Online Sports Betting – Your Complete Guide to Betting on Sports in 2022

online sports betting

This Online Sports Betting Resource Guide will provide you with everything you need to know to start sports betting.

You can also apply what you learn in this article to friendly sports wagers among friends or a fun trip to a sportsbook in a casino.

After reading this, you will be able to bet on sports of all kinds and have the insight to win some extra cash!

Sports Betting popularity is on the rise and there has never been a better time to get started. With today’s technology and resources, online sports betting is easier than ever.

This guide will give you details on where to bet, how to bet, and some tips and tricks as well.

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To get started, you will learn how to bet using Odds and Spreads and what it means to wager on Point Totals. The most popular sports to bet on are also listed below with some tips for betting on each.


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Sports Betting Guide – What are Betting Odds?

Odds are simply the likelihood or chances that a given team/player in a sporting event has to win or lose.

Odds are not just used in sports but in everyday life as well. When it comes to betting on sports, it all starts with odds.

Betting Odds can be a difficult subject to wrap your head around with so many numbers, symbols, and more. Let’s start with the basics:

Nearly all online sports betting sites provide you with a Favorite and an Underdog. To determine who is the favorite, we must look at the Numbers associated with each team or player and the corresponding sign. (This will either be a + or )

Use the image below as an example:

odds screenshot

In this instance, we have an NBA basketball game. The Charlotte Hornets are the Favorite, while the Minnesota Timberwolves are the Underdog.

We can identify this because the Hornets have a negative number and the Timberwolves have a positive one. But what do these numbers mean?

The number affiliated with the team or player is considered the Odds.

This number will tell you how much money you can expect to earn if your team wins. This number is almost always based on a $100 bet, even though you don’t have to bet $100.

Here is an example. Let’s say we think the Hornets are going to win the game. Therefore, we select the “Moneyline” number associated with them.

When we decide to place our bet, we can determine how much we want to bet, and see the total we will receive IF the bet is a winner:

For reference, the Moneyline number with a Favorite will show the amount one must bet in order to win $100. So, if the Hornets are favored and the number is -225, we must bet $225 in order to win $100:

However, that does not mean we must bet $100 in order to play. Most websites allow you to bet any amount of money you choose which will then alter the amount you can win:

(Usually, the minimum bet is $5)

In this instance, a $10 Moneyline bet on the Charlotte Hornets will win you a total of $4.44.

NOTE: You may wonder, “Why would I bet $10 to only get back $4.44?” It is important to remember that a winning bet gets you your initial bet plus your winnings. In this case, you would pay $10 up-front, and if the bet hits, get back $14.44 in return.

Now let’s look at the adverse option of betting the Moneyline on an Underdog.

If you are confident in an Underdog “upsetting” a Favorite, you can choose to bet the Moneyline on them and win big.

Here’s how it works. Let’s say we think the Timberwolves are going to beat the Hornets. We click the moneyline bet as shown below:

In this case, the positive number is the amount we would win if we placed a $100 bet on the Timberwolves Moneyline. In this instance, it would be $185.

With any bet however, you do not have to spend $100.

Here, a $10 Moneyline bet on the Timberwolves would earn you $18.50.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Whenever using an online gambling site such as MyBookie to place bets, your initial bet is added to your winnings if the bet hits. In the image above, you would win $18.50 plus the original $10 you paid for the bet, totaling $28.50.

Overview – Odds

While money line betting on odds can be a fabulous way to win some big cash, it can be risky. Often times when betting on a favorite to win, your return is not worth the price of a bet.

The same goes for betting on an Underdog as well. While the payouts for Underdog Moneyline bets are often very high, it is usually difficult to win these.

However, a few sports such as hockey and baseball use the Moneyline as their main bet and offer a “run-line” or “puck-line” as options as well. This is explained more in detail below.

For the more celebrated sports such as football and basketball, websites and Sportsbooks use a Point Spread or Spread, to even the playing field.

