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How To Update Kodi On Fire TV

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How To Update Kodi On Fire TV


Now that you have Kodi installed on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick, you will need to know how to update Kodi on Fire TV.  This is important so you will be able to update without re-installing everything such as Kodi addons, skins, settings, etc..  There will be numerous updates to Kodi in the future so it is important to learn how to update Kodi on Fire TV.

Updating Kodi on a Fire TV or FireStick is a simple process that will take under five minutes by using one of the tutorials below.

I have provided four options on how to update Kodi on Fire TV or Fire TV Stick below and you should choose the option which works best for you.  In my opinion, the first option is the easiest and most reliable in the future as it will only take one click to complete.  Also, with this method, we are only relying on one application and that is Downloader, which you can download for free from Amazon App Store.  Downloader is a free application that you can download through the Fire TV app store.  If you have problems finding Downloader when you perform a search, be sure that you are searching under the category of Apps and not TV Shows & Movies.

The video tutorials listed below will provide you with a more detailed outline on the step-by-step instructions. Each of the options listed below will allow you to retain all of your Kodi settings and addons.

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EASIEST METHOD! – Option #1 – How To Update Kodi On Fire TV Or FireStick With Downloader

Watch the entire video below for complete details without missing any steps.


IMPORTANT: Be sure to install a VPN on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.  More than likely, your Internet Service Provider is blocking or throttling Kodi addons, wizards, builds, and Android Applications.  A VPN will protect your privacy and provide unrestricted access to Kodi and other apps.  

Click here for tutorial on installing VPN onto your Fire TV or Stick.

How To Reinstall Kodi After Failed Update



1.  Go into Fire TV or FireStick Settings / Device or System / Developer Options and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources if it isn’t already on.

2.  Search for Downloader with search function at top of screen on Fire TV or Stick.  Install Downloader.

3.  Add the following url in the box – and click the “Download” button.

4.  Click the Install button at bottom of screen that asks if you wan to update Kodi on your Fire TV or Stick.

5.  Launch Kodi and ensure your addons and settings have been saved.

Option #2 – How To Update Kodi On Fire TV or FireStick With 1 Click, ES Explorer, & No Computer

Be sure to watch entire video for complete details on every step.


Don’t forget to run a VPN on your Fire TV or Fire TV Stick.  More than likely, your Internet Service Provider is watching what you are downloading and streaming.  A VPN will protect your privacy.  Click here for tutorial on installing VPN onto your Fire TV or Stick.



1.  Go into Fire TV or Fire TV Stick Settings / System / Developer Options and turn on Apps from Unknown Sources if it isn’t already on.

2.  Search for ES File Explorer with search function at top of screen on Fire TV or Stick.  Install ES File Explorer

3.  Add the following source as a Favorite and name it and name it troypoint.

4.  Click the link in your favorite menu to launch troypoint ES File Explorer download page.

5.  Click the link on the page to download Kodi.  Then, click “Open File” Do not click “Open Folder”.

6.  After you click “Open File”, you will see the Kodi apk file.  Navigate to this file and click it.

7.  Go through installation process.

8.  Launch Kodi and ensure your addons and settings have been saved.

Option #3 – How To Update Kodi On Fire TV or FireStick With AppStarter, ES Explorer, & Without Computer


Don’t forget to run a VPN on your Fire TV or Stick.  More than likely, your Internet Service Provider is watching what you are downloading and streaming.  A VPN will protect your privacy.  Click here for tutorial on installing VPN onto your Fire TV or Stick.



1.  Turn on apps from unknown sources by going into Fire TV or Fire TV Stick Settings / System / Developer Options.   You will see a toggle in there where you can turn this option on.

2.  Search for ES File Explorer in Amazon App Store by using search button at top of screen.  Install ES File Explorer

3.  Go into Favorites within ES File Explorer and add the following favorite to the list –  Name the favorite whatever you would like, in this example, I will name it “fire”.

4.  Open the favorite by clicking it within the dropdown list.

5.  Click the AppStarter install link with your Fire TV remote and install the application.

6.  Go into AppStarter settings and under the update section, update Kodi.

Option #4 – How To Update Kodi On Fire TV or Fire TV Stick With Google Drive & ES Explorer

I suggest watching video as instructions are more detailed an easier to follow along.


1. Create/open your Google Drive account by logging onto  This is a free cloud storage service offered by Google.

2. Create a folder under your Google Drive account called “APKs”.  This is where we will place the Kodi APK that you will download into the next step.

3. Go to and download the current “Arm” version of the Android release.  You can simply save this to your desktop.

4. Go back into your Google Drive account and double click the folder that you created early titled “APKs”.  You will now be inside this folder.

5.  Click the “New” button on the left side pane.  Browse to your desktop and choose the Kodi apk that you downloaded in Step #3.  Go ahead and upload this file to your Google Drive Account.

6. Go into your Fire TV/Stick and search for ES File Explorer at top of the screen.  Install ES File Explorer

7.  On the left side pane, scroll down until you see the option that reads “Cloud”.  It will be located under the “Network” heading.  If you don’t see it right away, you may need to hover over the “Network” heading and click it to expand that menu.

8. After you have clicked “Cloud”, scroll all the way to the bottom bar and click the + New button.

9. Choose “Gdrive” from the options and enter your email address and password that your Google Drive account is associated with.  Be sure to watch video above for specific details on this step.

10. After your account has been added, click your Google Drive icon that should show up under the “Cloud” option which is located under the “Network” heading.

11. Navigate to your “APKs” folder and click the Kodi apk file that you uploaded in Step #5.

12. Go through the installation process of that file and open Kodi once it has finished and you should see that your settings and addons have been retained.


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  • veeta

    My kodi has been working but now it’s saying not connected

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello veeta. When you say not connected, what are you referring to? Connected to ADBFire?

  • David

    so my command prompt can’t find the kodi file that i saved onto my desktop… is it because I saved it as an internet explorer file? first it downloaded to my computer then asked me what i wanted to open it with so i clicked IE and then saved it to my desktop. please help!

    • Troy Christensen

      David, try this tutorial that I just released today. Easier for you… Please reply back so I know if it worked for you.

  • Vickie

    Hello Tony. I was wondering if you can just use a laptop and download Plex media server on it instead of making a server like you did. I am new to all of this and I really don’t understand what it is needed for. And by the way your video are pretty easy to follow and are great.

  • Eduardo

    I got stuck on the abd Fire download part… It’s a zip file but when I try to open it nothing happens also do I take off the stick from the tv and put it on my laptop to transfer kodi to the stick?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Eduardo, you need to unzip the file and then click the .exe file to launch the program.

  • Rowena

    Hi Troy. I followed the “no computer needed update” and everything went perfect. But now I can’t find the icon for Kodi on the home screen.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Rowena. Unfortunately, the icon thing isn’t working very well anymore. You need to start using FireStarter. I go over this in depth in my new e-course at Let me know if you have questions I can help you with.

  • Wayne

    hey Troy, can you contact me? I’m having an issue I’m sure you can help me with. Thanks Wayne

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Wayne! Shoot me an email with your question at Thanks.

  • Wayne

    hey Troy, can you contact me? I’m having an issue I’m sure you can help me with. Thanks Wayne

  • john

    This needs updating because there is no option for developer options as stated in 15.1. Not that i can see – anywhere! in settings.

    • john

      just realised – the developer options are in settings outside of Kodi not within.

      You do however need to clarify when you say connect to firestick whether you mean with it wirelessly connected when it is in the tv or via the PC. Make it clear for iodiots like me!! please 😉

      • Troy Christensen

        Thanks for posting, John. Those videos are sometimes hard to do as some people get mad because I take too long explaining the basics and some people want me to explain the basics. Thanks for your comments and I will keep that in mind for future videos. Thanks for watching!!

  • Jack

    Hey Troy, How do you program the firetv remote middle button to open Kodi? Thanks and great video..

    • Troy Christensen

      Hi Jack! You need to sideload FireStarter to do this. My video will walk you through this process –

  • Brian

    If say comcast has sportsdevil blocked from installing it how can i go about installing that? can I hooked the stick to my pc hdmi and use the tor browser or should i get a vpn? Thanks

    • Tom

      Sports Devil is downloaded via the web(search in Google). once you have the zip file, you abdfire to side load. it goes down often so be prepared to update on a regular basis. Not sure why it doesn’t update like the others..

    • Tom

      Sports Devil is downloaded via the web(search in Google). once you have the zip file, you use abdfire to side load. it goes down often so be prepared to update on a regular basis. Not sure why it doesn’t update like the others..

  • elias

    im trying to update my kodi to 15.2 and i get this message on my command prompt Microsoft Windows [Version 6.1.7601]
    Copyright (c) 2009 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

    C:\Windows\system32> adb connect
    already connected to

    C:\Windows\system32> adb install -r c:\Users\eliasv\Desktop\kodi.apk
    can’t find ‘c:\Users\eliasv\Desktop\kodi.apk’ to install

    can you help me please

  • hi followed the video which is excellent but at the last stage I get
    “App not Installed”
    An existing package by the same name with a conflicting signature is already installed

    I did a fresh start on my Kodi and version is 14.2 so not sure why it wont update. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated

    • Troy Christensen

      Hi Julia, by chance do you have FireStarter installed? If so, there is an option in settings where you can update Kodi that way. I will do a video of that and add to this list. Thanks for comment!

      • Lisa

        For some reason I used your tutorial and went through the video and I couldn’t get FireStarter installed using ADBfire. I went through the whole process and the installation said it was successful then when I went back to my Amazon Fire TV no app was installed. Any ideas as to what I could have done. All IP addresses were correct. Somehow my computer isn’t connecting with my TV I think.

  • Nicole

    I am getting an error ‘install blocked’. It provides the settings link but doesn’t go there. What do I need to clock in settings for the install to work?

    • Nicole

      I got it. I had to allow from unknown in settings.

      • Bryonie

        How did u do this please as I can’t find

  • adam

    Can you use this method to update to a beta version of kodi?

    • Troy Christensen

      Yes, you can.

  • Sat

    Hi I have purchased a new fire stick and am trying to download kodi on my tv. When I get to the android ARM but, I click the link and nothing happens. I have v15.2

    • Eryl Wallis

      Hi I get the same, it won’t highlight the link, it just had a yellow square around the text. So it wont actually download I dont think unless its highlightes. But I cant find a way of doing that using the fire control.!

      • Hannah

        Hi did you ever resolve this issue? I’m having exactly the same problem

        • jack

          I had the same issue lol, just keep the button pressed until it goes to the download. It worked for me and hopefully it’ll work for you ?

  • Rachael

    Hi troy, I’ve just tried to install 15.2 upgrading from 15.1 following your tutorial, however when I get to the last bit to install it says that there is already an installed application with a conflicting name or something, I tried to rename as kodidownload instead and made sure that previous attempts were all deleted including out if my recycle bin, what do I do?

