

        Did you install exodus?

  • Lauren

    Everything seemed to be going great following your directions, however now when your step is to download Krypton it does not work. It pops up with an error that says ‘no address associated with hostname’. I also tried Jarvis and no luck. HELP

    • Try restarting both your device and router.

  • Jullie martinez ramirez

    just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!!!! I tried lots of different methods to install Kodi and was already stressing because I could not so thanks it was soo easy and quick….

    • You are welcome, Julie. Glad it worked for you. Have fun.

  • Colin Ferguson

    Really nice guides !! +kudos

    • Thanks Colin. Have fun with Kodi and Fire TV!

  • Amy Fenna

    Hi Troy thanks for the guides, but I just cannot get it to work. I’ve reset to factory settings and started from scratch but still no joy. I’m able to download kodi no probs, but when I go to open, it goes no further and takes me back to the home screen. I’ve checked the firmware also. I’ve followed everything to the letter… help! Thanks

    • Hi Amy, sounds like something might be wrong with your device. If you have done a factory reset and it still doesn’t work, that doesn’t make any sense. Did you buy this new or from someone on Ebay or Craigslist?

      • Amy Fenna

        Hi Troy, I bought it via eBay. Does it make a difference
        Buying it that way?
        Thanks again, amy

        • Becca Jane

          They could of sold you a faulty fire stick

  • Tom Brotherton

    I am not interested in playing TV games at all, I want to be able to see AHC, American Heroes Channel, Discovery Channel and History Channel. Will this device give me these programs?

    • The best part of Kodi is that it provides video on demand for pretty much any show or movie you can think of. Regarding live TV, it is hit and miss with the free addons but there are some inexpensive IPTV services such as Players Klub and Limitless IPTV that charge $5 per month and you get everything.

  • Samuel John

    Thanks troy. So the kodi install goes as your describe. Only thing is after I complete the,install you say go to the home page to move the kodi ap to the front. Thing is I don’t see the lodi app anywhere.

  • Amy Jo Thompson

    Last night I installed Pulse on one of my firesticks but my internet is super slow…so the download took forever. I updated my phone today at work and was done in 10 minutes. Is there a way to download the files I will need and use them via a file explorer to transfer for my update at home?

  • Terri McNally

    I have a new fire tv stick. When I was installing the ares build, the screen froze. The remote won’t work and I can’t do anything!!!!! Help

  • Chealsey Emerald Templo Yates

    I tried following TV steps and I do not have the option of developer or debugging in any of my settings anywhere.

    • scott gray

      its there, go to settings and scroll over over to device click on device and you will find developer options

  • Jamie Hughes

    I installed the kodi but it’s showing up empty

  • Becca Jane

    I just did this earlier today and it worked no problem at all!! Thankyou 🙂 your videos were perfect and I had no problems on installing kodi or installing exodus..which is saying a lot considering it took me 4 hours to hook a v up to an Xbox and make a live account!! So thankyou 🙂

    • Thanks Becca! Have fun with Kodi on your Fire TV.

  • jocelyn

    Hi there, I have entered my email for the supercharge information 3 different times on different days and haven’t received anything in my email. (yes, even checked spam). help ):

    • Hello Jocelyn, this is usually due to the fact that you have already registered. Send me email at and put SUPERCHARGE GUIDE in subject line.

  • Mark

    Hi I got to the end and I had a parcel error (I think) any clue what it means?

    • Mark

      Hello again, tried another way and it’s says there was a problem parsing the package?

      • Hi Mark, many times this will happen when your device is not up to date. Go into Fire TV Settings / Device or System / About and then click Check for System Update – mine is currently on

        • Mark

          Hi Troy, thanks for the tip, all done. Will super charge it later. Thanks again for your reponce.

          • You are welcome, Mark. Have fun with Kodi!

  • Megan

    I followed the above video and successfully downloaded Kodi, but when I try to open in, it says Add-on migration in progress..please wait. Which I’ve been waiting forever and nothing has happened yet. Is this normal or is there something I need to do?

    • Hi Megan, this means that Kodi was already installed on your Fire TV. I would suggest completely uninstalling Kodi by going into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Kodi and then click uninstall. Then, reinstall with guide above. Also, if you get my Supercharge Guide, that will show you how to install the best addons so you can play movies and tv shows.

      • Megan

        I followed your advice and uninstalled and started from step one. I then followed video 2 for the area add-on and was able to get to the zip file but it keeps failing to install. What would be causing this?

        • Megan, go back to Supercharge page as I just added a new video for Video #2 about 1 hour ago. Ares servers have been terrible lately so going with a different tutorial. The new one will have you up and running in minutes.