Betting the Spread

The most popular form of sports betting is done so with a Point Spread in mind. The Spread is the number of points, runs, etc., that the Favorite is expected to win by.

This is the anticipated difference in score between the Favorite and the Underdog. Check out the example below.

point spread example

Here, the Philadelphia 76ers are Favorites over the Orlando Magic (as indicated by the negative (-) sign associated with them). In this instance, the 76ers are anticipated to be 2.5 points better than the Magic.

Oftentimes, the Spread will include a half number like the one above. This is to eliminate the possibility of a Push, or the gambling form of a tie.

A push occurs when a team or teams hit the exact number expected in the spread. Use the example below. The Oklahoma City Thunder are expected to win by exactly six points.

Let’s say you bet on the Thunder to win by at least 6. If they win by more, the bet is considered a Cover and you win! If they win by less than six, or if the Grizzlies win, you lose.

However, if the Thunder win by exactly 6 points, the bet is a Push and is considered a wash. This means you will receive your money back and neither you nor the website/sportsbook wins.

To learn how to bet the Spread, we will use the following example.

spread example

Let’s say I feel the 76ers are at least 2.5 points better than the Magic. That means I think they will win by at least 3. So I select the -2.5 spread option for the 76ers.

Spread bets are almost always 50/50 bets, meaning there is a 50% chance you win and 50% chance you lose.

When wagering a spread bet (either on the favorite or the underdog), the amount you decide to gamble is almost always based on a -110 Moneyline. This means for a spread bet, you would have to bet $110 to win $100.

Again, we do not have to bet this amount but instead can bet any amount we prefer.

The image above depicts a $10 bet on the Philadelphia 76ers to Cover a 2.5 point spread, which will provide a return of $9.09.

Now, if you think Orlando Magic will win or lose by 2 points or less, you will pick them as 2.5 point Underdogs and place your bet.

Spread Betting – Important Things to Consider

While betting the spread, there are a few things to take notice of before placing your wager.

Numerous factors determine the Spread of a game including home-field advantage, momentum, injuries, and much, much more.

While most games feature a Point Spread, some match-ups are too close to offer one.

When this occurs, it is considered a Pick Em, where you will simply pick the team you think will win.

pick em

The image above displays a Pick Em bet as indicated by the PK. In this instance, it is a college basketball game where users can bet on the 1st half. (Yes, there are bets for just about everything)

So if you think Purdue is going to outscore Tennessee in the first half, you simply select Purdue and that’s it! No Point Spread is involved.

While this is considered a Pick Em bet, there is still a “favorite” as indicated by the Moneyline. In this case, you will not win as much if you Pick Tennessee (-115) as you would if you select Purdue (-105).

Betting Totals

Another popular form of betting that gamblers wager on often is the Total or Points Total.

This is the combined number that both teams are expected to score.

Unlike betting on the moneyline or the point spread, wagering on the total means you are not betting on the team, but instead the overall number of points, runs, scores, etc. in a given game.

Let’s use the same NBA Basketball example as above. However, this time we will focus on the Total.

point toal

If I select the option above, I am betting that the total number of points the Orlando Magic and Philadelphia 76ers are going to score will be greater than 219.

This usually requires some math, and when divided by two, we determine that each team must score 110 points to Cover the Point Total.

Now, that does not mean that both teams have to get 110 points, their total just has to be higher than the provided number. If the score ends up being 124-108, the total would be 232 which is greater than 219.

NOTE: Oftentimes, people refer to the term Point Total as the Over/Under of a game or match.

Point Total Bets often use the term Over/Under to determine the option you select. If you think it will be greater than the number provided, you will wager on the Over. If you feel the total will be less than the number provided, your bet is on the Under.

Similar to betting the point spread, point totals are typically moneyline bets of -110, generating the same payout. (Another instance of a 50/50 bet)

point spread bet

The picture above shows a $10 Point Spread bet on the Over of the 76ers vs. Magic game that will produce $9.09 if correct.

Adversely, wagers can also be selected on the Under of a game which will warrant the same payout if the bet hits.

