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G-Box Q2 Review


Over the past couple weeks, I have been scouring the Internet for the best Android TV Box.  Over and over again, I keep coming across the same box that everyone is raving about and that is the Matricom G-Box Q² Android TV Box.  This review will hopefully help you understand if this Android box is right for you.

As with most Android TV Boxes, the Matricom G-Box Q2 is a small lightweight unit and at first looks, you would think this is just another run-of-the-mill Android TV Box…but it isn’t.  This small box packs some serious power with an Amlogic s812 Quad Core at 2HGz processor and a Mali-450 Octo Core 3D GPU.  The unit also goes above the typical storage that we normally see on these devices and includes 16GB Flash Storage.

One of the other problems with many of the other Android TV Boxes is the lack of Bluetooth support.  The Matricom G-Box  Q2 Android TV Box comes with Bluetooth support which is great for our mini keyboards, gamepads, and Bluetooth remotes.

Another big selling point for me on this one is that I like the app launcher that it comes with.  The new HUD Launcher UI is great and other Android TV Box manufacturers should take note that this one works very well.  With most Android TV Boxes, I install an alternative Android Launcher but the new HUD Launcher is really good and allows us to edit the various app shortcuts that we see on the home screen.

For those of you who like to game, the Octocore GPU is designed for 3D gaming performance which you won’t find with many other Android TV Boxes.

As with most other Android TV Boxes, you will still need a wireless keyboard or mouse to get things setup.  I like the Rii I8 Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard With Mouse as it is inexpensive and holds a charge for over 70 hours!

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What I like about the G-Box Q2 Android TV Box

  • Lots of power due to the Amlogic s812 Quad Quad Core Processor and Mali-450 Octo Core 3D GPU
  • Nice navigation and app launcher with the new HUD Launcher UI
  • Ability to play 4K videos very smoothly without buffering
  • Perfect device for those of us who use Kodi for main application
  • Bluetooth support is great for gampads and remotes
  • Works great with Rii I8 Mini 2.4Ghz Wireless Touchpad Keyboard With Mouse
  • Excellent price at only $99

What I don’t like about the G-Box Q2 Android TV Box

Would I use the G-Box Q2 Android TV Box As A Primary Streaming Device Within My Home?

This is a powerful device for under $100.  Yes, I would use this as a primary streaming device since it covers all of my needs such as Bluetooth support, great Kodi streaming experience, and 16GB of storage which we don’t see very often with these types of devices.  Another feature that sets the Matricom G-Box Q2 Android TV Box apart from its competition is its new user interface/HUD Launcher.

Definitely a recommended TROYPOINT Android TV Box!

What’s In The Box?


  • Matricom G-Box Q2 Android TV Box
  • IR Remote
  • Power Cord
  • HDMI Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

*2 AAA Batteries are not included for the remote

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Matricom G-Box Q2 Android TV Box Specs

  • Matricom G-Box Q² Android TV Box Specs
  • Amlogic s812 Quad Core @ 2GHz
  • Mali-450 Octo Core 3D GPU
  • 2GB DDR3
  • 16GB Flash Storage
  • Android Lollipop 5.x, Full Version
  • Two (2) USB 2.0
  • 10/100 Full Duplex
  • Broadcom 5G 802.11 Dual Band
  • V.4.0 Low Power, Full Speed
  • Lenght: 12.5cm, Width: 12.5cm, Height: 2.5cm

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  1. Ron Winchester August 16, 2016 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    Hi Troy,

    I moved the G Box to another location on the shelf, and the Rii i8 paired. Also by moving the G Box, I am getting a better wifi signal.



    • Troy August 19, 2016 at 11:05 am - Reply

      Thanks for the update, Ron! Glad you got it to work better.

  2. Ron Winchester August 15, 2016 at 9:28 pm - Reply

    Hi Troy,

    I bought the Rii i8 Mini Keyboard, and it wouldn’t pair with my Matricom G-Box Q2.

    Just thought I would save your readers some pain on this.


  3. Claude G. Beaudoin June 19, 2016 at 4:36 am - Reply

    Troy / Rob

    …”Was able to install NES/SNES emulators on it (thru your tutorial)”…

    Could you point me to this tutorial? Can’t seem to find it on your site.


  4. Rob May 13, 2016 at 3:40 pm - Reply

    Hello Troy-

    thanks for the reviews-

    I just purchased via Groupon a Mad Catz Mojo- was $59.99- $10 new user plus tax came to $53- could not pass this up for the price

    seems pretty decent- KODI runs great. Using Spinz build that you recommended- love it.

    its def a games unit- 16 gb storage usb inputs, pretty easy interface. Was able to install NES/SNES emulators on it (thru your tutorial)and

    Super Mario works like a charm LOL No remote- you use a gamepad like a PS- ok but prob confusing for my wife

    Its bluetooth so I can prob add the wireless keyboard/mouse you suggested.

    Ive been testing paid IPTV- IPTVsubs, IptvChannels(using it now- $100/year- I tried a one month trial)NTV. Allseem to be decent. IPTV Channels is

    good- have had some freeze ups- could be because of the firetv box- maybe not powerful enough I dont know.

    SpinzTV premium paid service looks awesome- and what I see on their Facebook group with the EPG and

    the channels I want make it attractive- Ive asked Juanito to show me how to try it.

    I have a MXQ box- think I bought it on ebay for about $40- dont know the model

    came with a basic interface- I need to update KODI and get rid of the excess.

    I am so ready to cut the cord.

    Best Regards-


    • Troy May 13, 2016 at 3:46 pm - Reply

      Rob, thanks for your information and tips to other TROYPOINT readers! Sounds like you have a great setup there.

  5. pedro May 13, 2016 at 11:50 am - Reply

    What is better Amazon Fire tv or Matricom G box Q2 Android tv boxi?
    Thank you

    • Troy May 13, 2016 at 12:52 pm - Reply

      Pedro, I still like the 2nd Generation Fire TV myself, however this is in a close second. The great thing about these devices is that it is simple to install Kodi and keep it updated as they have easy access to the Google Play Store. But, the “couch experience” is better on Fire TV since all apps are specifically designed for a couch experience and you aren’t required to do any clicking with suggested keyboard that I mention above for setup purposes.

  6. Carol May 13, 2016 at 11:21 am - Reply

    Do these work in the UK and Ireland?

    • Troy May 13, 2016 at 11:46 am - Reply

      Hello Carol, I don’t know why they wouldn’t work. Obviously, you need to make sure that you have the proper Power Adapter. As long as you can connect this to your wifi network or into your router via cat5 or cat6 cable, it should work great.

  7. Will May 13, 2016 at 9:30 am - Reply

    OK, newb here. This is an Android box, meaning I would need an Android phone to realize full capabilities, right ?

    • Troy May 13, 2016 at 9:44 am - Reply

      Hi Will, no, it just means that the Android OS is powering everything. You can think of it as having the same OS that is on an android phone on your TV Box but build for easier navigation with a remote. Good question.

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