  • Ryan Rager

    Hey Troy, I’ve installedkodi many times on firesticks but encountered a problem that there are no YouTube videos addressing. I have 3 new sticks just purchased from Amazon. With no other apps installed yet and a fresh install of kodi from your stable link. I made sure to update the sticks as well. When I -launch kodi everything seems to start up fine but after kodi runs for about a minute the screen goes black for about 10 seconds then kodi reappears for a few seconds then back to black and continuesto cycle back and forth until I force stop kpdi in app manager. I’ve tried in installing and reinstallong, but all 3sticks continue to do this. How can I fix this problem?

    • Ryan, I have never had this problem before but try unplugging your router, let it sit for a minute or two and then plug back in. Wondering if there is something going on with network connection and Fire TV Stick is trying to go back to main menu.

  • Steve

    Hey Troy! Everything was succesfull but the app just doesnt show up, But when i redownloded i didnt go home i opened the app it does open. But once i go home again the app isnt there

  • Bex

    Hi Troy. Thank you so much ive been trying to install Kodi ALLLLL Day and i just found you!! ive finally downloaded it but it is empty, How do i get stuff on there ?xx

    • Hello Bex, just get my Supercharge Guide above and that will show you how to install the addons.

  • Becky Elliott

    Hi Tory, I’ve just followed the vid and it comes up saying ” error: not found. Check your URL” any clues on what to do ?
    Becky x

    • Try it again, Becky and make sure that you are typing exactly like this – – I just checked and it is working fine. If that still doesn’t work, try restarting both your Fire TV device and router.

  • Tony Mac

    Troy — like many others, I know just about enough to be dangerous when it comes to tech stuff but I’ve got to tell you, and all who will listen, you made the installation of the Firestick2 as simple as it could possibly get. The instructions were clear, concise, precise, and easy to follow. I installed the Stick as an alternative to Spectrum and once I become more familiar with it, I’ll add it to my other units. I researched other tutorials but none came even close to your explanations. Thanks and I’ll continue to follow your site…Keep up to good work…

  • Darren M

    hey troy i am having issues with getting kodi installed. I am able to download it just fine but when i try and instal i get this error “There was a problem parsing the package”. Is there a fix for this?

    • Baz Devenney

      I am also getting this parse error ?

      • This is usually due to not having your Fire TV firmware up to date. Go into Fire TV Settings / Device / About / Check for System Update and apply any updates that are needed.

  • Tim Gonzales

    I downloaded Kodi and when I opened it
    I taken into a option for entering items into a library and I can’t exit out of it.
    Your assistance with this matter is greatly appreciated.

    • Click back button on remote until you are back at Kodi home screen. Then you can click the exit button top left corner of screen. You will want to install the Kodi addons and I go through that in my Supercharge Guide which you can register for above.

  • haridas menon

    Hi Troy. When I search for downloader, Getting a message “Your search did not match any videos or apps in our catalogue”. Is that because of my Geographical location – India? Thanks in advance. Haridas

    • Try restarting your router and device. Downloader showing up fine for me and I don’t know why this wouldn’t show in India.

  • Danielle Moya Olsen

    Hi Troy,
    When trying to install Kodi on android ph (galaxy 6 active) we get an error message: Install failed No matching abis. Do you have a solution? Thanks in advance! Danielle

  • -Vegasnoid-

    Hi Troy,
    Thank you very much for the videos! I never knew how to do all this stuff and would just buy the boxes or firesticks that were setup by others and they never worked as well as the one I set up by watching your videos. Very good instructions, and very easy to follow. I took your advice, purchased and installed IPVanish. Now my firestick works faster and better than ever before. Nobody else has put together such an easy to follow & understand instructional video. Your videos are the best out there. I will be watching for new info on your site in the future. Thanks again,
    Las Vegas, Nv.

    • Vegasnoid – thank you for your nice comments! Many more tutorials on the way.

  • Erik Ralli

    I just realized i do not have the Firestick2 with Alexa. So I am trying to compare the Amazon Fire Box vs. the MXQ pro w/remote & keyboard. Please give me your honest assessment of each. I want to be able to update as needed if the version ever changes. Thank you !

  • Keith

    Ok, I’m new to this! I’ve downloaded Kori and now what? All my folders are empty. How do I watch movies?

    • Hi Keith, get my Supercharge Guide above. This will show you how to install all of the best addons with one click.

      • Keith

        I downloaded Kobi but it wouldn’t load anything.



  • NeonSpark4985

    Hey, Troy

    I’m new to this whole kodi thing, and im worried if I do this, my isp will send me a nasty letter about pirating and stuff. should i be worried? is there a way to prevent that?

