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TROYPOINT App 5.0 Beta

troypoint rapid app installer

The public Beta is now available.

Click Here for Instructions on How To Install

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226 thoughts on “TROYPOINT App 5.0 Beta”

  1. Could you provide a list of downloader links for all of your apps. For example this is what mine looks like but I don’t have all of the links. It’s great that you include instructions on each video and post but it’s pretty repetitive for us experienced users.

    /tpapp – Troypoint App
    /rai – Rapid App Installer
    /cinema – Cinema HD

  2. Is there any way to add an apk or video instructions on how to upgrade from a 1st Gen Fire TV Cube to the newer 2nd gen cube? I would really hate to have to reinstall all of my apk’s manually onto a new device.

    You are AWSOMKE …… thanks

  3. Can you add Google Play Store and Google to new apk? Please. Puffin TV keeps saying it needs Google Play Store authorization. I look forward helping you test!


  5. Great list, you have everything I need.
    Keep up the great work.

    Only wish there was a fix for the app icons for the fire tv cube.

  6. maybe url’s for apks or sites, that you can’t put directly on the rapid app installer. thanks. jimmy

  7. How about an apk for Hallmark channel and Hallmark movies Now.
    Also Philo, anf Frndly tv.
    Hard to load these when you live outside the USA

  8. Hello I have installed Kodi latest version but I cannot find how to install

    TV channels Australia or Radio stations or anything can you please email me a link of instruction yes I have tried to find out how and have sent other requests

    Possibly I’m not smart enough to find it

  9. Hi Troy,

    Awesome Site as ever mate.

    I would add.

    Smart YouTube TV (Ad free youtube works a treat)

    IDM+. (I find this great for those refuse to not buffer streams. Really easy to configure, download and then move to a SD card for me works best. Also downloads torrents.

    Maybe a link to 18+ apps such as AIO Streamer, Jizztagram, Eroflix or maybe not ???

  10. Hi Troy,

    Love your rapid app installer.. did you take away the Sportztv apps or am I just missing them?

  11. Troy ,
    Thanks for all you have doing me and continue to do for your loyal followers.
    Many 4K users are having trouble with “Mouse Toggle”.
    Even after it says started the cursor circles cannot be accessed!!
    Is there an alternative??
    Can it be fixed??

  12. I use your tpapp exclusively, and do a lot of programming for others.
    It used to appear that the apk’s were listed in what I will call “most used” starting at the top with.
    Kodi first (after your Ip Vanish ad at very top of course), then came cinema, and so on down the list.
    Keeping that list up to date from your subscribers info kinda keeps you in the know, I assume.
    I personally use all of them and decide ease of use for each and every one. For new stick owners.
    You have done a great job. Keep up the good work.

  13. Hi troy, I use my firestick 4k as a low powered computer in my bedroom. I think it would be helpful if you could put Lastpass in the Rapid App Installer

  14. Thank you for your app. Everytime I help a friend, co-worker or family member load a new firestick weather it’s the first time or an update. I always ensure they have your apk. Makes life so much easier!!!
    The only apk I would love seeing added to it would be SOPlayer, all my friends and family use this apk to watch the IPTV I recommend them and this is the go to app. Right now I have to direct them elsewhere for the load but if it was inside the rapid apk installer it would make life super nice! Thank you In advance for considering it.

  15. Is there anyrhing available thar can boost the over the air digital signal to pull in more channels without changing hardware? That would be nice.

  16. The app (Troypoint) stays on even after I exit from it. This takes valuable memory space when I need to optimize my use of it. Could you make the app completely release the memory space it used while in residence once the user closes it?

    Also, the app IPTV Smarters (latest version) cannot be properly downloaded and installed from the icon list provided by the Rapid App Installer. I had to reinstall the previous version directly from the url, could not sideload the current version.

    Everything else is pretty good with the Troypoint app, and I enjoy going over the very helpful videos you post.

    Keep up the good job you are doing.

    1. you could also get a wireless mini keyboard and hit alt-tab while keep tab held down, and hit the back space on the first app that comes up that is in use and hit the back button. after that hit down button once then back again. repeat that till all apps are closed.

  17. Hi Troy,

    I have Kodi, but the interface is very confusing and NOT AT ALL user friendly. The old interface was great. Everything on the main screen. Not anymore. Its so difficult that I have thought about just getting rid of it.

  18. Hello Troy! I followed your tutorial on how to download Peacock TV and HBO MAX. I did what I was supposed to do and the apps didn’t show up on my Firestick???

    1. The Troypoint app is the easiest way to download and install. Please add me to your Beta tester list

  19. I would like to see TopMedia+ added to the Rapid App Installer. This offers a lot of Spanish/Latin channels. Heck, I’ll be happy to find the link to add on vs adding it to the Rapid App Installer. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE add this. :-)

  20. Thanks Troy. A simple way (for simple people like me) to move apps and files from Fire Stick 4k internal storage to external USB storage.

