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Typhoon Labs IPTV Not Working – Everything You Should Know

typhoon labs iptv not working

The popular IPTV Service Typhoon Labs IPTV appears to no longer be working after years of operation.

Typhoon Labs IPTV is a well-known IPTV Provider with thousands of subscribers that provides live streaming on any device.

Unfortunately, it seems that the official website for Typhoon Labs is no longer available and many are without service.

If you visit the official Typhoon Labs website you are met with the following message.

typhoon labs iptv not working official site

This typically occurs in cases where streaming apps and websites get shut down or close operations.

While it is unclear what the exact cause of the website removal is, there are some hints that Typhoon Labs is no longer functioning.

A well-known IPTV Website noted in an article that they received a message from the alleged operators of Typhoon Labs TV stating the following:

Dear Typhoon users, It’s my hard duty to inform you that yes, Typhoon Labs TV has been officially shutdown. It has not been a pleasant experience for us to do so. But we were bound to do it. We tried all the possible ways to handle the issues, but we were shut off from any window and cornered to ultimately go down. We are grateful that you loved our services. We beg your forgiveness to say Goodbye.

~Typhoon Labs Team

While it is impossible to confirm whether or not this comes from the actual developers of Typhoon Labs, it appears to be somewhat credible.

The email address associated with the comment seems to be from the Tech Support Team which looks legitimate.

We have also received numerous comments from subscribers of the service noting that it is no longer functioning.

typhoon labs iptv not working comments

While the official site is no longer available, there are still tons of phony Typhoon Labs websites floating around.

We suggest avoiding these as many of these are impersonators trying to capitalize on the Typhoon Labs name.

The best way to stream Live TV without cable is by using a Legal IPTV Service such as Vidgo or Fubo.

TROYPOINT recommends using 100% legal and verified IPTV providers instead of Typhoon Labs IPTV.

Here are our recommendations for legal IPTV services.

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We will keep you updated as more information becomes available regarding this situation.

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17 thoughts on “Typhoon Labs IPTV Not Working – Everything You Should Know”

  1. They likely got hacked. It’s more than a coincidence that around the time the website was not allowing renewals, the virtual credit card number I used to pay for service got two fradulent charges from India. I only used that virtual number with Typhoon.

  2. The service was phenomenal. I really enjoyed it, and although I had a couple of months left, I definitely got my money worth.

  3. Anyone has any service are similar as typhoon labs I need 5 device to watch on the same time and 20 per month

        1. Im not sure which Apollo TV you’re referring to that accepts C.C. I am signed up with Apollo Group TV and they only accept Bitcoin payments.

          1. Apollo only takes Debit and credit cards if you’ve been with them since before they stopped taking credit cards. I’ve been with them 3 years. They still take my debit card. But when i try and sign up a new user only bitcoin or Cashapp

  4. Although, they have shutdown my household got our money worth. We paid $80 last September, but I’m not mad just disappointed. I’m quite sure that it’s due to copyright issues and laws. And I perfectly understand how that can go. The service was great, but “Hey nothing last forever”.

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