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IPTV Service With Over a Million Users Shut Down by Authorities

fiod iptv raid

Dutch Police have shut down what looks to be one of the largest IPTV Services in Europe serving over one million users.

The service was ultimately taken offline by Dutch fiscal police resulting in four arrests.

The name of the IPTV Provider has not been released, however, it seems that it was a massive operation involving individuals in various locations.

In a series of raids led by the Dutch Fiscal Police and assisted by Europol, numerous items were seized including cars, computer equipment, bank accounts, and large amounts of cash.

We want to know what you think of the latest IPTV Shutdown. Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

Details of the investigation were published in a press release by Dutch Fiscal Police (FIOD) which you can find below.

FIOD Official Website – Illegal IPTV Provider Taken Off the Air

It noted that a subscription to the service provided over 10,000 channels as well as VOD Content from platforms such as Disney+, Netflix, Viaplay, and more.

The major draw of this service was its low price point which came in at roughly $10/month which is substantially lower than Legal IPTV Services.

There were hundreds of thousands of subscribers using the service which was ultimately taken offline resulting in a complete blackout for customers.

This was likely due to the seizure of 1200 servers from a local data center that was operated by one of the main suspects.

Coincidentally, the removal of these servers also caused numerous legitimate websites to go offline including a painter’s website, a dentist’s office, and more.

The data center, named GLOBE, also hosted other IPTV-related domains such as,, and

BREIN, an anti-piracy agency located in the Netherlands, applauded the efforts of authorities for their work in taking the service offline:

This is the largest criminal investigation by the Dutch fiscal police FIOD and the Dutch prosecution into digital piracy in the Netherlands ever…

Illegal IPTV is the most serious threat to legal offerings of movies, series, television and sports broadcasts. This case concerns a criminal organization behind the large-scale sale of illegal IPTV subscriptions in the Netherlands and elsewhere. It involves tens of millions of euros in damages in the Netherlands alone.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen IPTV Services and subscribers face legal trouble.

It will be interesting to see what comes of this investigation and if any more arrests are made.

This IPTV takedown was first reported by TorrentFreak.

Let us know what you think of the latest IPTV shutdown. Drop a comment below!

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34 thoughts on “IPTV Service With Over a Million Users Shut Down by Authorities”

  1. They can keep trying, but they’ll never be able to stop it. The iptv services I mean. The issue really boils down to freedom and people will keep striving to be free.

  2. A European based service I’ve been using on and off for a few years also went down at the same time, SIPTVEU.COM My subscription only had a few days left anyway. It was useful to me as it had a full complement of Scandinavian channels. I don’t see many services with Norwegian or Swedish content.

  3. “Illegal” IPTV “involves tens of millions of” $ in damages to DirecTV, DishNetwork, Hulu, Sling … in the USofA, while involving tens of millions of $$$ of savings to subscribers. While my heart goes out to the corporate giants who have been price gouging their customers to the tune of $160+ per month for the same service (yea right), this type of enforcement action always spells danger for individual household economic realities.

  4. I know you said that the name of the IPTV has been undisclosed. But could you tell me if it is IP TV smarters pro

  5. these large or not so large companies or corps are NOT losing revenue[s]. because people won’t buy their content, that is why the people stream in other ways… circumvent paying the big cable companies etc

  6. I haven’t used NoATTCable after paying for it but wonder if it was one of the IPTV companies taken down. There needs to be a solution out there that doesn’t gouge customers.

  7. Server 1 on Supreme TV also went down, and has been down for 5 days now. That’s the longest they have ever been down. They also claimed that they were working to fix issues, saying it would be up the next day, which hasn’t happened. Obviously, this was a wide and sweeping shutdown.

  8. I wonder if that’s why my Happy TV is not working. Always have a backup I keep two services running at all times.

  9. I have/had Gotnol and that went down about a week ago. Kept getting a message that the server is not responding.
    I’ve sent notes to them but have had no reply.
    Anyone know if they got caught up on this as well?

  10. Now I think twice about Surfshark VPN since it’s based in the Netherlands. If The NL has such vigorous piracy controls, how secure is a VPN based there? Anyone know?

  11. The European Leftist Nazi cancer that spread across the globe including the USA wants to control the world in what you say, view, read and believe has infected every part of our lives.
    Fuk em!

  12. I think there is a place for IPTV services to be supplied by larger legal entities. Seems we get crappy services for large dollars and I think the bigger players might benefit from creating a similar service and for a fair monthly subscription price.

    I believe they’re missing the boat…

  13. I was dissapointed when my service stopped and I had a feeling I knew exactly what had happened. With this news, unfortunately I know all too well. I agree with other commenters here that there needs top be a fresh look at how the cable and communication companies view their respective products and how they are offered. I only want two or three channels to be fair and they are not offered to me without paying for a ton of garbage I will never visit. They keep on disecting programming to fit their own models and aren’t truly servicing or for that matter even give a hoot what people really want from their service in the first place. Look at football alone. This year it has been pulled apart onto 8 or 9 greedy directions so that you are guarenteed to miss critical games due to who wants to control them if you aren’t subscribed to every one of them. It’s disgusting and criminal if you ask me!

  14. I have a subscription to an iptv and that has been down all week. Very little info coming from them other than to say one of their servers is down, not for technical reasons. They say they’re trying to get it up again, but a lot of people are pissed off.

  15. My research on the Quantum Computer is that no one has privacy anymore, even with a VPN! All things are known! If AI can solve a problem that would take man one billion years to solve in 10 to 15 seconds. Let me assure you, It’s knows what you are doing! So far information is going after bigger fish but eventually everyone will be monitored and controlled. Beware when a solution is brought forth people will love. ( peace and safety) then sudden destruction will follow. Just Saying!

  16. We suddenly lost access to both of our streaming platforms on 5/23/23. Xoomstv and Sixstar… xoomstv support reached out to subscribers via Telegram app that day asking for patience and stating they are having security issues with Server 1 subscribers which they hoped to have fixed in 24 hours ( which has not happened). I have to wonder if they are involved in this shutdown?? Is anyone else experiencing this problem?

    1. When did this happen? We have lost access to Xoomstv, since Tuesday. We’re notified some channels we’re back, but we haven’t gotten anything.

    2. Mine went down too (not Sixstar or Xoomstv) and they’re still down too. I went to another provider and I’m actually happier with them than my previous source. EPG is better and overall experience is just better so I see it as a small sacrifice of a few dollars for the education. ?

  17. Been at this since videocipher,if they weren’t so greedy and get prices to where 90% of public could actually afford they would would increase revenue.
    Anything man makes man can break. Ala carte was the greatest service offered, pay for what you watch only and ability to add and deduct from channel list.This what should be offered not pkgs of crap channels stuffed down your throat ,monthly.
    My father taught me early” when someone offers you free ,take 3 steps backwards and put hand on wallet”.

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