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How To Install VPN On Kodi

This step-by-step guide will point you in the proper direction if you want to install VPN on Kodi.  Most Internet service providers are starting to block access to many Kodi addons, builds, and wizards.  By installing a VPN on your Kodi box, you will enjoy unlimited access to these blocked Kodi resources. Internet providers are also [...]

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What is a VPN?

This in-depth article will answer the popular question, "What is a VPN?" This question is asked over one-hundred times per day on the TROYPOINT website and this resource will help our visitors understand this terminology better. What is a VPN? A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a service that allows users to privately and [...]

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How To Install VPN On LibreELEC

This step-by-step guide will show you how to install VPN on LibreELEC. LibreELEC is a fork of Kodi based off the Linux operating system and carries the tagline, "Just enough OS for Kodi." Most people use LibreELEC on their Raspberry Pi devices.  The Raspberry Pi is a credit card sized computer that hobbyists use to [...]

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How To Setup VPN On Android TV Box

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to install a VPN service onto your Android TV Box and configure the settings as well.  This process is assuming that you have Google Play Store installed on your Android TV Box and you have a Google username and password that you can use to login with. Why [...]

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How To Improve VPN Speed

This tutorial will show you how to improve VPN speed on any device. There are many reasons why your VPN speed may be suffering.  This tutorial will examine multiple problems that you can look for.  Prior to diving into the tutorial, it is important for you to know how a VPN functions so you understand [...]

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How To Install VPN On Fire TV Or Stick

This step-by-step tutorial will show you how to install VPN on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.  This tutorial will not work on the 1st Generation Fire TV Stick but will work with all other models (1st Generation Fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire TV, 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick). You will know if you have [...]

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Best VPN For Kodi

This article will explain the process that I went through to find the best VPN for Kodi.  When I first started creating tutorials and writing articles about Kodi, this is a question that surfaced at least a dozen times per day. At that time, I hadn't produced any tutorials about using a VPN in conjunction [...]

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How To Protect Your Online Privacy

  Shepard Smith of Fox News talks about the online privacy law that is being repealed and how we can protect ourselves. Update - President Trump did sign this resolution into law, which will now allow Internet Service Providers to share your data with the outside world.   It is now more important [...]

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How To Install VPN On Windows

This tutorial will show you how to install VPN on Windows which will provide you with an anonymous connection to the Internet. A new bill within the House of Representatives has now made it possible for Internet Service Providers to sell your Internet activity or give to third parties without your consent. By installing a VPN [...]

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How To Install VPN On Router

This tutorial will show you how to install a VPN on a router, which will secure and provide anonymity for all devices within your network.  By doing this, you will no longer be required to install a separate application on every device that you want to protect. The VPN service running on your router will provide [...]

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