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Google Removes “Kodi” Search Term from Autocomplete Feature

Kodi No Longer Available in Google’s Autocomplete Feature

At the end of last month, the world’s most popular search engine removed the term “Kodi” from it’s autocomplete feature. The autocomplete feature google provides is the recommendations you see when typing in a search term.

For example, if you were trying to find out “How To Insall Kodi on Firestick”, you would begin typing “How To”. The image below shows what suggestions Google may offer you:

autocomplete how to

However, if you were to continue with the sentence, recommendations for your search term would stop. As seen here:

autocomplete how to install kodi

Prior to this change in Google, options such as “How to Install Kodi on Firestick”, “How to Install Kodi on Android Box” and many more were shown as suggestions. By eliminating these, Google is hoping to prevent piracy from Kodi’s 3rd party add-ons.

Since the basic term of “Kodi” is no longer available, users will have to enter their entire phrase into the search bar to warrant results. Upon searching the term “Kodi”, no results will be displayed. Instead you will see options such kodiak bear, kodiak cakes, and more. I have been doing some testing since the change and found out a few things.

First, once the complete term “Kodi” is typed in the search bar, Google does offer some suggestions for you. Entering Kodi and hitting the space bar will give the most popular recommendations just as it did prior to the change. However, if typing items such as “addons for kodi” or “best build for kodi”, nothing will be prompted.

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Secondly, addons and build names associated with Kodi are also removed. If you are trying to find an installation guide for a specific add-on, other suggestions will be provided as shown below.

autocomplete install covenant on kodi

In this instance I was looking for an installation guide to “Install Covenant on Kodi”. Instead, ideas like “Install Covenant on Firestick” and others were listed.

For some, this may be a big change. If you are used to using the Google autocomplete feature for tutorials and more, you may now need to enter the entire search phrase to find what you are looking for. For others however, the change is hardly noticeable.

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