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Kodi 20.4 Release – Fixes, Features, & How to Update

kodi 20.4

Kodi 20.4 is now available as the stable release of Kodi and the final version before the platform updates to Kodi 21 Omega.

Kodi 20.3 was originally planned to be the final release before Omega, however, the development team had a few improvements to make before the next big step.

Provided below are all of the latest bug fixes, features, and changes which can be found in the official press release for Kodi 20.4. We also provide instructions to update Kodi on any device including Firestick, Android TV/Google TV, PC, & more.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Android users must sideload the latest version of Kodi as 20.4 is not available in the Google Play Store. We provide the fastest method for doing this below.

There are no major changes for the latest release. As always, if you are happy with your current version of Kodi, feel free to continue using it on your preferred device.

We have not yet tested Kodi 20.4 with all popular addons and builds, if you are having issues with your addon/build choice, let us know in the comment section below.

Continue reading for the complete changelog which includes all of the latest bug fixes and new features for Kodi 20.4.

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Kodi 20.4 – New Features, Fixes, & Improvements

Release notes


  • A backport aimed at fixing the failure rate of binary addon builds has been merged by @garbear.


  • Update to the controller addons.

Platform Specific

  • Android
    • Several fixes have been backported from master to fix deployment issues on Google Play. Thanks to @joseluismarti for working with us on these.
    • A number of fixes backported to resolve input issues (remotes/controllers).
  • iOS/tvOS
    • A long-time-coming fix to reduce black screen playback when interlaced content is played on iOS/tvOS. Users should no longer have to specifically disable VTB Hardware playback for most interlaced content. Please keep in mind some methods of content playback (HTTP URLs provided in .strm files) will still be affected.
    • A memory leak with game controllers on iOS/tvOS has been fixed by @kambala-decapitator.
  • tvOS
    • @kambala-decapitator fixed what seems to be a long standing bug regarding framework plist metadata for shared library frameworks.
  • Windows
    • A fix for AESinkWASAPI to improve fallback when the exact output channel layout isn’t supported by drivers or hardware.

Install Kodi 20.4 with the TROYPOINT Toolbox

If you wish to install or update to Kodi 20.4 Nexus, you can easily do so through the free TROYPOINT Toolbox.

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Kodi 20.4 Download Links

For Firestick and Fire TV Users, the following links will provide you with installation guides and updating guides for your preferred device.

When using the install methods linked below, you must choose Kodi 20.4 Nexus from the Toolbox.

Firestick/Fire TV/Fire TV Cube

Upgrade to Kodi 20.4 on Firestick Guide

Android/Android TV/Google TV

Upgrade to Kodi 20.4 on Android, Android TV, Google TV


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iOS (Must have jailbroken device)

ARM32 is no longer supported in Kodi 19 and beyond.



Use the following commands in your Linux/Ubuntu terminal to install Kodi 20.4.  Follow the prompts as you would with any other software installation.

sudo apt install software-properties-common
sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa:team-xbmc/xbmc-nightly
sudo apt install kodi

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Notable Replies

  1. loaded new kodi 20.4 all working fine no app problems

  2. Avatar for MikeFL MikeFL says:

    Problem on Android devices. On the ONN Google box, the ‘select’ button does not work. There’s doesn’t appear to be a patched version yet.

    Update, 11 Feb 20:55 UTC

    We’re aware of some (at this time) non-specific “input issues” on Android - buttons not working properly, for example - so we’ve halted the deployment for now until we understand more. We would also advise against anyone installing manually unless you know how to roll back. Please bear with us while we isolate and squash the offending bug.

  3. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    Thought i was going crazy, or crazier lol.

    Thanks for mentioning this. I almost started a thread.

    For anyone looking for a temporary solution. Download TP Fork 20.3 and use that for now. Unless I am mistaken, you can’t undo the update. Unless you want to delete 20.4 and install 20.3. But you will lose all saved data.

  4. Avatar for MikeFL MikeFL says:

    There are ways to roll back to 20.3, but it’s probably not worth the effort as any ‘improvements’ in 20.4 aren’t worth the effort. So if you want 20.4 wait for the patch IMO.

  5. Avatar for JPM69 JPM69 says:

    I just deleted and installed 20.3 since i use a build. Just need to reauthorize RD and Trakt.

    There are probably people here that might want to try to roll back to save their personal set up. Is it difficult/tedious?

  6. Installed 20.4 on on android boxes. Kodi will not let me open gear icon, or will not let me close the app. I trash 20.4 and installed 20.3 and everything works fine?

  7. Avatar for MarkxG MarkxG says:

    20.4 is full of known Bugs. There is absolutely Zero reasons to update to 20.4 This is the last (scheduled) point release before the next major KODI release - Omega

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