  • jamie

    my kodi fire stick says its out of date and that I need to update the latest kodi or salts tv versions. how can i do this without access to a PC?

  • Tania

    Hi troy i dont know what is wrong with my fire stick i click on the program i want to watch but does give me any links

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Tania, you are probably using an addon that is no good anymore. Try googling “best kodi addons”.

  • Tomtom

    Excellent guide I used the first option and worked a treat everything still there. Only way for me before this was the apps to fire app which deleted everything every update. Thanks alot

    • Troy Christensen

      Glad it worked for you, Tom! Thanks for visiting.

  • George

    Hey, Troy! I am trying to update Kodi to version 16.0 on my Fire TV (box not stick) and I am using method #1. I followed your steps but ran into a snag I’m hoping you can help me with. I clicked the Android ARM download and it started the download but once it completed I never got the box where it says “Download Complete” and “Open File”. Can you tell me how to open the file now?

  • Mark

    Hi Troy , I’ve been attempting to update to 15.2 using the first tutorial for a fire stick but when I get to the ARM download and click it just seems to refresh. I’d be most grateful for any advice . Thanks

    • Troy Christensen

      Mark, try my new video at top of page. I just uploaded it last night.

      • Christopher

        Hi Troy. I’m trying to download everything from your video at the top of the page on my Mac. I have them downloaded. But the adbfire won’t work. Keeps coming up with error can’t create logfile!

        • Troy Christensen

          Hello Christopher, I am assuming you are using a Mac. The problem that some have reported is that you need to drag this program into the apps folder on Mac to get rid of that error.

  • Julius Gibbs

    How you doing Sir i just updated my kodi 2/22/16. But its not still allow me to watch movies, dislplaying them when i go to my Genesis

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Julius, Genesis is not working any longer.

  • S. greene

    Hello Troy, I like your videos. I already have the Amazon fire stick TV with Firestarter 3.2.2 so I assume I can just UPDATE to Kodi Jarvis 16.0 by Clicking on UPDATE, Correct??? Also, can you tell us newbies What is the arrows in kodi above the TV screen what they do? I have lost my SOUND on my main Samsung TV but when I remove the stick and set it up on by bedroom TV it Works. They are both HDMI slots. thanks in advance for your info.

  • Erick

    Troy, the guide is awesome but I’m having an issue with both my fire tv and stick, I can’t find the wwe network app, is this normal?

  • NJS

    I updated my fire TV stick to kodii 16.0 and now I can’t see anything on Kodi just the wallpaper. I updated using Firestarter. Help!

  • Hannah

    I’m downloading kodi but when I get to the android bit to download the arm it doesn’t work. Any advise to resolve this issue! Thanks

    • Troy Christensen

      Use this video and use the Kodi link and follow my instructions on opening a new window with that link.

  • Chris

    I just successfully updated kodi to version16, and started to watch the hull game with sports devil. All was good until I decided to look at some other streams. Screen went black, and I could get to Amazon home page but kodi stayed black. Turned tho whole thing off and on again. Got back in a v16 looks great…. and then i see I have lost all of the the add ons! Literally everything has gone! Is there anyway to recover this?

    • Kristin

      Hi Chris the same thing happened to me as well. Were you able to get your add ons back yet? Thanks in advance for any info

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Chris, I don’t know why this would have happened. Were you upgrading from an actual Kodi install or could it have been another Kodi derivative like open elec or something like that?

  • Vince

    Tried to download kodi Jarvis 16 on firestick no pc but when I click android arm download will not start what do I do

  • keyur

    Hi is kodi not working on fire stick it keeps loading up but Notting happens anyone having the same problem ?

    • Troy Christensen

      Kodi is working fine on both Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Try restarting your device.

  • Troy Christensen

    Hello Everyone, for those of you having problems when upgrading, try restarting your device. Also, some of you may have a different Kodi derivative or 3rd party fork such as OpenELEC or SPMC. If you follow this guide, you will want to be sure that your current version is the real Kodi distro. Here is list of 3rd party forks – I have now completed this process on all four of our Fire TV devices with no problems and all addons and settings remain intact.

  • Rich

    Hi Troy. I currently run 15.2 and have tried updating my Kodi to version 16 but when I “check for updates” in the Firestarter app, it says no updates found. Do you know why this would be? How do I get the v16? Thanks

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Rich. That is very strange. I would suggest trying to restart your device and make sure that you are connected to Internet.

  • Vic vas

    Hi Tony! Today when I turned on my fire stick and opened the classic tv app which redirects me to kodi I got a white page that says “this page does not exist”. Can you tell me how to fix this???

    • Vic vas

      Sorry. Pre text wants to call you Tony instead of *Troy*

    • Troy Christensen

      After the Fire TV update, it breaks these types of icons. I would strongly suggest using FireStarter as it works much better and all of your sideloaded apps are all in once place.

  • Thank you for the guides. For those of us who installed tvmc instead of xbmc, how would the upgrade to kodi be different?

  • Planet Ed

    Well Troy it’s been about a week since since i viewed this site and all is well with Kodi. I’ll tell you the troubles I was having. I had KODI 16.0 Beta. I also was using Genesis. It was driving me crazy. I found your website. Upgraded KODI to 16.0 Jarvis. Deleted Genesis and loaded up Exodus. It’s like night and day. All is well on planet Ed.

    I haven’t tried live sporting events yet as it isn’t football season but what app would you suggest I use and do you have any tips?

  • Dianne stockdale

    Can’t get kodi movies blank box with a ? Mark in left hand corner every time try. can get all sports

  • Johnny

    Thank you for the updates, works great!!!!!!!

  • Lorm

    when I click android arm download will not start what do I do??

    This is for for the no computer needed video??

    • Troy Christensen

      Use this video and use the Kodi link and follow my instructions on opening a new window with that link.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Lorm, go to this video and use the Kodi link and follow my instructions on opening a new window with that link.

  • exculiburr

    tutorial and support brilliant…ive tried options 1 and 2 to install kodi v16 but the app is not installing.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello, use this video and use the Kodi link and follow my instructions on opening a new window with that link.

  • Abby

    Troy you’re THE BEST!
    Kodi 15.2 on my Fire stick stopped working and I just followed your video and voila ut started working again! Thanks to you Troy! I was already hopeless until I got into your website.
    Thank you so much!!!

    • Troy Christensen

      Abby, that is great news! Be sure to get my free guide by using one of the boxes above. That will help you as well! Have a great week and thanks for the comment.

  • john do i go about signing out once i get the apk file installed?

  • Darren

    Hi troy
    How do I hide my ip address on my firestick

  • Tom

    John- there is no reason to “sign out”. once installed you can begin using it

    Darren- you can’t hide your IP on the stick. you would need to purchase a router that has a built in fire wall and your IP would be hidden behind that. You can purchase routers that have “hide my IP” software installed

  • Steve

    Hi Troy

    Installed Kodi & Firestarter using your instructions onto Amazon firestick.
    Installed superrepo, fusion and lots of movie add ons but no movies can be seen or played. Salts, Exodus, Phoenix, operation Robocop etc. Nothing in the file or constant error messages. Jarvis v16.

    Any help will be greatly recieved.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello, whenever I have problems like this, I doe a clean reset and then reinstall Kodi – Unfortunately, these devices are short on storage so this is needed every now and again.

  • Alan

    Hi Troy,
    Someone purchased a new firestick for me and loaded Kodi 16.0 along with the following add-ons: Phoenix, Uk Turk and Exodus. He had it running on his own tv however, when I plugged it into my tv and connected it to my wifi, it won’t stream anything, just says stream not available. I got my line speed tested and resulted in 36mbps which should be plenty. Any ideas would be appreciated

  • Mel

    Hey troy my name is Mel I was doing the update on my fire stick downloaded the apk and connected to it through the command prompt but it when I try to run the install in the command prompt it says device is offline waiting on device but it doesn’t go past that….. am I doing something wrong?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Mel, sometimes the command prompt can be difficult. I suggest trying to update with one of the other methods if you have problems with that. Hats off on trying command prompt as most people stay far away from that one!

  • Chris


    Very clear video – updated with no problems. Appreciate it.

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Chris, glad it worked for you. Thanks for visiting.

  • Mel

    Well it’s weird cause I’ve tried the one where you go through es and that didn’t work either almost like there is some type of lock in the fire stick and the adb debugging is on and the one from unknown sources is too so don’t get it

  • Gary Williams

    trying to update to Jarvis, goes throuth installing Jarvis, but then says app not installed. tried it through ES explorer ans firestarter, both do the same ! I’m stumped, any idea’s, not sure if removing old version of kodi will help

  • Martin

    Hey troy,
    I had an issue with my fire stick crashing with Kodi, keeps going back to the Amazon start page.
    I just updated to the latest version with your help (cheers).
    Unfortunately my crash issue remains, have you any idea what might be wrong? Netflix and other apps all work fine, it’s just Kodi.

  • Max

    Hi. I just updated using option 2. When I went back into my kodi everything opened up fine version 16.0. But when I clicked on movie menu everything froze and menu options disappeared. I am able to double click home button to go back to Amazon home screen, but when coming back to Kodi it is still frozen

  • David

    Getting an error at the update saying no updates found on mirror releases but I’m on version 14.2

  • denise

    i just got my kodi yesterday and went too use it and a message came up. can any one help me. it says that. kodi this app was not down loaded from amazon.

    • Troy Christensen

      You need to sideload the Kodi app. Here is a video. This works for both updating and installing fresh –

  • Chris

    I’m trying to update from 15.2 and when I tried to get file explorer it says there are too many devices registered so I haven’t been able to get past that, is there another way without a computer?

  • Stephanie

    Hi Troy I followed the tutorial to update my firestick, it said it went through however I cant even open the movie channels at all. It wont show me anything. Please help.

  • Mr Dobalina

    Great tutorial. Tried others with no luck. This worked like a charm. Easy and quick. Keep up the good work, Troy!

  • RL Virata

    I upgrade to Kodi 16 in my Amazon fire. No problem. However, I use SPMC Kodi and this did not upgrade. It is still 15. How come? Troy.

  • Alan

    Can you advise;
    We are getting a message- “to many devices connected” and now having problems, we only have one firestick and one tv in our household what do you suggest we do.
    Thank you in advance

  • Hello Troy,

    I have left you two emails to the contact info on this site. I followed your instructions to upgrade my Firestick from 15.2 to 16.0. Now my Firestick isn’t opening anything. It is worst now than before the upgrade. Please help!!

  • Eddie

    Hi I followed step 1 all installed but I cannot open kodi

  • Steve C

    Hello – I did everything right when trying to update my Kodi until I clicked on the icon to install the latest Kodi for firestick and came across this “Installed blocked, for security purposes your oh one is set to block the installation of apps obtained from unknown sources. How do I fix this???