Point Total Betting Overview

Many gamblers prefer doing Point Total wagers as opposed to others for a few reasons.

The biggest one is team bias. When you make a Moneyline or Point Spread bet, this means you are picking a team to win or lose, or expecting a team to win/lose by a certain amount.

Oftentimes, bettors have favorite teams/leagues/etc. they would like to see win or rivals that they would rather have lost.

When this is the case, you can bet on the Point Total of a game so you are not rooting for/against a team but instead only hoping that the two teams score above or below the Point Total in order to hit your wager.

Point Totals are a great way to be involved in a game without worrying about the outcome of the winner and loser.


If you are someone looking for a higher-risk bet that offers big payouts, Parlays are the choice for you.

A Parlay bet is one that includes numerous bets bundled into one. This means that you can combine any number of bets into a group bet warranting a larger payout than single bets.

When wagering a Parlay, the bettor must get ALL single bets within the parlay correct to win. This is usually very difficult to do, but will produce the highest payouts if hit.

Here is an example of a multiple sports parlay bet:

parlay without single bets

In this instance, I have chosen to Parlay the Celtics (NBA) -5 Point Spread, the Rockets & Bucks (NBA) Point Total Under, and the Blue Jackets (NHL) Moneyline -150.

If all of these hit, a wager of $100 will earn you a cool payout of over $500. To receive this, however, all 3 bets in the Parlay must win outright.

Oftentimes, users will choose their single bets with a wager, and add a parlay just in case all of the selections hit. See below:

parlay with singles

Parlay Extras

One important thing to remember when betting a parlay is that you can mix and match just about any wager imaginable. This includes different sports, days, types of bets, and much more.

NOTE: If you place a Parlay bet and one or more of the wagers Push, you lose that bet in the parlay but not the others. This single bet is simply removed from the parlay and the rest of the single bets within your parlay now make up that wager.

This is also reflected when a game or match is cancelled or postponed such as a rain-out of a baseball game.

Betting on Various Sports

While the general overview of sports betting is very similar, each sport offers its own quirks and options that vary from the rest. Below we will look at the most popular sports to bet on along with all the possible betting options for each one.


The most popular sport in America is also the most bet on sport, Football.

The Superbowl alone will have hundreds of millions of dollars wagered on just one game. This includes everything from the coin flip to the length of the national anthem and everything in between. (Including the actual game itself)

But the Superbowl isn’t the only time bettors are wagering on football games. NFL and NCAA Football provides endless opportunities throughout the season for those looking to bet on the outcome.

Football games are simple to bet on and generally follow the same format as Basketball.

Both of these sports typically only offer Moneyline and Point Spread Options to go along with the Point Total.

nfl bet

The image above depicts an NFL game in which the Atlanta Falcons were 7 point Favorites over the Chicago Bears with an Over/Under of 49.

Of course, there are other options such as Props bets and Futures bets which are explained more in detail below. But the majority of Football betting is done so using a similar setup to the one pictured above.

As with all sports, when betting on football it is important to take a few things into consideration. Some important factors to consider are home field advantage, weather, injuries, and more.

For Reference: Home Teams are almost always listed below Away teams for any sport. In the image above, the Bears are the home team and the Falcons are the visiting team.

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Basketball betting follows the same format as football. For games, this generally includes Moneyline, Spread, and an Over/Under option.

March Madness is the gambler’s version of Christmas and brings people from across the world to Sportsbooks and betting sites to wager on the games. The NBA also provides some awesome betting opportunities in the playoffs and beyond.

While March Madness brings in the most wagers for basketball, this is not the only time you can bet on it. NCAAB and NBA provide gambling options throughout the entire season that are sure to fulfill your betting needs.

Here is a basketball betting example:

basketball bet

In this instance, we have an NCAAB March Madness game featuring Florida State and Gonzaga.

Gonzaga is a -350 Moneyline favorite over Florida State with a 7 point spread and an Over/Under of 146.5.

