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Sportz TV (JC Media) Not Working – What Happened

sportz tv not working

There have been several reports of Sportz TV (JC Media) not working as the service appears to be offline.

Sportz TV is a well-known IPTV service that has been used by many cord-cutters around the world for watching live television.

sportz tv offline

For those unfamiliar with internet protocol television (IPTV) see our popular IPTV guide below for more information.


This live TV provider is also known as “JC Media,” which appears to be just a rebranded name of Sportz.

The service operators of Sportz TV (JC Media) sent out a message on Telegram alerting their current subscribers why the service is not working.

One of our website visitors sent us the following message from the Telegram chat:

Greetings, live support is closed right now. Our helpers have their annual holiday week so they won’t be online to assist do not message helpers while they are off on holiday. We know some of you can’t order right now, we are resolving merchant issues. Do not send any payments, they will be refunded. We will provide more info when it’s ready.

As a reminder, TROYPOINT has ZERO affiliation with Sportz TV (JC Media) or any live TV service/app. We are unsure of what’s happening behind the scenes and it’s unclear how this scenario will fully play out.

It’s also important to point out that the official website of Sportz TV (JC Media) is offline and it’s unclear if it will be returning.

if you visit the Sportz TV (JC Media) website, the following screen appears:

the official website of Sportz TV (JC Media) is offline and it's unclear if it will be returning.

It’s impossible for TROYPOINT to determine whether these unverified IPTV services hold the proper licensing.

If and when an IPTV service is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our Website to reflect that information.

The end-user is responsible for all content accessed through Free IPTV Apps and paid services such as Sportz TV (JC Media).

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Notable Replies

  1. I watched NFL tonight, but many channels seem to be down. In fact, the NBC station I watched seems to be the only NBC working. Some of the adults are also working!

  2. Avatar for impgee impgee says:

    Miss E P, [10.09.21 08:51]
    Since when does a company shut down for a week and leave its customers stranded. My problems started around Sept 7th when I tried to sign into my account on a new Fire TV (kept getting an error message about my network connection. Today none of the US channels work but I get UK channels (go figure). I tried all the know web sites with no success. My invoice is due the 12th of this month.
    I also can no longer get to the Telegram site so I did not get the above info.
    This service is the most frustrating IPTV I have ever had.
    Time to get another IPTV.

  3. My Telegram has disappeared also. I thought I had deleted it in error.

  4. Same with no service and telegram channel deleted. My billing date has come and gone, so re occurring billing has been stopped as well. See ya on the flip side JC Media. Meanwhile, I joined securestreamott and getting great results! Hardly any buffering on main channels and some buffering on adult depending on time of day. Nights and weekends when those channels are in high demand :joy: Give them a try in the meantime! :v:

  5. Avatar for joedez joedez says:

    New here to the forum! Hello everyone! I just recently said goodbye to SprortzTV. Too many ongoing issues. I am currently trying out another service. Who knows how long this IPTV thing will go but we’ll ride it till the wheels fall off!

  6. I loved their iptv and app (the App) but it’s something new with them every week it seems. Whether with admins or service or billing or website down or etc etc. I could keep going on. I have switched my iptv and probably will not go back to sportz or jcdurex or whatever they call themselves LOL.

  7. Avatar for Mike1 Mike1 says:

    Had service Jc media have switched to secure streams which seems to be working well .

  8. Same here as others, long time customer during several name changes ie; SportzPrime, SportZTV SportZNutrition, everything shut down. My bill auto-renews on the 28th, hoping since the website is down I won’t be billed. Changed to SSTV about week ago and so far so good except for one day where the EPG wasn’t working properly, Minor hiccup.

  9. Avatar for Sweetz Sweetz says:

    Been through Sportz TV, JC Media, Secret Service, now since it’s down(and maybe out) I’ve been using Xoomstv. Not super impressed but could be me using a fire stick. I definitely need to upgrade to something better. Anyways only been using Xoomstv for a few days I’ll report back after giving it some time.

  10. Avatar for Mike1 Mike1 says:

    My Jc media expired I wasn’t charged even though I had auto renew if that puts your mind to rest?