    • tony

      hi there go to settings and “system” “developer options” then select on for both options, accepting the warning when you do.

  • libby

    just got the firestick for a bday present its has everything on it. when do I need to update and how to update.

  • James

    I have kodie on my apple box but last week everything has stopped working and my box won’t start up ?

  • Jim

    Just followed you instructions for update. Thank you!! worked great.

    • Troy Christensen

      Thanks for your comment, Jim! Glad it worked for you.

      • Jim

        In the future how do I update with this ES file?

        • Troy Christensen

          You will use the Troypoint “favorite” that you saved in ES. My links will always point to newest Kodi update.

  • Clive Griffiths

    Hi we have a fire stick and my husband loves to watch the football on it, when we first started using it he would go on sports devil but now it comes up with no stream available, the other one he uses is turks and that keeps sticking and is not the best pictures, what if anything can we do?

  • Richard Marshall

    Thanks for the video, worked great

  • Lisa

    Hi Troy;
    I went through the ES download, install and at the point where I created the Troypoint favorites link. I went to the site, and opened/download the Kodi 16 update/installer. 50% into the download it says ‘Task Failed.’ I checked the downloads and tried opening them but they were no good – saying bad parsed files.

    Check your Kodi 16 updates – are they not saved well for downloading?

    Thanks, LS

    • Troy Christensen

      Could have been a problem with Kodi server. Try again. I have tested it and it is working just fine.

  • hugh

    Hi Troy I done the update and it looks great,problem is my remote will let me open Kodi but when I choose an addon the remote stops working and it will only allow me to go back to homepage,any ideas?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello Hugh,

      Have you tried replacing the batteries? Also, try unplugging system and plug back in.

  • hugh

    Hi,tried all that, internal space is showing 438mb available of 5.5gb and I have had lack of space warnings before.Could this be an issue?

    • Troy Christensen

      Yes, that could be a problem. If it were me, I would do a factory reset on the Fire TV and then reinstall Kodi.

  • Mario

    Hey Troy… love the website your my go to guy on all kodi related issues. I just wanna to throw it out there…i was able to update my kodi to 16.1 by downloading the latest version through my phone and then sending it with my ES app to my ES app on my Fire device. It worked great. keep up the great work dude.

  • Chelsea

    Hi there!

    I just started to have problems with the Kodi app. I am able to scroll through the app, and select tv shows and movies (using the 1channel add on) but when the tv show or movie starts playing it only plays a link and a message. It says, “To continue watching go to”

  • Tawnja

    I’m having the same issue as Chelsea. Just started happening last night. I updated my Kodi to latest version…still get the “to continue watching movies go to”. When I went to primewire I couldn’t even create an account. Every time I tried got message that my captcha was incorrect and I needed glasses. Lol

  • John

    Can I go from 15.1 to Jarvis on Firestick? It seems to be the only choice when I click on ARM. I don’t want to mess things up.

  • Anthony


    Would this update all apps including Genesis as mine dont work. I already did a update on kodi website and i now have Exodus and dont like it as it dont have Favourites to save

    Can you also tell me what are the best apps like Genesis, that was amazing.

    Please help me

    • Tom

      Genesis died a few months ago. You need to remove and update to Exedous

  • Hi

    The Arm android download doesnt load

    • Troy Christensen

      Anthony, are you going through the first video and clicking the more button, then open window? I just updated one of my boxes and same method working fine.

  • jas

    hi tony i got a build and made some changes but when i go back on to it they are gone how do i save the changes?

  • q taylor

    so my kodi doesn’t look like yours, it’s still utilizing gen not jarvis what do i do to get it to jarvis?

    • Troy Christensen

      Hello, have you followed first video above? If it isn’t working, can you tell me the details on what is happening? Thank you.

  • Mprivi

    I just updated through video one it all went well., but now when I open the koi app i get the koi logo screen and it goes back to the firs stick homepage.

    • Troy Christensen

      Try restarting your device and let me know what happens.

  • Schao

    Troy I was able to update one of my fire tv stick with option 1. I had to go to more and open in browser but on the second stick when I select open in browser it takes me back to ES explorer. Tried it few times and same thing happens.

  • Scott

    Thanks was very helpful ?

    So what’s the best setting for someone that like the newest movies ?

  • Schao

    I was watching a movie last night and after I was done I click back to the main menu where I can see my add-ons. I don’t know what I did to loose them in the main menu under Videos but when I go to Add-ons it’s there but not in the main menu and I was wondering how can I get my Add-ons Icon back under Video with out going into my Add-ons?

    • Schao

      found my answer already.

  • Schao

    Is there a way to have more than 5 add-ons shortcuts? Because when i bought my fire tv stick it had more than 5 add-ons shortcuts.

  • Craig Quinn


    This has worked previously, however just tried to get 16.1 and when I click more and download in browser it takes me back to Es On Amazon? I’ve done exactly as on video, am I missing something? Help please 🙂

  • Joseph

    I followed your steps in option 1. I got to the point of the download I clicked open In browser and all it done was kick me from the ES FILE EXPLORER and no download happend what can I do.

    • Troy Christensen

      Please send me an email to with “HELP” in subject line and I will help you get this figured out. Thanks Joseph.

  • Myka montgomery

    How can i get my data back it got deleted from kodi

    • Troy Christensen

      If you didn’t have it backed up anywhere, not sure this is possible.

  • sedia

    every time i play a movie on kodi it says” one or more items failed to play check the log for more information about this message

  • tom

    I’m getting a check the log for more info every time I click on 1channel and also on the other appswhats going on

  • Ange

    Hi Troy, I have received a Kodi stick which ha Exodus already downloaded, tried to watch a film however it won’t download any film at all and the message says no stream found can’t download anything, this is driving me mad, am I doing something wrong ?

  • Becky

    Hi Troy,
    I updated Kodi using your video to get Jarvis 16.0. How do I update to 16.1?

  • James

    Thanks for the great tutorial, best option I found that was easy to update. Nice work

    • Troy Christensen

      Thanks for the comment, James!

  • Brian

    My Kodi stopped working yesterday. The app would not open. I factory rest Amazon Fire stick and got to point to install on apk but when click open in browser it takes me back to Es file explorer. I have installed Kodi before but for some reason getting blocked. I am on version Any thoughts?

    • Troy

      Brian, send me an email to with HELP in subject line and I will help you get it updated.

  • Guillermo Martin del campo

    my kodi only goes to the starting point then shuts down

  • Jay Cee

    Method number 1 was easy and is working perfectly so far. It took less than 5 minutes. All add ons stayed in place and are still working, The only thing I would mention that I don’t remember seeing in the video is that android and android variants (what is running your fire TV box) are set to block installations from unknown sources by default. So unless you toggled that option previously you have to go to System>Developer Options and toggle Apps from unknown to be allowed to install this app. Otherwise a perfect install. Kudos troy.

    • Jay, great post and thanks for the feedback. You are correct, need to definitely make sure apps from unknown sources is on. I will add a note on top of that video. Thanks Jay!

  • Schao

    Ever since I bought my fire tv stick everything I watch freezes. Is there a way to fix it?

    • Hello, did you buy this Fire TV Stick from the store or from someone who loaded it up?

      • Schao

        I bought it from ebay.

        • If you do that, you are basically backing up your entire Kodi install which will defeat the purpose of reinstalling everything. You will want to reinstall addons.

          • Schao

            The problem is I don’t know where to get those addons and how to install them.

          • Register for my free guide above on how to supercharge and you will get the videos that show you how to install the best addons.

    • I would suggest doing a factory reset through Fire TV settings and the reinstall everything. These devices don’t come with much storage and once filled up, problems start happening.

      • Schao

        I’m gonna check out your guide and I’ll go from there.

      • Schao

        How do I back up my kodi?

  • Supamanx2

    Troy you’re the man!!!

    • Thanks for visiting! Have fun with your updated Fire TV device.

  • Mikey T.

    Hi troy.

    I’m late to the party. Will a new purchased firestick or Amazon tv box take these modifications? I’ve read That forced firmware updates prevent this. I’d like to purchase one tomorrow during prime day at Amazon.

    • Hello Mike. No, firmware updates don’t affect anything via Kodi. Everything is working great.

  • Kye k

    My exodus isn’t working and it’s saying that the stream isn’t avaliable

    • I would suggest trying to uninstall and then reinstall Exodus.

  • Kye k

    Also is there any other add ons that can get me the newest movies out

    • Hello Kye, be sure to sign up for my free Supercharge guide on this page and you will get bonus videos that show you how to do this.

  • Gavin Dobson

    Hi Troy, I need to update my fire stick kodi to Jarvis and I believe I’m on the old version. When I update to the new version of kodi will I loose my old tv add ons? Thanks

    • No, it should retain all Kodi addons and settings.

  • Keith Boyce

    Had the firestick on Sunday but now it doesn’t have any of the apps in the background, just the blue kodi screen? Has something changed

    • Hi Keith, have you tried restarting your device? That shouldn’t happen.

  • Chris

    Hi Troy, I have attempted to upgrade Kodi from 15.2 to 16.1 via ES File Explorer. All appeared to go well until I go to open KODI and it is still Isenguard v15. There is one screen that is not clear which reads: ‘Do you want to install an update to this application? Your existing application will not be lost. The updated application will get access to’ Options: New/All. I have tried both but Kodi still opens as v15.

  • Sarah Samuel

    How do I get Es explorer only thing I can get up is file manager

    • Sarah, ES Explorer is now back in the app store. See my post above with new video. Thank you.

  • disqus_5wEOErixKZ

    How do I get Es explorer only thing I can get up is file manager.. email me

  • disqus_5wEOErixKZ

    How do i get the es explorer file i can no longer get it

    • Hello, ES File Explorer is now back in App store. See my updated post above with a new video that I just uploaded.

  • Kristin Lisa Tucker

    I turned on Kodi today and it had a blank black screen. I couldn’t figure out what to do, I found your page after a Google search and I was able to do an update from that. I’d love to thank you from the bottom of my heart You are indeed the man!!!

    • Hey Kristin, glad you got Kodi updated on your Fire TV! Have fun.

  • Kimberley Cook

    Every time I have tried to update my firestick I get a message saying:
    There was an error with the tv listings
    Please contact support quoting the error message: 401: sorry access denied
    …I have tried using your video and another video were the person used file manager to update. Either way I still get the same message. Please help

    • Did you buy this off Ebay as a loaded device? I would suggest doing a factory reset via Fire TV Settings.

  • Colin Jameson

    Unfort Es Explorer is not on my firestick

  • Nina

    My gawd u are the man! Soooo… I cleared by cache inside the build I use.. and somehow my Kodi stopped working.. Got the black screen and all! I have ES file explorer.. But every time I clicked ARM.. Nothing happend. I started to panick then I googled and ran across this page.. Kodi is back! Guess I will put a different build on lol

    • Great job, Nina! Glad you got it working. Have fun with your updated version of Kodi!

