How To Watch NFL Online in 2022 – Don’t Miss the Big Games!

watch nfl online

This instructional guide will show you How to Watch NFL Online from anywhere.

The 2021/22 NFL football season is underway and it should be an exciting one!

There are numerous options when it comes to watching NFL online and nearly all work perfectly in conjunction with a VPN.

This includes applications, services, Streaming Sites, and more options that are all covered in this guide.

This guide will show you how to Watch NFL Online in an affordable way by using an inexpensive streaming device, reliable Live TV service, and a VPN to eliminate blackouts, geo-restrictions, and more.

How to Watch NFL Online – What Do You Need?

1. Streaming Device

Fire TV Stick 4K

In order to stream the NFL online without cable, you must first purchase a streaming device.

Doing so will also give you access to tons of free Movies, TV Shows, Live TV, and more.

The most popular and recommended streaming device on the market is the Amazon Firestick due to its price point, ease of use, and “jailbreaking” ability.

How to Jailbreak Firestick


Your online activity is actively tracked by your Internet Service Provider, app/addon devs, and government through your identifying IP address.

Stream anonymously by using IPVanish VPN.

IPVanish will encrypt your connection to the Internet and mask your IP address so you will remain anonymous.


IPVanish backs their service with a 30-day money back guarantee.

IPVanish allows you to use your account on unlimited Internet-connected devices

However, the Fire TV, Fire TV Cube, NVIDIA Shield, or any Android TV box also works great!

If you don’t already have a streaming device, view our Best Streaming Device Guide to help you choose one that will suit your needs.

NOTE: If you do not have a streaming device and wish to use a PC or other device, most services below provide mobile apps and also work on any browser.

2. Subscription to a Live TV Service

vidgo review

Vidgo Vidgo is the best live TV option to watch the NFL online with over 95 channels in Sports, News, Entertainment, and more.

Currently, users can access the first month of Vidgo for only $10 with this Special Offer. It’s then $55/month after.

Check out our full Vidgo review below for more information on channels, pricing, installation guides, and more.

Vidgo Review


fuboTV is a favorite among cord-cutters and sports fans. They brand themselves as the “perfect mix of sports and entertainment.”

This Live TV service carries over 100 channels in HD quality including ABC, ESPN, ESPN2, Fox Sports, and more.

fubo also includes the NFL Network and NFL RedZone that will play tons of games throughout the season.

fuboTV’s standard plan costs $59.99/month but they offer a Free Trial for new users.

For more information on fuboTV, subscription plans, channels, and more be sure to check out our review below.

fuboTV Review


For a cheaper alternative, you may want to consider an IPTV Service.

Many IPTV Providers stream tons of NFL games and have easy to install apps for your favorite streaming device.

IPTV Resource Guide

Legal Copyright Disclaimer: TROYPOINT is a tech website that publishes tutorials, news, and reviews. We do not verify if apps, services, or websites hold the proper licensing for media that they deliver. We do not own, operate, or re-sell any streaming site, service, app, or addon. Each person shall be solely responsible for media accessed and we assume that all visitors are complying with the copyright laws set forth within their jurisdiction. Users should be cautious of free streaming applications not available for install through respective app stores such as Amazon App Store and Google Play. If using unverified apps such as these, you should only be streaming or downloading content not protected by copyright such as works in the Public Domain. Referenced applications, addons, services, and streaming sites are not hosted or administered by TROYPOINT.

3. Secure & Fast VPN

Using a quality VPN while you watch the NFL Online is the best way to give yourself complete anonymity.

This makes it impossible for your Internet service provider (ISP), hackers, app developers, and Live TV service operators from logging what you are watching.

Using a quality VPN when watching the NBA Playoffs online will give you 100% anonymity.

Some Internet Service Providers will purposely throttle the download speeds for NFL streams like this and a quality VPN will alleviate this problem.

One of the most important factors when choosing a VPN is speed.

Since we are streaming these NFL games via the internet, a large amount of bandwidth is required.

Luckily, we have created a tutorial to help users increase VPN speed for a buffer-free experience.

vpn speed

Not only will a VPN eliminate blackout restrictions, but it will also alter your devices’ “geo-location”.

The reason this is important when watching the NFL online is that oftentimes these are oftentimes broadcast regionally.

For instance, if you live in Minneapolis and are stuck watching the Vikings but want to play the Saints game, a VPN will help.

You can easily change your VPN server location to New Orleans and watch the Saints instead.

This will also eliminate any blackout or geo-location restrictions imposed on NFL games. This same issue is also huge for those Streaming UFC or watching NBA online.

A quality VPN will also help evade censorship due to geographic restrictions. This is very important when watching the NBA Playoffs online!

Sometimes those who watch NFL online will use free VPNs when viewing games.

Unfortunately, free VPNs do not work that well due to their limited servers and slower speeds. And oftentimes, these free VPN Companies will store and sell your data.

IPVanish features over 800 servers across America in cities such as Chicago, Dallas, Boston, New York, and many more.

