Kodi VS APKs VS Torrents – What’s your favorite?

Kodi VS APKs VS Torrents

Over the past few weeks I’ve found myself using Kodi and Torrent sites more than streaming through the popular APKs.

This is a big change for me because prior to this, I was using APKs 100% of the time.

Why did I move back to Kodi addons and downloading through Torrent sites?

It seems that the Real-Debrid links haven’t been working very well in the APKs as of late, especially for TV shows.

So, I installed The Crew Kodi Addon and paired my Real-Debrid account with it and I was absolutely floored when I saw all of the 4K and 1080p links!

Yes, I use Real-Debrid and I have always stated that I wouldn’t bother using these streaming apps or Kodi addons without it.

No, this isn’t an advertisement for Real-Debrid.  TROYPOINT does not receive any revenue from this premium service and never has.

Here is the scraper progress box which shows 32 4K Real-Debrid links and 357 1080p links for a popular movie that was released in mid 2019.

I queried the same movie in Cinema HD APK and received 2 4K links and 9 1080p links.


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The Crew Kodi Addon Scraper Box

I performed the same test with a popular TV show and got the same results.  The Crew Kodi addon blows everything out of the water.

After using Kodi on a regular basis for a few days, I began to notice the things that I missed about this media player.

No ads!  It’s a huge relief to not deal with the in-app ads that show in some of the APKs.  Sure, there are some apps that don’t include ads but many of the better ones do.

Subtitles also seem to work better in Kodi and this is important to me because my hearing isn’t as good as it once was.

The Kodi addons have been on a roller coaster ride for the past three years due to legal shutdowns.  As soon as we get comfortable with a great addon, it gets shut down or the developer ceases updates.

But, one thing remains constant with Kodi.  One gets shut down and within a week or two, we usually have access to a few new ones.

I’ve also been downloading through Torrent sites onto my Plex Media Server as well.  Yeah, this is old technology but it still works great, especially if you want quality HD media files.

Real-Debrid users can take advantage of streaming torrents through the popular Kodi Addons and APKs as well but some of these are huge files and will buffer if your Internet speed isn’t good enough.

Downloading through the popular Torrent sites allows buffer-free playback for later viewing.

This was a good reminder to me that technology is constantly changing and its important to check on alternatives even if those didn’t work very well in the past.

Have you revisited Kodi or Torrents lately?

If you’re a Real-Debrid user, I would strongly suggest installing The Crew Kodi Addon and trying it out.  I think you will be very impressed.  Another great one is Seren.

So, please tell us in the comments section which is your favorite…Kodi, APKs, Torrents, or another form of online viewing?

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1 thought on “Kodi VS APKs VS Torrents – What’s your favorite?”

  1. Seren is the main one that every single movie i try to watch says to download Xvid codec.
    Now i went with a cpl that didn’t need debrid and cpl that did. Its the ones that did, end up coming back with the codec stuff. Specially when I am “told” to have more than one …so i have rea-debrid, premiumize me, tract.. i mean what more does one need.
    All and all make question…
    What is the video Cvid codec stuff and do i do it..Most of all is it safe
    Thank you

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