  • Rick B.

    I updated mine, but still having an issue with my remote, says control is not clickable, and I cannot move left ,right, up or down. Please help.

    • Hi Rick. Not sure what that problem is. Have you tried replacing batteries in remote? This wouldn’t have anything to do with updating Kodi. This is your Fire TV device.

  • Layearick

    Thank you for the update! I am unable to get exodus to work though. It will not show in my add on list. I have followed all the directions but it still doesn’t show up. Do you know if there has been a problem with it? Do you have any suggestions for other video add ons?

  • Hannah Jean-baptiste

    Hi,i have a kodi app on my firestick that was working fine till today, i cant seem to find my addons. my home screen is there but nothing under my videos or music menues and i dont know what to select in the system menue. please help. I also with your assisted video i upgrade to the 16.2 version but nothing but the files and add-ons slot but no videos

  • Hannah Jean-baptiste

    maybe i got to add the path again

  • Gary Charbonneau

    I did the update but, I my movies don’t update to current in cinema in any of my addons. I use pheonix and navi x and the movie are only udated to december of 2015

  • Alex Mendoza

    Hello I put kodi on my fire stick and when i try to open a Build i get a message “Path not found” what went wrong..

  • Melynda Mathis

    Need help with the Amazon firestick and Kodi. Please help….

    I’m having a hard time finding the tv show Shameless, not the UK version. I feel like I’ve tried every addon. And for what ever reason it’s not coming up on the stick but it’s coming up just fine on the computer. The funny thing is I use the stick several times a week for Kodi and the computer maybe 3 times a year for kodi

  • Melissa Hahn

    I can’t get any TV show to come up. Movies work but TV shows say “no stream available” I’ve tried updating, uninstalling apps??

  • Jamie Broom


    • Yes, 16.1 is stable with 17 right around the corner.

  • Becca

    My husband had his box all set up with what he wanted. Later I unplugged the box accidently. Now he’s trying to watch his Raiders game and the screen has the normal background with the words “system is being updated, Please wait…” it’s been doing that for an hour and 30 minutes….is that normal?????

  • Mark Jones

    I can not get the Pro Sport addon on my Kodi firestick. HELP!!! Football is starting this week. I need my NFL. Or is there another addon that will let me watch football

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  • Patricia Criner

    Hi Troy,
    I’m trying to download 16.1 Jarvis on firestick. When I get to the final installation it always says “x not installed”. Any idea why?

    • Hi Patricia, this means that you already have that version installed when you get this warning. No need to try and update.

      • Patricia Criner

        You’re right. I had Kodi 17. Thanks Troy

      • Tara Allsopp

        If that’s the case why does it keep giving me the message that I’m running an unstable version of Kodi? I thought maybe it was outdated so I did this and it will not load. I reset everything and tried to add my add-ons back. Exodus etc are all there now but won’t load any files. I can’t even get anything to load on the home screen for live TV, movies, sports Etc

  • Erock

    When trying to install kodi it says “x not installed ” but kodi is nowhere to be found on firestick

    • More than likely it is installed and just not showing on your home apps screen. Go into settings / applications / manage applications and see if you see it in that list. If so, it is installed and you can launch from there. If that is the case, you probably have outdated firmware. Go into Settings / System / About / Check for Updates. Apply any needed updates.

  • Ruth

    I just updated my Kodi, now when I launch it, it opens in “the black box” ??

  • Kat

    ES File Explorer is not longer available for fire stick or tv. How would I update my version of Kodi ?

    • Yes, it is still available in Fire TV app store. Make sure you are running latest version of firmware by going into Settings / System / About / Check for Updates.

      • Kat

        Thank You Troy. I made it work finally. It was a small glitch in a Fire stick it work after reset :]

        • Great job, Kat!

  • Ashley Marie Watson

    “Error check the log for more information”. Troy, could you help me fix this?

  • Karen Darcus Starks

    I already have The Kodi app, but I tried to clear the cache and now all the add ons have disappeared, any suggestions how to get them back. Thanks

    • Karen, you probably cleared data instead of cache. You will need to reinstall your addons. I go through this in the 3rd video of my Supercharge Guide that you can get at top of page in form.

  • Barbara Pebbles Rodriguez

    after downloading app you state to go to apps and find kodi to put in favorites but it does not show up to put in favorites how can i fix this to use it

    • Make sure that your system is up to date. Go into Fire TV Settings / System / About / Check for Updates and apply all updates. If that doesn’t work, some have said that going into Settings / My Account, deregister and then register again will work.

  • Ruth

    I asked this a few weeks ago, can you please suggest a solution….

    I thought of uninstalling and reinistalling, but am afraid of losing all the
    addons that I have.

    I just updated my Kodi app, now when I launch it, it opens in “the black box” ??
    I want to add Exodus, but don’t see the Kodi screen to get to settings.

    ANY IDEAS ???

  • Jean Catharell

    Sports on kodi are a no longer working. Looking at your video I see I need to have ES Explorer. I’ve tried downloading it but I’m getting a msg saying I don’t have a valid billing address in Amazon, which I do. Can you help, please.

  • Vicki J

    Just downloaded Kodi on my Amazon Fire Stick and it seems that the movies are not real clear. It almost looks like the resolution is way off. Is there a way to correct this?

  • Erica Craig

    I click on search and type the movie in and it will start moving on it own

  • Holly

    I tried your instructions to install Kodi. However the APK will not install

  • Jenni Newman

    Ok so I had Kodi but it randomly stopped working. I thought it needed to be updated but my es explorer isn’t working. When I followed your instructions on the first video it wouldn’t come up in the search either. Any suggestions on how I can fix this? Thank you for your videos and help!

  • Glennadyne Burns

    What does openly ad stream authorization mean and how do I link to pair it?

  • John W

    This was GREAT, Thank you so much, I was running on an old 14 version that buffered so dam slow at times, now I do not need to wait on my son to do the updates, you made this so easy any PC or Mac moron can do it in just 5 mins.. Will be looking for your updates on skin changes and add-on’s

    • Ruth

      thank you for your reply……….. please see below……

      From your home screen just go to Add on’s and find Exodus, you might have to install it once you found it. Just one click to do.If you cant find add on in your home screen open Kodi and it should be in your menu !
      Than add it to your add on favorites. I still have not figured out how to move the add on to your home screen but am sure with Troys guide I will have it in a few days.Velocity is another real good one for Movies and TV great quality..

      THIS IS WHAT I SEE WHEN I LAUNCH KODI…………..where do I find the add-on menu? What
      is the “black box”?

      • John W

        I have a totally different skin then what you are showing . My add-ons are under Video because that is where my son put it., but you should be able to see Add-Ons under SYSTEM, I cant see your screen shot well enough to see if you have SYSTEMS listed !

        • Ruth

          so this “black box” didn’t have that until I upgraded to 16.1, is just a skin? So I need to go to systems and look for Add-Ons? then what, look for Exodus or Velocity?

          • John W

            Find your add on and save it to Favorites by clicking on the remote button with the 3 dash lines . How to get it to your main menu is another story you will have to look for Troys videos for.

  • Sarah Smith

    How do I free up space on my fire stick. The only app I have got on here is the kodi app and it won’t let me download the es explorer to finish the update :/

  • TerryGreen

    Brilliant …Thank You ?

  • Braj Pop

    Hey! It says App not installed after I install the app. Would you know what the issue would be?

    • Tara Allsopp

      I’ve got the same issue.

  • Rui Marques

    On my fire stick it says app not found for the es explorer folder

    • Make sure you look under the proper category after searching which should be “Apps and Games”.

  • Unplug your device from power and plug back in and try again.

  • Brat Tantrum Marin

    So I downloaded kodi and there are no movies on it… how do I get to the movies?
    Please help

    • Get the supercharge guide above as I go through all of that and much more.

      • Brat Tantrum Marin

        Thank you so much

  • jawaan parker

    My movie won’t show on kodi why

  • Christopher Achen

    Troy, I have Jodi 15.0 on my Amazon fire TV. I go to update it and it will not update. I tried to follow the video but my ES explorer is different and the favorites tab doesn’t drop down. How can I get the latest version

    • Hello Christopher, new video just added under method #1 which works best.

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  • Roger

    Hello, our firestick says it needs to update but 1. we have 0 clue what we are doing truthfully 2. we have a mac not a pc 3. the firestick doesn’t even show up when plugged into it. please help

    • Your Fire TV Stick may need to update its Firmware, not Kodi. Go ahead and update whatever it is asking for. Don’t worry about hooking this up to your Mac. In my first tutorial, if you want to update Kodi, just follow that as it doesn’t require a computer.

  • Andrew Rush

    i have not used my kodi tv or stick in about 8 months and have not updated it since mid 2015. i tried these steps and did not work. any advice

    • Andrew, please post as much detail as possible. First video should work perfectly. What errors are you encountering?

  • Steve Leyden

    When will kodi 17 be available as an alpha build on fire tv box? I was under the impression that it had been released as a final release already.

    • Hi Steve, now it is in Release Candidate phase. Still not stable version yet.

      • Steve Leyden

        Thank you for the info. To be honest, from what I’ve seen of the new build I think I prefer 16.1 anyway, although that could be that I’m simply used to the layout and know what I’m doing.

  • Paul White

    I have just bought a fire tv box and through your help I have managed to install kodi, just unsure of where to go next as there does not appear to be anything on it apart from headings? Any advice would be grateful.
    Kind regards

    • Steve A

      I have the same problem, just bought firestick, installed kodi 16 and opens up but does not find anything. Tried uninstalling and installing kodi 17 beta 2 same problem its as if kodi cant search on the internet but mobdro works fine so it cant be 3rd party issues with the stick. I have followed the instructions numerous times get fusion and exodus installed and nothing, tried other sources other than fusion and same thing kodi cant detect anything! Any help on this issue would be much appreciated

    • My free guide above that you can register for shows you how to install the necessary addons.

  • Karen Darcus Starks

    My dexter app for live tv has disappeared, I have gone throught steps of trying to reinstall it but when I get to the “install zip file it is blank, am I possibly missing a step.

  • Scott Swanson

    New to this, the install of Exodus, MeTV, Cooking Channel went off without a hitch. 1Channel and Castaway failed “metadata” and I tried update, it was up to date. Bailed out of Kodi, reloaded 1Chan/Cast and same.. Any ideas? Thanks

    • Scott, within my guide I go through the error correction.

  • Gavin Ross

    Hi. Trying to update my firestick as get the message that says
    “The installed version of kodi cannot be opened. Please check for an available update on your library”
    Followed your instructions but keep getting this. In settings/developer options my switch is on for apps from unknown sources.

