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NVIDIA SHIELD TV 9.1 Update (Automatic Game Mode)

nvidia shield update 9.1

NVIDIA has released its latest official update for SHIELD TV devices to version 9.1.

In an official blog post, the company announced the update which is currently rolling out to Shield devices everywhere.

NVIDIA SHIELD Update Blog Post

The main components of this update include automated low latency “game mode” for a more seamless experience when gaming with these devices.

It also features Night Listening Mode which automatically levels loud explosions and quiet dialog to deliver a consistent listening experience.

The complete changelog for NVIDIA SHIELD 9.1 is listed below:

  • Includes Android security patch level June 2022
  • Adds notification when app uses microphone
  • [SHIELD Remote 2019] Adds option to only wake SHIELD with power or Netflix button
  • [Game Controllers] Adds option to only wake SHIELD with logo button
  • [SHIELD 2019] Adds option to match PCM audio with Dolby reference volume levels

Typically, NVIDIA devices auto-update with the latest versions.


If you find your device has not been updated, you can do so manually using the instructions below.


1. From the Home Screen of your device, click the Settings Icon in the upper right-hand corner.

2. Click Device Preferences.

How to Update NVIDIA SHIELD click device preferences

3. Select About.

Select About.

4. Choose System upgrade.

Choose System upgrade.

5. Click Check for upgrade.

Click Check for upgrade.

6. Choose Check for upgrade again.
Choose Check for upgrade again.


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If you encounter this screen, your device has already been updated:

If you encounter this screen, your device has already been updated:

7. If not, click Restart to Install.

NOTE: Your upgrade should be for version 9.0.1 and not 9.0.0 which is pictured below.

If not, click Restart to Install.

8. Wait for the update to download.

Wait for the update to download.


9. Your device will then implement the update. After installing the update, your NVIDIA SHIELD will restart for use.

Your device will then implement the update. After installing the update, your NVIDIA SHIELD will restart for use.


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  2. I am curenntly using a 4k firestick with a subscription to IPtv, useing smarters app, I get alot of buffering with this firestick, I have super high speed fibre 200mps, How can I get rid of the buffering,

  3. Unfortunately the update has broken the Button Mapper settings. You have to unistall and reinstall. Even once that has been done, you still have a problem with the Netflx button. It will do as mapped, but still tries to load Netflx, or take you to the play store to install it. Not everyone wants Netflx, and it is about time Nvidia left our remotes alone.

  4. I stopped my Nvidia Shield from updating due to all the issues raised from the last update. Will this new update install if the previous version was not installed or will it override it? My Shield is working great and I don’t want any issues.

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