  11. Thank you, yes that helps ease the mind. Didn’t want to have to contact the credit card company. Thanks again, Appreciate the info.

  12. Looking for a replacement for JC Media and seen a couple of positive comments about SSTV. If you’re able, let me know if you have any major issues with it. May try it out.

  13. Avatar for Van Van says:

    Can we download it through the downloader?

  14. Avatar for Van Van says:

    Can we get it through the downloader and if so what do we type in?

  15. So far it’s been good. Only a couple of glitches like the EPG not loading one day and some channels have buffering issues lately. Minor problems that seems to plague just about any IPTV. Seem like a lot of JC media folks switched over to them. I’m happy so far.

  16. Yes you can download the app through regular downloader by entering in the http. I googled SSTV to get their website, signed up for package, got on their telegram for support. They email you the link for the app to download from downloader.

  17. How to connect to securemott

  18. I joined them after the shutdown of JCMedia. Very minimal issues. A few buffering when the influx of new customers signed up but it didn’t last long. Overall, I’m pleased.

  19. I agree with you 100% , I have been using these guys & all their different services for a few years. Their Secret Service was actually really good & you’re probably right about blabber mouths blogging about the services. I was on all their Telegram channels & they all just disappeared. I do hope they come back with another service because they always had good tech support & prices were decent for what they offered.

  20. Currently the only IPTV service that I’m using is SSTV.

  21. That’s good to hear. Mine renews on the 26th.

  22. I had to get the new app and then start over. Older apps fail

  23. Thanks for the info. I was concerned because mine auto renewed end of August just before they went defunct. Would prefer not to contact CC company

  24. Hi! I was a JC Media/Sportz TV subscriber and recently switched to Hypersonic TV. It’s only been a few days but I love it so far.

    I think it’s $12.99 a month. PayPal.

    Watched all the NFL games this weekend with no problem. Same interface as Sportz/JC.

    I recommend it so far!

  25. Avatar for Madman Madman says:

    First off thanks to and everyone in this chat area. It’s a pleasure to be a part of this great group. I was a subscriber to Durex/sportztv/sportzprime/sportznutrition/ tequila/secretservice/etc. for a very long time and really enjoyed the service but just like the rest of us one day it stops working and a week later the telegram chat groups dissappear. I was bummed (insert expletives) especially since I had signed up for 8 months at a time. Luckily my 8 months concludes on my birthday next Sunday and they don’t renew or it could have been much worse. I only have my backup service at the moment which is sapphire. I know sapphire had a problem a while back and their main servers were hacked and are gone now. When I signed up they put me on the backup servers because they were upgrading the main servers at the time. So I was never affected by the hack. Now to end my rambling here, I’m glad to read all your recommendations for a new service and know I am not the only one frustrated that secret service disappeared.

  26. google them and ask for a trial in the am, they stop giving out trials early due to a quota, then decide

  27. what is the address for securestream

  28. I have switched to “BESTZ TV”. It was $60 USD for 6 months, and it comes with a stand alone version of Cinema HD with their premunize feature server included for free. It also has a free tivimate lite version.
    Been using it for 7 months now with very little issues.

  29. I was charged for jc media and I have no way of getting a refund. Any ideas?

  30. try using stop payment if you used a credit card.

  31. Avatar for Mike1 Mike1 says:

    Unfortunately all websites have been taken off the internet .I was lucky I only lost 1week when it stopped working

  32. I was really disappointed to see Sportz leave. They were offering some really good options for watching TV. I really liked the option to choose a type of movie. Oh well another bites the dust. Thanks for the heads up in some new options.

  33. I checked out their website, this service looks promising. May try the free weekday trial next week to see if I like it and then go from there. Thanks for the info!

  34. Avatar for Mike1 Mike1 says:

    Give the trial a go & see if it fits your needs :+1:

  35. I also recently switched to SSTV. in the last week. Seems a lot like the old SportzTV, so pretty fluid. Haven’t tried pairing to TiViMate yet, though

  36. Avatar for Saki23 Saki23 says:

    Like you, I had been with them a very long time. Really surprised JC didn’t at least explain what was going on.
    Regardless, I switched to xtremehd.
    They are exactly like sportz in just about every way.
    I’ll see how they work out for a while.
    Good luck with yours.