    • Gavin, go into Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Kodi and clear cache. DO NOT CLEAR DATA. Then try again.

  • Jimmy Gilbert

    How do I remove the emblem from the right side of the picture?

    • Cary Johnson

      Having this issue as well. I’ve installed a few before never had any watermark symbols but now I get one every Kodi link I use.

      • Hi Cary, this has nothing to do with Kodi. It is ES Explorer.

        • Cary Johnson

          Appreciate it. I happened to come across the answer in another thread. Thanks again.

    • This is from ES File Explorer, you can turn this widget off in the settings of ES File Explorer.

  • Wendy Beavers

    I tried to update Kodi and it tried to install but said app not installed.

    • Wendy, this error means that you actually have already installed this app. You will see it and can launch manually by going to Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications.

  • Johnny Mac

    Hey, Troy, I can’t get the menu to load, it worked fine, I was watching a tv show, it ended, was going to watch the next in the series. The attached pic is all that shows, with no option to go to any of the menu items. I got the stick as a present, and she got it from a friend who got it from a friend. Hoping you can help me out, and thank you and advance!

    • Hi Johnny, first try restarting. If that doesn’t work, try going into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Kodi and clear Cache. DO NOT CLEAR DATA or it will erase all settings and addons within Kodi.

      • Johnny Mac

        Thank you for your response, Troy. Have tried that several times with no luck. Am thinking I may wind up having to clear the data and start over, but everything I have come across says that is bad…

  • N-Man

    Hello – Do you have an install update for Kodi 17?

  • Choose choose

    There’s a new update today how do you get it to work

    • I would hold off on the update as many Kodi addons are not working properly as of now.

  • Angel Hopper

    Oh and also a screen on top pops up and says livestream error. What does that mean?

  • scott t

    Any word on Krypton? I see varying reports that it IS released (even a Rv2 with fixes from initial launch), and others that state still in beta…. what is a reliable source for a timeline or info?

    • Jim

      Krypton is live in Google Play store, not sure how that may affect the version put on the FireSticks.

      • Hi Guys, Krypton has been released as stable but many addons, builds, and wizards are not working properly and I will wait until it is working to point links to new version.

        • Kate Nichols

          I have been using Jarvis on my Firestick and all of the sudden I ca can’t get any movies to work. So I upgraded two Krypton but really don’t like the interface. This is after constantly clearing my cache and changing my Fusion settings to zero cache and having the same issue. As of tonight I am having problems on my fire box using Jarvis it’s doing the same thing that the fire stick started doing with Exodus running Jarvis.

  • Rich

    Troy -I love watching movies using Kodi. The problem I am having though is with Subtitles.
    I have a little problem with my hearing and enjoy watching with subtitles, however sometime when I use them they are so out of Sync it makes it even worse. Try moving the sync back or forward but can’t get it correct . Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks Rich

  • Alexis

    I Just Got my firestick and try to get kodi . i downloads but when it finish it says open as and then its not letting me go it to get it . could you help me with what might be wrong

  • Dave

    I have updated Kodi to Jarvis 16.1 but none of my add-ons such as Exodus and others are in the new version and I cant reload them or I don’t know how. Indigo and tvaddons are in the list of add-ons but I don’t know how to update or reload them could someone help me and point me in the right direction thank you

  • Victor Susa

    Installed Krypton V.17 on my Fire TV I have constant problems with the remote not responding. I keep have to press the buttons for it to eventually work. Trying the figure a way to revert back to 16.1. Any ideas/ suggestions? I updated kodi via the old appstarter. Thanks for the help in advance!

    • You must uninstall through Settings Applications / Manage Applications / Kodi / Uninstall and then go through regular install process again.

  • john darlington

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  • Juno Casanova

    Where is the link for

    • Form at top of page.

  • Corey Watson

    When I try to download Kodi on my firestick I don’t have Yarvis as an option the only options I have are Krypton and Leah what should I do?

  • Gary webb

    Can you please send me the other tutorial videos. thank you

    • Hi Gary, just use the form at top of page and it will be sent to you automatically.


    Troy u absolute legend xxxxxx

    • Glad it worked for you, Beverley! Thanks for comment.

  • Scott

    At the app starter page and doing the update but tells me paella error

  • Daniel Mosco

    I used your tutorial to update to 16.1. I followed this to update to 17 but all I get is a gray screen. When I press open it says “preparing for first run” but crashes. When i reclick I get gray screen. Any fix?

    • Hi Daniel, I would suggest completely uninstalling and then reinstall new version.

      • Daniel Mosco

        I figured that much. All is well after reinstall.

        I wish Alexa would allow you to voice type the links. The remote is brutal on the fingers.

  • Stefan Briggs

    Troy I used this to update to kodi 17. It’s now not got any movies, tv shows or anything on it. Says there’s nothing on it

    • Stefan, go into Settings / My Addons and look around. They might just be inactive and you have to activate them.


    Can’t seem to load a build on to Kodi 17, any help I would be very grateful..

    • I suggest doing a search on Google to see which ones are currently compatible.

  • Chris Walsh

    I keep getting a parse error, any help will be appreciated

    • If you have VPN activated, try disconnecting that.

  • Daniel Mosco

    Just delete it and follow same tutorial. You will just lose all your settings.

  • Heather Kelley

    I have installed, successfully Kodi on my other 2 Fire Sticks. I have recently gotten the Fire TV for our main living room, but every time I went to install Kodi, I follow the steps to down load the app Downloader or ES Explorer and each time I get the error after it shows me the picture of the app, App not found, The app you are looking for could not be found. This leaves me unable to move forward and install Kodi and Exodus. Can someone help me??

  • Fami

    I followed all of the steps but keep getting an error message. It starts to download then says download failed error_unknown help?

  • Joseph Thompson IV

    how can i get mobdro????

  • Cortez97

    I’m trying to put kodi 16.1 on my fire tablet, but every time I try it installs 17.0 krypton. I even used your link for kodi stable. Any help will be appreciated.

    • Cortez97

      Never mind I just saw your update. I fixed it thanks

  • Wendy Harvey

    i followed your tutorial using the updated troypoint,com/jarvis but i get app not installed.

  • Brandon Jeno Black

    I’ve downloaded and installed krypton, however when it launches it says preparing for the first run, loads and then either crashes to home screen or the screen goes black

    • Shibby

      Same for me mate, did you find a fix??

      • Brandon Jeno Black

        I fixed it by uninstalling the whole app, redownloading krypton and adding fusion back.

  • Kia Jones

    Hi i updated from the 15.2 version to 17.0 from kodistable link…it goes to and say first run then sends me back to the screen that says launch application PLEASE HELP I WANT MY KODI BACK

  • Schao

    The video no longer works. With kodi 16.1 still working what’s special about kodi 17?

    • This video does work. Please read disclaimer above. Depending on build, addons that are installed, whenever updating to a brand new version there could be problems.

      • Schao

        I update to kodi 17 and there’s was nothing just blank so I went back and reinstalled kodi16.1

  • Heather Morcroft

    I installed everything and that part went well, but I’m having some trouble streaming – it keeps telling me a stream is not available. You mentioned in one of the tutorials a problem interfacing with Amazon Prime – is there a tutorial to fix that, or a troubleshooting tutorial.

    • Heather Morcroft

      Not for everything, but for a lot of them.

  • Matt

    I installed kodi v17 krypton but it’s stuck on the main page it says add on migration in progress please wait. Is there something wrong or do I have to wait awhile

  • Jose Sosa

    I have installed kodi 17 but now there’s no movies and it says I have to add a media source and configure it. Any tips on how I can get all the movies I had before?

    • Jose, I go through installing all of the addons in my free supercharge guide that you can sign up for at top of page.

  • James Whillehars

    I just updated my first gen firestick to kodi 17 with downloader. My issue is that after kodi boots I get a blue screen with the time in the upper right hand corner and a small menu/movie camera icon in the right center edge. When I updated my other firestick it loaded fine. Any ideas? I’m not using a vpn and the other stick is up and running.

    • Shibby

      Same for me 🙁

  • BK

    Other than 2-3 people here seems Dude broke everyone’s fire stick and disappeared.

    One case where pays to read the comments first….

    • Didn’t disappear, this is just a hobby for me, not a full time job so don’t have time to reply to everyone’s comments. If this doesn’t update properly for you, you should completely uninstall and then reinstall. Whenever dealing with a major upgrade such as a completely new version going from 16 to 17, there could be problems and nothing will fix that except for completely reinstalling.

  • James Whillehars

    I would like to say thank you to whomever deleted my question. I had returned here to post my resolution, but sorry for your loss.

  • Ramian

    This might be of help to others or perhaps someone else can help me if they think I have done something wrong. I upgraded Kodi from 16.1 to 17.1 which seemed to install successfully but when the applications were migrating to the new version, I got a message stating that Paradox, which is what I use all the time, wasn’t compatible and couldn’t be migrated. Kodi opened with a basic screen showing a list of libraries down the left hand side, most of which were empty in my case. So I scrolled down and selected add-ons, and found that my add-ons were still there. I scrolled down to Paradox Wizard and updated it and then chose to install Paradox. I selected Family 17 Build – 0310 which seems to run OK. I don’t know whether the 17 Build relates to Kodi 17 or if this is a coincidence, but 0310 seems like a rather old version.

  • GolfernSC

    Pretty obvious to me the app isn’t very stable given all the comments & questions below.

  • Prasanna muniswaran

    Upgrade to kodistable did not work. Had to uninstall the version which means a I lost all my data and had to install as new! Sucks.. Thanks a lot Mr Troy!

  • Agent99

    You may think Krypton is great, Troy, but I have to disagree. Not only did I lose all my data, history with the upgrade, but the new version stinks! Blue circle from hell everytime I tried to move and choppy videos across the board. Back to Jarvis I go. Lesson learned. Next time I’ll give it a good 6 months before updating again! This is not a hobby here so I don’t appreciate wasted hours taken from my weekend toying with buggy updates.

    • I think I clearly state this in bold red font at the top of the page that this may happen when updating to a complete different version such as going from 16.1 to 17.1. Kodi 17.1 working great with most addons.

      • Agent99

        Thanks for the reply, Troy. I DID read your instructions thoroughly and realized that my update might not work. It didn’t. I had a lot of favorites loaded to an addon. Is there any way to back Kodi data up in case I have to reinstall it again at a later date? Thanks for all you do. Didn’t mean to come across so harshly. I should have known not to update so quickly 🙂

        • No problem. If you have Indigo installed which I go through in my Supercharge Guide that you can get in the form above, there is a great backup utility in there that will back everything up into one zip file. Then, in the future, you can use the restore option within Indigo to restore it. That is how I do it. Take care.

          • Agent99

            Thanks a bunch, Troy. Indigo’s installed here so I’ll go ahead and do as you suggest. I need to dig around some of the utilities included to see what else I should be using aside from the Maintenance.

