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Install Google Play On Fire TV Alternative

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Install Google Play On Fire TVThis tutorial will show you how to install Google Play On Fire TV alternative which will work just as well and best of all, we aren’t required to root our device.

In this article and video below, I will be installing a Google Play alternative called Aptoide and best of all, this version is optimized for streaming devices such as the Fire TV/Stick.  One of the problems with installing android applications onto the Fire TV or Stick is that they don’t work very well with the remote.  That isn’t the case with this optimized version of Aptoide since it has been specifically created for our streaming devices such as the Amazon Fire TV or FireStick.

If you choose to install Google Play on Fire TV, then you will be required to root your device and go through a ton of steps to complete the process.  This is an easier method and best of all, most of the apps that are available in Google Play are also available in Aptoide Android App store.

Important:  It is strongly suggested that you watch the video below the written steps for detailed instructions on this process.  The written steps below the video are meant for general steps and do not cover the exactly details.

How To Install Google Play On Fire TV Alternative Guide

  • Go into Fire TV Settings / Device or Sytem / Developer Options / turn on Apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Go back to home screen of Fire TV or FireStick and install the free application Downloader for the Amazon App Store.
  • Open Downloader and input the following download url – into the address location for downloading apps.  Go ahead and install the program.
  • Open Aptoide and enjoy installing Android Applications onto your Fire TV or FireStick that previously required side-loading.

 Video Tutorial


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Important: Many Internet Service providers keep a close eye on what you are downloading/streaming through your connection…how intrusive is that?? I strongly suggest that you invest in an inexpensive VPN service and enjoy a private connection to the Internet.  If you are using Kodi, this is a must!


2017-06-26T20:25:47-05:00 By |Fire TV|52 Comments
  • Barenda Mauney Key


    • Alan Mainer

      Hi Brenda, what happened or what were the steps that lead up to you losing KODI on your fire stick? Perhaps I can help you find it.

    • Alan Mainer

      Hi Barenda, what happened or what were the steps that lead up to you
      losing KODI on your fire stick? Perhaps I can help you find it.

    • You can install Kodi on Fire TV or FireStick here –

  • Chester Gross

    Fire tv guru

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  • Sarah Aveston

    I had Aptoide already and ive just updated it and now the screen is stretched! Any ideas?

    • Sarah, this is a different version of Aptoide. I suggest uninstalling whatever Aptoide that you have on system by going into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Aptoide / uninstall button. Then, install per the video above.

      • Sarah Aveston

        Done. Thankyou, I do have another issue-i cant DL apps ie DOWNLOADER keeps giving me error 500 and when i try to send from Amazon desktop to device it wont have it! My AFTV is still using the old blocking method which i cant remember which was, I’m a bit reluctant to restore device if im honest. Tips?

        • Sarah, I would suggest doing a factory reset on your system and that will allow for Fire TV updates. I wouldn’t worry about them blocking Kodi. If they haven’t done it, I don’t think they will.

  • Fred Freeloader

    I installed aptoid and HBOgo and other sites want me to sign up

    • Fred, some of these apps that you are downloading may require that you have a service with them to use them. This is very similar to Google Play App store.

      • E.d. Prysock

        where do I get these free apps?

    • Get the free apps don’t pay for shit

  • Fred Freeloader

    Do you have to sign up and pay for the sites on Kodi and Aptoid, cClear etc

    • No, the addons are free.

      • E.d. Prysock

        Where do you get the free addons like Hulu, HBOgo, natflix etc

  • I can’t find any firesticks to buy so I can jailbreak it. The stores won’t restock them. Where can I purchase one for retail price?

    • Karen M Konczyk


      • They take forever …never instock

        • Karen M Konczyk

          Mine was back ordered (everyone wants one) but came sooner than the date they gave me..Didn’t take long at all

  • Philip Whitehorn

    The echo wizard isn’t working anymore and I can’t download any builds does anyone have a clue of what’s going on and how to get builds without using a computer/laptop?

  • Allen Brooks

    Troy, downloaded and installed aptoid just fine, however, when I try to download an app it takes me back to amazon home page—help

  • Anthony Fanelli

    I downloaded aptoid. When I back out of an app the screen goes black. Tried restarting firestick and doing it again this time I hit home. Same thing. If push the buttons on the remote I hear a click but still a black screen. Thanks.

  • Joanne Pierce

    When I try to download this it tells me An unknown error has occurred. Check that you entered the url correctly. I have checked so many times and I disconnected the IPVanish.

  • E.d. Prysock

    Can I put Kodi on my Roku 2 box??

    • Karen M Konczyk

      Sorry no!

      • Dewayne Marion

        Put it on an Android phone and screen cat

  • Karen M Konczyk

    I’m interested. What Android apps do you put on your Fire Stick?

  • E.d. Prysock

    where do I get these free apps?

    • Hello E.d. Follow the video tutorial and install Aptoide which serves as a great Google Play alternative. Then just install them from that application.


    I downloaded Google play on aptoid but it won’t allow me to sign in.

    • Hello Leia, unfortunately, you can’t install Google Play on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick unless you root it. This tutorial here is to provide a Google Play alternative that works just as well.

  • Screencasting is slow. the fastest way with roku is to hook up you ios or android device to your tv. or just spend the $40 you would for the cable on the fire tv stick…but get one SOON…from Best Buy…Amazon is re-releasing them at the end of the month and kodi will be blocked!!!

  • James

    Will running Aptoid TV allow me to download/install the COX Contour TV app?

  • Emilio

    None of the apps I got from Aptoid work with the fire remote. They all seem to require a mouse or touch screen. How are you guys using them?

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  • JueCity

    Is there a way to get Google play on the fire stick?

      • JueCity

        Thanks, but what I really wanted was to be able to use Google play music. I found the app but I’m not able to sign in. But I’ll just use Amazon music or just cast my music. No big deal.

        • The only way of installing the actual Google Play Store is by rooting your device and in my opinion, that will cause more headache than solutions. You can also look into another device such as Mi Box or Nvidia Shield which are based off Android TV and have Google Play Store already installed.

          • JueCity

            Yea I’m not interested in rooting. I’ll just use the Amazon music app or cast my music to from my phone it’s no big deal. Thanks for responding tho.

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  • Mario Lombardo

    Will I be able to download the Carbon TV app with this?

  • kewl1

    My last Exodus upgrade added very loud ads for casino slot games. Driving us crazy. They come on overy time we finish a show and try to back out to find another

  • Amber Hagan

    Can you tell me if I can use the aptoid app to download and stream DIRECTV app? Not directv now?

  • Sherry Jones

    OMGoodness. I have been struggling with the Aptoid app that I installed from another site for a long time. It would hardly work with my Firestick remote. I am so excited to find this version optimized for the FireTV devices.

  • Trace Ball

    Thanks for the great site. How can i get the BTN2Go app on my fire tv. I tried using the apptoide tv app but it didnt work. Any solutions? I need it for this Fall to watch my Hawkeyes!

  • bca183

    What is the best app for Fire TV to play games with Fire TV game controller