  37. Sportztv is back up with a new app and higher prices. I am not happy with them either and will be getting an alternative even if I have to pay more. As far as I am concerned they are creeps but here is some information if you want to re-up with these clods.

    Sign up here--------->

    The message I got from them.

    Thanks for signing up. Here’s your subscription details below.

    Sportz TV app url (You must Install the new app):

    Please use the Downloader to install the app.

    Username: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Password: xxxxxxxxxxx

    Please select “SERVER” from drop-down menu when you open the app.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



  38. I don’t think that is the same sportztv. It was there before and Telegram said it was not the same before they disappeared

  39. plus when you go to pay it goes to realiptv

  40. I switched to voodoo since JC shut down. Love it.

  41. I had talked to one of the old customer service reps from JC on Telegram and he had put me onto “Synergy”. Pretty close to Secret Service. He gave me a day trial and I liked it. No website, though. It seemed kinda sketch at first but the service worked. Just pay through Paypal. He had 1, 6, 12 month plans for good prices.

  42. how do go about getting this service?

  43. I’d be careful about paying for anything more than a month at a time. I’ve heard too many stories about people paying for six months and then the guy “closes up shop” after one or two.

  44. Oh yea I’m only doing monthly from now on. Had to file a dispute to JC Media with my bank and got my payment for the month back since it only lasted a day or two before they ghosted everyone

  45. I was with them since durex TV turned to sports TV etc. It was great but gone and not sure what it will be revived as. There was always a way to find out where they migrated. I found something called which is pretty much the same pair it with tivimate which cost 20 bucks and is just an iptv player it’s awsome and what I chose to go with. I found it when I typed in jc media into telegram.

  46. I was a long time Sportz user. I signed up for Kemo iptv. I signed up for a year $39. So far it works good. I normally wouldn’t sign up for so long but what’s $40, if it goes away before then oh well on to the next.

  47. Don’t find a link to it, can you provide one, please?

  48. Avatar for smkcpa smkcpa says:

    My SportzTV stopped working on Sept 21st, the expiration date of my monthly billing.

    My credit card was not charged on the 21st.

    I signed up with Hypersonic TV, and received my user ID and password about 5 minutes after I paid them via PayPal.

    I simply added a new user to my IPTV Smarters app on my FireStick, entered the credentials that Hypersonic sent to me, and I was up and running again.

    Very seamless - just a pain to set up all of my favorites again, but it’s a small price to pay :slight_smile:

  49. I also was a subscriber for sportztv/prime/secret service. dropped sportztv moved to prime and SS. eventually one day prime just discontinues. I had let SS expire because I was getting better results with prime. tried to renew SS they wouldnt renew. “wait for admin to contact you” Their customer service was terrible! Rude and would take days to respond sometimes. Moved to Voodoo and they have been solid, great customer service. JC media was pretty good at the beginning but they went down hill over the last 6 months

  50. Trust me. It is the same. This is far from my first rodeo with IPTV and SportzTv ( Spurtz). It’s just at a higher price point. The payment may go to a different processor but it looks like Spurtz, stinks and smells like Spurtz, and has the same petty issues Spurtz always has. So like a rose by any other name is still a Rose I am convinced this is just a new shined-up higher-priced version of the old Spurtz IPTV service.

    My biggest issue is they said nothing about the interruption in their service. They just ghosted and pulled the rug out from under everyone and wasted a lot of our time trying to figure out what’s going on. In the meantime, they charged my account twice and provided no services. Trying to get an explanation or refund from them only provided clueless excuses.

    They managed to keep charging their fees but couldn’t do the same for their service or at a minimum offer an explanation or apology for why it was down. Some have speculated that a big part of their reason for this stunt was nothing more than red herrings to draw attention from the real purpose which was to purge all the current subscribers in order to raise prices. Their mediocre service is pretty much the same in my opinion and it appears they just needed some kind of subterfuge to raise their prices.

    If you are wondering why I still deal with them I don’t. My friend set up a two-user account after all their chicanery. I use his second one sparingly for certain sporting events that I cant get on ESPN and other than that I don’t ever use it because there are much better options.