  • marco polo

    Worked great thanks for the easy walk through!

    • You are welcome, Marco. Thanks for your comment.

  • Tiffany Lynn Killion

    Hi! What do I do when it’s been several minutes and it still says, “add-on migration in progress – please wait
    Thank you!

  • Juan Figueroa

    Got the blank screen after updating. It start to open, then goes blank for . While and the kick me back to the stick home screen.

    • Hello Juan, please see second video above in post. I go through how to reinstall Kodi after a failed update.

      • Juan Figueroa

        Followed it and installed from zero and is running good, thanks. Do you know if i do a full backup of Kodi with Ares Wizard or similar addon i could restore it into another Fire Stick?

  • Hi Troy, new to all of this and wow!!!
    Love your work Brother. I installed the IPVanish yesterday and have notices a huge increase in my speed and have also made several changing to my settings per your instructions and have yet to experience any buffering issues…
    Thank you for your hard work and especially being so kind as to share these tips with us. I wanted to notify IPVanish that you referred me to them, but could not find where I could do that..So I called this morning to let them know personally.
    Great job man, and thank you.

    • Hey Jeffrey, thank you for the nice comment. Yes, IPVanish is the best VPN out there and definitely works the best on the Fire TV or FireStick. Have fun!

      • I installed the Kodi build Best build in five devices for my family, and today installed IPVanish in Dads unit. He is amazed at the clarity and difference in uploading and streaming, especially the speed.
        We have Home Telephone as our only Internet provider and they are one of three cable providers we have in this area.
        Though I can’t, nor want to say for a fact that our services are being tampered with, after reading your articles and doing other research, we feel that our streaming was being purposefully slowed down…
        I can’t tell you how much we appreciate you and your work Troy, and know it can sometimes be thankless. Will look for a way to support you as well.
        Thanks again and best wishes.

        • Thanks Jeffrey! More tutorials on the way. Have fun!!

  • For those of you have problems with the new Kodi update on the Fire TV or Stick, I have added a new video above which will show you how to reinstall Kodi after a failed update. It is the second video above.

  • Benjamin Lewis

    Hello when I try to click on any of the apps it says the app you are looking for could not be found

  • bill

    i updated kodi using step 1 and lost all my saved stuff and now it shows movies and tv shows but doesnt bring anything up

    • Hi Bill, you need to reinstall your addons per my Supercharge guide that you can get at top of page.

  • alex

    I added Kodi in my favorites but the “page cannot be found.” It won’t let me access Kodi. Any suggestions?

    • Try again. Kodi Website was down as an April Fools prank.

  • Gina S. Fabila

    ?? Your videos are always the most clear and best guides. Thanks!!!

    • Thanks Gina! Many more on the way!

  • Bobby Cheema

    I followed your steps to update 16.1 to 17.1. Everything went ok until I open Kodi and my add-on and favorite were syncing. Syncing process went for 20 mins then I pressed “select/home” button. I can go into Kodi but there are no ad-ons anymore. Do I need to install my ad-on again?
    or should be install with your second video?

    • Emily Stalker

      me too. I cant seem to use anything it says path not found. I hope i didnt F things up!!

      • Hello Guys, as I state in red font above, if the update doesn’t work, uninstall and then reinstall with new version of Kodi and then use my Supercharge Guide to install all of the best addons.

  • Gary Holland

    Troy, I’ve registered for the supercharge guide a couple of times but I haven’t received anything in my email. I’ve checked my junk mail by the way. Help! By the way, thanks for all you do!

    • Hey Gary, shoot me an email to More than likely you have already subscribed to this as my system won’t register people twice to same guide. Thanks.

  • Colleen Kyle Lilly

    Troy, new fire – trying to set it up. Installed Kodi, fusion will not open from the zip file, please help.

  • Horsesforcourses

    Troy…tried to update from 16.1 to 17.0…didn’t screen so I did a fresh load of 17.0 but of course lost all my favorites and add-ons. Now I can’t locate Edodus, Phoenix, SALTS etc. What step am I missing? Seems there was a program I loaded originally to find these add-ons but I can’t remember what it was. Help please!! Thanks

    • Horsesforcourses

      Figured it out.

      • Brittany Schrader

        Can you tell me how you were able to locate those apps? I’m having the same issue?

        • Horsesforcourses

          You must first install Indigo where you can find the apps.

  • Goodtimes3131

    Hello Troy ive done all what you said above. Unfortunately I still get black screen at first launch even after fresh install of kodi 17.1. Im using a firestick updated OS which is equivalent to android 5.0 lollipop and higher. So the firestick is good. I should believe im not the only one with this issue since you mentioned getting black screen if ur updating with out fresh install and need to change skin to original skin. The issue with this firestick even after fresh install it does not work. I still get black screen on first launch. Is there anything else I can do?

  • Tanya Ketcherside-Arnold

    Updated to Kodi 17.1 on Firestick and now USTVNow wont work. I even updated that and Fusion to make sure it was okay and it still will not load. Any suggestions?

  • Laurie Jenkie- Anderson

    I just downloaded the 17.1 and when I click open, I get an all white screen!! What is this? Please help me….

    • Please see second video above and do a reinstall.

  • Randy

    Troy your stable release link is broken and its very upsetting because I dont know the correct version for my second generation fire tv. I install via the live kodi site but use the x64 Arm version. Will you provide the latest link for Fire TV and stick of Krypton 17.1

    • Try again Randy. Working fine on my end –

      • Randy

        Thanks Troy. I’ve been testing this all weekend on my Fire TV 2nd gen and it was buffering with all the best builds like Spinz, Titanium, Top Tutorials etc. I love top tutorials and it seems to be working better with your stable copy. What version is that the 32 bit? I found out my internet 5.0 wifi was the issue as well and switched to 2.4 and it seems to work better but honestly I think my ISP is messing with my speeds. I love 4K content but was getting alot of buffering from the sources on top tutorials. What are you suggestions if I get buffering again with your version? I will also test this on firestick to see how it works.

  • Katrina K

    I got the black screen are doing the update, so I just uninstalled the 16.1 and installed the 17.1 following Troy’s video and now it works.

  • cardiff debbie
    • The Kid

      it’s just menu options when you click the menu button for example mine is on the fire stick you can save movies to your favorites play a random movie and other options

      • cardiff debbie

        It wont let me play any movies but i can play kids and sports just get this menu on movies

  • The Kid

    I installed and it worked great for a day, it still works but now there is no sound
    Any suggestions?

  • KingKong

    Updated Kodi, Updated Exodus, still having issues. Everything works fine with Kodi 16.1 on my pc though.

  • Joe Martinek

    Hi troy, great videos. Updated to Kodi 17, reinstalled indigo and it took over 10 minutes for it to initialize. Ran the wizard and all of the addons are there. But Kodi and Exodus are running really slow! Exodus will run for over a minute looking for providers and then most of the choices dont work. Running new fire tv. Thanks.

  • Marvin

    Thanks Troy!!!

    • You are welcome, Marvin.

  • Garrett

    I updated Kodi but I can’t seem to access Exodus or any of my add-ons, I have no idea where they are. How do I get them back?

    • Click the addons button in menu. If you don’t see anything, go through the addon installation process again and you can do that with my free guide offered above.

  • See second video above to reinstall.

  • Rod Whaley

    Hi Troy.I recently “restored” my Kodi Krypton v17 and have managed to get Exodus back but i want my Phoenix app back & can’t find it anywhere.Can you help?Also,I have installed Droid Buddy and i can install 17.1 Krypton-armeabi-v7a.apk directly from there with two clicks.Is this what i want?Finally,SPMC v16.60 is available also.Do i need this?I’m an old geezer and don’t really watch a lot of movies but i do enjoy retro TV as long as they are talkies.Love your tutorials and can ALMOST keep up with them.Thanx

    • Rod, if you sign up for my free Supercharge Guide above, I go through installing all of the addons. Yes, 17.1 is what you want as this is most recent.

  • chopsticks

    Yes! Thanks. Easily installed via option #1 to my Firestick (first gen).

    • Thanks for comment. Have fun with Kodi!

  • Elise Diane

    So I was going to install 16.1 and I
    followed the tutorial exactly and the link actually downloaded 17.1… what do I do? Do I have to reinstall the whole program?

    • If you want 16.1, you need to use the shortcut –

      • Elise Diane

        This happened a week ago. I ended up reinstalling it. Thanks though.

  • Jason Martin

    So I just tried to install 17.1 and it installed 16.1 uggg. I am so computer illiterate. Willing to pay for some lessons. Lol

  • Mark A Meyers

    Troy when I hit the kodi most recent stable release nothing happens. What am I doing wrong

    • Try again. Link is now fixed.

  • Colette Warrender

    I just downloaded the update fine. I use Trakt to keep track of episodes on Exodus and it’s no longer automatically updating – I have to go on to the website to update every episode. Is this a known bug? Can it be fixed??

    • You may want to try uninstalling Trakt addon and then reinstalling.

  • mcapm

    Hi Troy
    I’m an old guy with no sense. I have a firestick and it’s version 16.1 but wanted to update to 17.1 I noticed your instructions stating do a clean install but does that mean I need to lose everything i have already on 16.1? Or does it transfer -can you give me some pointers how I’m not grasping your instruction please?

    • Hello, yes, if you do a clean install, you will lose everything but my free guide that you can sign up for above goes through installing all of the addons back.

  • When you click the select button as instructed in the tutorial, it opens a keyboard that you can use with remote.

  • Nancy Berger

    Will Alexa on the new Fire Stick take commands for Kodi from the video addons menu … e.g. “Alexa, find *Casablanca*”

    • No, not from within Kodi.

  • Parker Edmiston

    Download link appears to be dead again?

    • Hello Parker, the link is working fine. Please double check that you are inputting it correctly. Also, if you have a VPN active, try disconnecting that to see if that helps.

  • Shavonne Jane’a

    hi, i just saw that my kodi was version 15.2 and i went to do the update and now it is kodi 17.1 kyrupt but my page does not look the same and it said all my add ons could not be sent with update

    • I suggest using Video #2 and delete Kodi and then reinstall.

  • Denise Cole

    After installing the new version of kodi when we try to install prosport abd sportsdevil it never says enabled just updated and we don’t have any streams for those addons. We’ve tried uninstalling kodi and reinstalling, did the same for the addons any ideas would be appreciated

    • Denise, I suggest reaching out for support through the addon developer page or Facebook page for things like this.

  • Tom Loupe

    Just followed your instructions to update kodi to 17.1 from 16.1 and everything went fine I thought, but when I try to launch kodi nothing happens the screen just goes blank. I try launching from apps and it states that version 17.1 is loaded, just get blank screen. Same thing happens if I try launching from recent apps on home page. I need help.

    • Tom, first of all try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, I suggest using Video #2 and do a clean install and then install the addons.

