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How To Fix Pair Error in Kodi – Olpair, Tvad.Me/Pair and More



This tutorial will provide you with the easiest and best method to fix the Pair Error in Kodi. Many Kodi users experience this error when when trying to play a stream from certain Kodi add-ons. By using the following instructions, you will no longer encounter this message and can browse Kodi worry-free!

Some of the most popular errors users experience are:,,, vshare, or other Openload pair message.

The pair error in Kodi occurs when a stream you are trying to play must be authorized for viewing. While there are a few fixes to this issue, I have found the first method described below works the best. In the following guide, I will be using Placenta as an example. However, these steps should also work for nearly all add-ons associated with Kodi.

Fix Pair Error in Kodi Guide

If you are a frequent Kodi user, you have probably seen this message a time or two when attempting to watch a Movie or TV Show.

olpair error

After following the instructional guide below, this message will no longer appear when trying to stream content.

1. Launch Kodi and open your preferred Add-On (I have chosen Placenta as my example)

2. Scroll down and Click the Tools Option (Some of you may see Settings if you are using a different add-on)

click Tools

3. Click SETTINGS: Playback

click settings: playback

4. Scroll down to hover over Hosters with captchas

hover over hosters with captchas

5. Click to flip the Toggle Switch to Off

turn hosters with captchas off

6. Click OK

click ok

That’s it! By doing this, all streams that require authorization are removed meaning the error or other pair message will no longer occur. The only issue some people have with using this method is that certain streams are now eliminated from their viewing options.

However, there is still a way to get these streams and authorize your Kodi device to view them. To do this, use the 2nd method for fixing the pair error in Kodi described below:

Method 2: Pair Error in Kodi Fix

REMINDER: Using the following method means verifying your device’s IP address to authorize the content for viewing. This means it is extremely important to use a VPN on your Kodi device.

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1. When authorization is required, you will see the following message or one very similar


olpair error

2. To authorize, we must visit the link provided in the message. There are numerous links that may prompt when trying to view a stream. It is important to type in the proper link to gain access to your content.

3. On any browser, go to the link shown in the message. In this instance, the required link is

4. Click I’m not a robot

click not a robot

5. This will prompt reCaptcha verification. Go through steps and click Verify

click verify

6. Once completed, scroll down and click Pair

click pair

7. A message will prompt stating the Pairing has been successful

pair successful

While using this method is a great way to see all possible streams within Kodi, it does come with some risk. Revealing your IP Address to anyone can be dangerous. That is why using a VPN when fixing the olpair error in Kodi is extremely important.

If you are unwilling to provide your VPN, TROYPOINT recommends using the first method described in this tutorial to solve any Kodi pairing issues.

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This article is not fully accurate and it doesn’t matter if you are using a VPN or not. For some reason especially all the addons like placenta, Neptune rising etc don’t work, The olpair links are usually working only for 4 hours, then you have to re-pair again, You have to re-pair again also if you make your vpn off and then on. Pairing is done based on the external ip address (broadband router or vpn ip). Also the first method as described with captchas doesn’t work also. You still receive the openload links with pair. In the last week,… Read more »


Would not recommend doing the pairing at all. Did it once and had system infected with numerous malware and viruses

Phyllis Martin
Phyllis Martin

I can’t stream anything on Kodi. Started Saturday the 28th. I deleted everything and started over with both of my fire tv sticks and still can’t stream anything. Just wonder if anybody else has had this problem lately

william clark
william clark

I have the same prob, “no stream available. Nobody, I mean nobody has the solution. If you ever find the reason, or better yet, the solution, please post it here.

Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson

how to remove olpair ads from android phone


i have fire sitck with new version of kodi was working great, watching tv series half way through and when i went to go finish watching them they only list a few episodes or none at all how do i fix..and this is only on one of my sticks my second one works fine


Has something happened to Kodi? Can’t stream anything.


Any Bollywood addon you have

utopia forever
utopia forever

when you get the pair error screen if you do nothing until the bar goes to zero then the movie comes starts. try this