  21. Hey Troy, just to add to my previously suggested apps for the RAI, I would greatly appreciate an app to watch Mexican and other Latin movies. It has been extremely hard to find a reliable one. Thanks!!

  22. Oops almost forgot. Spanish television program APK like Pato Tv but with a tutorial. Also a video how to get downloader/RAI in Latin countries

  23. Duplex would be a great addition and lthough it now costs a few quid to use, in my opinion its a great app, where lots of your tv and movie apps can be kept and used all in one place. Many Thanks.

  24. You have been really helpful in the past and much appreciated with my 2nd gen firestick. I just bought an nvidia shield and would love an app in your store for retro gaming. thanks again

  25. Thanks for all your hard work, Troy!! There are many of us who appreciate all your hard work!


  26. Thanks, Troy I’ve always been a loyal subscriber and really do appriaciate your awesome work and for this opportunity to bata test the rapid installer now will this be for just the fire stick or will android tv box users be able to use it too?

  27. I would like to ask 2 things. The first is to have a front end app that turns on VPN and the apps we want, when turning on our firestick for those who don’t know how to use it, if it shuts off, when I’m not home. Second a work around to run Spectrum TV, since that is my provider. Because we have to use Roku for them, so we can watch certain channels they offer, and firestick is not working with them yet.

  28. After trying both Xanax and No Limits Magic my preference is NLM so would be nice to have that one on the RI.

  29. Troy, thank you so much for each and every thing that you do. You are my go-to guy for access and security. Your simple, patient, and thorough explanations are worth their weight in gold. You are the best!

    1. Locast is a great app no matter which city you live in. Great way to get your local digital channels free. They do ask for donation, which I would hope people would do, because it’s worth keeping around.

    1. Daniel M OConnell

      Ola’s not safe there’s this new green color icon apk that starts with a f not the new white &multi color one film? But the one I’m talking about is available in the Google Play store I’ve seen it in a bunch of people’s private stores and every time I go to download it I can’t I even have an Android TV and a video shield with Play store access the apps there I go to download it and it keeps saying a problem anybody else having this problem it’s all green it’s like in like a comic sans type of script it’s like eight nine letters

    1. There is already a GREAT one in the Amazon Appstore, it is a red icon with yellow broom. it does cost a couple dollars but once purchased can be used on every device you ever setup. Right away open settings and check mark all 3 boxes/options and it will auto clean cache and background apps for you on every startup. It is the BEST !! I tried to extract it for other android boxes, but cant get it to load on them without a parsing error.

    1. Big fan, hopefully there is a really good appe cache cleaner for fire cube, my favorite was the original clean master that Amazon use to support

  30. ATV Launcher Pro. I have installed the free version but am unable to install the pro due to side loading issues. Really appreciate your easy to follow tutorials. Thanks.

  31. Hi and thx for the invite.

    Is it possible to look at a workaround for the South African DSTV Now app? People with legal subscriptions find it impossible to get connected outside of the RSA without a VPN. And if you live in a country where VPN’s are illegal …. you get my point.

  32. Hey Troy!! You’re awesome!! I tell all my friends to sign up for your supercharged guide!! I cut the cord 4 years ago after following you!! Can you add Mobdro back to the installer? I had to dig in my old emails from you to figure out how to side load it when I had to wipe my fire tv earlier this year! My wife watches all of her college football games on there!! Thanks again!!

  33. I would like to see TVTAP added. or include a document in the rapid app page that would list addresses that you can install other applications from using the APK installer..

  34. Great job of keeping up with the times. Wish you would add TVTAP to the list as it works better than Mobdro. It is nice to have a program that lets you choose channels to watch rather than just specific programs and movies. I like the fact that it also has a schedule that shows when a certain program will be on that channel ( you have to adjust the time for EST rather than England, etc). If there are better choices I would like to know about them. It gets boring to have 15 programs that to essentially the same thing, even if they are all popular. You could include a list of programs that didn’t make the rapid app installer but that a person could install with the apk installer by entering the download address. They would not necessary have to be updated, and people would understand if some of the links did not work.

  35. Thanks for all the great work that you and the other developers have helped us Cord Cutters!!

  36. I just wanted to leave a HUGE THANK YOU, Troy! You have been a lifesaver for me and it is SOOOOO appreciated!

  37. Sorry keep that other message away troy,
    Fot the store i Think about all good things for the Firestick and Android Tv devices.
    APK Time afcause, Sideloadlauncher 2, X-Plorer, Aptoide, Aotoide TV Aptoide uploader.

  38. It would be nice to have the following added:

    Sportz TV (both versions)
    Sapphire Secure

    I look forward to being a tester.