      • Tom Loupe

        Hi Troy,

        Yesterday I did exactly what you recommended and have everything working. Thank you for all your help & time.

        Tom Loupe


        • Great job, Tom. Glad it worked for you.

  • Yes, 17.1 is the most recent stable version.

  • ???? ?ì??i???

    Hi Troy,

    Before attempt this just had a couple quick questions.

    1. Will 17 Kodi run on Fire TV 1st Gen?
    2. I have Android version 4.2.2 I believe that Kodi 17 requires Android 5.0? If so how do you upgrade Android on the FTV 1st Gen?

    • Hello, yes Kodi 17 will run on 1st Gen device. I have it running on my 2 of my 1st Gen Fire TV devices.

    • Hello Ryan. Yes, Kodi 17 will work on the 1st Generation Fire TV.

      • ???? ?ì??i???

        Do you know how to upgrade Android to 5.0 though on the FTV 1st Gen?

        • Ryan, go into Fire TV Settings / System or Device / About / Check for System Update and then apply any updates. I just did this with my 1st Gen stick to ensure that it works. After update, I am now on Fire TV OS under Fire TV About tab and Android 5.1.1 when looking under system information within Kodi.

  • Kellandrea DeBose

    Hi Troy!!! I am having trouble with my Kodi app. After I click options for movie or tv show it will not let me go any further. It keeps allowing me to see that I have clicked the option but will not start any show or movie. I’ve had my firestick since November of 2016 and this is the first time I’m having any issues. Please help!!

    • Is this happening after updating Kodi? Also, you could try clearing the cache by going into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Kodi / Clear Cache – DO NOT CLEAR DATA OR YOU WILL LOSE EVERYTHING. YOU WANT TO CLEAR CACHE.

      • Kellandrea DeBose

        I haven’t updated it as of yet. Will do so once I get home in about an hour. Which video do I need to watch on how to update?

  • Get your free Supercharge Fire TV/Stick Guide With three Bonus Videos. Learn how to install the very best Kodi addons with the click of a button and much more.

  • Cat Hunt

    I am having some troubles after updating my kodi krypton last night. It keeps telling me I need to check the log and I have no clue where the “log” is

  • Ask Shona

    how can I delete my favorites I typed the wrong path and now I cant access kodi

  • George W

    I followed videos to uninstall and reinstall KODI 17. Now I can’t find all addons that were installed?

    • Click the addons button in the menu. If you don’t see anything, you will probably need to reinstall. You can get my guide at top of page in form where I go through all of that.

  • Stephen Moore

    Tried installing ipvanish on my firestick and I can’t get past the connection part. it won’t stay connected. And I just bought the firestick with alexa a few months ago so it should be 2nd gen.
    Help please and thanks

  • Gary Hackle

    Hi, Followed instructions to update to 17.1 from 16.1 and everything is fine until I go to install and I keep getting “App not Installed” Help! Thanks

    • This usually means that the current version is already installed. Hold down on your home button and then click the Apps button. You will see it in that list more than likely.

  • Hayley Johnson

    Hi I’ve just updated to 17 but now I can’t do anything on kodi everything Is ther but it won’t let me run anything , what’s happened

  • Brooke Forrester

    Ok I’m losing my mind lol. We are on a firestick – everything worked great until recently. I’m trying to update Jodi – When I try to search for anything using the search icon in the main page it says search currently unavailable – we are unable to contact our servers. When i search for ES File explorer I get the search error message, when I try to search for the downloader it just takes me back to the home screen. Currently Kodi V. 16.1 will boot but when I go into videos – Add ons there is nothing there, it just says get more. So I click on that and I get a list of add ins but none of the ones we had (Exodus, 1Channel etc). The last Kodi update was super easy so not being able to do this is driving me crazy – and we miss out Kodi! Any help would be appreciated! Thank you!

  • Oz Lopez

    Hello Troy,

    I have 17.1 downloaded on my fire stick. I got wookie. After it downloads and attempts to install kodi crashes. I’ve tried over 8 times on all 3 of their builds and still crashes. Help please?

  • Jamez Goode

    Is there a way to get the 17.2 yet

    • See above updated info. Thank you.

      • Daniel Walker

        I’m still getting 17.1 when I attempted to download 17.2 from “kodistable” link

  • Mike S Ed

    Would 17.2 over right 17.1 without starting from scratch. In other words could I load 17.2 over 17.1?

  • Carol Mercer

    Just upgraded to 17.2. Your instructions are easy to follow, even for an “extreme” senior citizen. Thanks for the work you do making easy-to-follow instructions.

  • Excalibur

    Update to and easy! Thanks for the tutorial!!

  • Christina

    I have a question. I am extremely new to this and I have the version 17.1. Am I needing to get 17.2?

  • Christina

    Okay so I updated to 17.2. Very easy, thank you. But my question is how come some users get different movies than others? I know someone who already has IT on theirs but I don’t have it on mine, why is that?

  • Christina

    Okay now that I downloaded kodi 17.2 it won’t let me watch anything it says I need authorization. What do I do?

    • Kelley Lawrence

      Same thing is happening to me. When I can watch something, it delays, and has to “reboot” the show? Didn’t have these problems before update… wifi is working great!!

      • Christina

        I’m not having problems with it delaying. But as it’s downloading it stops and a pop up comes on saying I need to go to a website to authorize my device to play the movie

        • bafman

          yes, I’m getting the popups as well (in Exodxx). a few have a web link provided that says I need to go watch a video on that web site first or that I need to ‘pair’ my device. Anyone know the easiest way to downgrade back to version 17.1?

          • Christina

            Wish I did

          • Jeff Wortner

            Does Troy ever respond to these posts?

          • Hi Jeff, this is a hobby for me and I have over 100 articles on this site so very difficult for me to provide support to everyone. Many of the problems people are having are due to addon developers leaving the Kodi game due to lawsuit that Dish filed against TVAddons and Zem TV last week.

        • Kelley Lawrence

          I’m getting that same message too

  • Bobbyp1002

    Why do the amazon android downloads end up in my Kodi add ons?

    • Hello, this is a feature of Kodi so you can launch all of your addons through Kodi so you don’t need to leave that interface.

      • Boston Whaler

        TROY, I am unsure how I can ask this question to you. Currently residing in Spain and want to know how I can get CNN live TV. I have followed your excellent videos on Installing cCloud and Rxodus on Kodi 17.3 and all works well. CNN is in cVloud but it does not open.

  • Teri

    Troy…I’m a new user to Kodi…just thought I would see if you think this is true…a Best Buy employee told me today that Amazon has been forced to initiate a software update that will “brick” the fire stick or TV if loaded with Kobi…also he said Kobi will require a “paid” subscription. I cannot validate this at all. Do you know anything?

    • This is not true. Take care, Teri.

      • Teri

        Excellent!! Really appreciate your tutorials!!

      • Teri

        Thanks for the reply! Great guides and resources.

  • Mick 64

    Downloaded a new version thru Appstarter. It claims the new version is Kodi 17.3. It seems to work fine. Most addons remained. I did lose my Specto. Anyone else aware of 17.3?

    • Christina

      The kodi website says 17.2 is the latest version so idk

      • Mick 64

        I neglected to mention that I have the Firestick…maybe the 17.3 I downloaded is the hacked version. Sheesh!

        • Christina

          I have the firestick also

        • SensiblePerson

          I’ve also downloaded 17.3 onto a first generation firestick, and no issues

      • Jamie Smith

        Thanks Troy. I did download your guides. Did a complete reinstall after that. Everything is great now!

  • Katrin Sukarso

    How to upgrade Kodi with add-on? Do we have to uninstall the add-on first?

    • Kartin, no you don’t need to uninstall but if you are upgrading from Kodi 16 to 17, I can’t guarantee anything. I usually suggest doing a clean install when going up an entire version number. If going from 17.0 to 17.3 or something similar, everything should remain intact.

  • Kelley Lawrence

    I have now tried updating to 17.3 about 5 times. Have followed all steps but will not update! Please advise.

  • David Wainwright

    Just updated to Krypton 17.3, WOW you made that extremely easy, Thanks…

    Is there a way to add a channel to Exodus

  • Jamie Smith

    So it has said add on migration in progress for at least 30 minutes. Cab anyone tell me how long this takes? Just curious in case I have to start fresh. Thanks

    • Jamie, more than likely you are on Kodi 16 and I would suggest doing a clean install when going up and entire build. You can get my free guide above on how to install all of the best addons so you can get everything up and running again.

  • Roberta Romano Peters

    Very easy update to Krypton 17.3. Thank you from another senior.

    • Thanks for the comment Roberta. Glad it worked for you!

  • Christy Arzeno Soto

    This was so easy. Thanks

    • Thanks for comment, Christy. Glad it worked for you!

  • Christy Arzeno Soto

    Does anyone have terrarium? Is it working with your 17.3?

    • Christy, Terrarium wouldn’t have anything to do with Kodi since it is an independent Android application. You may install it through Kodi but it is still a standalone Android App. Hope that makes sense.

  • James Whiteley

    I was going to update my 17.1 to 17.2 today until I read your last e-mail. Can I update with 17.1 to 17.3 without loading 17.2 first. If not do you have a new short cut to 17.2?

    • Hi James, yes, you can update following above tutorial from Kodi 17.1 to Kodi 17.3

      • James Whiteley

        Thank you, Sir Troy, you have just been Knighted!

  • Demetria Marcelle

    I accidentally hit the clear data button on my Kodi application and now I can’t get any movies etc. Everything is gone. Can anyone help me… I was trying to clear my cache….

  • Kathleen A Dombrowski

    Thanks Troy, Worked like a charm on my Kindles , Fire TV and fire TV Stick. Went from 17.2 to 17.3 without any glitches. I’m glad you sent the newsletter today because I’ve been hanging back waiting to see what problems others were having. The scary message I kept getting about the security flaw and your newsletter prompted me to take action. Also, the Video about the Exodus playback settings is priceless. I always wished Exodus ran fast like Terrarium and now it does. If I ever win the Lottery you are on my list of beneficiaries

  • Leanne Park

    Hi, I haven’t used Kodi for around 2 months, due to losing my firestick remote, and changing wifi. I have now found my remote, and tried to open Kodi, but it keeps crashing, I’ve tried force stop, clear cache, clear data, uninstall, reinstall, total reboot of firestick, nothing seems to work. It goes to the krypton page the first time then goes black and takes me back to the menu. Then every other time it just goes black. Help much appreciated. Thanks

    • sam mcconnell

      If you ever loss it again on amazon play store you can download fire stick remote onto your phone and it works awesome . It will work on as many as you have in the house.

  • Ken Scrivener

    Any advice on the very common problem of Krypton not opening after the first-time run screen? Doesn’t seem to matter whether you upgrade or do a clean install. Google searches indicate this is a really common problem.