And because IPVanish owns its servers instead of leasing them, they can provide the fastest speeds among VPN Providers.

IPVanish is the VPN application I have been using to watch NFL Online for years and it has never let me down.

Click Here To Get Your IPVanish Discount

I am a huge NBA fan and have been using IPVanish VPN for watching games online for years and it works extremely well.

Most NFL fans will be watching the games with a streaming device such as the Amazon Firestick/Fire TV, NVIDIA SHIELD, Android TV Box, or others.

IPVanish VPN has you covered because they provide easy to install apps for tons of devices including Windows PC, Firestick

You can use one IPVanish account on an unlimited number of devices at the same time!

You can use one IPVanish account on an unlimited number of devices at the same time.

Or, you can setup IPVanish VPN on Router and cover all internet-connected devices at once.

Free TROYPOINT Supercharge Fire TV/Stick Guide

Kodi Supercharge Guide
Install the Best Secret Apps in Seconds

This free guide will teach you how to unlock your device with a few clicks.


Used by over 1 million cord cutters.

Watch NFL Online – 2021/2022 Full Schedule

watch nfl online full schedule

Week One – September 12

Featured Games:

  • Seahawks vs Colts
  • Steelers vs Bills
  • Eagles vs Falcons
  • Browns vs Chiefs
  • Packers vs Saints
  • Bears vs Rams

Week Two – September 19

Featured Games:

  • Patriots vs Jets
  • Rams vs Colts
  • Vikings vs Cardinals
  • Cowboys vs Chargers
  • Chiefs vs Ravens

Week Three – September 26

Featured Games:

  • Saints vs Patriots
  • Eagles vs Cowboys
  • Packers vs 49ers
  • Seahawks vs Vikings
  • Bengals vs Steelers

Week Four – October 3

Featured Games:

  • Chiefs vs Eagles
  • Seahawks vs 49ers
  • Cardinals vs Rams
  • Raiders vs Chargers

Week Five – October 10

Featured Games:

  • Browns vs Chargers
  • Titans vs Jaguars
  • Broncos vs Steelers
  • Bills vs Chiefs

Week Six – October 17

Featured Games:

  • Rams vs Giants
  • Packers vs Bears
  • Bills vs Titans
  • Seahawks vs Steelers

Week Seven – October 24

Featured Games:

  • Saints vs Seahawks
  • Chiefs vs Titans
  • Falcons vs Dolphins
  • Jets vs Patriots

Week Eight – October 31

Featured Games:

  • Titans vs Colts
  • Rams vs Texans
  • Steelers vs Browns
  • Cowboys vs Vikings

Week Nine – November 7

Featured Games:

  • Falcons vs Saints
  • Vikings vs Ravens
  • Bears vs Steelers
  • Packers vs Chiefs

Week Ten – November 14

Featured Games:

  • Bills vs Jets
  • Ravens vs Dolphins
  • Saints vs Titans
  • Browns vs Patriots

Week Eleven – November 21

Featured Games:

  • Saints vs Eagles
  • Colts vs Bills
  • Giants vs Buccaneers
  • Cowboys vs Chiefs

Week Twelve – November 28

Featured Games:

  • Buccaneers vs Colts
  • Eagles vs Giants
  • Titans vs Patriots
  • Rams vs Packers

Week Thirteen – December 5

Featured Games:

  • Broncos vs Chiefs
  • Vikings vs Lions
  • 49ers vs Seahawks
  • Ravens vs Steelers

Week Fourteen – December 12

Featured Games:

  • Steelers vs Vikings
  • Falcons vs Panthers
  • Bears vs Packers
  • Bills vs Buccaneers

Week Fifteen – December 19

Featured Games:

  • Cowboys vs Giants
  • Packers vs Ravens
  • Saints vs Buccaneers
  • Vikings vs Bears

Week Sixteen – December 26

Featured Games:

  • 49ers vs Titans
  • Bills vs Patriots
  • Steelers vs Chiefs
  • Dolphins vs Saints

Read more about IPVanish VPN through our in-depth review which you will find below.

IPVanish Review

How to Watch NFL Online FAQ

How do I Watch the NFL Online from Anywhere?

To watch the NFL online you will need a streaming device, Live TV service, and a VPN to remove geo-restrictions.

Is using a VPN to Watch the NFL Online Legal?

Yes. A VPN is 100% legal to install and use for watching the NFL online in most countries including the U.S. However, in some countries VPNs are not legal to use.

What channels are NFL games on?

The channels that are air NFL games include ESPN, CBS, FOX, NBC, NFL Network, and more.

What devices can a VPN be installed on?

A VPN is available for installation on almost every electronic device you can think of. This includes PCs, iPhones, Android phones, Amazon Firestick, and many other popular more.

How does a VPN work?

A VPN works by routing your device’s internet connection through a private server instead of your internet service provider (ISP). This will mask your IP Address to any websites you visit.

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