  39. Hi Troy I want to thank you for all your hard work and giving us all these apps. You have helped me so through the years. No one I have found explains things and makes it so easy to install things. You used to have Sapphire Secure.
    I see you have a lot I firgured I ask if you can add it.

  40. Also thank you for offering such a wonderful series of instructional videos. Unlike other tutorials on you tube etc. your videos are complete top to bottom and very easy to follow.

  41. Steven Cartrette

    Hey troy I think you and your apps are awesome.You have really taught me alot I’m getting really good at it not much I can’t do now just wanted to say thank you.I like Redbox tv and freeflix tv.

  42. Thanks for the invite Troy….. I am a Windows 10 Insider since 2014 and we’ve been working on Android & Linux cross-platform integration (and other stuff) for Microsoft for several years now. I’m especially interested in Virtual Machines (VMs) and how to preserve & run outdated OS’s.
    Also think we need an “ADB for Dummies” ….. Keep up the good work; BTW I luv IpVanish but it really slows down my 100Mbs Uverse connections!! ??

  43. A Puffin update that works. Updated off of Aptoid and it wont load. Asking for Google Play Authentication.

  44. Troy,

    Your app, and how to videos, have definitely been a life saver, I use Ipvanish and, all pretty tech savvy as well. Don’t know if this allowed or not, so if it is not than email me and let me know I won’t post anything like this again. Ok will just comment on the topic at hand
    Again if this is kit alowed please let me know Troy.

    Troy have you ever heard of dynasty tv, it has been the best, IPTV I have tried very little to no buffering . As for the Ipvanish, don’t know if they are still doing this but they had a promo, about a week ago. You had to ask about it, $99 for 3yrs, of service for life. I had the $5 for life which was a great deal but $99 for 3yrs and for life as long as I don’t cancel. I will be billed 99$ every 3yrs. Is a even better deal.

  45. Thanks for the opportunity, probably not possible, but a link to Sky sports would be wonderful, I live in the UK

  46. Hi Troy, thank you for the excellent choices that you give us less computer savvy people to install and view with such ease. I remember having to spend hours on ES Explorer to get kodi on Firestick. If it helps I have several different style tv boxes, a 4K Firestick, a fire tv box first gen, a mibox, which actually works better than most. I have a MX and 4 Roku sticks. If you’re needing a test for different platforms. But most of all thank you. If there’s a new adult channel app or apk, I would appreciate it being added. I’m sure there’s a lot more people that also want it but won’t suggest it. Either way thank you for all you do. You made me a programmer from a customer who paid for programming. And it would be really cool if it’s possible to have an automatic buffer adjuster application. Just saying.

  47. I’d say anime would be brilliant addition .
    Something like watchnixtoons over like of fireanime

    Big time ANIME

  48. Debloat tool for firestick 2 operating system 5
    Plus a good cleaner booster that doesn’t need mouse toggle

  49. Would love to see any apps that will provide reliable streams for wrestling PPVs as well as quick downloads for other top builds besides xanax. Every build I try seems to only half work. Thanks!

  50. The Vpnsafetydot does not work correctly. There is a setting that should let it start at boot. I would also like to see for instance groups of apps placed in groups or kits to achieve desired outcome. I would like a group right now that would boot my choice of home pages with my VPN activating on boot on my firestick 4k

  51. Hi troypoint sir im in australia so any help I can be with what works over here i will do my best. A way to get to watch British stuff over here would be excellent as a lot of expansion want British TV. I have tried ipvanish to mask location but uk has got that blocked off.

  52. Michael Sinclair

    I cut the cord in 2012 and have followed u since 2014.I would just like to thank you for all the dedication and hard work you’ve put into this endeavor.
    Blessings to you and family!

    1. Thank you Troy for all you have done for the streaming community. I know it is not easy maintaining all apps all the time, so thank you for that. Thank you for caring and thank you for your dedication .you are a very special person.

  53. Beastiptv would be a great addition to the apps. I use it for regular live tv with little to no problems at all. I truly think it’s one of the better iptv clients out there for a small price. Much better quality than Sapphire for sure.

  54. A Puffin release that works. Updated this week off Aptoid and it won’t load Tells me to sign to Google play to authenticate

  55. Thanks Troy, I’ve been using your rapid app since 2017, it’s been a great help in installing APKs. Looking forward to beta testing.

  56. Troy, please include me in the beta test program.


    Ps . The peacock.apk was not working as of a few minutes ago.

  57. Migdalia Melendez

    Hi! Troy, I retired to PR and the internet is terrible. I have Amazon Fire sticks and a vpn.
    I went through a few traumatic events and I need to setup my fire sticks again. Do you or does anyone have a beginners guide to help me restart all over again? What I mean is from soup to nuts. What should I get besides the fire stick and the vpn that I have. Is there a “cut the cord”, book or article I can obtain ? Thanks!