To bet basketball, the same factors should be put into consideration that you would for football or any other sport. This includes rivalries, home-court advantage, and anything else that may affect the outcome of the game.

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When it comes to sports betting on baseball there are a couple of key differences to take note of.

Baseball does not typically feature a Spread for gamblers but instead a “run-line” that is almost always 1.5. Here is an example:

baseball bet

The main reason baseball differs from other sports is because of the Starting Pitchers who are scheduled in advance.

In baseball, the starting pitchers play a big role in determining the outcome of a game. The better the starting pitcher, the better the odds that team will win the game.

This is reflected in the Moneyline of baseball games, which is the main wagering option when it comes to betting on baseball. However, it is important to note that other factors determine the Baseball moneyline just like other sports.

In the example above, the Colorado Rockies are playing against the Miami Marlins. The Starting Pitcher for the Rockies is German Marquez while the Miami Marlins have Trevor Richards on the mound.

As you can see, the Rockies are Favorites with a money line of -170 and an Over/Under of 7 Runs for the Total. As stated above, the Spread in baseball games is almost always 1.5. If you think a team is going to win or lose by 2 runs, you can also bet on the spread.

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Similar to baseball, hockey bets are highlighted by Moneyline odds and Point Total wagers. However, while baseball offers a run-line for Spread betting, Hockey offers what is called a “puck-line” that is virtually the same thing.

Hockey’s puck-line is almost always set at 1.5 goals and works in the same fashion that any other Spread bet would.

Here is an example of a typical Hockey Bet scenario:


The picture above shows a game between the St. Louis Blues and the New York Rangers.

The Blues are -210 Favorites with a Point Total Over/Under set at 5.5.

Just like baseball, there is also a puck-line (Spread) bet available at 1.5 if you believe one of these teams will win or lose by 2 goals or more.

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Golf offers a few different betting styles that vary from all those shown above.

Because golf typically does not provide a head-to-head match-up, betting on it means selecting who you think will win the tournament.

This means that all (or most) players in the field are given Odds on winning the event and bettors can wager on these choices.

Here is an example:

NOTE: ROT as shown below and in any betting line stands for Rotation Number that is tagged to every possible betting option.

This ROT will show up next to your selection when you place a wager.

golf odds

Since golf tournaments typically consist of 4 days of play, Odds will change as the event goes on.

You can always make a selection prior to the tournament starts, which will consist of higher odds and larger payout opportunities. Or, you can wait until after the first, second, or third day to give you a better chance at picking a winner.

Since golf tournaments are usually ongoing for days at a time, bettors can typically place a wager on any golfer throughout the entire tournament. With today’s technology in online sports betting, Odds are almost always updated in real-time.

This is called Live Betting and is provided for just about every sport imaginable. Live betting is different in golf than other sports but the concept is generally the same. Upon logging into MyBookie, you can find Live Betting options that allow you to wager on games, matches, etc. that are currently being played.

This is explained in detail more below.

Another popular form of betting in golf is called 3-Ball. 3-Ball bets pit all 3 competitors in a golf grouping against one another.

Here is an example:

3ball bet

Shown above is 3 options of a golf grouping in which you can place a 3-Ball bet. 3-Ball bets require you to pick the person in a given group that you think will have the best score out of the 3.

For instance, let’s say we think Jordan Spieth is going to have a better score today than his playing partners, Billy Horschel and Jhonattan Vegas. We would select Jordan Spieth and wager on a moneyline of +160 Odds:

3-ball wager

If that happens, we would accrue a total of $16, plus the initial $10 that we bet. Totaling $26.

NOTE: 3-Ball selections are only good for the day of play you are betting on. If you choose an individual that you think will have the best score of his group on Thursday, the bet is only good for that day.

3 Ball bets also have nothing to do with the overall outcome of the event. Selecting a player in a 3-Ball bet does not mean you think that player will win the golf tournament.

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If you are an MMA fan and want to test your gambling skills, you are in luck. UFC and other MMA enterprises offer gambling lines for all of their fights that users can wager on.