    My recommendation is to avoid these turds. Follow Troy’s advice and use Syncler with Debrid and you won’t give those asshats the time of day. You can also use Debrid to download torrents and it is faster than anything I have ever dealt with.

  51. Avatar for docx docx says:

    me too. tried a few and found tgat Pelican iptv works exactly like jc media

  52. old also and i argee with you

  53. My last charge from them went thru on 8/9/21 and I haven’t seen any more since. Guess I’m good.

  54. I had 3 subs with them. My 6 month cashapp runs out end of November. Most of the 24/7 are still up so using as a back up for now.

  55. With the service not working and the website down, I hope that they don’t charge my debit card again… Any advice? Some channels are working but most do not.

  56. Avatar for Josh1 Josh1 says:

    In the same boat! Renews on the 4th. Hoping they do the right thing. What service I now have is not worth $13.

  57. I found that Xtreme IPTV has the exact same subscription site as JC Media or smooth media. I have subscribed and using smarters pro app. I think that JC Media changed their name to Xtreme IPTV.
    It’s possible because when I go to the same JC Media website to purchase it says welcone back Terry.

  58. Thanks for passing this along. Are we sure that this is really them? We see this a lot in the IPTV space. When a popular service goes down, imposters come out and name their IPTV service the same. Right now we see that with Area 51, Players Klub, and a few others.

  59. Avatar for TashaD TashaD says:

    I agree. Too many disappointed customers not appreciating the service. I thought I deleted the chat and found out they did. I don’t know what else to do. I had it when it was sportz. Then JC media. Then Secret service. I thought by now I would get an email for another app but haven’t

  60. Avatar for OlReg OlReg says:

    I’ve been with Durex/Sportz/SecretService/JCMedia since the beginning.
    I noticed all the tech support resources on Telegram were gone. It’s been a while since one had to contact a tech person for a link to one’s own account.
    This week, when I beamed it up, it simply said “You are expired”
    Since this was an auto-payment, I assume they’re done. I’ve always had a second service running so it wasn’t a huge deal. A bummer for sure but…adieu

  61. I am positive it is them. This is where you subscribe ------------> and this is their new app. --------> Sportz-TV-1-1 which they say you must use. I am watching as we speak. As I said unless it’s live sports you are looking for I wouldn’t waste my time. Everything else ( Movies, Series, EPG, etc.) is crappy.

  62. Avatar for Alice Alice says:

    I called my bank and cc and cancelled auto withdrawals… JC Sportz all of that bunch were getting sketchy…I stayed with them when they ghosted on JCDUREX

  63. Mike1 can you send me the link for secure stream? Thank you

  64. Avatar for TerryH TerryH says:

    Yeah, so has my Telegram account.

  65. Ok Thank Mike1. Sketchy is not what i need now.

  66. I purchased Xtreme IPTV from the exact same website that smooth media was using which is what JC Media changed their name to. When I went to the Xtreme IPTV website it said welcome back Terry. It is the same website that I purchased sportz, JC Media, smooth media from but now it’s called Xtreme IPTV.
    It was first Sportz TV, then changed to JC Media, then to smooth media, and now the same website is called Xtreme IPTV which is what makes me think that JC Media is now Xtreme IPTV.
    You have to use the smarters pro app which is in the troypoint rapid app installer. I found Xtreme IPTV when I Google 10 best IPTV services and it comes up in the top 10.
    It is really working very well for me with absolutely no buffering as of yet and I’ve had it now for 3 weeks. Paid 40.00 for 3 months. Has all the same channels as JC Media.

  67. People know they are taking chances with IPTV but fir the price it doesn’t really matter just move on to the next one.

  68. Here is the website to purchase the new sportz. It’s the same website that I purchased JC Media from.
    It works very well and you will need the smarters pro app on the rapid app installer or Amazon.
    When I found Xtreme IPTV and went to their website it said welcome back Terry.
    Same JC Media website but different name. Xtremehdiptv. I swear it’s them in disguise.

  69. Are they not accepting new subscribers…I’ve tried 2 days in a row to get service…when I click subscribe it just takes me to same screen

  70. I would not be shocked if they are Sportz. Last time they pulled this stunt their prices increased about 50%; and this time the price for Xtreme vs Sportz is about 52% higher.

