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Developer of the popular streaming app TVZion has recently made claims threatening those who use a modded version of his application. TVZion is listed as one of TROYPOINT’s 9 Best APK’s for Streaming.

Anyone who uses or has used this service in the past knows that there are two versions of TVZion.

The free version, which is supported by ads, provides users with links for streaming Movies and TV Shows.

However, for those looking for more, TVZion also has a pro version. “ZionClub” is a monthly subscription service that offers added bonuses for it’s users.

Anyone who pays the monthly fee for ZionClub can enjoy benefits such as an ad free interface, cached torrent streaming, improved auto-play, and more.

Because of the extra perks the paid version provides, many cord-cutters are installing a Modified version of the premium app, for free.

TROYPOINT does not condone using modified versions of applications as it only stops developers from supporting and updating their services.

While advertisements are often annoying, this is a way for the owner of the application to continue providing its users with awesome content for free.

With numerous YouTuber’s and bloggers posting links to a modified version of the TVZion app, the app’s developer plans to take action. Threatening to crack down on anyone installing or tvzionpromoting an altered version of his app.

In a recent Reddit threat, the app’s owner made claims for 3 possible “penalties” to take against modded app users. Here are his ideas:

1. “Log mod users for IP addresses, timestamps, and content accessed and keep this information to be used as I see fit if it ever comes to that.”

2. “Crypto-mining- Mine crypto currency in the background. From my experience this’ll only overwork the device for very little money.”

3. “Use device as proxy – This will essentially turn their device into a proxy server which will be rented to others.”

While this is all speculation, it does remind us of the importance of installing and using a VPN for ANY streaming service that you side-load.

We don’t know where these free apps come from and it only costs a few bucks each month to protect yourself while using them with a VPN.

By using a VPN, you will ensure your privacy by encrypting the IP address of your streaming device. This means ISP’s (Internet Service Providers), government agencies, hackers, and developers are unable to monitor or log your internet activity.

While streaming to your favorite device is a wonderful hobby, it can be dangerous. Since we are often side-loading the streaming applications we use, there is no way of knowing how these apps are set up.

Other apps that are available within the Amazon App Store and Google App Store must be approved by these trusted hosts prior to installation. But when side-loading APK’s, this is not the case.

With a VPN, you can be assured the owner or developer of any streaming application is unable to see exactly what you are using your device for.

TROYPOINT recommends IPVanish for all your streaming needs. It provides the fastest download speeds and does not monitor or keep any traffic logs from your device.

IPVanish can be easily installed on any gadget you prefer, including the Amazon Firestick.

In addition, some of the apps that you would want to download are restricted by the Amazon App Store since they are unverified. However, you can side-load them into your device without using the official app-distribution method with the help of a VPN for Firestick, Fire TV, Fire TV Cube.

With an easy-to-download app for everything from an iPhone to NVIDIA SHIELD, IPVanish has you covered on just about any media streaming device.

Why You Should Use a VPN


Install IPVanish on all your devices by using the VPN Installation Guides provided in the link below:

VPN Installation Guides

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