  • Tammi June

    Hi, I am a new Kodi user. This is the best go to site for questions or problem solving issues with Kodi. Your tutorial’s are great and easy to follow also. Thank you!!

  • This update via ES worked perfectly thank you ??

  • Geo

    The kodistable link in downloader is still giving me the 17.1 version after I download it. Has that not been linked to 17.3 yet? Should I just type it out the long way to update? Thanks for all the articles, videos, and tutorials by the way

  • Desiree

    Help! When I get to the part that says v7a.apk nothing happens when I click on it – its not downloading.

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  • Kristen A. Lane

    Hi Troy, I upgraded to 17.3 on my Fire TV Gaming edition and I get the ‘new controller detected’ message and then nothing works except the home button which takes me out of Kodi. Please help!!!

    • Matt

      Hey, I had the same issue so I restarted my Fire Stick and it works perfectly now!

      • Kristen A. Lane

        I even tried unplugging it and restarting it that way as well as uninstalling Kodi and reinstalling it. This happened once before but I can’t remember how I fixed it. ?

        • Kevin Lamb

          Same issue here.
          I removed Kodi Jarvis. When I install Krypton 17.3 the screen locks up
          saying it sees a new game control and to go to settings to update the
          new game control. The Game control does not function in Krypton 17.3 at
          all, I can’t move to settings. It works fine in Fire tv mode but not
          in Kodi.
          I am using a Firestick tv game box

  • Rick Snuffer

    Ok I am at the last screen in your video, “Your library is currently empty. Where do I go from there

  • Lori Harrell

    My library is empty after I updated Jodi from 17.0 to 17.3 how do I fix that???? HELP PLEASE!!!!

    • Jay Merrill

      I’m having the same problem any answers?

  • Bob Coppersmith

    How DO we fix the “empty library” so there are submenus under some of the options aside from “Add-ons”? At one time I had a horizontal selection screen (vs. left hand side of the screen vertical menu) with submenus under “Video” “TV” etc. I CAN get into Exodus and from there do searches, etc… would just be nice to add submenus of things.

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  • Buster Hymen

    The downloader will not install for me. Help?

  • Marc

    i downloaded the file but now a pop up box appeared asking me to open it with either ES Note Editor or the HTML Viewer. What do I do from here?

  • Amanda Arnold O’Rear

    So I followed the video #1 updated to 17.3 and now when I try and click on Kodi it won’t open, just goes back to downloader. ?

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  • Neil Townend

    New to the scene. How do I speed up my internet speed after downloading IPVanishVPN on firestick. It had an average speed of 50 mbs before installation. Now it is only running at 9 mbs ideas please.

  • Art Molina

    Works great & the update was seamless. So that web address will always link us to the most recent stable versión…NICE! Great work Troypoint!

  • Mary Samantha

    I just installed the new version of Kodi 17.3 on my fire TV and I am continuously get a message that says “cannot connect to repository” in I have u installed, and I reinstalled done a factory reset on the fire TV etc. I just have been at this for 2 days even had my sister helping and we still can’t figure it out someone please help!

    • Mary, this is due to many repos being down due to lawsuit lately filed against 3rd party Kodi addon distributor and developer.

  • Andrew Fallon

    Downloaded the update and launched Kodi. It showed the new logo for Kodi 17.3, but it has been showing a screen saying “add on migration in progress – please wait.” It has been on this screen for at least 30 min now. Is that normal?

    • Try restarting your device. Also, try clearing cache by going into Fire TV Settings / Applications / Manage Applications / Kodi / Clear Cache – DO NOT CLICK CLEAR DATA!!

    • Leanne Greener

      Did Troys advice fix this issue as this is the error I’m getting now. Wish I hadn’t bothered

      • Fre

        Hello Leanne… this was the issue for me and following Troy’s suggestion to fix worked.

  • Ashley Johnson

    Thank you for all of the easy to follow tutorials. They are greatly appreciated. When I am in Kodi I get an Indigo error message and cannot access the Featured Addons and to check the log for more information. Is this due to the third party lawsuit? Also, what do you recommend for streaming live sports?

    • Hi Ashely, Indigo currently down. TVAddons claims they will be back up in the near future.

  • Kyle

    Hey Troy, just a question for you. Kodi for me is working just fine but none of the add-ons are working. Is this due to the lawsuit or is there something else going on?

    • Kyle, I suggest getting my Supercharge Guide via form above and refer to Video #2 within it as this will install all of the best updated Kodi addons for you. Take care.

  • Allan

    Hi Troy I’ve updated to 17.3 and it gets to the preparing first install screen then goes back to home screen. I’ve tried all the solutions on the net even reset the fire stick with no joy do you have any suggestions plz

    • Hello Allan, if you have reset your Fire TV and it still doesn’t work, it sounds like there might be something wrong with your device. There are no current problems installing Kodi on a Fire TV or Stick.

      • Steve a

        This is happening to my firestick and is getting to be a common problem according to users on the net, i always do a clean install on my devices and its only happening on the firestick, i heard there is probs a corrup file but dont know how to get into the stick to check the files downloaded.

        • Hi Steve, have you tried doing a factory reset on your device and then trying again? I have never had this problem and have loaded a ton of these sticks for friends and family.

          • Steve a

            Did a factory reset this morning, I too have loaded a lot for friends in the past, i also tried to load spmc this afternoon but that will not open either. I was wondering if amazon were blocking some file types. Everything still loads ok on my mxq tv boxes so not sure what the issue is. I,ll keep trawling the net for a sollution.
            Do you know how to check downloaded files on the firestick, one post i saw said there was a file that maybe was not reckognised by the firestick that aborted the download.

  • Sharon Campone-Evans Deeming

    perfect- dead easy to follow and worked x

    • Thanks for comment, Sharon. Glad it worked for you.

  • Elizabeth Estes

    Thought I saved my Add one but I didn’t so now my library is empty.what can I do?? What Add ons are worth it??

  • Yancey Patrick

    When I try to download downloader it gives me a purchase failure

    • Even when downloading free apps from Amazon, you still must have valid form of payment tied to your account such as credit card. I know, it is ridiculous.

  • sam mcconnell

    I’m fixing to update to the new version. So I been look at comments for a long time here wanting to make sure it take over do something insane ! Seems ok… reason I’m posting saw few people saying they lost their fire stick remote fyi you can download app at play store loads to your phone works as remote it awesome

  • Kate Wilson

    Hi my fire stick is running on 16.1 and there are now 17’s out. Can I just download them to the fire stick

  • Jim Svedise

    Hi Amazon TV with 17.3 can not connect to network but 16.1 works great Also have same problem with spmc and Mygica Media Center. kodi 16.1 is only one that works. Why? What am I doing wrong?

  • Kelly Worthen

    I followed your steps in you 1st video. Everything worked great. Newest version of Kodi installed. TaDa! Now I have none of my adons. I have lost everything. WTF!!!!?

    • Get the supercharge guide above as it will show how to install all addons with click of a button.

  • carolyn

    I followed your steps in your 1st video but after doing everything with downloader when I went to open it, all I have is a white screen and its not changing

    • Hi Carolyn, refer to second video above on How To Reinstall Kodi After Failed Update. Then, get my free Supercharge Guide above and that will show you how to install the best addons.

      • carolyn

        Thanks!! I got it working and it’s doing great after going through the supercharge steps! Thanks a bunch! Carolyn

        • Thanks for update, Carolyn. Glad you got Kodi updated on your Fire TV. Have fun.

  • Barb

    Is there any other addons we can install with Kodi besides tvaddons ? Most are not working. Can’t seem to find baseball on any of them any more. Help!

    • Hi Barb, refer to my free Supercharge Guide that I have available above. Just register for that and you will get the guide in your email inbox. I go through all of that in the free guide.

  • Jason

    I can’t open the downloader app on the firestick. I purchased it on the amazon site and sent it to the firestick but it still won’t open

    • Jason, rather than doing that, just do what I show in the video. Search for it on your device and install it that way.

  • Laura

    I clicked all instead of new. Is this a big deal?

    • No, it will update since it already recognizes Kodi as being on the system.

      • Laura


  • Mike G

    I updated firestick Lodi from 16.1 to latest version. Not sure how to get to my apps though. HELP

  • Mike G


  • Jimmy Harvell

    When I type in downloader and and select it it says error

    • Make sure your Fire TV is updated by going into Fire TV Settings / Device / About / Check for updates.

  • Tashina Mckithen

    I was able to download kodi on my fire box but it won’t appear in my apps. In order for me to access it I have to go through my settings and launch application from there. I followed all the steps is there something that I missed?

      • Tashina Mckithen

        I tried that it doesn’t show the kodis icon on that list either. The only place I see it is when I go to settings an manage applications it shows up there. I’ve rebooted my fire box twice and I uninstalled kodi an reinstalled it but still won’t show.

  • Pedro Sosa

    I have a model number BEST-M8 and the current software version on it is 14.1. I can’t get it to work with any of these methods presented. Can you please guide me as to how to get the box updated to the most current software? Thank you

  • Yvette Aguilar

    I downloaded 17.3 about a month ago but how often do the new movies get uploaded on my firesrick. Some of my friends already have planet of the Apes and I don’t. Do I need to update.

  • ash

    I have been trying to install 17.3, followed the instruction but then when starting up Kodi after the initial screen it just goes black!

    • Try restarting your device. If that doesn’t work, follow guide above to reinstall.

      • ash

        Hi Troy thanks for the reply! Ive restarted and reinstalled no joy! I had 16.1 previously tried reinstalling that also but that resents a black screen now too.

  • haridas menon

    Hi, I am in India and trying to download Kodi. After turning ADB on, tried to search for Download. Getting a message that “Your search did not match any videos or apps in our catalogue”. Is this problem because of my Geo location?

  • Tom Poole Kerr

    First time I followed the link to download the file it downloaded an 87meg .txt file when clicking on this to install the screen just went black. However after removing that file and trying again it downloaded and automatically ran the installer. If anyone else gets the White screen just try again 🙂

    • Thanks for sharing this Tom. Yes, you are correct. Sometimes the FTP site that Kodi provides in the download gives an invalid .txt file and you just need to try again. I will add that in my next updated video.

  • Mandi Marquez

    I just did this and updates to 17.3 now kodi looks way different and I can’t find exodus or any other way to search for shows movies ect

  • Melissa Menelas™

    Just installed 17.3 on the firebox and when I open the new version my screen gets stuck on “Configure Controller” but instead of letting me click “yes” to configure the controller, the whole thing just freezes to where my only option is pressing the home button. Is there a fix to this?

  • Mick

    Just upgraded from 16.1 to 17.3 , it seemed to install fine , but no says add on migration in progress – please wait is this normal it’s been doing it for a while now

  • Michael D. Hodson

    Does The Players Klub/Perfect Player install work on first gen TV Stick?