Fighting typically goes by the same formula hockey and baseball do by offering a moneyline bet to pick a winner. Most websites and sportsbooks will also offer a Total Spread which is typically an Over/Under on the Number of Rounds the fight will last.

Here is an example of the Odds for an upcoming UFC bout:

ufc bet

As you can see, each fighter is given Moneyline odds to win the fight. If the fight is declared a No Contest, the bet is considered a push and you will receive your money back.

Some other forms of wagering are also available for MMA that are used less often. One of the most popular is Method of Victory. This gives bettors the option to decide how a fight will end for the winning fighter.

Usually, the options provided are: Win by Submission, Win by Knockout, Win by Technical Knockout, and Win by Decision.

Betting on UFC and MMA matches is a great way to make an already awesome event that much more enjoyable!

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Another popular type of betting is called a “Teaser” bet which is another form of a Parlay.

Teasers work similarly to Parlays in which the wager must include two or more bets. However, they differ when it comes to Spread, Point Totals, and payout.

Teasers give bettors the option to change the “line” of a game which includes the Point Spread and Total. If you like a certain team but don’t think they will cover the provided spread, you can make a Teaser bet that will let you adjust the game’s spread.

Here is an example:


In this instance, I have selected Michigan State -6, Virginia Tech +7, and Kentucky vs. Houston Under of 133.5.

Now, when initiating a Teaser Bet, you will choose the amount you would like to “tease” or change that can adjust the lines of each one of your bets.

This is a 4 Point Teaser which means that all bets within the Teaser are given 4 extra points. So your adjusted line for each is as follows: Michigan State -2, Virginia Tech +11, and Kentucky vs. Houston Under of 137.5.

Teaser bets work in the same manner as a Parlay, where all wagers within the bet must hit to earn your payout.

It is important to note that Teaser bets adjust your Odds as well. Since you are adding points to your bets, the odds will change resulting in a smaller payout than a Parlay if the bet is hit.

Most online sports betting websites offer a few different Teaser options. These usually come in the form of different point options to tease. Oftentimes, website will offer 4, 4.5, 5, and 7 Point options that will adjust your Odds as well.

While Teasers provide another way to win big, these payouts will not be as big as a straight Parlay bet would be.

Overall, betting Teasers can be a tricky form of gambling but when done correctly, can be very rewarding.

Futures Bets

While the most popular form of betting is for matchups that are in the near future, online gambling websites and Sportsbooks alike also offer what is referred to as “Futures”.

Futures or Futures bets are bets placed well in advance of the start to a season or tournament. These wagers typically include options to pick teams/players/etc. that you think will win their league, conference, championship, and more.

Futures bets are available for just about everything imaginable including Politics and Reality TV. However, the most popular futures bets are for sports.

Here is an example. Let’s say we are currently in the off-season for football (NFL & NCAAF). While there are no game lines or spreads, we can still bet on who we might think will win their division, Superbowl, and more.

Here is some of the options available for the NFL:

futures bets

This will provide us with Odds for each of the following: Winning the AFC Championship, NFC Championship, Division in the AFC, Chances to Make the Playoffs, Number of Wins, MVP Odds, and more.

Nearly every sport offers future bets in some form or fashion. Whether the season has started or not, futures are almost always available.

Oftentimes, futures provide some of the biggest wins for bettors because of the high odds they offer.

While these bets are available in all kinds, the most popular is probably the chances of winning a league championship or tournament.

Let’s take a look at Odds to win the Superbowl:

nfl futures

As you can see, each team in the NFL is given Odds to win the Superbowl. One thing to note however is that this is constantly changing. With the addition of players or coaches along with injuries and other factors, odds are in constant adjustment.

Most have a cutoff date, as you will notice above, that you must submit your wager by. This is to limit the amount of factors that can influence odds for a team or player and keep the playing field level.

Futures bets usually provide bigger payouts as the chances of winning are much smaller than those in a head to head match-up.