  58. Thanks Troy, for the opputunity(sp) to be a helper! I look forward to completing chores as YOU ask them? Thanks again and hopeto hear back when it’s time.

  59. Troy’s simplified step-by-step instructions changed my Firestick from a Model T into a Ferrari. Previous versions of the Rapid App installer made adding new apps even easier by avoiding long manual set-up steps. I will be happy to beta test new versions.

  60. Hi there,
    I’ve read through all if the comments and see a few that mentioned sportz, even a reply with the url to download. I still think adding it and prime to the RAI would be beneficial to all. Thanks for the opportunity! Good day.

  61. A quick question – would Peacock Tv be available and if so would it work from Europe?

    I had side loaded it before and found it won’t work using IPVANISH even though I was recommended to use Dallas servers. By their tech support.

    Any suggestions how I can make it work?

    Thank you

  62. Is there a way for you to add a log in for your site. It’s a little annoying to click on a link and the only way to get to the link is to re sign up so you send the direct url to what I am looking for to my email.

  63. Living in Canada, and most apps are US only.
    I’d love to see Hallmark apps added to the list, as well as Philo TV and Frndly TV.
    They all have work around for us in the Great White North, but it’s a very difficult to get the apps installed on Firestick.
    Cheers !
    Look forward to the new Troypoint Rapid Installer Beta.

  64. Count me in as a beta tester. Any app that helps the end user maintain their Firestick works for me.

  65. I’d like to see some type of equalizer app with balance/volume for left/right control. I use bluetooth headphones and I have yet to find any way to control balance/volume for left/right. I’ve searched everywhere I could think of, with no luck. Is there such an app? If anyone can point me in the right direction, I’d appreciate it. Thank you for the beta test invite and everything you do, buddy.

  66. Antonio R Torres III

    Been seeing adds here and there for a new channel called vet tv can you guys add this to you’re site

  67. Would like ANY no cost or low-cost LIVE TV apps that will work in Canada. Also, have not had liuck in getting Real-debrid to work. Have tried the remedies on your site (links come up Need resolve and error 403 if you click on them.) Am using IPVanish and Unlocator. Still no go.

  68. Oh also I’d love to have the Google browser be added as one of the apps in the updates rapid app 5.0 – I have it currently from some other download I found in the past but it doesn’t automatically update like your apps do so it’s an old version of the Google browser.
    Thanks for all of the good work Troy.

  69. Thanks for beta opportunity. Please add more builds like no limits msgic etc The top 10 would be great buildwise to add

  70. I don’t have any ideas right now for apps but I do like the ease of your app. I’m not computer savvy so you make it easy for me to find what I want

  71. cant wait to see the update.
    you used to have the apps for iptv for places like sapphire, sportz, Area 51 as a example..
    like to see it brought back in its own section with more added to it as example beast, kemo.
    Also if there is any live Japan tv apks that would be awesome too. i dont know any reliable ones

  72. Troy a lot of expats here in USA like to watch uk tv through our vpn, We can on a pc no problem but on a firestick very difficult. The BBC AND ITV which have stand alone players on their websites . I have managed to download apks for both through an apk website but only the bbc one works, not great, because its hard to navigate with mouse toggle. These apks are not great. So apks I and many more would love to see are BBC PLAYER and ITV PLAYER . , both from uk. RTE PLAYER from Ireland is another popular one thats sought after. Thanks

    1. Some of the apps on Rapid installer aren’t working. I tried to download the internet speed app and it won’t download.

  73. Hey guys, suggestion here: There’s a free file manager on Aptoide and Google Play called Total Commander. In my experience, it’s far more comprehensive and useful than ES File Explorer—however, the interface is nowhere near as simplified. If you want to check it out, here’s the dev’s main page: https://www.ghisler.com/android.htm. Maybe it’s worth including in the Troypoint app?

  74. Is it worth adding Swift Stream TV I wonder. Not knowing all the apps you have included in the new installer but I am told this app is good apart from no EPG lol

  75. IMPORTANT! If you clicked the link in the email, you have automatically been added to the Beta list. You don’t need to comment below unless you want to provide an app suggestion for the Rapid App Installer. Thank you!!

    1. Hi there. Try this link using the downloader app. This is the one Mr Troy shared with all of us a while back…..


      Once you put that link in the search box, it will automatically befin downloading Sportz Tv. Good luck and stay safe out there everyone!

      1. I would never have been able to understand all this stuff but a friend pointed me to your website originally. I appreciate everything you do. Now having said that you find an app for soap operas? I know I know it’s funny but I’m 62 and I grew up on soap operas LOL right now no matter where I go into half of them are missing or it’s not the episode that it says it is. Good luck LOL

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