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Premier League Continues to Clamp Down on Illegal Streaming Sites

Premier League Cloudlfare Subpoena

The English Premier League has taken a significant step to tackle the issue of streaming sites that infringe on its copyright with a new subpoena in a US Federal court.

Recently, the league announced a groundbreaking broadcasting rights deal worth £6.7 billion for the next four seasons, starting from the 2025-26 campaign.

To further protect its content, the Premier League has implemented strategies to deter piracy and ensure the value of its matches remains intact.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Premier League’s new broadcasting rights deal aims to strengthen the value of its matches and protect its content from unauthorized streams.
  • The league has increased the number of fixtures available for transmission, allowing fans more legitimate options for watching matches.
  • Pirate streaming sites that illegally stream Premier League matches devalue the content and disrupt the revenue stream for legitimate broadcasters.
  • The Premier League has sent notifications and filed legal actions against streaming sites to combat copyright infringement.
  • The collaboration with Cloudflare, a web infrastructure company, plays a crucial role in identifying and taking action against streaming sites.

Premier League’s Battle Against Pirate Streaming Sites

Pirate streaming sites pose a significant challenge to the Premier League, undermining the value of matches and infringing on copyright laws. These sites, which offer illegal streams of Premier League matches, operate without paying any licensing fees, resulting in significant financial losses for the league and its legitimate broadcasting partners.

In December 2023, the Premier League took a proactive approach by sending a letter to Cloudflare, a popular web infrastructure company, highlighting the copyright infringement occurring through numerous websites on their network. This letter included a list of domain names, including well-known sites like and, which collectively attract millions of visitors each month.

The Premier League intends to combat piracy head-on by pursuing legal action against these streaming sites. By taking effective measures to protect their intellectual property, the league aims to preserve the value of its matches and promote fair access to content.

Illegal streaming not only siphons revenue away from broadcasters and content creators but also devalues the overall experience of watching Premier League matches.

When fans resort to pirate streaming sites, they may encounter poor streaming quality, unreliable connections, and exposure to malicious content.

In contrast, legally licensed broadcasts ensure high-quality delivery, reliable access, and a secure viewing environment.

The Impact of Pirate Streaming on Match Value

When pirate streaming sites offer matches for free, it diminishes the demand for official broadcasters and dilutes the exclusivity of licensed content. As a result, the perceived value of Premier League matches can decline, impacting the league’s ability to negotiate future broadcasting deals at favorable rates. This emphasizes the importance of deterring copyright infringement and preserving the integrity of the league’s intellectual property.

“Pirate streaming sites jeopardize the sustainability of the Premier League and entire sports broadcasting model. By taking decisive action against them, we aim to protect the value of our matches and safeguard the interests of legitimate broadcasting partners.”

– Premier League Representative

Through legal measures and collaborations with industry stakeholders, the Premier League actively combats pirate streaming sites to preserve the value of its matches and maintain a level playing field for all broadcasters.

The Premier League’s battle against pirate streaming sites is a crucial step in safeguarding the league’s intellectual property and ensuring fair compensation for the value it provides to broadcasters and fans alike.

By taking legal action and raising awareness about the importance of legal viewing options, the Premier League aims to create a secure and sustainable future for sports broadcasting.

Legal Measures Taken by the Premier League

In their ongoing efforts to protect their valuable content, the Premier League has implemented various legal measures to combat copyright infringement. By taking a proactive approach, the Premier League aims to safeguard its matches from unauthorized streaming and preserve the integrity of its broadcasting rights.

There are numerous instances of the Premier League making attempts to remove illicit broadcasts of their matches.

One of the key steps the Premier League has taken is to send notifications to Cloudflare, a popular web infrastructure company. These notifications request the removal or disabling of access to the Premier League’s copyrighted works found on streaming sites. By targeting these websites, the Premier League aims to prevent further infringement during the Premier League season.

Continuing its efforts, the league has also filed an application for a DMCA subpoena at a U.S. Court. This legal action allows the Premier League to seek the identification of alleged infringers who have illegally broadcast their matches.

Through this process, the Premier League can request information from Cloudflare, such as names, addresses, IP addresses, and payment details, to aid in protecting their rights.

Premier League subpoena to Cloudflare

These legal measures reflect the Premier League’s commitment to combating copyright infringement and deterring unauthorized streaming of their matches. By collaborating with Cloudflare and utilizing the legal framework provided by the DMCA, the Premier League is actively taking steps to enforce their copyright and protect their valuable content from piracy.

As you can see in the subpoena above, there are numerous examples of infringed work on dozens of popular streaming sites.

The full list of domains is as follows:


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The deadline for Cloudflare to respond to the subpoena is December 29, 2023. We will keep you updated as more information is made available.

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