Here is an example of a Futures Bet on the Superbowl:

superbowl future

In this instance, a $10 bet on the Dallas Cowboys to win the Superbowl would produce a $200 payout.

Countless futures bets are available for bettors in all types of fashions. While the payout sums for future bets tend to be larger, your chances of hitting them are usually minimal.

Props Bets

While most people prefer betting on the actual sports game or match itself, others enjoy wagering on certain events within the game. These are known as Prop Bets and are provided by nearly all online betting sites and Sportsbooks.

Prop Bets come in all shapes and sizes and usually focus on in-game options such as First Half Totals, First Quarter Totals, Player Points, etc.

Instead of betting on the outcome of the game like you would with a standard Moneyline wager, Prop bets allow you to pick contents that effect the game overall.

Here is an example. In this instance, we will look at some possible Prop bets available in a hockey game.

hockey prop bets

The bets above focus on Props in the Boston Bruins vs. Columbus Blue Jackets NHL game. Some of the options include: Who will win the face-off, who will score first, whether or not there will be a score in the first 10 minutes of the game, and whether the game will go to overtime or not.

This is just one instance of prop bets available in a given game. These will vary from game to game and sport to sport but mostly they feature similar items to those listed above.

Here is another instance of some Prop bets available for a baseball game:

baseball props bets

This gives you options to bet on: 1st team to score, whether or not a run will be scored in the first inning, 1st Inning Over/Under runs, Over Under for Hits, Runs, and Errors in the first inning, and Over Under for Hits, Runs, and Errors in the entire game.

As you can see, Prop bets can provide some unique, fun betting options that you don’t normally encounter.

The most popular Prop bets usually take place during the Superbowl where bettors can wager on items such as the national anthem length, coin flip, wardrobe choices, and much more.

Prop betting can be fun for everyone including those who don’t enjoy sports as it gives them other opportunities to gamble besides the game’s outcome.

Live Betting

While all the forms of betting listed above take place prior to a game starting, Live betting occurs while the game itself is being played.

With the opportunity to stay up-to-date in real-time with scores and information, MyBookie can offer their members the opportunity to wager on games that are already in progress.

Once a game begins, the line, odds, point total and more will begin to change dependent on the game’s events. This can be a tricky form of gambling because betting in real-time allows things to happen quickly.

Live betting usually comes in the form of the point spread adjusting due to the play of the game. The most typical form of live betting is done on basketball and football games as the score is constantly changing:

Here is a live betting example of a golf tournament:

live bet golf

Although you can’t tell by the screenshot above, these Odds are constantly fluctuating and changing due to each player’s adjusted score.

Live Betting is quickly becoming a mainstream betting option in today’s world. With the technology to wager right at our fingertips, it is an easy, quick way to try and make a few extra bucks!


What’s the Best Online Sports Betting Site?

Now that you have the rundown on just How to Bet Online, your next question is probably, “Where do I bet?”

In today’s world of technology and innovation, there is no shortage of options for sports betting online.

These websites offer just about anything imaginable when it comes to sports wagering including bonuses and special contests to boot.

To choose a Sports Betting Website, there are a few factors to consider prior to signing up. These include:

  • Deposit/Welcome Bonus
  • Payout Process
  • Promotions and Rewards
  • Contests and other Betting Options
  • Security
  • Mobile Platform
  • Support

Many people look at the initial Deposit Bonus when selecting a gambling website. Oftentimes, these sites will match your first deposit up to a certain amount. This is a great way to get some extra cash when and have better chances to win!

That being said, this isn’t the only factor to consider when selecting a betting site. When it comes to picking a sports gambling site, all these factors and more should be taken into consideration.

One of the most important features to take a look at is the website’s payment process as some do not take credit cards and only accept Bitcoin. TROYPOINT recommends using Coinbase for online sports betting if your credit card isn’t accepted.

Coinbase allows users to purchase Bitcoin and other popular cryptocurrency agents with ease and works fabulously with MyBookie.

