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WatchSeries and WatchSoMuch Streaming Websites Shut Down by ACE

watchseries and watchsomuch shut down

The popular WatchSeries and WatchSoMuch streaming websites have been shut down by ACE.

Both of these names are some of the most popular streaming sites with millions of monthly visitors.

We want to know your thoughts after reading this story in the comments below. What do you think of ACE’s latest shutdown of these streaming sites?

Drop a comment below this post! is the exact domain that was targeted by ACE, and this website reportedly contained over 10,000 movies, 60,000 TV episodes, and received over 7 million visits per month.

watchseries is the other pirate domain confiscated by ACE that provided similar content as WatchSeries. This website received over 6 million visits per month.


According to the official press release from ACE, they stated the following on this shutdown:

“Both domains, which affected all ACE members, are offline following ACE’s enforcement actions. ACE’s trusted notifier agreements and outreach to domain name registries and registrars led to the domains’ suspension.”

It only seems this constant game of “whack a mole” with streaming website shutdowns will continue.

After doing some further research, we found several other “mirrors” of both the WatchSeries and WatchSoMuch websites.


This isn’t the first time copyright authorities have released lists of piracy websites and services on their radar.

US Government Releases List of Top Pirate Sites

ACE & MPA Target Streaming Sites in 2021

Will Users of WatchSeries or WatchSoMuch be Contacted?

It’s uncertain what’s happening behind the scenes with this latest targeting of the WatchSeries and WatchSoMuch streaming sites.

We’ve seen pirate website operators in the past hand over user data, streaming history, and identifying IP addresses when investigated by copyright authorities. They’re also known to sell this sought-after information to other third parties.

It’s extremely important to only stream content not protected by copyright and protect yourself with a VPN.

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What do you think of this latest shutdown of WatchSeries and WatchSoMuch?

Leave a Comment Below!

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9 thoughts on “WatchSeries and WatchSoMuch Streaming Websites Shut Down by ACE”

  1. I think they ought not to be refered to by “ACE”. It gives an undeserved callback to fun, good, and/or something to look up to.

    you ACE, what a guy/girl/ever other gender label around these days.
    hey, you ACEd it.
    ahhh, you ruined all the fair access. way to screw everyone ACE.

    For such an legirimate yet cruel organization relative to the needs of this userbase, it seems highly inappropriate to indulge in this described “Cruel Joke” called ACE.

    shall we instead settle on a more appropriate term =?
    I suggest “The Coven of Digusting Fun Squashers”
    or If you prefer “Sqatchfulk” for short

  2. If anyone is contacted because of these shutdowns or any others, I hope they will leave a message telling the rest of us if or how they will be (or could be) affected other than losing service.

  3. Would love to see Watchseries return. Was one of the best and most reliable streams I’ve used for the past 6 years. I’m definitely bummed to see that ACE has done this. Is there a way to appeal to them by way of a petition I wonder?

  4. Perhaps big tech should spend more time figuring out how to offer “affordable” access to all digital content. Then there would be no need for ACE……

  5. Troy
    I enjoy your videos a lot. You have helped so much with cord cutting and getting the best content. Keep up the good work.

  6. Can someone please explain how to update Kodi 19.4 within Kodi media player. There is no build just add-ons. Just can’t find tutorial on updating Kodi within player. Thanks look forward to learning

  7. Hey fellow streamers. Like I commented that we stay three steps ahead. It awful Love these sites have been shut down!!! I also would to put this out there. Cat n Mouse was n is very stable. It only produces a few streams for movies none for TV shows I just get this awful feeling that these copyright companies are actually using cat and mouse as trojans. That’s why it’s so important to use a VPN. Thanks for keeping us informed.

  8. Just another way from control the cable market to get you to pay thousands of dollars is this a scam by these big company.
    Along with this one to set it down and along with DirecTV DirecTV can’t make no money so they’re trying to sue to get money

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