Cinema HD Not Working – What We Know & the Most Popular Alternatives

cinema hd not working

This article will explain Cinema HD Not Working and provide you with the best alternative options for streaming on any device.

Cinema HD was one of the most popular Streaming Apps available for Android-based streaming devices.

It contained tons of Movies & TV Shows for viewing in an easy-to-use interface.

However, it appears that the application is being terminated after years of providing content to millions of users.

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Cinema HD Not Working

We got word of Cinema HD shutting down through a Patron in the TROYPOINT Insider who noted a Reddit thread with some interesting details.

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The Reddit thread r/TTVreborn is a popular thread that focuses on streaming apps and cord-cutting topics in general.

With the app having numerous issues lately, many speculated that Cinema may be shutting down for good.

This was all but confirmed when one Reddit member posted the following in the group:


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cinema not working reddit

Another clue to Cinema’s shut down can be found when checking the app’s Facebook Page.

This page was very active until recently when it went offline. Members will now encounter the following page when trying to access it.

cinema hd not working facebook page

Even the Github page that hosted the application seems to no longer be available which leaves us to believe that the app is gone for good.

While those who currently use the app may be able to continue to do so, it is likely that it will become nonfunctional within a few days.

Luckily, there are tons of various alternatives that work just as well if not better than Cinema which we provide below.

TROYPOINT TIP: Before installing and using apps such as Cinema Alternatives, it is important to note that we do not who the developers of these applications are.

This is why we always recommend using a VPN in conjunction with any 3rd party apps and addons which will protect your data from app developers, onlookers, and more.

Best VPN for Firestick/Android

Cinema HD Popular Alternatives

For an updated list of the Best Cinema Alternatives on any device, check out our resource guide below.

Best Cinema HD Alternatives


kodi cinema hd not working

Kodi is used by millions of cord-cutters and more for access to tons of streaming content.

This includes Movies & TV Shows with the help of various Kodi Addons and builds.

Installing one of TROYPOINT’s Best Kodi Addons will provide you with all the streaming content you need.

Best of all, Kodi is and always has been absolutely ad-free which means you will have no interruptions during your viewing experience.

Users can also install a Kodi Build that will provide you with an easy-to-use interface that is similar to Cinema or other streaming apps.

Kodi on Firestick/Fire TV



TeaTV has been around for years and continues to be a popular option.

Users can access a massive library of Movies & TV Shows in a simple user layout.

Unlike other Streaming APKs, TeaTV also provides the option to integrate an M3U URL for live streaming on any device.

TeaTV Installation Guide


filmplus firestick apps

FilmPlus is a newer app to the streaming scene, however, it works flawlessly for VOD Content including Movies & TV Shows.

The latest update allows users the option to integrate a real-debrid account which will provide the highest quality streaming links.

FilmPlus is another ad-free app that works fast on any device including Firestick & Fire TV.

How to Install FilmPlus


syncler cinema hd not working

Syncler is considered a “premium” Cinema alternative that also features Movies & TV Shows.

Real-Debrid is required for use with this app as well as 3rd party “provider packages”.

After installing these packages, you will find tons of streaming links in high definition including 1080p & 4K.

Learn more about Syncler and how to install and set up this app on your device using our resource guide below.

Syncler Installation & Tutorial Guide

For other streaming options check out our popular lists below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Cinema HD Not Working?

Cinema HD seems to have shut down operations and is no longer functioning.

Is Cinema gone?

Yes. It seems the main GitHub page that hosted the application is no longer available.

What is the Best Cinema Alternative?

The Best Cinema alternatives include Kodi, Syncler, and others listed above.

How do I Uninstall Cinema?

You can uninstall Cinema within the settings of your device.

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45 thoughts on “Cinema HD Not Working – What We Know & the Most Popular Alternatives”

  1. FilmPlus works but only ever gives me one, maybe two Real Debrid links and the only ultra low quality.

    I’m connected via VPN, so tried different countries but no difference. As soon as I go back to CinemaHD I still get 10’s even 100’s of hits and all varying quality.

    Any ideas why?

  2. I have been using Ocean streamz for a while because I was having issues with Cinema, it’s very much like Cinima hd

  3. I wish Real-Debrid would go back to accepting Visa gift cards as payment for their services since there are still a lot of people who don’t use crypto currency and would prefer not to use their credit card so they can remain anonymous.

  4. Glenn Condrey

    I’ve been a TeaTV user for years now.
    It will not show me my movie or tv collection that I have connected through Real-Debrid or Trakt.TV. You also cannot just hit Category…it just goes back to the main screen.
    Was wondering if anyone else was having these problems.

  5. As of 8 May, still working for me. A real shame, losing this. I’ve used it a few times with ES File Downloader to download movies for holiday viewing. Won’t be able to do that now, I suppose.

  6. No worries Millions of iptv providers can include one click movies series vod whatever for almost nothing a month. Free 3rd party stuff rarely works well, or for long.

  7. Marcy Rose Lehman

    I am sad. I love Cinema HD…
    I am not savvy enuff or care to be for all the this & that sideloading Kodi, debris and what not. It’s confusing & timely to educate yourself with all the in & outs of using different ones. I am so so sad.

  8. Ernest L Federspiel

    Has anyone heard of or tried flixoid? I found it in unlinked and it seems to be pretty good. Close to cinema HD.

  9. I have to spend money on a IP Address blocker. Then you have to spend money on real debrid. Might as well just buy a service. Not to mention real debrid want a your credit card number and there somewhere overseas. Nothing will happen there right. Why can’t you buy real debrid in the states. I’ve been downloading all sorts of sites but they want DEBRID. That’s why cinema was great it had its own player.

  10. The Cinema HD app is a great way to stream movies and shows from all your favorite streaming services. But if you want a hassle-free, high-quality viewing experience without any buffering or interruptions then RealDebrid is the answer! It’s an affordable paid service that works seamlessly with this app so there’s no need for another add/toolbar in between what we do on our phones already – just use them together as desired (and needed).

  11. Hello Cinema Group,
    As of today/this evening, Cinema is still working with no problems. I will check other APKs to see if there is match to use when Cinema stops working.

  12. Just out of curiosity I tried it before uninstalling and it is still working as of 7th of May so I would suggest keep on using it until it finally dies.

  13. As of May 6, mine is still working a bit. Not accepting Premiumize links though. Anyone getting real debris links?

    1. Yes, Real-Debris is still working so far for me.. This sucks but I was actually beginning to wonder how much longer Cinema HD wuz gonna “stick” around.. R.I.P. ALL GOOD THINGS MUST COME TO AN END! ??

    2. I am using the modded version of Cinema from August 2021. Real Debrid links continue to work just fine.

    1. It’s May 12th and I just used Real-Debrid on Cinema HD and it is still working flawlessly. Will keep using it until it totally stops.

  14. We should start a go fund me page for the devs of the 3party apps that get shut down so they can develop another third party app. Who I would be more than happy to donate

    1. Yes, we’ve used it free for years and feel we owe the developers for savings us hundreds if not thousands!

  15. I was just trying to watch a show on Cinema HD, but every stream I selected keeps automatically fast forwarding through the episode, making it unwatchable. Never had this problem before. Is it the app or the available streams that are broke?

    1. I’ve had good luck just rewinding as the countdown progresses. Use the left side of the ring around the select button.

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