Bitcoin can also be used as a payment option for various IPTV providers as well.

Another factor that may be more important than the payment process is the payout method a website uses. You want a site that is going to pay you fast, and in the correct currency. Usually, betting sites offer a few different ways to get your cash that include:

-Money Transfers
-Wire Transfers
-Mailed Check
-Prepaid Card

The most trusted website when it comes to online sports betting is MyBookie. MyBookie provides betting options on every sport imaginable along with Casino, Racing, and Contest possibilities as well.

When you sign-up for a MyBookie account, you will automatically receive a 50% bonus up to $1000 for the initial deposit. That means if you deposit $2,000, MyBookie will add $1,000, totaling $3,000 to start!

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3. Enter your personal, contact, and account information

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5. Select your method of payment

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That’s it!

For those who choose to use a Credit or Debit Card for payment, please note you may experience some issues. Because this website is located off-shore, banks and credit card companies do not always allow deposits.

For easy deposit and withdrawal, TROYPOINT recommends using Coinbase as a payment method. Coinbase has options for numerous cyrpto-currency providers including Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, and Bitcoin.

Coinbase secures its storage in safe, offline servers and provides members with a coveted insurance policy.

CLICK HERE to create a Coinbase account and purchase Bitcoin. If you are new to cryptocurrency and Bitcoin, you can learn more about it at the link below:

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After payment has been added, you are ready to get started!

Is Online Sports Betting Legal in the U.S.?

There is no federal law against gaming online.  At the federal level, gambling online is perfectly legal, due to the lack of a law against it.

It’s possible to run into problems with state law, but even their prosecution is extremely rare, and penalties are usually minimal.

With the federal ban on sports betting being lifted in 2018, tons of opportunities for sports wagering have opened up.

Governments across the country are now entertaining the process of opening Sports Books in their state(s).

Currently, there are 8 states who have legalized sports gambling. These are:

  • Delaware
  • Mississippi
  • Nevada
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • West Virginia
  • Indiana
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Montana
  • Arkansas
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • New Hampshire
  • Michigan
  • Colorado
  • Tennessee
  • Virginia
  • North Carolina
  • Wyoming
  • Washington
  • Arizona
  • Connecticut
  • North Dakota

The laws in each of these states vary, along with the opportunities for sports gambling.

For instance, in New Jersey, bettors can use physical Sports Books, websites, and apps to gamble legally. However, in Rhode Island, there are currently two Sports Books and no online gambling options.

State violations of online sports betting are usually considered misdemeanors.  After extensive research, we could only find two players ever convicted of breaking state laws.  In North Dakota, Jeffrey Trauman paid a $500 fine on a $100,000 sports gambling win in 2003.  Also, in Oklahoma, Roland Benavides was charged and received a deferred sentence.

In today’s Internet world, thousands of people are placing online sports bets regardless of these state-by-state laws.  This is one of those laws that is very difficult to enforce.

One of the main reasons legal sports betting is gaining traction is due to the process and regulations these websites must follow. In the past, when someone wanted to place a bet on a sporting event, they would typically do so through a bookie.

When this occurred, oftentimes the money was not required up front which led to large debts and illegal activity. With online betting websites such as MyBookie, the money must change hands prior to a game starting which eliminates these negative side effects.

As more states consider sports betting in their area, popularity across online sports betting sites will increase.

Don’t miss out on the action, get started today with online sports betting!

Online Sports Betting FAQ

Is Online Sports Betting Legal?

Yes, online sports betting is 100% legal in many states across the United States. However, there are still some states where sports betting is deemed illegal.

What Sports Can You Bet Online?

You can participate in online sports betting for almost every sport imaginable. This includes football, basketball, MMA, baseball, soccer, and more.

What is the Best Online Sports Betting Site?

While there are many online sports betting sites, TROYPOINT recommends MyBookie for many reasons outlined in this guide.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe?

Yes, online sports betting is completely safe if using trusted and verified platforms such as MyBookie, DraftKings, FanDuel, and others.

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