    (my isp has done that to me in the past, just incase i look like a tard for bringing this up. im just concerned)

    • Hello, I always suggest using a VPN to encrypt your traffic so ISP doesn’t know what you are streaming or downloading. Here is a guide –

      • NeonSpark4985

        awesome! you are the best!

      • NeonSpark4985

        sorry. one follow up. i followed your supercharge tutorial to a t, messed up once and factory reset everything to go again, and got it all set up. just one issue. no videos or movies are showing up under those categories, or in any other categories. any suggestions?

  • Ron

    I am new to this and am considering getting the hardware and doing the installs, builds, etc.. I am curious if anyone has used this during NFL season and can share their results, more specifically, can you view live games?

    • Ron, there are some great IPTV services out there that only cost a few dollars per month. Do a search for The Players Klub on Google.

    • NeonSpark4985

      you can, but use a vpn to be safe

      • Ron

        Thank you

  • Jonny

    Hi Troy,

    I have gone through the tutorial and loaded up Beast, but when I unplug Kodi and go back to the home page there is still no content. I get an image of the Beast but then nothing. Any ideas?

  • lex2010

    Shobox shortcut 80005 isn’t working. Still good ?

    • lex2010

      Nevermind. Lol. Entered manually. Durr

  • F J

    What about the pin passwords in the adult add ons?

  • Ris Alexandra Noboa

    Hi Troy,

    So I actually was able to Install Kodi on my Firestick, and I downloaded your super guide on Supreme Builds. You wrote that there will always be an updated link for the build in red. Supreme Builds apparently got shut down, and now I can’t find a build and there’s not one you haven’t posted so I haven’t been able to watch anything on the Kodi. Do you have any suggestions?


    • Supreme Builds hasn’t been shut down. Go through tutorial again as everything is working perfectly as long as you type the correct url in.

  • Spewy

    I installed Kodi following this guide onto my new firestick 2nd Gen. I ditched the 1st gen version when I learned you could use a VPN with them.
    I am finding this version of Kodi really poor, most channels I want to view are ‘unavailable’
    Is there a method of detecting what the problem is?
    I have another firestick in the household and that is working fine, just seems to be the one with this build.

    • Hello, get my Supercharge Guide above as I go through how to install the best Kodi addons all at once. Chances are, you are trying to use Kodi addons that don’t work properly anymore.

      • Spewy

        I had already followed the supercharge guide. However I have done it again to be sure but still not getting live sport channels that are watchable.
        As I said another firestick in the house is working fine.

  • Nonya

    Hi Troy! I love your tutorials!
    I need your help please… I’ve been having issues for the last couple days downloading Kodi NO LIMITS. When it get to the end for the final install, I either get an error “failed to install form zip file” error message
    or it will get the the place when you choose a build and I download one of them, unplug for 15 seconds and start again but Kodi isn’t installed…please help me!!! 🙁

    • Hi Nonya, sorry but I don’t use that build. It could be a server error on their side or you aren’t typing the url in correctly within Kodi. Usually the problem is that there is a mistake typing in the proper url. If you get one character wrong, it won’t work.

  • Parveen Jhitta Hi thanks so much for the tutorial, I seem to be having an issue though. I’ve been stuck on “add on migration in progress please wait” for the last 90 minutes. Can anyone offer any guidance please?

    • This means that more than likely Kodi was already installed and now it is trying to update. I suggest uninstalling Kodi completely by going into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Kodi and then uninstall. Then reinstall with guide above.

  • Warren007

    HI TROY,

  • Warren007

    Whatever Happened to TITANIUM???

    • Hi Warren, my Supercharge Guide shows how to install per their new servers. It is working great.

  • John

    supremebuilds wizard failed . followed your instructions to install kodi on fire stick and tried three times (each time cleaning the data) but keep getting failed error notifications . right around 06:39 on video number 2
    what should i do next?

    • Hi John, I just went through entire process and everything working the way the video explains. The only thing I can think of is try disabling VPN if you have one active. Triple check that you are typing in the proper url. Also, try restarting both your Fire TV and router.

  • dcisney

    17.3, even from your stable link only showss blank/black screen at initial launch. I’ve installed/uninstalled restarted s dozen times – no luck

    • That link points directly to the Kodi server and is downloading the official app. There is probably something wrong with your Fire TV if not working. I would suggest doing a factory reset on your device and reloading with all of your apps.

      • dcisney

        But it’s brand new – how could something be wrong with it?

  • Whitney ‘Chillz’ Gray

    Hey, thank you for the video. I followed the steps to download Kodi on my fire stick using The Downloader but Kodi does not appear in my recent apps file. I have to keep going to the downloader and doing the process all over again. Can you help me?

    • Hi Whitney, watch the end of the video. I show how to add the Kodi icon to the front of your apps list.