  71. Avatar for OlReg OlReg says:

    Thanks for that. I signed up and when I logged in, I got the same Welcome Back! message as you.
    It was, in fact, less costly than before as I had 4 connections before.

  72. Is Voodoo the same as Real Streams? Same exact website.

    • Update: They are the same.
  73. Define “theives”. Because last I checked, a lot of these providers aren’t legitimate, yet people knowingly subscribe to them. Kinda like the pot calling the kettle black. Just saying.

  74. The reseller will probably tell you they want to keep the service a secret, so there isn’t any unwanted attention.

  75. You are right about Sportz, had the same experience and dumped them for Kemo too. Just re-upped for another 6 months for $22.50. Pretty good service and along with Gamers, I stream flawlessly…

  76. Avatar for OlReg OlReg says:

    Same here and I’ve been with them since DurexTV.
    Seems like the same service and the prices are similar.

  77. Avatar for OlReg OlReg says:

    Screwed over a bunch of people? They always said there were no refunds.
    The price is next to nothing for a zillion channels including all the premium movie and sports channels. Did you really lose a bunch of money?
    There’s no way these people are paying licensing fees on all the content.
    We must think that because we pay someone it must be legal.
    I wouldn’t be without a VPN.

  78. i do believe they got busted

  79. Avatar for OlReg OlReg says:

    I suspect your estimate of millions of dollars per year is WAY optimistic.
    All these IPTV people are dodging the bullet. Durex/Sportz etc, did it well and for a good long run. I loved their tech help on Telegram but the writing was always there.
    I suspect they kept on as long as possible and new seem to have simply changed names.
    Subscribe to IPTV at your own risk and with the knowledge that your choice of service may be gone tomorrow and accept that your payment will be forfeit when they are. Paying from $10 to $25 a month for 19000 channels plus series and VOD?
    I’ve got a TV antenna on the house, pick up 65 channels, many in HD. IPTV allows me to watch “In market” Baseball games. Our team is on the west coast and the MLB indicates that the “In Market” for our team is anyone west of the Appalachians. Don’t need VOD, don’t need Series, don’t need TV from Africa or Russia, don’t need Adult. Worth $25 a month and knowing I may have to change again and again.

  80. They are now called Xtreme IPTV.
    For now anyway. For the price it’s worth it to me.
    I could be 100% wrong but it just seemed that way.

  81. Avatar for Miki Miki says:

    They can still be U.S. based and be running off servers in other countries. When I first started my Torrent site I lived in Canada but ran my site off servers in Romania, Hungary, Czechoslovakia and China. It was a fun time and a huge learning curve.

  82. Posted by


    1 month ago

    JC Media / Sportz TV / Secret Service was Shutdown by ACE

    The JC Media domain name has been transferred to ACE (The Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment ).
    All domains that have been seized by ACE end up under the control of MarkMonitor, Inc.
    Check the whois of the domain name which was one of the domains used by JC Media you will see it is now under the control of MarkMonitor, Inc.

    i found this on reddit

  83. When I signed up for a sub then tell me why it says welcone back Terry which is my name. For other subscribers that I know it says the same. It welcomes them back to the purchase site. May not be JC Media but sure seems to be. I’ve been with them since they first started as durex and always knew that it could be shut down some day. Well worth the hassel to keep switching.

  84. So you are pleased with Kemo? I was looking at them. Was thinking about signing up. I beleive they take Bitcoin

  85. Yes @$40 for a year it’s tough to beat.

  86. i saw another post talking about two men and a women that got shutdown it didnt name the service but it was right as sercretservice disappeared its most logical they got shutdown in all thier other changes we could find what they became this time its dropped of the face of the earth
    its not like they are still charging us that stopped i lost s couple weeks but if they got shutdown thats is understood i lost a lot more when beast died i had paid by the year and yes there is a guy selling beast now but its not the same

  87. It was nice and clear. The best one I have tried. I hope they bring it back.

  88. Avatar for OlReg OlReg says:

    When I signed up on Xtreme IPTV it said, “Welcome Back Reg”
    suggest it IS JC Media renamed.

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