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Best DD-WRT Routers in 2024 for Advanced Network Performance

best dd-wrt routers

The following guide details the Best DD-WRT Routers for advanced wireless setup.

Using a DD-WRT Router is one of the best ways to access additional features not available in a standard router.

This includes running a VPN to protect all devices connected to your network.

There are various routers available that provide DD-WRT capabilities and this guide lists the best options.

DD-WRT is an open-source firmware available for routers based on the Linux Operating System.

Unlike standard router firmware, DD-WRT has adjustable settings, tools, and more to help improve your overall wireless experience.

It is important to consider a few factors when trying to determine the Best DD-WRT Router for you.

These include:

  • Price
  • Specs
  • Connection Options
  • Download Speeds
  • Warranty
  • and more

The Best DD-WRT Routers listed below are suitable for beginners and experts alike and vary in numerous ways.

These routers do not support WiFi 6 as the chipset provided is not compatible with this technology.

Best DD-WRT Routers

Listed below are the Best DD-WRT Routers available to get the most out of your home network.

These vary in price and specifications with options for low-budget routers as well as some premium choices.

Netgear Nighthawk R7000

best dd-wrt router netgear nighthawk r7000

  • Price: $179.99
  • Frequency: Dual-Band 5 GHz
  • Wireless Type: 802.11ac
  • USB Port: Yes
  • VPN: Compatible with Surfshark VPN

Netgear R700 Official Amazon Link

Currently, the best DD-WRT Router available is Netgear’s Nighthawk R7000.

For under $200, this powerful router provides 4 high-speed Ethernet ports for up to 1 Gbps of bandwidth.

Those who opt for a Wi-Fi connection will enjoy speeds up to 1900 Mbps which means you can stream, game, and everything in between.

With Wi-Fi coverage up to 1800 sq. ft and 30 device connections available, everyone in the house can enjoy a solid internet connection.


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Best of all, the Netgear R7000 is an extremely easy device to set up with a step-by-step guide available via the Netgear Nighthawk App.

netgear r7000 ports

CLICK HERE to Purchase Netgear Nighthawk R7000

Linksys WRT – 3200ACM

best dd-wrt router linksys 3200acm

  • Price: $299.99
  • Frequency: Dual-Band 5 GHz & 2.4 GHz
  • Wireless Type: 802.11ac
  • USB Port: Yes
  • VPN: Compatible with our #1 VPN Provider

Linksys WRT – 3200ACM Official Amazon Link

If you are looking for an ultra-powerful DD-WRT Router with tons of specs and more, the Linksys 3200ACM is a perfect choice.

It also features 4 Ethernet Ports as well as a USB Port to connect printers, flash drives, and much more.


The Linksys 3200ACM comes equipped with Tri-Stream 160 technology for superior internet speeds up to 2.6 Gbps.

With an impressive 1.8 GHz processor, lag and buffering are nonexistent even when multiple devices and users are connected.

linksys 3200acm ports

CLICK HERE to purchase Linksys WRT – 3200ACM

Linksys E2500 (N600)

best dd-wrt router linksys e2500

  • Price: $58.97
  • Frequency: Dual Band 5 GHz
  • Wireless Type: 802.11a/b/g/n
  • USB Port: Yes
  • VPN: Compatible with our #1 VPN Provider

Linksys E2500 (N600) Official Amazon Link

The Linksys 2500 is a budget-friendly router with tons of great features which makes it one of the Best DD-WRT Routers available.

It offers up to 100 Mbps of speed with 4 ethernet connection ports.

The device itself provides a wide coverage range because of the integrated MIMO antenna array.

Best of all, you won’t break the bank when purchasing the Linksys E2500 which is currently available for under $60.

linksys e2500 ports

CLICK HERE to purchase Linksys E2500 (N600)

Netgear R6700

best dd-wrt router netgear r6700

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  • Price: $109.99
  • Frequency: Dual-Band
  • Wireless Type: 802.11ac
  • USB Port: Yes
  • VPN: Compatible with our #1 VPN Provider

Netgear R6700 Official Amazon Link

The sister router of the Netgear R7000 is the R6700 which features the same specs, security, design, and more.

While the R7000 covers up to 1800 sq ft., the R6700 provides coverage for up to 1500 sq ft.

This means it is capable of providing a connection for 25 devices simultaneously for unlimited gaming and streaming.

Coming in at only $109.99, the Netgear R7000 is a great way to get the most bang for your buck when choosing the Best DD-WRT Router.

netgear r6700 ports

CLICK HERE to purchase Netgear R6700

Asus AC1900 Gaming Router

asus ac1900 best dd-wrt router

  • Price: $129.99
  • Frequency: Dual-Band 5 GHz
  • Wireless Type: 802.11ac
  • USB Port: Yes
  • VPN: Compatible with our #1 VPN Provider

Asus AC1900 Official Amazon Link

The Asus AC190 is a well-known DD-WRT Router that is built for heavy usage with coverage of up to 3,000 sq ft.

Featuring built-in AirProtection technology, users will have peace of mind knowing their devices are secure from threats.

It also comes with AiMesh capabilities to connect multiple Asus routers for a whole-home WiFi network.

With up to combined speeds of 1900 Mbps, you can expect lag and buffering will be eliminated with the AC1900.

Asus AC1900 ports

CLICK HERE to purchase Asus AC1900

TP-Link AC1750

tp-link ac1750 best dd-wrt router

  • Price: $59.99
  • Frequency: Dual Band 5 GHz
  • Wireless Type: 802.11n/b/g/ac
  • USB Port: Yes
  • VPN: Compatible with our #1 VPN Provider

TP-Link AC1750 Official Amazon Link

TP-Link offers some of the best DD-WRT Routers available today including the Archer A7 AC1750.

Users can connect Amazon Alexa for added customization as well as 4 Ethernet Ports and a USB port.

The TP-Link AC1750 is well known for its parental controls that provide user profiles, filter levels, time usage limits, and more.

With coverage up to 2500 sq. ft and connections for 50 devices, your streaming and gaming opportunities are endless.

tp-link ac1750 ports

CLICK HERE to purchase TP-Link AC1750

You can find a complete list of compatible DD-WRT Routers on the official DD-WRT website below.

Router Database: DD-WRT

For more router tutorials, check out our popular resource guides below.

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Best DD-WRT Routers Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Best Router for DD-WRT?

Some of the Best DD-WRT Routers include Netgear R7000, Asus AC1900, Linksys E2500, and others listed above.

Should I use DD-WRT on Router?

Using DD-WRT is a great way to customize your router including advanced features not available with other firmware.

How do I install DD-WRT Firmware?

The video guide above provides step-by-step instructions to install DD-WRT on a Netgear R7000. This will also work for nearly any other router you choose.

Is DD-WRT Free?

Yes. This firmware is absolutely free to install and use on your compatible router device.

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